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A lower leg battle
by 'fhall gk'

So basically it was a nice hot sunny day in Baltimore Maryland. The sky will clear, the tempature was 78 degrees and not a soul was in sight at the Baltimore Quillands Park. Well that was the way Alfred and Jamie wanted it to be. Both were 6'2, athletic builds and were both trained in muay thai (where they meet at for the first time), and both found out that after a few sparring sessions, that they both were into gutpunching, but enjoy using their knees much more than their fists. So they decided one day that they would go to a quiet park, find good spot, and knee each other for hours until exhaustion. Alfred was black, and Jamie was white. But both were good guys that were looking for that special person. However, both did not know that they were sexually aroused by this......
So they both wet to the park together, and took a hike along a wooded path. Alfred, who walked the path all the time as a teenager, took Jamie to an off-beaten path. They went to an abondoned house, that had a door, and was clearly in decent shape. They went inside and realized that there a bed and a lot of open space. Jamie was worried about being caught, but Alfred assured him that very few people know of this house, and even bother to come to this path.
Both were wearing bookbags, which had spare clothes in them. They were also wearing athletic shorts (basketball shorts that come down past the knee) and a-shirts (it was hot). They set their stuff on the bed.
Alfred then asked, "How should we do this?" Jamie said, "Let's clinch up and knee each other. Get right to it!" Alfred said with a smile "sure thing!"
They clinched and Alfred landed a knee into Jamie's stomach. Jamie grunted, and returned the favor, making his knee hit Alfred's stomach. They did this for the next 20 minutes, grunting and growling with each knee landing in the stomach. Then Jamie, broke the clinch and lightly kneed Alfred in the groin. Alfred groaned, but quickly returned the favor, hitting Jamie's groin with his knee. After doing this back and forth a few times, both looked at each other, not mad, but with smiles, while sporting tents.
They went back into the clinch and started trading knees in the groin and in the gut respectively, groaning, growling and grunting with each knee making contact. Alfred said during this "Jamie, I think you like this a lot more that what you let on". Jamie replied "So do you." Alfred smiled, but then broke the clinch and bearhugged Jamie, who quickly returned the hug. Both squeezed, but their hard ons were touching and were enjoying every minute of it. Then Alfred shoved a knee right into Jamie's groin, making Jamie groan loudly. But Jamie returned the favor, shoving his knee into Alfred's bulge, making him groan loudly as well. They would continue doing so for 15 minutes, doing so lightly, to make it last.
Jamie began to press up on Alfred, making his raging hard on rub up against Alfred's bulge. Jamie smiled at Alfred, and Alfred took the cue as if it was an invitation. He pressed right back into Jamie. They did so, moaning and breathing very heavily. Then Alfred lifted Jamie up and took him to the bed, making the bed groan to support their weight. With Alfred on top, he continued to press into Jamie, making Jamie moan with great pleasure. Jamie lightly kneed Alfred in the groin and left it there for while, making Alfred smile with great lust. When Jamie took his knee from Alfred's bulge, Alfred quickly, but softly returned the favor, making Jamie smile and sigh. They went back and forth, kneeing each other in the bulge, until it was cut short by Jamie's orgasm. Jamie's shorts had a wet spot and Alfred put his hand there to feel it. He then laid his body on top of Jamie, making it chest to chest, gut to gut, face to face, dick to dick. Alfred pressed into Jamie at a slow, but steady pace, making Jamie leak more cum out and arousing him more. The pressured increased, and soon Alfred released as well, making his shorts have a wet spot, too. They then humped it out, getting out every drop of cum they could.
After this, Alfred got off of Jamie, and they were both spent. Laying side by side, they spent a few minutes there, and laid there quickly. Then Alfred said to Jamie, "Thank you." Jamie replied "Let's do this again! That is one hell of a way to have some fun with muay thai knee strikes!" They went upstairs, used the bathroom (which still had running water, for some odd reason... wink), cleaned each other off, and changed clothes. They then walked out, with Alfred kneeing Jamie lightly in the gut, and Jamie returning the favor, and making plans to do this again real soon