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Kevin and Cody

by JF

Part 1.


Down in West Central Texas it was May, the school year was coming to an end and the days were getting hotter. Every weekend since spring break, Kevin, and his best friend Cody, would go to Horseshoe Bend Park. This park was located south of the main lake in town. The river had a small horseshoe end to it, where the river was deep enough to swim, but shallow enough to keep from being on the tips of your toes.
Kevin and Cody grew up together. Since they were in first grade they were inseparable. They were always outside, together, playing football or riding bikes through town and down into the woods. Both now 16, they made competitions and challenged each other on a near daily basis.
Kevin arrived at the river a few minutes before Cody did, so he decided to take the time to work on his tan. Kevin was real comfortable in his skin, you could say. He didn’t wear a shirt if he didn’t have to, and unless he was at school or a formal event he never wore one. Since he was always on the move and had a high metabolism, he was in really good shape for being such a young age. His muscles were toned and well defined. His skin was smooth and had a golden brown hue to them. His arms turned out rather nice, thanks to the countless pushups he did every night. But his true testimonial to his physique was his abs.
Kevin did more crunches per night, than all the other exercises combined. And you could tell he favored them more than any other muscle group. He always had a hand under his shirt, rubbing them.
Cody, too, had some of the most amazing abs for someone his size. He was slightly taller than Kevin, and weighed close to ten pounds heavier. Cody played high school football, so he spent a lot of his free time in the gym.
Soon Cody arrived and walked up on Kevin while he was laying on a picnic table tanning. Kevin didn’t seem to know his best friend was standing close, watching him.
Cody didn’t say anything when he walked up, he just stood there silently watching Kevin’s abs slightly and slowly rise and fall as he breathed. Cody couldn’t help but admire Kevin’s smooth, rock hard abs.
After a few minutes Cody cleared his throat, as if he was patiently waiting for Kevin to finish his tanning, so they could enjoy one of their favorite afterschool activities. Swimming.
Kevin sat up and jumped off the picnic table, shirt in hand and started walking towards the river. Cody walked beside him and slipped his shirt off, displaying his hard, well-earned muscles.
As they were walking, Cody kicked Kevin’s left foot behind his right foot, causing Kevin to stumble and almost fall. Kevin yelled “hey, watch it” as he regained his balance. Kevin knew Cody liked to pick a fight, mostly just for fun. Cody got into more fights in one school year than most guys did in the whole time they spent in high school. Kevin knew a fight was coming, and he welcomed it.
After regaining his balance and got back on his feet, Kevin rushed Cody and slammed into him. Cody lost his balance and fell on his ass. Kevin stood over Cody, with his hands on his hips waiting.
“So you want to play rough, huh?” Cody extended his left hand in the air, waiting for Kevin to give him a hand up. After a moment Kevin lowered his right hand and grabbed Cody’s left hand.
Cody shifted his feet and placed them under him. As his stood up he drew back his right hand, made a fist and uppercutted Kevin’s hard, but unprepared abs.
Kevin drew in a deep gasp and arched his back out as the impact was sharp and painful. Kevin was still holding Cody’s hand. Cody didn’t let it go. He dropped his shirt, raised Kevin’s right hand and arm up high above his shoulder and sent another punch into his stomach.
At this point Kevin was trying to pull his arm free from Cody’s grip. The second punch hurt more, his abs were flexed but weren’t ready for the blow.
Cody released his grip as Kevin doubled over, both arms wrapped around his midsection. Cody stood back and laughed. He knew Kevin didn’t have the wind right not to attack him back. Or so he thought.
Kevin rushed Cody and threw several short jabs that caught Cody under the chin. Cody rocked back on his heels, not counting on Kevin’s speed. Cody almost lost his balance as he back peddled away from Kevin.
Kevin seized the opportunity and stepped in, connecting several right and left hooks to Cody’s abs and lower rib cage. Cody’s arms were flailing as he attempted to keep from falling. Kevin connected two more solid hits to Cody’s abs before Cody stopped and regained his balance.
Both boys were breathing hard, the hits affecting them both. Kevin knew Cody wouldn’t stop the fight until he couldn’t fight anymore. Cody’s body had been conditioned to take the abuse and keep going. Kevin knew he was in great shape, the muscles he was displaying proved that. But Kevin also knew Cody was bigger than him, his muscles could take more punishment.
Cody stepped towards Kevin, both fists in front of him. Kevin walked sideways to avoid squaring off with him. Cody let loose a quick left jab and caught Kevin right on the nose. Kevin’s eyes closed from the pain, and Cody moved in closer.
Cody hit Kevin twice in the upper abs, Kevin kept his abs tight and the punches didn’t have much effect on him. He rubbed his abs and smiled at Cody, mocking him. This didn’t sit well with Cody.
Cody rushed in, swinging wildly, first a left hook at Kevin’s head, then a right. Kevin ducked both times and felt the air being moved around his head. Kevin took the split second after Cody’s wild swing and gave Cody an uppercut to the left side of his body, then the right.
Cody couldn’t get his arms in front of him to block. Kevin punched wildly at Cody until Cody pushed him away. Kevin ran right up to him and punched him, hard on the left side of his face. Cody spun around away from Kevin and fell to the ground.
Kevin stood there, breathing heavy. His abs, covered in sweat, heaved as he sucked in as much air as he could. Cody’s abs were solid, punching them hard made Kevin’s arms weak.
Cody laid on his back, his arms at his sides. He was also breathing heavy. His abs were the color of Kevin’s fists, red.
Cody rolled over onto his hands, his head pointing towards Kevin. Kevin braced himself; he knew this was only the beginning.
As Cody raised himself up he flung a handful of dirt at Kevin’s face. The dirt stuck to his face and eyes from all the sweat. He couldn’t see Cody as Cody reached over and grabbed the front of his pants.
Cody reached back, and punched Kevin straight in his stomach. Kevin was flexed; waiting for the punch he knew was coming. But the force was too much for him to stand upright. Kevin’s knees buckled, and quickly he was brought down to the ground, where Cody was waiting for him.
Both boys facing each other, Cody grabbed Kevin by the shoulder and delivered another hard punch to his abs. Kevin was still reeling from the first hit, now he doubled over placing one hand down on the ground. The other clutched around his waist and stomach.
Cody moved around to Kevin’s open, unprotected side. With one hand on Kevin’s back, Cody began punching up into Kevin’s stomach. Each blow arching Kevin’s back upward. Two, three, four more times Cody struck. He found a sweet spot, right below Kevin’s ribcage, where his muscled stomach could not keep up with the punches.
Soon Kevin rolled over onto his side, his knees pulled up and both hands covering his stomach. Cody slowly got to his feet, feeling tired now.
He watched as Kevin tried to speak through the pain showing in his face. Then Kevin began to push himself off the ground, and now he was standing in front of Cody. His chest and back covered in dirt from the sweat covering his body.
Kevin knew he wasn’t going to win this fight, and couldn’t remember why they were fighting in the first place. But he also knew He couldn’t let Cody win, not without giving him a taste of his own medicine.
Kevin’s left hand came up, throwing a handful of dirt into Cody’s eyes. Cody blinked several times and brought his hands to his face to clear them. Kevin moved in for the payback.
A quick left-right combo to Cody’s abs. They were flexed, but not enough to repel the punches Kevin threw at him. Cody stumbled a step back, Kevin moved in and grabbed Cody’s shoulder with his left hand. Kevin used his right to deliver several uppercuts into Cody’s stomach.
Cody tried to move away from Kevin, but Kevin kept punching. Soon Cody’s abs were starting to get soft. Cody couldn’t keep them flexed. Kevin punched harder, lifting Cody off the ground. Cody’s head rocked back and forth with each hit.
Cody grunted as he tried to suck in air before Kevin punched it out of him again. Kevin repeated struck Cody in the stomach and ribs. His arms were getting tired. He knew he couldn’t keep it up much longer.
He released Cody, who stood there doubled over, starting to throw up. Kevin walked up and picked up Cody by his head.
Cody looked at him through red, wet eyes. Kevin balled up his fist one last time and punched him in the face. Cody fell backwards and landed on his back. His arms sprawled out at his sides, taking deep breaths. Cody’s body covered in red marks and bruises on his ribs were starting to form.
Kevin picked up his shirt and began to walk home. He held his stomach and tried to keep the pain from overwhelming him as he walked; he knew this wasn’t the last fight he would have with Cody. He knew he had to watch his back; Cody would have his revenge…