Brian and Anton sexy gutpunch

by gpl

No one ever knows what real stress is until they reach college finals. The pressure, the tension, the lack of fun–shit is real. So because I didn’t want to lose my head over them, I decided to the rashest thing I could ever think of.
In my rashest decision, I decided to come to the beach. It’s Wednesday and we’re pretty far from the actual vacations, so the hotel I’m in is more than desolate, leave alone the pool area. Now, I’m considering how stupid it was of me to come here alone.
“Can I help you in something?” the blonde dude asks me. He is the same one who showed me my room–room 108. There’s something about him that makes me sketchy–probably the pretty imposing handshake we shared at the entrance of my room.
“No, bro, I’m ok here,” I tell him. There’s just something about him that makes some fire open up inside my gut. He smiles at me and then just out of the blue, sits on the chair beside me.
“Don’t think they’d nag me about this. There’s no one around anyway.” He then takes off his shoes and reveals his long and somehow hot feet. Something in my gut tells me I want to touch this dude, but I just can’t go around telling people to let me touch them. So just trying to provoke him I rest my hands behind my head and flex my biceps as much as I can. I’m pretty confident about them.
“So what’s your name?” I tell him. He looks at me and for a second, I know he is looking at my biceps.
“I’m Brian,” he says and he also rests his hands behind his head. On the sleeves of his button-down shirt, I can easily catch the ridges of his muscular arms.
“Anton,” I tell him. He nods and then looks up at the sky, revealing his gorgeous Adam’s apple.
“How old are you?” he tells me. “I’m twenty.”
“Still a kid,” I say and laugh. He laughs kind of quizzically and looks at me. “I’m twenty-four,” I tell him.
“You–” Brian starts but then I see him starting to doubt for a millisecond, “You go to the gym, don’t you? We have one here in the hotel.”
I smile at him and ask him, “How would you know I go to the gym?” And he laughs.
He sits down on the chair. “Intuition?” he says as he points to his unflexed biceps. “I supposed you would.”
I laugh at him and sit down. “Yeah, I work out except in finals,” and I laugh flexing my bicep so he can see it hard and big. His sight in lost into my arm, and I like the way how it feels. My vein is already popping in the middle.
The chairs are pretty close, so I can easily extend my arm to slap his shoulders. “How about you, bro? You work out?” He smiles and lifts up the sleeve of his button-down shirt and flexes the most perfectly slim yet extremely muscular bicep I’ve ever seen. I’m wide-eyed when I see it.
“Intuition?” he asks.
“Definitely,” and giggling nervously I extend my hand to clasp it. When I do it, I think it was the most stupid thing to do, but he keeps his biceps flexed letting me feel it. “Damn nice, bro! Looks great.”
“Feels great?” he asks me. I laugh with him. “How about yours?” I raise the sleeve of my shirt and flex for him back and forth and back and forth. He clasps his hand around it and gives me a thumbs up with his other hand.
“Want to go to the beach, bro?” he asks me. I’m dazzled by his proposal because the beach is more lonely than the hotel so I say yes.
I’m already barefoot so there’s no need to take shoes off. Once we’re outside, Brian says, “I think there’s kinda more space here. Wanna wrestle? See who’s the most manly here?” I nod.
Before I know it, he has my shoulders on his palms and I have his on mine. His shoulders are so damn hot. So round and hard, just like I felt them seconds ago. “Fuck, dude. Shoulders feeling great,” he says and presses them harder.
“Yours too, bro,” I tell him. But before I’m able to finish my sentence, his right foot is behind my left one and he makes me fall hard on the sand. I fall with a thump, and before I can realize what just happened he’s already on top of me, punching my abs. Once! His punches are hard, but I keep my abs harder.
I don’t leave him chance for another punch. Brian is smaller than me, so I easily push him away from me and fall right on top of him. I take his wrists on my hands and place them above his head. “Fucker,” I tell him. “That was cheating!”
He is breathing hard and laughing. His black beanie still on place on his blonde head. “What about this?” and he lifts his hand to punch me slightly on the balls, but I feel it.
“Owe!” I gasp. “Fucker!” Brian is on top of me–his light blue button-down shirt pressed against his torso by the wind. I see the hint of abs in him. He laughs and slaps my pecs. Then he starts punching them. I get them hard so he can feel what a real man feels like, but then his punches get more serious and I start to moan in pain.
He then pokes my abs with the fingertips of his right hand and smiles. “Wow! That’s harder than what I thought,” he says and then punches. Once! Twice! I am cocky about my abs so I let him punch. But when the pain starts coming I push him away and stand up again.
“Come on bastard! Come here!” he comes to me but quickly, I grab his head and place it below my left armpit, turn his head around so he faces upwards to the sky. His torso is now uncovered for me.
“Fuck you,” he tells me. Then, I poke his abs. Man! Are they hard! I get a boner poking them and then I lift up his shirt. A six pack peaks from below, luring me into being horny. “Fuck you, dude. That’s hot.” And then he taps from below my armpit and I let him go.
“Fuck,” he says. “That was hot.” But then he grabs me by my pecs and pushes me to the rails of the deck and pushes me. “Fuck,” he says again, breathing hard. He grabs the first button of my shirt and smiles as if asking for permission. I nod and rest my arms on the rails. He goes by unbuttoning my shirt, touching muscles where he finds them, and when he reaches my abs he punches them slightly and looking at me.
“Yeah, they’re hard, aren’t they?” I tell him and then he starts punching harder, my back pressed against the rails. And when the punches start going too hard, I grab him by the shoulders and push him hard against the rails.
“Your turn fucker.” And Brian smiles. I remove the first button and go down. His pecs are so sculpted and perfect. By the time I reach his abs I’m precumming. He looks so damn perfect–his arms on the rails, his abs flexed for the moment.

“Come on, fucker,” he tells me. “Do something!” I can’t take control of my actions. I’m worshipping his muscles next thing I know. His abs are so damn hard. The ridges of the perfect musculature turn me on. And then I punch him. I hear him exhale once my punch comes and he sees me asking for more. I punch again and again and again and watch him take hold of the rails but not wanting to give up. I punch and worship and slap his abs. Until he starts groaning and then he throws me back to the sand.
With one movement, he removes my shirt from me and I’m completely shirtless. He sits on top of my dick and starts punching my abs. I get them as hard as they can but after a while they get tired, so I have to attempt to sit so they can get harder. “Fuck you!” I scream at him.

“So hot,” he mutters and passes his hands over my body. Then, he takes off his shirt and I see his glorious body, and I can’t hold it any more. I push him away, stand up as fast as I can and kick him in the side. He groans with pleasure and pain and then I’m on top of him.
“Ten times dude! You’ve got to resist ten punches!” He nods and flexes all his muscles in front of me, with his hands behind his head. When I sit on his dick, it is real hard.

“One!” I punch his abs as hard as I can. My fist bounces back finding no yield in that mass of muscle. “Fucking shit!” I say glorifying his muscle wall. “Two!” And afterwards I worship his muscles. I squeeze his wonderful biceps. “Three! Four! Five!”
“That’s all you have?” he asks me. Brian is already sweating through every pore of his body, just as I am. I slap his abs with both hands and rest them in that abdominal heaven. “Wait for it,” I tell him.
“Six!” I punch real hard and he has to keep the breath in for a moment for the pain to dissipate. I run my hand over those abs, never getting bored of their texture. But I add something new, I pull his nipples slightly.
“Ufff!” he moans deliciously. “Seven!” I punch hard again. He groans this time, the veins of his neck standing out with the effort. I start kissing his abs. He takes my head and presses it down.
“Eight!” I punch even harder. “Ough!!!!!” he groans. There’s a red mark on his abdominal wall. I lick his abs and his sweat and reach until his nipples. I lick them and press my body hard against his.
“Don’t stop,” he tells me.
“Nine!” My fist comes down. A vein runs down his forehead and lots of them line his biceps and part of his pecs. I unbutton his pants and mine and pull his down. He has boxers the color of his button-down shirt; they are full with precum. I touch his hard dick. Then, I take my pants out, staying in my speedos.
“Wait for it, dude. Wait for it!” He is breathing real hard now. His eyes closed and his dick solid behind my butt. “Ten!” I bring down the hardest punch I’ve ever given in my life and press it down for exactly five seconds. He groans and winces and thrashes. His eyes are shut tight. And just afterwards, he gets his hand inside his boxers and starts jerking off. He gets over me and worships my body with his free hand.
I take my dick in my hands ad do so as well, lifting my hand to touch his pecs, his abs, and all his sweaty body. When all of a sudden, he tenses up, moaning in pleasure and grabbing my abs in a tight claw. I scream in pleasure as he releases his cum over me, and when his done, I finish up my jerking off in a beautiful orgasm.
I punch his red abs and the apply a claw on them. My fingers get tighter on his abs for every beat of the orgasm on my dick. “Fuck you!” I tell him. “You’re so damn hot!”

“You’re damn hot too!” He tells me. And I release it all on him.
And we then stand up, showing up biceps and abs.

The rest, as they say, is history.