First time kicked in the balls by a little kid

by Nuts Breaker


My friend

I was challenging my brother to a fight and I thought that he is really weak so I just let him hit me once. However, he chosed my balls and kicked at full strength and that hurts like HELL.

I moaned and scroll in agony because it was the first time I was kicked in the jewels and I did not know about this before. Especially, I wear my boxer, making it more painful. I want to say “I surrender” to my brother, which is so shameful for a muscular man like me.

However, my friend, Matt, mocked me for being so pathetic on the ground. He told us to start the nutshot challenge with my brother to see if I could survive 5 hits, then I am a real man. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So I tried to stand up again. My brother took his shirt off to show off and he started to throw kicks and knees to my nads. It was one of the worst pain in my life.

I flinched for the first 2 hits and tried not to fall on the ground

The 3rd kick came and made the pain go up further to my stomach. I could not breath. I can’t endure it anymore.

I fell down again but not completely. I can still stand up. I CAN DO IT! My balls are burning.

I finally stood up but I have to rely on my brother’s shoulder.

However, that made the 4th kick much more devastasting than ever and hit perfectly on my balls powerfully.

I can’t do it anymore. I grab his shoulder for a moment before failing down completely from the nausea and the painful sacks.


So I stand up and gets the last kick. I am prepared. My brother laugh cruelly.

Im down for 15 minutes at least with 1 more day of sore and pain. This is the worst nightmare. I vomit everything and my stomach burns. My balls get swollen.