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Who’s the Toughest?

© 2014 The Hitman

Pictures owned by Admiral Luke

Chapter Three

Who’s the Toughest? - © 2014 The Hitman – Pictures owned by Admiral Luke

Chapter Three

The three boys were on the way to the hotel when they reached the cabanas that serviced the hotel. Matt started to break away from the other two.

“Hold on a minute, guys, I need to use the restroom,” he chimed out. Not waiting for any response, he disappeared behind one of the doors marked men.
As soon as Matt disappeared, Mark swung Peter up against the wall, hands around his throat in a threatening manner.

Hey, dude, chill out,” Peter managed to choke out even with the pressure on his neck.

Mark didn’t say anything. Instead, while maintaining one hand on Peter’s throat, he delivered a hard right upper cut to Peter’s already pulverized midsection.

“Man, I’ve had enough,” Peter said, his voice almost begging.

Mark ignored Peter’s pleading and instead delivered another right uppercut.

And another with enough force to bring Peter off his feet.

Mark followed up those punches with a hard right upper cut that rocked Peter to his core. Peter knew if he didn’t do something soon, he was going to get the living daylights beaten out of him.

Mark changed arms, now delivering left uppercuts.

Two hard ones right in a row.

Peter grabbed the hand in his stomach with his opposite side hand and flung Mark around so that he was now against the wall. He immediately hit Mark with a haymaker as hard as he could.

Adding a hard left uppercut, he was pleased to hear Mark go “oomph”.

He followed that with a right uppercut, the punch digging in deep.

Peter followed that with a second right upper cut to the same spot. Mark groaned loudly as the punch lifted him to the balls of his feet.

Peter then delivered a double fisted hammer fist straight into Mark’s liver, located on Mark’s right side. The blow made Mark scream as incredible pain filled his abdomen.

Peter grabbed Mark by the throat, cutting off his scream. He raised his left hand, making sure Mark saw it coming.

Peter brought his left hook to full bear on Mark’s knockout line with such force that it twisted Mark’s head sideways, slamming his temple against the wall. Mark went down like a lump of coal.

Matt couldn’t help but hear the scuffle and then Mark’s scream. He came charging out of the restroom, only to be caught by Peter and slammed against the wall.

“Your turn,” Peter said.

Peter drove a hard left uppercut into Matt’s midsection. Matt hadn’t stood very well against him in their earlier episode, so Peter wasn’t too concerned about beating him up.

Peter caught Matt with a hard right hook that shook him totally.

But that’s when Matt copied an exact move Peter had used earlier. He delivered a side knee just up under Peter’s floating rib, taking his breath away.

While Peter was disoriented, Matt flung him around, immediately delivering his own left uppercut to Peter’s gut.

He followed it swiftly with a hard right uppercut.

Then another left uppercut. Matt knew each blow was digging in deep from the sounds Peter was making.

Then Matt spun around and delivered a spinning hammerfist straight to Peter’s jaw.

Matt caught Peter with another left uppercut.

And another.

Matt then grabbed Peter by the throat and began choking him.

“Wait, let me help you,” Mark called out, finally coming to and dragging himself over to the space where Matt held Peter against the wall.

Matt kept one hand on Peter’s shoulder while Mark hit him with a right cross that bloodied Peter’s lip.

Now Mark held Peter by the shoulder while Matt punched him hard in the gut. Peter let out a huge “OOMPH”. His abs were ruined and his musculature could do nothing to stop the blows from digging in.

Mark followed suit with a right uppercut.

Matt with a left uppercut. Peter was having trouble breathing as the boys were hitting him over and over right in succession.

Mark brought in the last punch, a right uppercut, and Peter passed out from lack of oxygen. The only thing that kept him from falling flat on his face, was Matt holding him by the shoulder.

“Well, I wish him luck in the rest of the race tomorrow, don’t you,” Mark said to Matt? The two picked up their comrade and carried him on over to the hotel, putting him on the bed until he would wake on his own, no doubt the worst for wear.

“I’m still not sure we know who was the toughest,” Matt said. Mark looked at Matt, and then shoved him against the wall, delivering a hard upper cut to Matt’s gut.

The End