The Challenge
by Andrew

It was a Monday morning at the start of another college week as Marc stood with a few friends, all of them enjoying the lunch break. Marc had been dared to do the ‘Bellybutton challenge’ by one of his friends, and, with some enthusiastic comments from others, was attempting to do it right now. One arm held his T-shirt high to show his smooth torso, and his other arm edged round his slim body until....
‘There we go!’
Marc was happy, for his middle finger established contact with his shallow innie navel, and he gave it a little feel to emphasise that he had won the dare. His skin felt smooth, and his belly button felt sensuous. He smiled. He was good looking- and he knew it.
‘What a loser!’
The voice came from the new boy in class- Stephen- who was walking past with two of his friends, and had been unable to stop making a comment.
Marc frowned. ‘Go away, stupid!’
‘Gonna make me?!’ Stephen was evidently out for an argument.
‘Not here!’ said Alec, one of Marc’s friends. ‘You don’t want trouble in college. How about on the old field, say 7 tonight?’
Marc and Stephen nodded, and at that moment there was a general move back to class for afternoon lessons.

Seven came, and a group of teenagers assembled on the old field- a large expanse of greenery away from houses. It was used at weekends for sport, but during the week it was often quiet.
With barely a word, Marc and Stephen separated to opposite ends of a small patch of ground. Stephen took off his coat to reveal a plain white T-Shirt. As he flexed, it rode up slightly to show his pale skin underneath. Marc had decided to go all out, and, taking off his jacket, was shirtless underneath. He was pleased to hear a little gasp from the girls present, as he cut an attractive figure. He took off his jeans to reveal a pair of shorts. He flexed too, and his ribs stood out on his body. He ran his fingers briefly over his smooth stomach, and let his fingers rest on his belly button. He liked the way it felt.

Alex volunteered to act as referee, and he signalled that the fight should begin.
It was dull at first, both of them walking slowly round and eyeing up their opponent.
It was Stephen who made the first move, catching Marc off his guard. Grasping his head, Stephen bent it towards him, kneeing Marc in the tummy as he did so. Marc staggered slightly, but regained his composure quickly, and stepped in to force Stephen to the ground. The T-Shirt was now grass-stained and in need of a wash. Marc pushed her hands down and towered over Stephen.
‘Got you!’ snarled Marc, pressing him down.
The T-Shirt had ridden up, and Marc caught a glimpse of Stephen’s skin underneath.

Stephen looked up. All he seemed to see was Marc’s navel, which was approaching his face as he strove to make him submit. Suddenly, he found strength from somewhere, and lashed out.
‘Oooomph!’ gasped Marc, releasing Stephen as he grabbed his tummy and doubled up in pain. He straightened up and looked at his belly button. Stephen’s fist had landed right on it, and it was getting red.
‘You little....!’ This sudden rage was Marc’s mistake.
He tried to grab Stephen, but missed- and was pushed him to the ground. Face down, Stephen sat astride his back, enjoying the smooth skin exposed to him. He ran his fingers over Marc’s back, and softly twanged the top of his boxers underneath his shorts, much to the amusement of the crowd. Stephen then flipped Marc over, and he was in a hold instantly. Marc’s torso bulged and heaved. He was conscious of everyone watching, now much quieter than before. He was aware that he was getting an erection. All he could see was Stephen and the grass-stained T-Shirt. His hands were pinned to the ground.
Stephen adjusted his position, moving further up Marc’s chest. Marc could feel a slight breeze on his belly, and it felt sensual. One of the watching girls rushed forward and poked Marc’s exposed navel before she was dragged off by one of her giggling friends.

‘Do you....give?’ Stephen panted the words out.
Marc shook his head.
Stephen pressed Marc’s arms down tighter.
‘!’ he said again.
Marc’s body felt weak, and he knew further resistance was futile.
Stephen smiled grimly.
‘Say it!’
‘I give! I give!’
Stephen looked down at the handsome teenager.
‘Say that I have defeated you!’
Marc swallowed. ‘You have defeated me!’
At last, Stephen stopped pulling, and released Marc. He lay there panting for breath.
Stephen stood up, and walked round to face him as he lay on the grass.
Dropping to his knees, Stephen knelt forward. He pushed his finger into Marc’s belly button.
‘What a loser!’ he said again.
He nodded to one of his female friends, who produced a stiletto from a bag.
Stephen stood up and placed the shoe on Marc’s chest, letting the heel of the shoe fall into his belly button. He then stepped back to let Marc rise.
The two teenagers stood side by side with Alex in the middle.
Stephen straightened out his T-Shirt and grinned.
Marc rubbed his tummy and ran a hand through his hair.
Alex took each of them by the hand, and held Stephen’s hand up in the air.
‘The winner!’

Stephen left with his friends in triumph as the crowd dispersed. Alex gazed at his friend and patted him on the tummy.
‘Come on mate. Let’s get you home!’
Marc felt across his chest with his fingers, and established contact with his belly button.
‘What happened?’
Alex frowned.
‘You lost. Forget it.’
But, as they walked off, both knew that it would take quite some time for that to happen.