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Young boys like to fight too by Ed

There were a group of boys gathered to watch the fight
between David and Chris that took place in the backyard of David's house on a Saturday. This was a fight to settle a weeklong disagreement the two had over a fight David had with one of Chris' new friends, Justin and now was the time to settle it. For a few days these two eleven year olds had been trading threats because David had beat up Justin. Neither boy wanted to get busted for fighting at school and did their best to avoid settling this matter during school hours. Chris did not like the fact that David had beaten up Justin. The day in question Justin had jumped Dave's friend, Tim, from behind and was choking him out and not letting go. Dave pulled Justin off Tim and Justin attacked him. Dave wrestled Justin to the ground, receiving a couple punches in the tussle, and just got him in a submission hold. It was one of their "normal" fights that they have had many of and had Justin submitting in just a couple of minutes as he had for the last couple of years, Chris was new to the school and lived the opposite direction from Dave and Justin. Justin has been jumping other boys since 2nd grade and for the last 2 years had been jumping Dave or Tim on the way home from school. Most of the time it is just a rough wrestling match but there have been a number of fistfights. Justin has won a few of the matches with choke holds but usually loses to Dave even though Justin "cheats" and pulls hair, pinches and uses punches to get out of holds. Occasionally Dave throws punches back but most of the time just absorbs them and overpowers Justin. Tim has not had good luck against Justin and loses most of the time. Tim is active on sports teams but is softer and not the fighter that Dave and Justin are and cannot take pain as much and usually submits when he is caught in a tight wrestling hold.

Chris arrived at David's house with 3 of his friends, among them was Justin, the boy that had lost to David a couple weeks ago and the 14 year old boy that was his big sister's boyfriend. A few words were exchanged as Chris entered the backyard. Both boys have had their share of fights and knew the ins and outs of a boyfight. Shirts were to be removed if possible. This both eliminated the yelling from their mothers if the shirt was torn in battle and also eliminated a handy way to grab their opponent by the shirt and throw them. David was waiting with his shirt already removed as Chris removed his own t-shirt and threw it to Justin. David had light brown hair, a lean athletic built body with a flat stomach and showing what could develop into good body tone in a couple of years. Chris had blond hair, only a couple pounds of weight on David and also was in good shape with the making of a good body by his teen years. Both boys were the same height.

The 14 year old decided he would act as a referee since he
was the oldest. It is an unwritten rule that even when
there is about to be a fight, younger boys listen to older boys. The 14 year old went over a few of the rules, no low blows, no punching in the face (this caused an argument because this was supposed to be a fistfight) but that was the rules of the older boy and younger boys had to listen to
older boys. Finally the fight was on and both boys
clenched their fists and closed in on each other circling.
Both threw a couple of "test" punches at the other's chest while still circling to see how the other reacted and if they could get an open punch. Neither showed any sign of opening up and they charged into each other with each trying to secure a headlock. With their left arms around each other's head both used the right to punch each other quickly in the sides and each other's tightened stomachs. They tripped each other up and both went to the ground, which loosened the headlocks, and each landed a punch to the other's upper body before they rolled apart getting back up to their feet fast. They went back at each other and swung as they closed in. David reached up with both arms over Chris' shoulders and behind his head to pull him down. Chris pumped two quick short 12" stab punches to David's tightened gut that did not even produce an audible grunt with the only sound was fists against skin. David dropped his arms from Chris' shoulders giving him a little shove in the chest with the left and landing a straight right fist into the gut of Chris with a smacking sound. Chris took the punch with a grunt and hunched a little but was not as hurt as David thought and he should have followed up without hesitation but did not. Chris only hunched over for a second and came right back up with his right arm already in motion for an uppercut and his fist also produced a loud smack as it connected with Dave's bare stomach. This one made Dave grunt and bend over. The crowd reacted favorably to the first exchange of good punches. Chris did not wait and pulled Dave's head into a front headlock under his left arm. Chris cocked his right arm back to start throwing fists up into Dave but before he could land the first punch, Dave was moving forward with his hands behind Chris' legs tripping him to his back on the ground. Chris managed to keep the front headlock secured as Dave landed on Chris' legs. Chris used his legs to roll Dave over to his side then shoved a foot to the gut pushing Dave across the grass on his side then forced Dave to his back as Chris rolled on top. Chris got one knee into Dave's gut and bounced his weight into it to secure his advantage then went for a classic schoolboy pin. Chris was busy attempting to get hold of Dave's flailing arms and Dave brought up both his legs and had his feet in front of Chris' face. Chris leaned forward to avoid being pulled off and Dave's shoes tried to get traction on his face as his attempt failed. Chris let out a yell and grabbed his face. Dave bucked Chris off him. Chris went on his side first holding his face then trying to protect his body as Dave was on him quickly sitting on his side throwing punches alternately, rights into the chest and lefts into the back. Chris was yelling
"Time UH out, UGH UH Time UHHH UGHH out." Dave looked like
he was punching himself out and stopped which allowed Chris
to say "You ripped my face off." This made the crowd repeat the line about Chris getting his face ripped off and a few jokes about it. The big kid stopped the fight and almost everyone except Chris, the big kid and the couple of friends Chris brought with him agreed that Dave won the fight. Chris claimed he never gave up and wanted to continue the fight and Dave was all for it.

First there was a rest period for Chris to get over the face rake by Dave's shoes and the big kid decided that both boys should remove their shoes.

The fight was on again after the big kid had a few words
with Chris. Dave and Chris slowly walked towards each other with fists clenched. Dave threw a couple of punches at Chris' upper body but did not connect. Dave then landed a solid fist to Chris' chest into his already worked ribs. Chris took a step back from the pain and as Dave went for a second punch, it was stopped by a kick from Chris. Chris landed the top of his foot across the midsection of Dave with a slapping sound. Chris come in throwing punches to the gut and Dave returned punches to Chris' gut. They separated for a second and Chris landed the top his foot again to Dave's midsection. Dave did not allow the kick to slow him down and charged into Chris swinging. Dave landed a couple of punches to the gut as Chris was frantically backing away. Dave kept after him landing a left right combo to the gut and along with the momentum of Chris backing up; he went down on his butt then onto his back. Chris kicked at Dave but Dave stayed just out of range and kicked at Chris flailing legs and asked him if he had enough. Some boyfights would have ended here but not this one as both of these boys liked to fight and neither was really used to being on the losing side so Chris was not about to quit now, rolled and got back up. He came at Dave with a kick that was partially deflected but connected. Chris went for a headlock but did not secure it and Dave got a good gutpunch to Chris then a quick combo of first a left punch to the sore ribs followed a straight right fist into the gut and Chris doubled over with an "UGH" holding his stomach. Again there was a lot of cheers for Dave as the boys watching liked the action and wanted more. Dave waited a couple of seconds for Chris to half straighten up and landed a kick of his own but most of the effect was blocked by Chris' arms. Dave speared Chris with a shoulder to the midsection and grabbing his legs landing on top as they both went to the ground. This knocked the air out of Chris and the self-appointed older referee jumped in to stop the fight again to let Chris get his air back. Again the fight was given to Dave by the spectators. When Chris could talk again he was not ready to concede the fight. The older boy and Chris went around the corner of the house to talk strategy.

Chris came back into the fight area and both were smiling as him and Dave walked toward each other with fists clenched to the chants of the crowd mostly for Dave to finish him. As soon as they were in range or each other and before the first punch was thrown, the top of Chris' right foot smacked hard into the gut of Dave hunching him, making him grunt and dropping his fists. Chris had a little coaching this time and did not hesitate and threw two punches to the chest of Dave. Dave raised his arms to block another punch and Chris kicked him in the gut again. Again Dave hunched for a second then he swung a punch towards Chris midsection that connected but not as hard as intended as most of the blow was deflected. Chris then landed a swinging kick to the side of Dave's body with the left foot that made him grimace and relax his stomach muscles. Chris followed immediately with a right foot to the gut that bent Dave over. Chris tackled Dave and they ended up on the ground with Chris on top and Dave on his back. Chris laid across the chest and pumped 11 short punches to the open and now tensed belly of Dave. Dave finally got his knees drawn up tight to his body to protect himself and Chris got to his knees beside Dave trying to push his legs out of the way to work the gut some more. Dave got a knee between them then the other foot to the chest of Chris and pushed him away. Both boys got up and Dave briefly rubbed his now sore gut but since he was tensed and Chris did not get real power behind the punches Dave was still ready to fight but the number of the jabs had put pain in his midsection and now it was reddening. Dave did not give Chris a chance for a kick coming in this time as he came at Chris quickly swinging fists. Chris was too busy trying to block the flurry of punches and did not throw punches back as he was nailed with a straight left to the chest and a couple of punches smacked into his gut with a grunt but most were into the blocking arms. Chris had to do something and quickly back-pedaled away from Dave then stopped, readied and as Dave advanced, Chris shot his right foot up with a well-aimed front kick driving his foot toes first, hard into the middle of Dave's belly. A loud "UUGGGGGHHHH" as Dave lurched up and over landing on his knees doubled with his arms wrapped around his stomach. Dave lost his air temporarily but regained it. Chris kicked him onto his side then walked around the downed boy stopping every couple of feet to stomp a foot to him, on the side, legs, arms, back and one to the back of the head. Dave had enough of the humiliation and shot to his feet with fists clenched. They jabbed at each other and Chris was light on his feet dancing around but most of the fight had been taken out of Dave and he was just swinging in the air at Chris not landing his punches and carefully protecting his midsection. Chris was landing punches to the ribs and arms of Dave almost at will. Dave blocked an incoming chest punch and was open for only a couple seconds but that was enough time for Chris to land a kick to the gut of Dave. Dave grunted and hunched but was too stubborn to show how much it really hurt. A couple seconds later Dave was straightened up again and Chris kicked him in the gut again then jabbed at him with his left then slammed home a right fist to the navel of Dave right in the reddened area of his belly. Dave doubled over, legs wobbly and went to one knee. Chris just backed off and asked Dave if he had enough but Dave was not about to concede this fight yet and thought he still had a chance to win. Dave stood back up with fists ready to continue the fight. Chris took full advantage of Dave's condition and jabbed a couple punches at him before putting Dave back on his knees doubled over with another good front kick to his red belly. Even though almost everyone watching the fight was for Dave, they liked what they had just seen and made comments about the great kicks Chris had delivered.

Chris admired his handiwork for a few seconds and Dave fell over on his side holding his aching guts. Chris dropped both knees to Dave's side. Dave grunted again from the weight dropping on him and Chris threw a couple of punches into the arms of Dave trying to land into the body but Dave was balled up and the punches did not get through. Chris bounced his knees onto the side of Dave until Dave went over onto his stomach. Chris landed a kidney punch then sat on the lower back, grabbed one of Dave's arms and twisted it up into a hammerlock. Chris really put the pressure on and had the arm twisted in an unnatural way and Dave both yelled his submission and also was tapping out.

Chris released the pressure of the hammerlock as the fight
fans were cheering about a good fight. Boy fights usually
are not over until the winner delivers his victory kick to
his beaten opponent and this fight was no different. Chris stood to the side of Dave, pulled up and twisted on the arm that he had just tried to twist out of its socket and Dave rolled to his side and was trying to push himself up to relieve the pain. Chris drew back his right leg and punt kicked his foot hard into Dave's gut and got the results he wanted as the kick to the tenderized gut of Dave drove the air out of him leaving him in a doubled up fetal position.

Dave's best friend, Tim, tended to him as the rest of the
crowd were circled around Chris talking about their favorite moments of the fight. Dave got his air back and finally sat up as Chris was leaving. Chris parted with the comments, "That was for beating up Justin. If I have to beat you up again, the next time it will be worse." Tim said to Chris "Next time you'll get your butt kicked." Chris stopped and stared down Tim and said "Wanna try me?" Tim replied "Any time loser." Chris could have beaten him right then and there but said "Next Saturday…me and you." Before Tim could answer, Justin piped in "Yeah and next Saturday I want to fight Dave. Got the balls to show up?" Tim answered for both of them with "We will be there if you aren't afraid to show up."

This will be talked about in the hallways of the school for
the next week.