by SD


It was a hot afternoon, everyone in town was too lazy to do anything, except for Kennie. He’s a mid-twenties guy who realized quite a few years ago that boxing was gonna be his life. From being a transfer student he dumped everything and decided to train to become a good fighter.
Only he got beaten up always by almost anyone in the ring every single time.
“Ain’t gonna give up, I’ll be a champ – everyone will see.”
He went to the gym and put off his clothes – he had an average build, not too stocky, not too muscular, he works and beats himself up everytime at the gym to get his dream body, he’s stuck at his current build and thinks it’s probably the reason why he always ends up being a punching bag in the ring. He just can’t get any stronger.
He was working out his abs for probably an hour already, sometimes he stares at his own stomach in between sets and enjoys the beauty of the sculpture of his abdominal muscles. It’s not the toughest set of abs, but looking it flex as he exercises makes him wanna go more.
“Kinda wanna smash that nice, fine stomach. Hi there, I’m Spencer.”
“Everyone I’ve fought have tasted punching my body, over and over, I’m not sure about you though.”


Spencer was attractive, but he didn’t look as strong as any of Kennie’s previous opponents. He looked like a casual fighter or something. He had boxing gear but Kennie thought of him of more like a trainee or a try-out guy.
“Spencer’s more like a lawyer’s name or something, anyway.”
“Who said lawyers can’t be boxers? Just from looking at how you train, heck, maybe even my wife could beat the shit out of you.”
“You’re looking at how I train? or maybe you’re staring and attracted to me physically?”
“I won’t lie if I said I’d love to grind these fists into every part of your body.”
Kennie never had such a provoking conversation with any other fighter he’s encountered, but damn, this Spencer’s making him want to brawl, and he’s getting just a tad bit hard.
Spencer wasn’t done taunting.
“Man, imagining you with a black-eye and bruised body. It’s sending me shivers.”
“Okay, so let’s do this.”
“There you go. Guess someone really loves to take a beating.”
Both of them entered the ring,
Man. Spencer was god. damn. fast.
Even before Kennie was able to read and strategize anything about Spencer, he already took three punches to the chin and he’s already tipsy for the fist five seconds of the fight.
“I wouldn’t provoke you if I never had any boxing experience, you know.”
Feeling already punch drunk, Kennie was in no condition to dodge Spencer lefts and rights to his body. He was trying to put his guard on his body but Spencer’s strength just seem to break his guard and drills left and right uppercuts to Spencer’s abs.

“Ooh. Ugh. OOH!!”
“Damn, punching your stomach feels so satisfying.”
When Spencer felt bored of barraging with uppercuts, he forced Kennie to the corner and made sure there’s no distraction of him wobbling in the middle of the ring.
“Now let’s go for the side obliques.”
He punched Kennie with left and right hooks to the body and Kennie was already splling out a bit of blood from is stomach. Spencer smiled a bit seeing this.
Spencer was in a roll, doing and practicing different sorts of his combos into Kennie’s stomach, 1-2-3, left-left-right, hook-straight-uppercut, right-left-right
Damn Kennie was in so much agony, he was moaning and gurgling blood as he took punches in his stomach for several minutes already. Yet, he still manages to hold on to the ropes and say that he’s not given up, he can continue, because he simply can.
“Okay, let’s give your abs a break. Time to break your face and put on some bruises on that goddamn good looking face.”
Spencer threw a hard hook to Spencer’s face and it finally made him hit the canvas. Spencer was holding unto his beaten up abs and felt like hell,
“Hey, we’re not done.”
Spencer held Kennie up from the floor and tied his arms to the ropes.
He punched Kennie even harder and he threw powerful strikes that threw Kennie in every direction. Kennie was lifting a bit with every stomach punch, his head almost being teared-off from his neck with every punch Spencer was giving him.
“Please… sto.. p.”
“Stop. Well look at your shorts, that bulge is telling me otherwise.
Maybe, after all, you always preferred being a punching bag. And I like it.”
Spencer was breathing deep breaths already and was feeling a bit exhausted from all the force he’s given every punch.
He took a break and leaned a bit over Kennie’s chest. He managed to lick a bit of sweat mixed with blood dripping over Kennie’s nipple.
He got invigorated from that sensation and drove another drilling uppercut to Kennie’s abs.
Spencer put all of his remaining energy pounding Kennie in his stomach and dropping some occasional punches to his face to ensure his eyes get closed up from swelling.
“I’ll leave early, to make sure you want more. I know you do. I’ll see you soon.”
He fixes the ropes and finally lets his beaten up opponent double up on the floor.
“You weren’t even able to throw a single punch at me. I would have suggested that you consider trying another strategy, working harder or maybe consider finding another sport that may suit you. But I guess getting beaten up is your thing. And I’m sure we’d get along fine. See you later.”