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Punching Andrey Babanov, teenage BB

Every Friday, Andrey Babanov, a young 16 yo Russian Teenbodyuilder visit a normal gym where he train sometimes his muscles. Most he do this at this place where he live and train also with all the other Teenbodybuilders, together and sometimes he train with normal build people or Bodybuilders also in this normal gym and he was there every Friday.

This Friday would be special for him because for some weeks, two mans, very muscular, have ask him, if he would like to train with them on late Friday evening, because they have get a key for the gym and so they also can train alone if they want and so they have ask Andrey if he want to train with them and so Andrey have say yes and was real happy.

He trust this two guys, because he have meet them every firday and have talk to them a bit and most they have talk about muscles. And for this evening they have ask him, if he could wear some speedos and make a little private Posing show, because they tell him, that they never have seen a real Teenbodybuilder flexing his muscles, and feel them after the posing, when its allow, and all sound was good to Andrey, he like that to show what he have and let others feel how tough his muscles are, and when the touching was real intensive, sometimes he get hard and so he hope, that they are not touch him for long.

As he arrived the gym at the late evening, the two guys, Daniel 24 and Brett 26 yo still waiting for him.

"You are late" Daniel says.
"Oh sorry, I was a bit busy and than I have forget my bag with clohtes I need for the evening, hey where are yours ?"

"Do you have forget ? You have to promise to show us a private Muscle-Show, and we have think about that, the last days, and we think for your first evening together it would be best to enjoy your and all what will come after and than talk about next Firday. Do you agree with us ?" Brett ask.

"Okay, okay I have not forget what I have promise to, and I can promise you, that you will enjoy my show and what you feel under your hands" Andrey answers with a grin on his face.

The gym was huge, there are some different places, and Brett and Daniel have talk to Andrey that he want to see his show in the center of the boxing ring, because they bet that he have never was in one and have flex there and he have to admit, that he never was in a boxing ring and have make there a muscle show.

Well and so he was in the locker room, and change his clothes till he have nothing more on than as his blue speedo. As he arrived a mirror he was proud of his self, he was in a great shape, he was weight 70 kilogram and his biceps are 40, 3 cm also bigger and harder than some mans muscles, but he know that Brett and Daniel have maybe a bigger biceps than he have.

As he come near to the boxing ring he could see that Brett and Daniel where some normal T-Shirts but strange was to see on them that they have where some black and red normal gloves also no boxing gloves and as Andrey put some of the boxing ropes away from him, so that he can enter the ring, he notice first time how tough and strong the ropes are.

"Okay guys I´m here. Hey nice gloves, for what are they ? Do you have get some cold hands?" Andrey says with a big grin on his face.
"No, they are for you, after your posing show, but I will tell you not to much, bet this will your first time, but you will enjoy it" Daniel answers with a grin on his face and as Andrey look at Brett he could see the same grin.

After that Andrey start his private MuscleShow for the two guys. He make lot of double bicep poses and some most muscular poses and lot posing his abs very often because he know that they like his abs most. After 12 minutes the posing from Andrey was over and he was very proud about the good words the two guys tell him and now it was time for feeling his muscles and for that they want that Andrey make a double bicep pose and from this posing position they start the feeling.

Andrey also could feeling the hands on his two bicpes how they grab them and start to squeeze them real hard, but the muscles give not way, they are hard as a rock, than he could feel the hands over his muscluar chest and abs …. The feeling was incredible for Andrey and the two guys.
"He you hide some of your abs" Brett says and put his hands on Andreys speedos and put them a bit down, so that the last two rows of abs are visibly and before the Teenbodybuilder could say anything he could feel Daniels hands on his last two rows of abs and he was never touch there and he could feel that Daniels fingertips a slip a bit inside his shorts and arrived his pubic hair a bit and at the same time Brett was feeling Andreys muscular legs and now something in Andreys speedos slowly starts to grow ….

"Okay you are very tough, I could feel you the rest of the evening but now let us feel your unflex muscles in the same pose" Daniel says and Andrey do so and as the two guys grab his unflexed biceps they are press deep dents into it, till near the bones.

"Yeah real hot, what do you think Brett?"
"Oh yes, hot ! Andrey what do you think ? Did you ever have seen your muscles so dominated ? Did you ever have feel that ?" and before Andrey could answer he start to think to feel the four hand on every place on his unflexed body at the same time and how longer it take how more he starts to like it and how more something grow in his speedo and before he could answer, he was full and real hard and get very red in his face and was not shure what he should do.
"I´m sorry about that ähm I´m not a gay if you should think that, I don´t know how this could happened to me" Andrey says and he start to sweat.

"This is no problem to us, Andrey. Daniel and I are not gays two and we know lot of guys that are not gays, but even the normal guys get sometimes hard, when they are dominated from someone, and we like to dominate you, what do you think about that ?"

"I have to think about it" was the only answer from Andrey, and now he was walk around in the boxing ring, and wait till all inside is speedo are normal and he was glad, because this was never happened to him so much when guys and girls feeling his muscles.

"What do you want to do to me, and what have I to do?" would Andrey know.

With a big smile on his face Brett answer "We like to work over you abs and chest, also punch you there, till your muslces are soft and weak, like you was unflex for some minutes, you also have to try to harden you muscles as long as you can, that's all."

Andrey was walking in the ring to think about again, he was not shure about that, but he know that a part of him have like it, to be soft and unflex in strong hands, and so he walk to one of the four ring corner and with a small grin on his face he says:

"Okay, my full body is yours, work over me and dominate me!"

The two guys, Brett and Daniel could not belive it, but with a big grin in the faces they walk to Andrey and prefere him for gut punching him, so they put one time the left arm and than the right arm and put them between two ring ropes and tie him with that two ropes so that his arms are streched and he was unable to move and now his Muscular body was full exposed.

"Okay Andrey, the first 5 minutes Daniel give you some soft punches and than I give you 5 min some soft punches that you are get a feeling for it, is that okay to you ?"

"Shure, lets start !"

And so Daniel and Brett also starts with soft punches to Andrey abs, to the solar plexus, the center and the navel, and some left and some right, but all soft and easy to take for Andrey the boys start to enjoy it, but soon the 10 min of soft gut punching him are over and now Daniel leave the ring and take Andrey suddenly into a full nelson and strech the Teenbodybuilders Body and now Andreys abs are going a bit flat, and Brett comes close to his face and visper to him :
"The fun is over …" and before Andrey could say anything, Brett use a painfull claw hold on his abs, and now Andreys eyes going white open and he let out a loud moan and it hurt him very much, than Brett give him a hard punch direct to his center and to his solar plexus and Andrey feel the power of the punches but he was still abel to take it, and he was able to take near 12 punches into his center and solar plexus but than Brett punch him into his sides, left and right, left and right and this starts to hurt him and he moan a bit.

Than Brett use the claw hold again, harder than before and Andrey moan laud again, but than he have to take a punch to his chin and his head move back, and before he know what happens a power full punch into his center start to sink in a bit and hurt him that he say "Ooouff" and "uughh" as the next punch hurt him again, but that he was able to harden is abs again, so that he was able to take the punches.

And with the pain, something in his shorts start to grow again. As Brett hurt him in his sides again and again, he would that Brett do not punch him there or he will kick him away from him, and as he try to kick Brett away he missed him and suddenly Brett get the legs from Andrey and spread them and tie them on the ring ropes, and than with a grin on his face his next idea was to put Andrey Speedo a bit down to expose the full abs, but as he would do that, he notice that the Teenbodybuilder was hard again, and he know that this is was Daniel like so he walk to the other ring corner for some minutes …..

Andrey did not know what Brett would doing as he could feel Daniels hand moving from behind near his blue speedo, and that the hand slowly comes closer and closer to his center, and before he could say anything he could feel Daniels hand slip inside and take a grip round his hard on, and than the hand slowly move up and down up and down, and Andrey get hard as he never was get hard and he moan a bit, but this was only for 20 sec, than Brett comes back and leave the Ring, now it was Daniels time ….and Andrey was still full hard and have a large bulge in his speedo.

With a grin on his face, wam wam, whup thud and whom thud, a rapid fire land on his solar plexus and center, faster and harder and again and again and again, more and more intensive and so long that Andey was unable to flex longer and now the punches his is unflex abs and drive in for the next 6 punches deeper with every punch and Andreys face show still pain and he moan more than from Brett punches, and slowly all was normal again in his speedos and that was whot Daniel have waiting for. He stop punching an start to masure the Teenbodybuilder abs, and give him a little break, but than Andreys eyes are going white open as he notice that Daniel move his speedos down. He get fear because he start to think they would strip him naked, but that was wrong. Daniel would only make the last two rows of abs visible and than he mark with his fist the lowest part of Andreys abs, take his arm back and land a hard power full punch than Andrey let out a scream of pain, and Daniel land max 10 of this hard killer punches into that lower abs of Andrey and he scream very loud and beg for stop, but Daniel do not, because he know that he was close to break that boy and he ram his knee into the weaken boy stomach, whomp whomp whomp whomp and again and again and again, and Brett strech the boy as hard as he can.
The Teenbodybuilder was near to unable to harden his stomach and he lose control and he moan and groan, and was covert with sweat, and Daniel love to see that, and he want to see more pain in Andreys face, and so him ram his knee into the Teenbodybuilder balls one and two, and Babanov sream again and beg for mercy, but no hope because Daniel know that the abs are ready to let his fists sink in that boy stomach.

And so he punch the now vulneralbe stomach with power full hard punches and his fist sink in deeper and deeper, and Andrey sag and twitch with every punch and he was going weaker and weaker. Thud, whomp, thud thud, wouf, whomp whomp …. Daniel punch again and again, and hey enjoy to see the fist sink so deep in, and bruise the boys muscles like his knee have bruise his balls, and he like the sound from the weaken boy, and now as his fist sink in so deep he notice that this was to much for Andrey and that he was close to be ko, and so he stop the punching, and Brett let him free.

The lay him on the boxing ring and Andrey looks real beaten, his abs are so deep red. Daniel massage his abs a bit and Brett try to give him something to drink. Andrey needs 30 min till he could stand up, after 30 min punching him. Brett and Daniel tell him that he was so tough and strong for a Teenager and that he was able to live 30 min under the hands from them. They did not say that they are strong enough to beat him at the first 10 min, because they know that they are to strong for him.

Andrey tell them that it was real hard, but that it was good to him, and that he have like it most. Well and so they bring him back to the locker room. The Teenbodybuilder needs a shower and so they was abel to see him walking naked in the shower as they are going out of the gym.

The boy still enjoy the shower, and think back to the punching, and he know that he would like get the feeling back again. Suddenly he notice some noice in the locker rom. He makes the shower out and look over his should if he could see some one, but there was nothing.
As he start to turn on the shower, the noice come back. So he finish the shower and walk naked back to the locker room but a towel round his wrist as suddenly the light goes out and the noice comes back.

Andrey lean on the locker room wall and try to walk near the wall forward as he could feel a hand on his shoulder and a other one on his towel, he was scared and could not move.


Brett, Daniel and Andrey have not notice that two other guys was in the gym too, and they have seen what was happened to Andrey, it was Chris 17 yo and his younger friend Zac 15 yo and they want to do the same do the Teenbodybuilder too and they know that after that 30 min hard punching that they are able to beat that strong teenboy.

So with the hand on Andrey towel, chris force him to go into a small room. There he should rise his arms into the air, and as he do it, in the dark, he could feel someone tie his hands, and and than his legs. As Chirs try to put the towel down it open a bit, and with a grin on his face hey tell to Andrey :
"Better you stand still, or you will lose your towel" and after this words Zac land a powerull fist into the vulernable abs, and even from the first punch Andrey moan, whom whom, thud thud, and even from that not much punches soon the abs give way again and Zacs fist sink in, but Chris tell him to hurry because the have not much time yet till someone will come to train in the gym normal and so Zac land a fist into Andreys balls and the boy let out a scream again, and than he sag and twitch with every punch Chirs landet into that battered abs, and his fist sink in deeper and deeper, and Andrey try to doulbe over but could not. After some minutes of punching, Chris let Andrey free but tell Zac to put Andrey into a full nelson because he would give him the last and make him down on the floor. For now Andrey was able to stand on his legs as Zac put him into a full nelson but than Chirs punch him close over the towel again and again, and suddenly the towel moves down more and more and he was going to lose it, in front of this two boys, and Chris give him 6 hard punches into Andreys groin, he want to hit him once again there as the hear a sound. Zac let Andrey out of the full nelson and before he fall hard on the floor he was losing his towel but the the boys did not see that because the run out of the gym and look not back.After some minutes, Andrey take his towel slowly aournd his wrist, he go back to the locker room and he was glad that no one see him on this day again. As he was at home he fall on his bed and hold his abs, and balls, because they both hurt.
The last attack was brutal to him and so unfair, but he have enjoy that unfair beating too, and so he know that he would like to let some boys like Chris and Zac work on him at the same time when he is still full flex and not weaken from a hard beating before.
Two weeks, Andrey could not train his abs, and he was glad that no one would see, touch or punch his muscles.