GYM BOY DESTRUCTION ( part 1-2-3-4)

by Sebastien




What about this one.

Nick Gomez. An incredibly handsome guy with a divine sculpted strong body and abs to die for.
I easily imagine some three big guys, jealousing the body of this perfect man doing his routine exercices just in front of them in his sexy grey sweepants, seeing this chiseled six-pack abs flexing under effort and decided to make him pay his cockyness.

They would approach him friendly and put him in confidence, complimenting his musculature, eventually touching it, feeling the hardness of his biceps, the size of his pecs the definition of his abdominals... and sunddenly, one of them would throw a quick jab right in his unprepared solar plexux, surprising him, totally taking the wind out of him and putting him on his knees. The others guys would grab him by behind, securing his solid arms and getting him back to his feet.

"Let's reduce this solids abs of yours to mush" would say the third. And then, he would deliver a relentless barrage of blows on the adonis, working his lower abdomen, his upper abs, his obliques and the belly button aera with a preference for the middle of this muscle wall, where the brick are the biggest, with jabs, uppercuts and some knee strikes. Nick would resist, unable to release himself from the grip of the others but not ready to let this guy penetrating his rock hard abs he worked so hard for. This big guy would be tired before me, would he thought...

Watching his determination and the resistance of his midsection, the puncher would look for an other tactics. Kneeing him in the ball would be a quick way to make him loosening the tension of his abs, and following each low blow with a huge uppercut to the abs would weaken him fast but it would be easy, too easy. He would make a sign to his partners that they would understand. They would secure Nick's wrists in his back with ropes and then each one would grip one of his big arms with one hand and start pummeling his sides with the other while the first guy would focus on the center of this abs. The three sides beating would make Nick moan but still not ready to give up. Nevertheless his moanings would become louder, his legs would start to quiver, his strong abs would start to soften and the devastating blows would start to penetrate his perfect wall of muscle. The puncher of course would noticed that and then would alternate gut blows with head shots to confuse his victime and make him relax his abs faster. Half dazed, barely able to stand on his feets, Nick would be in great pain, constantly moaning at each blow. The other guys would stop their handiwork to support the poor punching bag, not ready to let him lie down.
Finally, Nick abs would reached their limits, uncapable to protect his stomach. The puncher would taste this last peace of strenght, feeling the muscles gives up on his last blow, knowing that the next one would no longer meet resistance. He would decide to enjoy this moment as much as he can, looking the painful expression of this once proud muscle boy now gasping for air, seeing the panic in his eyes as he know that the next shot is about to pulverise him. The puncher would now look at this target, watching these deep red but still visible six-pack abs totally unflexed. He would charge his fist with all the strenght he have and then, would drove it with thunder speed right in the middle of his target. His huge fist would break through all the muscle fiber, literally disappearing in the poor boy stomach, crushing his internal organs, almost reaching his spine. The other guys firmly holding Nick would almost retreat with the force of the blow. The muscled boy would be arched forward, eyes wide open, saliva dropping from his mouth, delivering a scream of agony as the air would be fully evacuated from his lungs by this deadly final gut shot.

Keeping his fist deep inside the boy stomach, the puncher would come close to the ear of his victime and say "Where are your strong abs now ? Nowhere. I ruined them. But I'm not finished with you boy. You just had a taste of what I planned, and my mates want to play too. Your abs were just the beginning. We're gonna destroyed every muscle of yours. We're gonna break your full body. We're gonna break your arms, your legs, your back, and when you won't be able to make a single move, we're gonna fuck you, the three of us. You'll beg us for mercy, and we'll fuck you harder. We'll shot our loads in your throat and you will swallow them. You'll become our punching bag, you'll become our toy and when we'll be done with you, you peace of shit won't ever be arrogant with anyone."

While the puncher would take off his fist from Nick's gut, feeling what’s left of this abdominal muscles regain their place, the muscle punching bag would reached the ground helplessly on his knees, his both hands around his battered guts, vomiting his lunch. One of the guys would kick him right in the temple, sending him unconscious. They would admire their work : his muscular stud liying on the grass, knocked ou, barely breathing with his red abs and sides almost bloated by the beating they received. But even in this shape they were still visible, nearly taunting them as they where stretched by his breathing. The three of them would be quite impressed but also angered and surprisingly excited, each one feeling a boner growing in they’re pants. One of them would eventually stomp the boy right in the gut, encountering small resistance one, two, three times... Nick’s body would just shake in silence and the guys would felt their boner growing harder. They would need to do something...

They would surrownd the oblivious dude and lower their pants, starting strocking their dicks. I would be too soon to fuck this piece of shit, but they would need to unload now. They would follow their jerking with some kick to the boy. On his abs, on his sides, on his legs, on his arms, on his head, eventually making him moan softly. And then, one of the guy would noticed something : a bump in Nick’s pants. The fucking dude would be enjoying his treatment even stunned. The three beefy guys totally amazed would kneel around him returning to the positions they had during the beating. The main puncher would sat on Nick’s leg, feeling his hard-on, slowly stroking it threw the pants, making the boy moaning for pleasure now. The puncher would take off the sweetpants and realese a big hard cock dripping of precum and begging for cum. Totally became crazy, he would start to jerk the cock and his own with one hand, and to deliver shot to Nick’s soft gut with the other making him moan like a fool. Soon, the defeated boy would release five load of a white creamy semen all over his abs and chest always pummeled by fists penetrating his muscles easily and deeply. As Nick moan in agony, the others guys would unload too on his torso and even his face while the third man would continue to punch again and again, covering his fist with cream until he cum with a bull scream all over the beaten boy.
Exhausted and hard breathing, the three guys would look at each other, and then looking at the boy, hoping that they don’t killed him. But the boy would still breathing, covered of white and red. Considering the pretty boy would had enough for today, they would leave him recover. The plans wouldn’t have changed. They would came back later to finish their destruction job. Nick would be their toy now, and they would want to play with it.

But that's what I imagined, what about you ? ;)




Months after the severe beating he had received, Nick was back in his favorite training yard, trying to forget what happened to him this day. Dylan, his closer friend, had joined him. Dylan was the one who found him, unconscious, half naked and covered with semen, and took him to the hospital. Nick ended up with some fractured ribs and many hematomas and he could not train for a long time, which was maybe the worse for a man used to work out every day to stay in shape.

Now it was history, the threesome never came back, his ribs were repaired, his bruises were no more visible and he was able to expose his ripped body again. Even if he never told the whole story to his mate, and was in any case quite incapable of remember all of it, Dylan never asked for more details, awared that it was far hard enough to live. But since then, he always insists on accompanying him to his training.

The training was done for today. The sun, which was beginning to set, made the sweat shine on the muscles inflated by the effort of the two athletes. Nick, still hard breathing, pulled a bottle from his bag, took a sip and emptied the rest on his head to cool off. Dylan smiled and pulled on his shirt, which instantly adhered to his wet body when they heard a voice.

"You're exposing your abs way too much man!"


That voice immediately froze Nick who recognized the first of his former assaulter. Dylan turned to them and observed these three quite vulgar lads standing righ there, a few meters from them.

"For sure you clearly don't have any abs to expose!" he taunted them.

"He he he, your friend seems braver that you, boy" responded the leader, pointing at Nick. That's when Dylan noticed that his friend had turned white and quickly understood who these guys were.

"Look, guys, seems our toy is pissing on him, he he."

Though his friend was obviously frightened, Dylan was wondering if these guys were able to attempt something. Nick and he were outnumbered but strong enough to defend themselves against three rude guys. He tried to avoid the confrontation anyway.

"I don't know what you want, but that's not our problems, so we're leaving. Don't follow us."

Nick was regaining some composure as the three guys did not seem to make a move while Dylan was picking up his bag. He did the same when the leader of the thresome decides to provoke them a little:

"Look at these girls leaving the place when the real mans appears."

Nick and Dylan pretended to ignore him and the fat laughs of his friends as he continues:

"This is too bad, I had planned to fuck you this time, and maybe your cocky friend too, who’s the one who fuck the other? I'm pretty sure you have a good pussy..."

Dylan stopped, let his bag drop on the floor, backed up and approached the trio.

"Dylan, don't!" shouted Nick while Dylan walked to find him face to face with the beefy guy.

"I was right. This one really has the balls..."

Dylan could see that his opponent was a bit taller and larger but he faced him bravely.

"We don't want any problems"

"You already have."

Nick only noticed the hidden brass knuckles when the leader of this threesome punched his mate right at the temple, instantly sending him to the ground, unconscious. Nick saw with horror his friend falling helplessly into the sand and just could not believe what he was seeing. Some panic raised in him to the idea that his previous beating could happen again to him and worse, to his friend. He wanted to help but his legs didn't react, he was paralyzed by fear, trembling like a kid.

"Seems your friend needed some rest" grunt the aggressor, keeling near the passed out lad who was laying face down. He wiped a little blood seeping from the boy’s eye arch with his inch and brought it to his mouth.

"Nice taste... That's how I like little boys... quiets."

He got up and pushed him with his feet, turning him on his back. He ripped off the boy's shirt easily with his large hands and decided to take an eye on him. This one was clearly less strong than the other but got a well developed and defined body with large shoulders, big arms, firm chest and, above all, a visible eight pack which immediately catch his attention.

"What we have here?"

He knelt again beside him, gave some slap on his abs and was satisfied by the sound they produced.

"Don't touch him!" screams Nick, trying to hide his fear while his heart was beating a million miles a minute.

"You should have taught your boyfriend to respect the elders. Now I'll have to, with my own methods."

It was way too much for Nick, he would not let that happen. Not again. He approached the leader, well decided to kick his ass, whatever the price, but something was wrong. Where were the others? He suddenly felt a sharp pain in of his head and then everything went black.

When he woke up, he realized that he was no more in the training yard but in a sort of a dark cellar, and that he was on his feet but unable to make a single move. His ankles were tied up to the ground with chains, a collar were prevented him to move his head and his wristlet and arms were tied up on his with others wristlet and arms. He then realized that it was Dylan who was bounded to him, in the same position, just behind him, back to back, both of us tied together by a rope secured to the ceiling, holding them in a standing position. As Nick start to struggle to break free, Dylan, also arisen, reacted.

“Mate, you’re wake! These guys are fuckin’ mad!”

“I’m sorry Dylan, I couldn’t help you.”

“Don’t worry, I was not very clever either. Can you detach yourself?”

“Not at all. I can’t believe this is happening…”

“Hey, I’m with you, it will be ok. We just have to…”

“I had a wonderful idea!” the leader of the trio shouted as the light were turned on, revealing him, sitting on a chair, his friends by his sides.

“I just couldn’t decide which one of you will be punished first so I decided to not choose. The both of you will be punished at the same times by my buddies. I said last time that they wanted to play too. Let's see how it's going to be. We’re going to hit you in my most favorite area, your - so perfect - midsections. As you may noticed, you’re tied together by the chest and by the neck which means that when one of you will bend over with the pain, and I can assure you that it will happen, the other's abs will be stretched out, increasing the pain and conversely. But I’m not a monster, the kid’s abs are clearly not as solid as yours my pussy and if my mates have about the same strength, none of them is ready to be more gentle with him. So, in order to rebalance, your puncher will be authorized to use a little accessory.”

When Nick saw his designated puncher equip himself with his brass knuckle, he knew that it will be a very painful moment.

“Go fuck yourself” shout Dylan as the punchers were positioning themselves in front of their targets.

“Save your breath, kid and tense your abs. It’s gonna hurt.”

Taking these words like an order, the punchers started their handiwork with right jabs. The first punch was for Dylan, right in the center of his midsection, who took it without reaction, confident in his abs and resolved to prove his strength. The second one was for Nick, in the same spot, but the brass knuckle had its effect and made him blinked, this would as harder as he thought. The leader, from his chair noticed it.

“Oh, oh, is that hurt my pussy? Come on, show me how strong you are”.

The third punch was for Dylan, the forth for Nick and so started the routine, the punchers hitting their target one after the other. Sweat began to bead on each side and guts were starting to show redness, especially for Nick who was already moaning at each punch. The brass knuckle was bruising his skin and his abs quite fast and it became more and more difficult to stay upright. Dylan was still taking the shots silently but his face was deep red by the concentration and his mouth began to wince, leaving sometimes encouragement for his friend between two shots. “Come on!”, “You can handle this!” Nick was in great pain and was also embarrassed to have to be encouraged by younger than him.

They didn’t notice that the leader of the trio had put him at ease, unbuttoned his jeans and was stroking his cock in front of the show he had organized, visibly aroused.

Unaware of it, the punchers pursued theirs task, slowly and methodically making their way thought the abdominal muscles. Nick’s moanings became louder and louder as his abs were turning from red to blue. He was bending over, every time a little more although he does his best to resist. Tears started pouring from his eyes as he was seeing him failing. Of course, at the same time, Dylan abdominals were stretching out and it became harder to keep them tensed as the blows were more and more devastating. Soon, he started to moan too, which was clearly music for the leader who was now stroking his dick faster, licking his lips. A little whistle from him and his mates began to punch harder and the moaning turned into screams. And so, Dylan began to bend over too as he could feel the toughness of his abdominal muscles fading away. The fist was penetrated his guts a little more every punches and he couldn’t do anything to prevent that. No more encouragements ware escaping from his lips, only loud moanings and hard breathing.

Nick was in worse shape as he were now screaming each time the brass knuckle hurt his abs which were actually barely visible due to the bruises and the bumps. Both of them were now bending forward at each strike, stretching the other, increasing the pain. Nick was the one who was bending over the most, it became way too hard to keep his abs tensed, and he was barely able to only feel them as if they were disappearing. The wounds on his midsection started to bleed as his screams became less loud. As he accepted the defeat, the rest of his abs slowly gave up, his wall of muscles was defeated once more and the punches found their way into his abdominals. The puncher took off his brass knuckle to enjoy the feeling of his fist digging in Nick’s once firm gut, breaking thought his ab muscles, pushing back his internal organs. Nick let out a mixture of blood and saliva right on his opponent chest and leaned heavily forward, the fist firmly in place in the middle of his gut. At this moment Dylan was totally outstretched, his feet no longer touching the ground, and escaped a large scream when his puncher drive an elbow in the middle of his abs. Nick’s puncher was now securing Nick’s head to prevent him to straighten up and was driving uppercuts after uppercuts in the devastated gut of his victim, targeting the solar plexus. Nick face was blue due to the lack of oxygen, more drool and blood, pouring from his mouth wide open, now unable to make any sounds but grunts. On the other side, Dylan’s puncher was constantly delivering elbow strikes making the poor boy crying and screaming in agony. His abs were now reduced to mush, there was nothing left to tense up and he could only feel the elbow striking his internal organs as his puncher was trying to reach his spine.

Quickly, all became blurry for the two young mens. Everything vanished and became black.

As they were now hitting only inert flesh, the punchers stopped, released the boys and let them spread on the cold ground. They were still breathing, eventually with some abdominal spasm. The leader approached them, always stroking his shaft and, in a loud grunt, delivered several massive loads of semen on the boys faces.

“It’s always the same with you guys. It's lovely to watch but when you dig a little, there’s nothing.”




« Hey, you’re ok? » asked a young voice when Nick finally opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the face of a teenager, leaning over him. “Guys, this one is awake”, he said. Two more kids appeared. Probably seventeen, they were in swimwear and t-shirts.

Nick asked himself what they were doing here and mostly:

“Where am I?”

“In the basement of the swimming pool, we come here to have some fun sometimes.”

Before Nick could image what this “fun” could be, the teen asked:

“What happened to you?”

“We’ve been tortured by some fucking mad men.” As he said, Nick tried to sit and rise, but a sharp pain in the stomach forced him to lie down anew. He instinctively put a hand on his belly, his abs were sored and inflated, in a mixture of red and blue, barely visible. The smallest contraction of this part of his body wrenched a groan of pain. He suddenly remembered of Dylan and asked for him.

“Still unconscious, but he’s alive said a teen.”

“Please help me get on my feet.” Nick escaped a scream as two of the three boys help him to stand up and walk to Dylan. His midsection was in bad shape too, but his defined abs were still visible. His recovering would not last too long.

The three kids were observing the scene, a curious expression on they’re face. They were in fact impressed by Nick and Dylan’s strong bodies. They were skinny kids, aspiring to gain muscles, be proud of them and display them in front of girls and the boys who will envied them. For now, they were at the stage of jealousy and these two gym boys were perfect targets to evacuate their frustration as much as their excitement, already visible through theirs speedos. The kids looked each others, they were thinking the same.

“Can wake, him, can you help me again to take him outside?” asked Nick, unaware of what this new trio was planning.

“Sure… we could…”

“What ?”

One of the kid approach Nick who then had a curious impression of déjà vu.

“We could help, you… but we won’t”

“Wh…!” Nick were interrupted by an unexpected kick right between his legs, crushing his ball. He escaped a loud scream and fall to his knees only to receive a sharp knee in the jaw, sending him on his back, half conscious.

“What… the…” Nick sputtered.

“Mate, we’re gonna have fun today. Take the big one and bound him to the pillar, we’re gonna play with the small one first.”

Two kids grabbed Nick by his feet and dragged him on the ground to the pillar, he tried to defend but he was too weak and received several stomps in the gut by the third kid.

“It’s like stomping in jelly! Quite disappointing, hope the other will be firmer!”

“Fuck you!”

At the pillar, the kids tried to bound him with the ropes but Nick fight back and placed a kick in one kid’s gut, sending him on the floor, in a fetal position. Leaning on the pillar, he stood up and tried to catch the other teen but were stopped by a live pain behind his head and fell face to the ground.

“Now it should be easier to tied him” said the last boys.

“Bastard, he kicked me! Damn, it’s hurts” grumbled the teen as he approached Nick fallen body and kick him on his side and back.

“You will have all the time to avenge. Now bound him, and wake him. I want him to see what we prepared for his buddy.”

This time, Nick was awakened by some cold water thrown on his face. He was sitting on the floor, his arms firmly tied to the pillar behind him.

“Release me, you scums… outch!” again Nick were interrupted by a huge blow his face. How can a kid hit so hard, he think, spiting blood? And then he understood.

“See, I’ve found this brass knuckle by entering, by seeing the state of your gut I guess you already met him, he smiled. Shut up if you don’t want more.”

The kids had took off their shirts and were only in speedo now. Nick observed their skinny bodies and their ridiculous little muscles compared to his own. He could have kick their ass so easily normally. But today nothing was normal. He and Dylan had been roughly tortured by three beefy men and now they were at the mercy of fucking kids. Could this day be worse? For now he was worried about Dylan who was still dazed on the ground, this time his arms tied with ropes in his back, in an abdominal stretch position, at the total mercy of these executioners.

“What a sleeper! Let’s see if we can wake him.”

The first kid knelt beside him and began to run through Dylan's body with his hand, feeling the softness of the skin, the curve of the pectorals. He caressed the left nipple and pinched it, released the grip and continued his way through the oblique, he felt the striation of his abs and pressed them a little to test the resistance. He then encircled the navel with his finger, this body part was his fetish. Dylan’s one was made of a single hole. The kid put his finger on it and digs a little. He then bend over and plunged his tongue this time in the navel while he was caressing his now ragging dick through his speedo. His friends also had a massive erection looking at him as Nick was disgusted.

“Hummm, he have a good taste.”

Now his caressing hand changed into a fist, he sat again on his knee, the other hand always in his pant.

“Let’s dig!”

The first shot made a “slap” as he connected the navel moistened by the boy's saliva. It was a light shot, which bounced easily on the muscles.

“He seems more in shape than you big boy” he taunted Nick who was looking at him with anger.

The kid resumed the punches and adds methodically more force between each punches, targeting the navel area. As Dylan was unconscious, his abs were unflexed while tensed by his stretched position and the kid tiny fist slowly found his way through the muscles. Each punch was digging deeper. The abdominal muscles were crushed over and over before regaining their place again and again. Dylan stomach started to gurgle as the punches started to reach the intestines.

That’s when the kid stop, shaking his hand.

“Damn, it’s harder that I fought. But it’s do damn good to feel the muscles giving away! Your turn guys.”

The others kids took place immediately. One of them sat on Dylan’s upper chest, while the other sat on his legs, stroking the entire chest.

“Do you feel those muscles, fuck, I want the same!”

“We can’t have it now, but we can destroy his!”

Joining act to words, they start pummeling merciless the poor Dylan’s body which was shaking helplessly under the shots on his chest, abs and oblique. Nick just could not watch his mate abused like a doll and closed his eyes, hoping all of this was a bad nightmare. But it was not, and the kids were really enjoying their handiwork. After several minutes, they’re no more hurting muscles, but flesh. That’s when Dylan finally awake slowly and start to moan and groan under the punishment.

The kids, tired, stop punching. Dylan wanted to say something but emitted only grunts.

“Dylan, you’re good?!” Asked Nick.

“Shut up, I said!” yell the kid by striking again Nick’s face with his brass knuckle.

“Sorry, we played a little with you, man, it was too tempting.”

Dylan wanted to stand but was unable to make a single move.


“Don’t worry, it’s almost finished.”

“Oh no, it’s not. It’s your turn now.”

The two kids left Dylan body, but not before inflict him some kick to the gut, making him roll on his side, puking blood and saliva on the floor in a cough. They approached Nick and without a word, sent a kick on his midsection. Nick instantly bend over and escaped a scream of agony.

“We won’t have fun with this, said one, he’s already destroyed.”

“His abs maybe, but I see plenty of other muscles to destroy.”

“This one is mine, said the one with the brass knuckle, if the little one move, you know what to do.”

Dylan moved himself to face his friend.


“Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine.”

Nick was always sitting on the ground, his arms tied around the pillar, his legs spread in from of him. The kid started by taking off his sweatpants, revealing two real tree trunks, and crouched near him.

“Impressive… I’m gonna love this part…”

The first shot in the inner right thigh made on horrible sound and was followed by a scream of Nick and was followed by two more shots at the same spot. He then put his free hand on Nick’s mouth to lessen the scream and control his breath, while pummeling Nick’s legs with the other, left and right, left and right… Nick legs were quivering out of control.

“Someone will have trouble to walk tomorrow”, the kid laughed.

“Please leave him and take me”, begged Dylan.

“No… I can… take it…”, grunt Nick.

“Oh, so sweet”, sneered one teen.

“Hey, mates work his pecs a little for me, my mother got smallest boobs…”

The others kids placed each other of the sides of Nick and delivered him kicks with their bare foot right on his chest one after the other as the last teen press on Nick useless midsection with his own bare feet.

“Who could believe that there were abs muscles here, huh, big boy?”

Nick wanted to scream but the incessant kicks to his chest were cutting his breath.

“Come on, you don’t even try to flex! How deep I have to dig to meet some resistance? To the spine?”

“Aaahhh… plea…. Aaaaahhh… I… I can’t…”

“Ok enough”, the kids stropped.

Nick coughed more blood and saliva while regaining his breath.

“As you didn’t wanted to flex your abs, I’m gonna destroy something else.”

“What about his arms, did you see those guns?”

“I barely can circle his biceps with my both hands!”

“So be it!”

“Give me the brass knuckle, he tried to grab me earlier. Soon you won’t be able to raise your arms.”

Nick responded by spitting on his face.

“Oh shit! Take this”, said the teen as strike his fist into Nick face before focusing on his right biceps, hurting him again and again and again until it was red and blue. Nick was unable to make a single move to lessen the impacts and were screaming and crying like a fool. When the right arm was done, the kid gives the brass knuckle to the third friend who was planning to destroy the left arm. To increase the pain, he decided to alternate blows to the arm with blow to the rib cage, putting Nick in a true hellish pain.

After several minutes of beating and probably more than a cracked rib, the kid stopped, admiring his work. Nick was totally beaten, barely awoken, crying like a little girl, not able to move a single muscle.
Dylan was shocked, unable to say anything.

“Look, his mate seems really worried.”

“He’s probably his boyfriend.”

“Hum… this gave me a good idea. Raise him.

The two kids started to put Dylan on his feet who immediately tried to defend himself when the third kid throw a knife and put it under Nick's throat.

“I would be gentle if I were you.”


“Yeah, but not me. You. Unbutton his pants, he asked to his buddies. You’re gonna fuck your boyfriend, Nick but as he can’t stand up, you’ll fuck his mouth. If you don’t…”

“You’re crazy”, yell Dylan.

“Move him.”

Still tied, the two kids pushed him towards Nick and lowered his underpants until his crotch match Nick’s face.

“Nick, be a nice boy and open your mouth”.

Nick looked Dylan in desperation, they had no choice. He opened his lips and took Dylan soft cock in his mouth. The warm and wet mouth of Nick aroused Dylan more than he could expected, and, pushed by his torturers, he started to move back and forth in his mate throat who took it silently. The kids started to stroke their dick admiring the show and moans started to be heard in the basement.

Naturally, Dylan's soft dick began to grow in Nick's mouth as he started to suck it gentle and moaning. Dylan was now moaning too, he was moving his pelvis without assistance now, taking some weird pleasure to fuck his best friend mouth, his mouth so hot, so hungry. Nick was sucking for good now, as if he had always wanted to. He don’t even noticed that the kids came closer to them and stroked their raging dick, ready to cum on his face and body. Dylan’s moves became faster, his moans louder and louder, he suddenly felt his semen leaving his balls, making it way through his penis and exploded in Nick mouth who swallowed it until the last spurt, moaning as his own sperm was filling up his underpants.

At the same moments the kids shoot their loads too in several huge white jets on Nick face, chest and abs.

They stayed here few seconds.

And then the kids took their clothes and left the basement without a word, leaving Nick and Dylan alone… done.




Weeks after his last beating, Nick was back in shape. All of his well developed muscles were fully operational and he had resumed his usual routines. He had distanced himself from Dylan after the weird last experience. More than the beating, the forced blowjob was the most traumatic moment for this straight stud. But what bothered him the most was that he had taken a form of pleasure… But today was another day. As this day was hot, wearing a jean, Nick was shirtless, always proud to expose his body.

He was in a meadow close to a beach, capturing his muscles with his smartphone, posing, flexing his biceps and pecs, it was a good day.
He then noticed the presence of some young lads, literally jaw-dropping in front of his little demonstration. By pride, he put away his smartphone and took some extra poses for them, flexing his abs and shoulders. The kids were in swimwear, still wet from the swim. Two of them were wearing speedos, one with a cap while the others, a blond and a brown, were wearing swim shorts. They had teens body with growing little muscles, so Nick was a real god for them.

“Like what you see kids?”
“Oh yeah, you must be so strong, exclaimed the one with a cap! How did you become so muscular?”
“Very simple, you just have to train for a long time.”
“Seems impossible, add the blond teen!”
“Can we touch your muscles, add an other?”
“Yeah, come have a taste.”
Nick put himself in some biceps pose and left the teens touching his hard musculature.
“Look, his biceps are larger that my hands!”
“So hard, my fingers can’t even dig in!”
“And those abs, damn! How do you work them to be so huge?”
“Haha, with crunched, mostly, laughed Nick.”
“Show us please!”
“Oh, yes!”
Wanting to please them, Nick lied on the grass and start doing crunches in front of the stunned teens who were admiring the movements of the abdominal muscles contracting and relaxing at each movement. Two of them put hands on it to feel the muscles efforts and their hardness.
“Can I punch them a little, asked the cap boy?”
Nick stopped the exercise and had a moment of hesitation due to his past experience. But this time, the context was different, they were innocent kid and he was strong enough to endure some kid’s punches. He stood up and flexed his abs, ready to show his youth how much his body was trained.
“Ok, but only punches and no low blow.”
“Yes, sir, said the blond teen.”
“I’m gonna record the session, add the brown teen in swim short by grabbing his own smartphone.”
“Ready, asked the capped boy?”
Nick did not feel anything when the first shot hit his abs, right in the middle of his midsection, where the muscles were the mighty.
“Ouch, grunt the kid, so hard!”
“You’re ok, asked Nick? Strengthen your fist before hitting.”
The next punches had no more effects on Nick’s brick wall. He started to though that it would be able to support this all the day. After two dozen of punches, the capped boy stopped and shook his hand reddened by the repeated blows.
“Such a beast, he said!”
“You’re too weak, let me try, add the blond boy. We just have to find his weak spot!”
“Good luck with that, grinned Nick!”
The blond teen started delivering punching on different area of Nick’s midsection, looking for a weakness, a place where the muscles would be softer. He hit the navel area, punched the obliques, pummeled the waistband area, event the solar plexus but didn’t find any sensible point. After a lot of punches, the teen stopped to catch his breath. Nick smiled, except for a few rednesses, his abs was intact, and the kids will be tired far before him.
“Your abs is too strong, complained the blond boy.”
“Can we test other muscles?”
“Enjoy yourself, I’m too resistant for you boys.”
“I want to punch those pecs, claimed the brown guy in speedo!”
“Ok, kid, and to help you, I’m not gonna flex them.”
The kid started hitting the muscles, alternating the left and the right with his two hand as he were punching a speed bag. The muscles were bouncing under the blows. The fists were producing little smacks hitting the unflexed, but still hard pectorals. Nick was smiling, even like this, the punches had no real effect.
“You're far to reach my level, kids, he mocked.”
“Come on, said the filming lad, attack him all together and bend him!”
“You can kid, but it won’t be more efficient, Nick laughed.”
The three kids encircled Nick who put his hands behind his head and flex all of his muscles in preparation for the assault. The teen with the cap stand in front of Nick and started to deliver punches all over his midsection, from the waistband to the solar plexus, putting the most force possible behind every strikes. The others stood on each side of Nick and started to pummeled his sides, from the obliques to the floating rib zone with eventually some punches to the kidneys.
Nick endured the assault of these tiny angry fists trying to penetrate his wall of pure muscles, for a second he remembered his previous beatings and felt some kind of phantom pain but he resumed his spirits quickly and strengthen his body in order to prevent these kids from getting what they desperately want: put him on his knees, and beg for mercy. This though made him laugh but outside, the teens were continuing their handiwork, and these barrages of punches started to have some effects on Nick’s armor. The punches had no real strength but this lack was outweighed by the number and the fact that it was attacked in several spots at once. The punches at the kidneys and in the floating rib area were the hardest to counter due to the absence of massive muscles here and even if the kids didn’t noticed yet, Nick secretly hoped that the assault would cease soon.
As if the sky heard him, the kids stopped their work, out of breath. Nick lowered his arms and massaged his sides a little, they were good red now, just as his abs.
“We… lack… of strength… in our fists… sighed the capped boy.”
“You need to practice your arms to obtain biceps like mines, said Nick, proudly exposing his massive guns.”
“He’s taunting us again, said the blond boy.”
“Give us a last chance, add the brown teen in speedo.”
“Yeah, and don’t forget I’m recording all of it!”
“Ok, last chance, agreed Nick. How do you want to do this time?”
“Can you lie down? We’re gonna work all your upper body now!”
Nick nodded and laid on his back. The capped boy sat on his legs, facing his favorite target: Nick abs. The other two kids each took an arm and pulled it over his head, putting Nick in a spread eagle position, stretching out his midsection a little more. Before Nick could wander what they had planned, they started to punch his biceps one after the other, in rhythm while the last boy was delivering more gut punches. Nick was not very used to the biceps punches. Theses bony fists were hurting him more than expected. It was already hard to keep his abs tensed in this position, but this distraction did not help. For the kid who was working his midsection, the muscles seemed harder than ever but Nick was now feeling an increasing pain in his gut. However, there was no question of showing it.
That’s was when he heard a loud voice.
“What the hell is happening there?!”
The kids immediately stopped, released Nick and let him get on his feet. The voice came out from a tall guy, visibly in great shape, even maybe stronger than Nick, was difficult to affirm behind his large t-shirt and his military pant.

“Nothin’, big bro, we were just playing, said the capped lad.”
“Yeah, it’s true, I was just showing them how to become stronger, added Nick.”
“Is it true, asked the man?”
“Yeah, yeah… We were testing his muscles, they’re so damn hard.”
Nick could not find anything to say, suddenly uncomfortable.
“Guess I should go… he said, as he started to leave the place.”
“Wait, said the military man. I think that the kids lesson is not over. They need a real demonstration of your strength, don’t you think? I’m gonna be your next puncher.”
Nick was not very confident to fight this guy. He measured an impressive size and was probably well trained. But, the other kid was still filming, he couldn’t deflate now. Few punches can’t kill, and it could be a good proof of his strength. As he was thinking the military man had approached him and he was now facing him.
“It’s ok, he asked?”
Nick barely had time to nod as a massive and devastating fist hit him right in the middle of the stomach, penetrating his ab muscles as they were nothing, crushing his internal organs. Nick made a huge “Oommph” and fought not to return his lunch. This punch took him totally by surprise and when the military man withdrew his fist, Nick immediately fell on his knee, gasping for air, hands on his midsection.
“Lesson one, kids: the surprise effect.”
The kids were jaw-dropping for the second time of the day. The muscle stud they had vainly worked so hard had just been floored in one punch. Nick was checking his abs. They were still there and in pretty good shape. He had a deep pain now but was ready to prove he can do better that that. It was the time the military man choose to take of his shirt, revealing the most impressive chest Nick had ever see, with two large pectorals, a rock hard eight pack and the veined massive guns which had made their way in his gut a moment ago. Nick was almost stunned; this guy was clearly stronger than him but it was too late to go back.
“Your turn, pretty boy. Show me what your muscles are made of.”
The kids were now only spectators eager to witness the fight between his two muscles beasts. It was the first time that the capped kid saw his brother like that, he had never suspected such a physical. He’s big bro put himself in a military pose, arms in his back, ready to receive Nick’s fist. Nick was not a fighter, but he was ready for this. He fired his first punch with all the strength he had in the center of this brick wall which barely flinched. Damn, it was like hitting a wall, he thought. Ignoring the pain in his hand he landed more fists on his opponent midsection. Right, left, right, left, targeting every muscles of his stomach, the lower abs, the solar plexus, the obliques, the floating ribs… It was like hitting stone. He suddenly found himself at the place that had occupied the children a little earlier. How could it be possible? How could his blows have so little effect? After about hundreds shots, Nick stopped, hard breathing. The military man remained impassive, even with his abs reddened by the repeated blows.
The kids were wide-eyed, as astonished as Nick.
“Not bad, said the military men, surprisingly. You’re strong, but you’re just a bodybuilder, you don’t know how to hit. I’m gonna teach you, look good, kids. Prepare yourself, gym boy.”
Nick choose to put his hands behind his head again and tensed his body. He maybe was bad at punching, but his muscles were strong, and he will prove it. But his trust vanished quickly when came the punches. Unlike the kids' blows, these one were devastating. His ab muscles absorbed the first punch quite easily *smack*, but already the second started to break the contraction of his muscles *smack*. At the third one, Nick escaped a grunt *smack*. At the fourth, Nick had to take a step back to contain the blow *smack*. At this moment, the military man grabbed Nick by the neck with his left hand while continuing punching with the right one, always targeting the same spot: the center of Nick abs which supposed to be the strongest, the ones he was most proud of. The fifth gut shot penetrate Nick armor a little more than the previous one *smack* just as the next ones. Nick, who were moaning constantly now, could feel the military man fist digging in his abs, pulverizing methodically each layer of his armor, one by one. He were loosing the tense of his abs, he was struggling the more he could but couldn’t do anything to prevent this fist to dig deeper and deeper. He then noticed than the military man was watching him in the eye. Fixedly. As he were digging into his mind as much as in his abs. This was a killer look.
The capped teen could now observe his brother’s fist disappearing gradually and more and more in the stud gut who were moaning and grunting at each blow. The more the fist was penetrating, the longer the puncher left his fist inside Nick gut. He could feel the muscle fibers fold under his fists. He could have ended this much sooner but he was actually enjoying seeing this muscle stud try to resisting, try to maintain his abs flexed while he knows very well that it's futile. He loved to see in his eyes the failure, the incoming defeat.
An other strike and Nick screamed in pain *smack *. An other strike and he definitely loosed the tense of his abs *smack*. An other strike and he puked saliva of the military man’s chest who continues to punch again and again, keeping each time his fist several second in Nick’s now soft gut as if he were taking possession of it, observing the boy’s face turning red and blue due to the lack of oxygen. Nick’s hands were no more behind his head. His arms were dangling helplessly on his sides at this moment. Drool poured from Nick mouth who continues to moan under each blow. As his eyes became glassy, the military man ended his word after a last punch and let Nick falling on the grass, barely awake.
“This is how we punch.”
The kids approached, especially the one who was recording and captured this big stud moaning on the ground, his hands on his battered midsection that his friends had so much trouble getting through.
“Now kids it’s time to show me what you have learn.”
“Wait, said the blond kid, can you soften a little the other muscles of this stud?”
“Yeah, he said that we could not damage his muscles but you can! Do it for us please, add his little bro.”
“What I would not do for my little brother. Sorry man, family first, said the military man before sitting on Nick’s devastated gut who was lying on his back, catching his breath and mind.”
Nick escaped a grunt as the air was once more evacuated from his lungs.
“Start with his massive pec!”
“Yes, sir! Keep them tight, gym boy.”
And so started a long beating of his pectoral muscles which became soft after just a dozen of full force punches on each pec from the military man who clearly wanted to end this fast. Nick was barely able to scream as he was quite unable to breath. His hard muscles had been defeated in a few blows, he did not understand how that was possible. Was he so weak? No, the other was just stronger that him. The difference between he and him was the same the one between he and the kids. He was at his mercy, and he seemed to have none.
Once the chest muscles were soft and red, the teens designated the biceps. They pulled on Nick hands and put them just above his head, in a flexing position. Nick contracted his biceps and the military man started to punch, focusing on the left one while his little bro tried his luck on the right. The kid punches were meaningless but the military ones were still powerful. Even flex to the maximum, his round and solid biceps were crushing each strike a little more. How could it be possible to dig into so heavy muscle? Nick did not have the answer but his biceps were becoming as soft as his abs and the pain made him scream. Once done, he was not able to move his left arm as the kid was still punching his right one without effect. But he was replaced by the military man with the intent to make it suffer the same fate as the left who was now punch by the kid, happy to finally make the stud moan and scream in agony.
Once the right arm rendered useless, the military got up and had a look to the gym boy, agonizing on the floor.
“Ok, abs check. Pecs check. Arms check. What now?”
“His back!”
“Oh yeah, so massive.”
“Please… stop… begged Nick.”
“Ok, as Nick seems a little tired this would be the final lesson. Time for some wrestling move.”
Nick panicked when he heard these words, he tried to crawl on the floor but was caught by two massive hands who lifted him up into the air like he was a broken doll, one under his legs, one at the shoulders. He then felt himself back down and violently struck the right knee of the military man in a devastating backbreaker. He screamed in agony as he felt his bones cracked under the pressure as the military man was keeping him in place.
“Come on kids, show me now what you have learn now.”
Fascinated by the now fully stretched stomach of Nick which beautifully put every muscle in value, the three of them started delivering punches after punches on the entire torso. It was fantastic, their punches were now digging in the muscles instead of just bouncing on it. For the first time, they were delivering pain to this hot stud. Aroused by feeling the ab muscles giving away under the fists they punched harder and harder. Nick was screaming in agony, begging for stop, but when they eventually stop banging, it was the signal for the military man to place a new backbreaker. Each hold seemed to bend him more on the steel knee, exposing every time a little more his devastated midsection, allowing each times the blows to penetrate a little further. He tried to raise his arms to protect his belly, but they didn’t responded as his biceps were destroyed. These bony little fists were now digging in his once hard body, pummeling his internal organs *smack*,*smack*,*smack*. He felt his bladder let go and pissed on him without being able to do anything. Nobody noticed, except maybe the kid who was recording the humiliated scene. Nick’s body was shaking helplessly under the flurry of blows. The military man was now pressing on his chest and legs to bend him to the maximum. Nick no longer had the strength to scream, his eyes were wide opened, escaping tears. He was reduced to a defenseless punching bag.
One last backbreaker, and for Nick, everything went black.