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Gymnast Beaten

by jacko


Thomas was the last one into the sportshall this evening, all his friends are gone and even his teacher who have order him to bring all on the right place, when he is finish and let him know where the second key is, that he could close the sportshall when he go home.

The young gymnast boy was real proud about this privilege to get allow to spend some more times than the others here, but he have to admit that to train alone was not big fun.

At the last view weeks he often think about one gymnastic girl he have meet here into this hall and he could not forget her, but before he allow his brain to remember her, he clean up the gym stuff he and the others have need to there place where he must open a big door and behind was enough space for lot of equipment and there was still the best place of all, a big gymnastic matt, and when he was covert with sweat and his muscles pumped from his training, he lay there and think about this gymnastic girl and play with himself and very fast he was rock hard inside his tight gymnastic shorts.

Than he close his eyes and put his hand behind his head and think about the girl how it would be if she could here with him and give him a good blow job ....he was so into his erotic fantasy that he not notice that he was not alone into the room with all the equipment for school sports …

There was Tyler, Wilbert and Chuck three bad guys from a other school and they like to beat up muscle boys, even if they where not real muscular, but they where three against one and they where always unfair and very rough.

They have observed Thomas for a very long time, and have enjoyd that young boy's muscular body every time, but to get a muscle boy tied up was always a big problem for the three guys because they want to beat up bigger guys, and this was not working if they try to fight one of the muscle guys down.

So this evening with Thomas they have real luck because the muscle boys hard dick was stand up straight from the tight gymnast short and the full body was exposed ….slowly they come near the muscle boy who have still close his eyes, near and near till Wilbert was stand on Thomas head, Chuck and Tyler left and right from his upper body, slowly the three bad boys goes down to the knees and Tylers hand was still above the gymnastic boys hard on and suddenly grab his package some seconds later very hard into his hand!!!

Thomas was shocked and let out a loud scream “AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH” but he was unable to move because his hands was hold above his head by the other guys.

“Don’t move or I will kill your dick” Tyler orders to Thomas and than he gives order to Chuck to find some ropes.

With the hand on his hard on, Thomas was forced to stand up and forced to walk inside the hall under his favourite device, the rings, and with the ropes every hand of him was tied up there, and he knows that he was into big trouble this evening; but the next thing happened to him, that the guy that have hold his hard on so painful start to rub him trough his tight gym shorts and the other two boys was starring at him and then Tyler move the shorts away from his stomach so that there was enough place to take a look inside Thomas gymnastic shorts.

“Fuck you all, what do you want from me ha ? I promise you, I will kick you asses all!”
“For now you kick no one ass here boy, and it is better for you, to make us not angry when we play with you” and with this words Chucks hand was into Thomas shorts and round the boy's manhood and start to rub him a bit, than follow by the hand from Wilbert and at last from Tyler and the others help Tyler because the move the hands over the gymnast boys muscular chest, and arms and abs and they enjoy the soft moans from Thomas and than his “AAHH” as he was cum and shout his load outside his shorts.

“Fuck you fucker, I will kill you for that!” Thomas scream to Tyler but he get a laugh as answer and than he let out a scream “AAARRGHHHH” as the bad Tyler ram his knee into the muscle boys balls.

It hurt the gymnast boy like hell and he get tears into his eyes, his breath was going fast and his body start to sweat and his hard on was gone after this brutal attack from Tyler.

Than Tyler and Chuck walking away and come back with some gymnastic mats and they take a place a bit away from Thomas left and right and both of them sit on the floor on the mats and they could see that the bound boy do not understand what was going on next so Chuck starts to teach him :

“We allow your good friend Wilber to start with you with gut punching, he has full 20 min than the next 10 min are mine and the rest you will get from out best buddy here with name Tyler, he he okay Wilbert come on lets start, lets see if you can break him!!!”

Thomas flex his abs as hard as he could as Wilbert stand in front of him and land his first punch with a loud “Thud” on his midsection and again and again and again “Thud, Thud Thud, Womp, Thud!!!” after 5 minutes punching his midsection this area of Thomas stomach was deep red but he was still able to take the punches and make no sound!

The rest 5 minutes Wilbert work on Thomas solar plexus and chest and this time the handsome face shows a bit pain and between the “Thud, Womp, Wham, Thud” sounds you could hear him moan very soft.

The 15yo gymnastic boy was glad that Wilbert was not a tough puncher but the next guy was Chuck and as they come over him and have tied him up he could still feel Chucks strong hands on his righ flexed bicep but now this guy stand in front of him and smash his first punch very powerful below the muscle boys navel and the boy let out a loud “UUUFF” and this punch have hurt him also and so Chuck spend full 5 minutes punching the boy lower abs again and again, Thud Thhuudd,Wamp Wamp, Thud Thud and all the time again and Thomas moans more and more and his body was twitch with every punch he has to take and of course every fist was sink in deeper and deeper, and the muscle boy could feel how he lose his power and slowly but sure he could feel that he was going to be unable to flex because Chuck was punching his hard abs away.

Than he have to take lot of upper cuts to his upper abs, Thud Thud thud wamp wamp and again and again and even the hardest part of his abs could not stop to let the fists sink in a bit there and than he let out a “OOOOUUUUFFFF” as a power full fist come trough his abs there, OOUUFFF, AHHH UHHH UGH AHH are the sounds from Thomas. The air was out of him and his abs are deep red and pulverized as Tyler stand in front of him and he take at first, a painful claw hold on his lower abs and the muscle boy scream in pain and he scream lot of louder as he have to take two punches directly to his balls and now the young muscle boy was complete weaken and soft.
Years of training his sport, have make his body firm and strong but not enough for this brutal beating.

Tyler start to pound Thomas very painful under his rips left and right left and right and the boy twitch with every punch and moan very loud AAAHH AARRRGHH and between you could hear him beg “Please stop, PLEASE STOP !!!!!”

But Tyler do not stop and send fist after fist into the pulverized abs again and again and they sink in so deep and far that from the sides view you could mean they came out at Thomas back, than a powerful punch to directly to the muscle boys solar plexus ends the beating because the boy was out.

The three guys untied Thomas a carry him to the showers and there they remove his black gymnastic shorts and enjoy for some moments the naked beaten muscular body from Thomas, than they turn very cold water on and wait till Thomas awake from them and than they run away.

Thomas was still ashamed as he stand up and feel his abs hurt like hell with every breath, and after taking the shower he was glad as he arrive home and meet no one he knows. As he lay there on his bed he could still feel his hurting muscles, but he know after some days the pains are away but he could not stop thinking about the beating to him, and so he know that he have to train his muscles to his sport together to be prepare his body for everything what will happened to him and with this thinking about he start to sleep.