Josh's Beating

by Hunte


“OOOOOOOOOMPH!” Josh jackknifed around the other teen’s fist once again as it buried itself deep in his formerly muscular belly, Josh’s stomach wrapping around the teenager’s fist. This was only the latest hit that had been landed on his stomach during this beating, and it had been going on for so long, around half an hour, that by now his stomach was soft and squishy, his abs disappearing as his stomach hung over his belt.
In retrospect, Josh thought as he staggered backwards against a tree, he had been sort of asking for it. He had been walking down the forest trail with no shirt on, leaving his abs on full display. While he couldn’t have known that a pair of teenagers with a grudge had been hiding in the woods, waiting for him to come by, the fact that he hadn’t even tried to cover his abs was definitely something he should have thought about.

The sucker punch that had originally impaled him right on the navel had ruined him immediately, knocking the breath from his lungs and disorienting him enough that he hadn’t been able to harden his abs at any point during the next half hour. The loud “OOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF?!” that had been belted from his lungs had echoed through the woods, startling birds and animals with its volume.
The two boys that had ambushed him had passed him back and forth every few minutes, holding him in full nelsons and beating his belly a bit more each time, their fists slowly sinking deeper and deeper into his relaxed gut.
While his well-defined abs had given Josh a bit of protection at first, the constant abuse had worn them down, and now his stomach hung past the waistband of his shorts, hanging limply as fist after fist impaled the soft, saggy flesh.
Josh leaned against the tree, heaving for breath as the two teenagers approached him. “You think he’s had enough yet, Danny?”
“Nah,” Danny said. “I think we can have a bit more fun with him, Milo.”
“Y…you guys…d-d-don’t have to…do this…” Josh said, his chest still heaving for air. “You can just let me goooooOOOOOOOOOOOMPH!” His words trailed off in another explosion of breath as Milo’s fist swung forward, making Josh’s navel disappear as the punch buried deep into his tenderized belly meat. Josh himself jackknifed around the punch once again, drool spraying out of his mouth as his cheeks puffed up and his eyes widened. His feet scrabbled on the grass for purchase, only to flail around again as Danny’s own fist came in low. Josh could only watch as his fist got bigger and bigger before it finally imploded his belly, impacting just below Josh’s belly button and lifting him to his tiptoes. “OOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUPH!”
“Yeah,” Danny said, “We don’t.” He launched a trio of other punches into Josh’s belly button, making it bounce in and out with an accompanying “OOF! OOF! OOF!” from Josh himself. “But we want to!”
“My turn!” Milo replied, getting in front of Josh. Josh sagged forward, wheezing loudly from a lack of air. Milo put his hands on Josh’s shoulders and swung his leg up, and with a loud SQUISH noise his knee hit Josh square in the belly, outright lifting him off his feet with yet another loud “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!”
“Here’s an idea for you, stud,” Milo said as another knee lifted Josh off his feet once again, a second “HOOOOOFFF” noise echoing through the trees. “Next time, don’t show off those abs so much, okay? You’re just begging for someone to come and beat on ‘em!”
“I bet they’re mostly for show anyway,” Danny said, Josh letting out a loud “AWOOF!” as Danny turned him around and socked him in the gut, making the other boy double over with puffed out cheeks once again. “They haven’t done anything to stop us since we started!”
“Yeah. As much as beating on this pudding-belly’s stomach is, I think I’m ready to call it.” Milo clapped his hands. “What do you say we put him down? Maybe with some double punches?”
“Sure thing,” Danny replied. “Every time you hear three, lets hit him, okay?”
“Got it.” Milo and Danny both went to opposite sides of Josh’s body, wrapping one arm around his shoulders and leaving the other one free. Josh, too exhausted to resist or even speak, couldn’t do anything but sag towards the ground.

“Okay…one, two, three!” Both swung their fists up. They landed together, right next to each other, impaling Josh’s tenderized gut easily and lifting him a good ways off the ground with a loud “OOOOOOOOOMPH!” Almost as soon as Josh landed on the ground he was hit again, once again bouncing him off the ground. Drool kept spraying from his mouth as the fists impaled his belly over and over again, making him jackknife around it and making his cheeks inflate again and again.
“One, two, three!” “OOOOOFFF!”
“One, two, three!” “HOOOOOOOFFF!”
“One, two, three!” “HOOOOOUUUUGH!”
They repeated this again and again, until Josh could only gag with each set of punches, and no more drool came out of his mouth. Finally, after around ten punches, they set Josh down. The teen swayed around, his eyes glassy from a lack of air. Milo and Danny looked him up and down, then looked at each other. “One more?” Danny asked.
“Sure.” Milo said. Both of them bent their arms back before throwing them forward in uppercuts. Josh could do nothing but watch the fists get bigger and bigger before they impacted on his belly, slamming into it in uppercuts and sinking in up to their wrists. His cheeks inflated and his eyes bulged, but those were more reflex now; no more drool came out, and he didn’t make a sound. The punches lifted Josh off of the ground and threw him backwards, making him land flat on his back on the ground, knocked out cold.
“Well, that was fun!” Milo asked as he looked at the beaten and bruised belly of Josh as he lay on the ground, spread-eagled and out cold. “We should do it again sometime.”
“There’s plenty of guys like him at school,” Danny said as the two started walking off. “I bet we could catch one of them with their pants down too.”
Their voices faded away as they walked off, leaving Josh’s body lying there. However, as he lay in the woods, a gaggle of new voices began to come closer and closer…



Josh woke up to the feeling of a number of hands hauling him upright, the model’s eyes fluttering open as he came back to his senses. He was surrounded by a number of other people, all of them around the age of the boys that had just beaten him up. And judging by the expressions on their faces, he was about to have a second beating, one that would be way worse.

“He’s awake now,” said one of them. “Wasn’t this guy a model? That belly doesn’t look like it.”
“Seriously,” said one of the guys behind him. “Look at how red it is. And it’s floppy, too!” He grabbed Josh’s floppy belly and shook it around, making his cheeks puff up. “Heh, it’s pretty soft to boot!”
“You’d think that a model like him would know how to keep his abs together,” said yet another one of the boys. “I think this guy needs a reminder.” He cracked his knuckles. “Hold him up, guys!”

“N-no…” Josh said, struggling weakly as he was held upright by the other hands around him. “D-don’t doOOOOOOOOOOFFF!” A fist burying itself into his belly cut off his protests, the shattered muscles not doing anything to stop the punch as it sank wrist-deep into his gut. Josh jackknifed around the punch, his cheeks puffing up hugely and his eyes widening as he was pushed back against the people holding him up.
“Haha, listen to the lungs on him!” said someone else.
“Yeah, and look at how much his fist sank in! I want a turn!” someone else said. Josh found himself being spun around and almost immediately bent over by a knee that hit him square in the belly, squashing deep into his soft flesh and lifting his feet off the ground. Josh flopped backwards as he landed on the ground, being caught by a number of others.
He was then immediately lifted upward again as two fists from the guys holding him up pounded into his belly, imploding his gut and draping him over both of their fists together. A spray of drool misted from out of Josh’s mouth as his cheeks puffed up once again, his knees knocking together as he came to the ground. He tried to bend over, to wrap his arms around his belly and protect it from further punishment, but the others had other plans.
“Here you guys go!” said one of them, and Josh found himself pushed into the rest of the group. There were five of them, Josh noticed, right before his stagger forward was stopped by a hard fist that impaled him right in the navel, covering his belly and shoving it backward into his gut. Josh jackknifed around that punch, but the puncher held him by the shoulder to prevent him from staggering backward, before spinning and pushing him forward.
This time Josh’s belly ran right into a protruding elbow that someone put in his way, folding him around it like a soft towel as the elbow sank even deeper into his belly than any other punch had gone before. Josh let out a gargle as the elbow stabbed deep into his gut, staggering away from it and wheezing as he wrapped his arms around his gut.
“Hey, keep those open flabby!” said one of the other boys, who smacked Josh’s chin with an uppercut, knocking his head backward and making him drop his arms from being dazed by the punch. He was then immediately jackknifed forward again as yet another fist clobbered him in the gut, making his cheeks once again puff up.
“Wow,” said one of the boys as Josh draped over the fist like a limp towel, coughing weakly and wheezing for air. “This guy can’t take much, can he?”
“Doesn’t matter to me,” said another, “I’m gonna beat his belly anyway!” He walked forward and pushed Josh upright. He gasped for air, only to have it once again belted out of him as the boy’s shoe buried itself flat in his gut, sinking in deep and knocking Josh to the ground as he coughed and wheezed some more.
“My turn!” said another boy. He walked forward and then sat himself down on Josh’s waist, cracking his knuckles. Josh reached up weakly and uselessly, but the boy raised his fists and brought one down on Josh’s belly, then the other. As he punched, Josh’s feet flew up, flailing and kicking as the fists came again and again, smacking and splatting against his soft and squishy belly as he got punched again and again.
Eventually, after several minutes of non-stop punching, Josh lay still, his feet not kicking as he lay splayed out across the ground. Instead, he now lay on the ground limply, wheezing quietly as he tried to get some sort of air back in his lungs. His belly was now even more bruised and devastated than it had been. He could barely breathe, and his intestines had been absolutely demolished by all the punishment he’d taken. But, unfortunately, his punishment wasn’t done. As the boy that had been beating him got off of him, Josh was hauled to his feet once again. He fell a few times while they were pulling him upright, his legs now like jelly as he didn’t have the strength to keep himself upright. As he hung limp in the arms of the other boys, their leader walked up to him, smirking as he took in the model’s formerly washboard abs, instead seeing the soft, flabby, squishy sack of flesh that his gut had turned into under the abuse.
“Well guys, fun as this was I think we’d better get going,” he said. “Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess.” With that he wound up and slammed his fist right into Josh’s navel. His fist sank in deep, all the way up to his elbow, and Josh jackknifed around his arm with an enormous “OOOOOOOOOOFFF!” sound. The boy twisted his fist around, making drool jet from Josh’s mouth, before he finally jerked it out. This was the final bell for Josh, who went limp as the boys let go of him. He fell to his knees and then flat on his face, lying there on the ground as the boys walked off, their laughter ringing in his ears right before everything went black.