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Gutpunching Simeon

by jarred

So I’ve been in the wrestling game for a while now and while I love the sport and the contact, I haven’t been happy with my shoddy win/loss record. I’ve gotten my ass kicked more often than I’d ever care to admit and it seems guys set up matches with me lately just to try and up the last ass kicking I got. Well finally I was sick of it, after an especially humiliating beating that ended with my trunks in a wedgie and tied around my hands I came back into the locker room in a dark mood and seething in the mirror.

As I got dressed in comes Simeon Panda. Big shot bodybuilder and model that hadn’t been at my gym very long. He was built like a brickhouse and his abs could cause a concussion. As usual he had worked out in nothing but a pair of long compression boxers to show off to everyone in the gym as he did his million crunches. Simeon hadn’t especially done anything to me, but I was in the mood for a scapegoat, and I couldn’t ask for better timing. Simeon came in shaking his head. “Saw that ass kicking you took in the ring, maybe if you built on those dime store abdominals you could win sometimes.

He strummed his washboard with his knuckles before turning around to face his locker. That was all the inspiration I needed. I had planned to take down the guy that had humiliated me in the ring room with some chloroform I had stolen from the infirmary but taking down this cocky piece of shit would be even better. “I’d like to see how tough you are when I cave those abs in.” I spat back, holding the rag in my hand slightly behind my back.

Simeon made the fatal mistake and turned around to face me again. “Oh you really think you could?” I jumped before he could react the cloth was over his mouth and I slammed his head back against his locker door. I won’t lie I felt a twinge down south as Simeon’s eyes crossed then rolled back as he crumpled to the floor. I took the rag away; he wasn’t out cold but groggy enough to manage easily. Damn was he heavy though.
After laying his ass out along the bench I opened his locker and was happy to find several jockstraps hanging up. “Wow I guess you do wear something other than Under Armour eh muscles?” I took out 3 of his jocks, hooking his arms under him in the leg straps of 1 of them, tying the waistband around the middle leg of the bench. I did the same with his feet, tying them together with one under the bench, and lashing them to the end leg of the bench with the 3rd.
Finally satisfied that he was secure and tied fast I stood up and just looked at my handiwork. My trunks got a little tighter watching him groan and struggle to come around. I finally slapped Simeon hard across the face to fully wake him up. He came to blinking up at me until he realized he couldn’t get up from the bench. “What the hell is this? You a fucking perv or something?” Simeon struggled some more uselessly. I smacked the bulge in his skintight shorts. His scream was sweet but a little louder than I liked. I took a smaller jockstrap out of his locker, “You really proud of those abs aren’t you?” I SLAMMED my fist into his navel, not getting very far against the rock wall of muscle, but enough to get his mouth open in brief shock. I quickly stuffed his jock in his mouth, “You shouldn’t talk so much shit to people. Especially a complete stranger,” I got in close to his face and whispered “they could be crazy.”
I slid my fist along Simeon’s ab wall, loving the feel of him shivering under my knuckles as I got closer to his waist. I stopped just above the waistband of his compression shorts, stuck out my middle knuckle, and started corkscrewing it against him. Digging at his lower abs like tenderizing a frozen steak suddenly I pulled back and SHOT a fist jabbing my knuckle into the tender lower abs. His whole body jerked and the muffled moan around his jock gag was music to my ears.
I started rocketing punches into his lower abs laughing as he jerked and squirmed after every hit. “Think I’ll start here and just work my way up how’s that sound?” I stopped punching, taking time to run my hand over Simeon’s cobblestone midsection. “Let’s see how weak yours are when I’m done huh?” He threw his head back and forth arching off the bench as high as he could. I took the opening and gripped his abs clawing into them, squeezing the muscle as he choked on his own jock, finally sinking back to the bench.
I gripped the wrist clawing his abs with my free hand and poured on the pressure fascinated as the more I broke his bricks down the wider his eyes got. I shifted my grip alternating the focus to completely shred every bit of muscle, brushing my arm against his bulge in the process. “Oh did I feel a twitch in there? Somebody like getting their gut busted?” Simeon grunted and shouted something at me, I shot a quick jab to his stomach. “Don’t talk with your mouth full” I grinned as I dug the claw back in with both hands this time. I pulled up lifting him by the ab claw making his screams get higher in pitch before slamming him back down, lifting up again and slamming him back down.
Simeon’s gut was expanding with his labored breathing as I kept breaking him down. I started to throw punches left right left right left right into his gut, timing it for every time he took in a breath I would PUNCH down as hard as I could knocking the wind out of him. When he was finally barely able to take a full breath , his stomach fluttering as he struggled I stood over him straddling the bench and hunched down throwing a short uppercut into his lower abs like I was trying to send his stomach up into his chest, Simeon gagged loudly around his jock finally managing to spit it out. “Please, please stop fuck just stop!”
I stood up straight, noticing the bulge in his shorts had gotten considerably bigger. I gave a quick backhand slap to his twitching abs raising an eyebrow as his dick throbbed in his tented shorts. “Looks like your body disagrees Panda Bear” I smacked his balls sending another throb through his cock and getting a beautiful sob out of my new muscle bitch. “Huh? You like getting your ass kicked?” I shot a quick jab to his abs, now barely better than mush, like punching firm jello. “Looks like you like it,.” I slapped his balls again, getting another throb and gasp of pain. I started alternating, slapping his abs with my right hand and bulge with my left until he was outright crying . His thighs quivering every time I raised my hand, and his huge dick was at full mast practically vibrating. I was fascinated, teasing the peak of his tent with my finger as I pounded away on his gut my fist sinking lower with every punch , his body pulling against his jockstrap restraints helpless to curl up and protect himself. “This is too cool man, don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back.” I gave his crushed midriff a firm slap as I waslked back to my gym bag. I pulled out the camera I used to tape my matches and set up my tripod angled at the foot of the bench so Simeon’s full body was in clear view, with his straining bulge, now crowned with a wet spot, front and center. I walked up to him groping my own crotch as I fondled his. “Please no, stop this please UUGHH!” I shot another punch into his abs and slapped his face. “Thought I told you to shut up.”
Just to add some more humiliation I walked up to his head, lifting it so he could look directly at the camera. “Go ahead and smile for the fans Simeon!” I laughed as I hooked my fingers in his mouth fish hooking his cheeks “Say Hi.” Before letting his head drop back down. Then I straddled his head and sat down smothering his face in my ass waving at the camera as I got comfortable, flexing on his face when he started his muffled begging. “Hi everybody, this is Cam everybody’s favorite indy wrestler and I’m here with Simeon Panda who you just met, making an impromptu gut punch video for you guys.” I gave Simeon a hard punch to his abs, the wet spot on his shorts got bigger and I could hear whimpers coming from under my seat. “Just got my ass kicked in the ring and I’ll admit I was in a pretty bad mood when we started and maybe was a little rougher than I should have been but,” I shrugged and leaned forward smacking Simeon’s swollen basket, “Panda Bear doesn’t seem to mind too much.” I lifted my ass off his face, “You’re a good sport right Panda?”.
I winked at the camera as I stood up. “Please no, no let me go, please let me go” I slapped his jelly midriff hard grinning at the mess I had made of his once flawless stomach. “We can’t do that now, not when everybody just got here, that’s just rude.” I dropped to one knee and JAMMED my elbow into Simeon’s gut working it in a circle grinding him down licking my lips as he whimpered and choked in agony. I started to jackhammer my elbow into his gut BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM until I heard a strangled “FUUUCK” and Simeon’s hips arched off the bench and just as my elbow made contact his cock surged and a glob of cum seeped through the pouch of his shorts. I started laughing “Holy shit Panda Bear I didn’t think you had it in you!” I started hammering punches, each smack of contact came with another shot of cum, like a fountain and his mangled abs were the button.
Finally he crumpled on the bench, like his body literally deflated, his shorts a sticky mess and only weak whimpers as he tried to breathe past the pain in his crotch and gut. I stood up again, “Okay okay I think he’s had enough,” I looked at the camera, “You guys think he’s had enough?” I mimed turning my ear to the camera listening for a response. “Okay one more for the road.” I turned and cupped my palm and took a full bodied underhand swing SLAMMING my palm into Simeon’s drained nuts. Simeon’s head shot up, his eyes wide and he let out a small squeak. His eyes crossed, rolled back and Panda Bear was out cold. I looked at my hand, now smeared with Panda’s load, made a face at the camera and then picked up the jockstrap that had been in his mouth . I pressed my knee into his stomach, rolling it in circles making sure to break down any remaining muscle as I used the jockstrap like a rag to wipe my hands, placing the cum streaked jock over his face. “Maybe you’ll keep your suggestions to yourself next time.” I packed up my stuff just as a group of Jersey Shore rejects entered the locker room. I took the back exit grinning as I heard “Dude! What the fuck?”