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Who’s the Toughest?

© 2014 The Hitman

Pictures owned by Admiral Luke

Chapter Two


A couple of hours had passed since Mark, Matt and Peter had begun their toughness contest but had been interrupted by a passerby. As they were walking back to the hotel, they passed the same stretch of sand. Peter stopped as the other two boys continued on their way.

“Hey, why don’t we finish up what we started? Come on, Matt, it’s our turn to have a go at it. Matt and Mark stopped, looked at each other, then Matt stepped up to face off with Peter.

“But I think I’ll go first this time,” Matt added.

“That’s fine,” Peter replied nonchalantly, sure that his solid abs could take another beating.

Mark surprised Peter with a hard right upper cut to the jaw that clacked his teeth together and rocked his world, leaving his arms slack at his side.

Mark followed it with an equally hard left upper cut that partially lifted Peter off his feet and a louder and wetter “oomph” escaped his lips.

Mark was relentless, throwing another right uppercut straight away, not giving Peter time to regain his breath.

Matt’s next punch, another right upper cut, and Peter felt his abs start to give. He grabbed onto Matt’s arm to support himself as he sucked wind.

“Oh, that was a good one,” Peter groaned out.

The next blow, another well placed and hard right upper cut, lifted Peter to the balls of his feet and a loud “oomph” escaped his lips.

“I’m done. I’m done,” he grunted. “Obviously the earlier session with Mark affected me more than I realized.”
“Sounds like you’re making excuses to me,” Mark chided Peter. “We’ll see if your punches are stronger than your abs now.”

“Oh, they are,” Peter replied as he paid Mark the favor of returning a right hook to his jaw.

Peter followed that with a quick left uppercut only to be disappointed to see that it didn’t even seem to affect Mark, who was grinning back at him.

“Give it your best shot,” Peter added glibly.

Peter was happy to oblige with a powerful right uppercut, happy to see that this blow had an effect on Mark, bending him over some.

That was followed by an effective left uppercut with enough power that it almost brought Mark to his knees. It bent him over with a very loud “oomph” for sure.

“Grab him, Matt, like you did me,” Peter ordered the other boy. Matt was happy to help and grabbed Mark by the arms, the same way he had Peter. Peter grabbed Mark by the head, starring him in the eyes.

“Now the real pain begins, friend,” Peter whispered as he held Mark close.

A left uppercut made Mark moan audibly.

A right uppercut elicited an “oomph” sound.

Another left upper cut so strong it nearly lifted Mark completely off his feet. Mark was taking a real beating and he knew he had to do something quick or he was a goner.

Even though Matt was holding him from behind, Mark managed to bring up a side knee strike that caught Peter right below the floating rib and took his air away completely.

As Peter struggled to get his breath back, Mark ordered Matt to release him and grab Mark again. Matt looked at Mark but could see he was serious, so he moved behind Peter and locked his arms up again.

Mark went right back to work on Peter, starting with another right hook to the knock out line. Peter went a bit limp in the knees at the blow but he didn’t go down as Matt was supporting his weight.

Mark continued punishing Peter with right uppercuts, each blow digging in deeper than the last.

Right upper cut.

Knee straight to Peter’s already failing abs.

Mark nearly knocked Peter unconscious with his next punch, this time a left handed hook.

Another right uppercut and Peter was only on his feet because Matt supported him. Each punch was bringing moans and groans from Peter.

Mark was relentless with his blows and the power behind them. He was intent on taking Peter down.

Peter knew he was close to being a goner when he saw an opportunity and through a knee straight into Mark’s groin. The other boy felt gorge come up in his throat. He glared at Peter, then seemed to make up his mind.

“Choke him,” Mark ordered Matt. The other boy didn’t even question Mark this time but immediately switched his hold to a rear naked choke, applying pressure to Peter’s carotids. Mark continued punishing Peter with another right hook.

Now while Peter struggled against the choke hold from behind, Mark continued lambasting his gut with powerful punches, not pulling any of them. His blows were sinking further and further into Peter’s gut.

Another right upper cut.

Another right upper cut and Mark could almost feel Peter’s backbone with his fingers. The other boy was almost defeated.

Mark drew back, preparing to deliver his hardest hook yet when a voice from the nearby street drew his attention. It was the same lady as earlier, only this time she had her camera at the ready.

“If you hit him again, I will take this picture and report it to the police.” Mark glared at her but it was obvious she wasn’t going to back down.

Mark lowered his fist and Matt let go of his choke hold.

“It was all in good fun,” Mark shouted toward the interloper, wrapping his arm around Peter’s shoulders at the same time. Matt followed suit and the three boys headed back toward their hotel, practically dragging Peter along.

End of Chapter Two