Sorrounded and beaten

by Xander

Within seconds they had surrounded me and before I could react I was grabbed from behind and tied to the railing I felt the cold of a solid metal beam behind me filtering through my thin shirt. When I agreed to meet them here I did not know what I was in for after all it was just for a video and the pay would be handsome.

They said they the idea was work my gut for a video, I have a high pain tolerance and I needed the money, but still I was nervous bound here, they could do anything to me and I was not expecting to be jumped and tied up like this. I looked up at the three men who had surrounded me just as one of two of the athletically built men removed, no ripped off my shirt to reveal my stomach and torso. I gazed down looking at my abbs thinking am I ready for this? My abbs were not as well defined as I would like I was by no means “ripped” but were I thought, still strong underneath, otherwise I would not have agreed to this. I had been swimming, doing sit ups and pull ups for the past month to try and get myself ready.

I nervously looked at one of the three for he was a rough looking big guy built like a rugby player. I knew he could certainly pack a wallop. He moved to stand in-front of me and pushed his hand gently against my warm skin of my stomach, looking me up and down and sizing me up, he pushed a little harder and I resisted and he let a small smile appear on his face. I too sized him up, I was drawn to his massive forearms and biceps that were actually more like those of a heavy weight boxer, crossed with the raw power of a heavy weight lifter, what had I let my self in for? His fists were probably half the size of my stomach!

One of the other two, an Hispanic man set up the camera on a tripod and focused it on my body, with my face just in frame. They gave me a mask to protect my identity but open enough capture my reactions and grimacing that was sure to come. With a knod from the biggest guy the guy on the right, youngest looking could not have been older then 19 stepped in front of me.

He was rather skinny but lean and looked athletically built, his torso was hidden behind a loose hanging t-shirt but I could see had good definition in his arms.

“Warm him up” The biggest man said in a gruff voice.

I tensed up and the kid reeled in to strike. His first punch landed right on my navel before he quickly followed through with his other hand. The punches stung but did not really have too much of an effect on me. I can do this I thought. The kid let rip several more punches to the same area before moving onto my lower abs and then onto my solarplexes, before moving onto my glutes with the same ferocity. He hit each area about ten times before moving on, he repeated this pattern and each time he came back to an already beaten area they stung a little more and my skin was steadily reddening, but I was still feeling strong, I was still holding firm.

I felt the stong arm of the big fellow over my back and my head and chest were pushed down so that I was bending over. The kid bent down and almost without warning he shot upwards with his whole body weight driving his fist into my body, but I was not letting him get far in. He did this ten maybe twenty times. My abbs were now beginning to ache and protest to this thumping but this was just the warm up!

He tagged the big guy in I was about to see what those massive fists could to to me, I had a strange feeling of excitement in anticipation, for his massive blows. I stood up straight again just as he pulled back those ginormous arms, I winced. To say devastating is not a strong enough word, each hit landed square in the centre of my stomach and sent shockwaves of pain through my body, it was like being rammed in the stomach by a charging bull. My abs could not do much to stop these and I felt my organs try to move away from his fists as he drove in deep, making me cough for air.

He only landed ten in total but that was enough, the last one pushed in deep and I almost threw up, my head lulled onto my chest, through the sheer pain and the wind being knocked out of me. I steadied myself f and re-doubled my efforts to resist whatever these guys were going to throw at me, I was not going to go down that easy.

They gave me a minute to catch my breath before the big guy went behind the camera and the Hispanic guy now stood in-front of me. This bronzed guy was far better built then the kid he had the body of someone who does weights and cardio and he also stood a good six inches taller than me. He threw one single hard punch to centre of my now weakend abs, right where the other guy had hit me. After impact he did not release his hand, and instead proceeded to push, hard. I resisted him. So he unleashed a flurry of blows rapid knocking the wind out of me again before he again began to push. I tried to resist again but this time my efforts seemed wasted I could not draw breath to tense my muscles. Soon his fist disappeared deep into my gut I felt as if my organs were being pinned against my back and they growled loudly in protest. They all smiled at this and I again felt sick, the pain was intense. Deeper he went the pain becoming unbearable and I could feel the various liquids being pushed around in my organs, I could not help to lean forward, as I was unable to stand so my whole body weight was against his fist.

He pushed harder still, I was going to pass out I was shaking. Finally he relented and then did the same thing again this time to my lower abs. This time the pain was different a sharper pain as his fist dug its way into me, I was able to resist it a little better so he relented for now and it was time for the big fellow again. With barely time to catch my breath he threw ten, twenty, thirty solid very hard punches into my body each was a destructive as the last obliterating what was left of my abbs and my ability to resist anything. I had never felt anything quite like it . He was careful not to punch the same place twice, so my whole stomach was now a deep red and I was again gagging for air, while spittle perhaps tinted with blood dribbled from my mouth, I was done for.

"Please... that is enough" I managed to force out, that should definitely be enough to get paid, I was in agony. They just laughed

“Okay he’s warmed up” the Tyson sized guy said.

The Hispanic returned and pushed his hand deep into my lower gut once more. However this time as he did so he lifted up and my feet left the ground as if he was trying to push my gut into my chest, it certainly felt like that. The kid stepped in too taking my right-hand side as I was held there the fist as the kid let rip in my now compressed gut, pushing my lunch out into my mouth and some of it dribbled down my chin. He then slowly punched me several more times each digging deep in before punching with all his might one last time, it was at this point my vision went grey then black and I passed out for a moment due to both lack of air and sheer pain

I was awoken again with a slap to the face. They were discussing what to do next, they were having fun and where not going to stop any time soon, but could they must be able to see I was in a bad way?

“Right what's next?” They asked me. I could just about mumble “enough”.

“Enough?” the Hispanic man said. They untied me and I was visibly relieved, I flopped to the floor and was unable to stand, they found this quite funny. “Finally this was over" I thought. However I noticed through the corner of my eye the camera had now been panned down to me in my prone position on the metal walkway. They turned me over onto my back untied now, if I had the strength I would have ran.

“Okay lets see if you can take three minutes of none stop beating from all three of us. If you pass out we will continue regardless.”

So without warning all three of the laid into my heavily beaten gut, one after another I could offer no resistance as my abbs and organs were pummelled mercilessly as each mans fist disappeared deep into destroyed gut. "I felt his spine one of them yelped" the other said "I think I felt something pop" I threw up once more which made them stop just a second before resuming when I began passing out again as the colour drained from my body I could could just hear them say “thats a wrap, and they packed away the camera before everything went black.”

I awoke in hospital after being discovered by chance. I found out the police caught one of the guys and I then found out what I had signed up for. It was a snuff film, the idea of which is they take a random guy and beat him slowly to death, however they lost their nerve and they thought I was probably dead anyway, I almost was, thankfully I was stronger then I looked. I had survived. My stomach was wrecked I could not sit up for over a week I also ended up with an intestinal-hernia and had some internal bruising but I was alive at least until they would decide to look me up again and finish what they started.