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Orgasmic Stomach Punches

by Ramon


It was night time on a summer Friday and I was watching the tv when I got a phone-call from my cousin JR, he told me that if I was not doing any thing, to please go over his house and shoot some pool since he was alone and bored. I got off the couch and went to my room to change, put on a new pair of low rise white Calvins, a pair of low rise jeans, a striped white and green t-shirt and my sandals.

When I got there he told me that my aunt and uncle were away for the weekend with his sisters so he had the house to himself, he was wearing a pair of low rise jeans, a pink t-shirt and black snickers. Him and I were very close and always hang around together many weekends, we are both 18 and similar body structure. His body is not very muscular but he has the most definition I have seen on a guy, if you were to described the male anatomy without an X-ray he would be the perfect candidate, every oblique muscle is there, including the "V" shape at the bottom of his stomach, strong legs, perfect ass with dimples, the perfect torso and the best toned natural skin, he's naturally tanned, We are both similar but I have more muscle than him, my pecs are bigger and I have flat stomach but not as much definition as him. I am not naturally tanned so I do have a Speedo tan line under.

He had arranged for us to play some pool and then a match of wrestling, the winner would have to win both matches in order to receive the special gift which I had asked what it consisted off, he said that the winner will be surprised by the looser with some thing extremely pleasurable at the choice of the looser. I did not understand what exactly he meant by that but I played it along.

We were in his basement where my uncle had built a bar with stools, low light and a pool table, it was perfect. JR proceeded to get the sticks, chalk and the balls, I got the triangle and placed the balls in it and ready to start, he flipped a coin and it was me chosen to start, I'm not an expert but I can hold my own, except when I was about to break the balls, I saw him standing at the other side of the table putting chalk on his stick, his t-shirt kept on lifting and I could see the bottom of his abs, and a white waistband from his underwear, it look awesome against that color of skin. I broke in and the game began, every time he would get ready for a shot I would get a glimpse of his torso or his back, and the jeans glided a bit lower so I could see a good 4" of his ass in that white underwear, I was getting very horny looking at him, but then again I knew he was checking me out aswell, he even poke my solar plexus with the pool stick and made me gasp a bit of air, but then we both laughed.

I was defeated by him in the pool match so now we had to wrestle in order to attain the prize. Him and I had been close friends more than cousins and during sleep overs we would sleep in the same bed, he would pretend to be totally asleep while I would rub my hand all around his torso, belly and chest, I loved to insert my finger in his bellybutton, so nice and firm abs, but I did noticed him getting hard so I would stop and then he would do the same to me. We would then pretend to wake up and jerk off at our supposed dreams, although he never jerk me off and neither did I jerked him off, we did watch each others torso while jerking off since we were family and thought of nothing wrong with that.

The wrestle match began and we had each other in the most weird positions, at one point I had him on an upside down headlock so his head was between my legs and his butt was right on my face, I could not help my self but to get closer, he was wearing white OldNavy briefs, his butt was an inch from my mouth, I was ready to sick my tongue there but instead I pretended to make a move and inserted my nose in his underwear, wow, I wanted to inhale all aromas in between every little rib of the cotton, but then he got me down on a shifted lock, and now I'm flat on the floor, he is on top of me bouncing his butt on my stomach making it difficult for me to breathe, I then brought him down and placed his back on top of my knee, his head and arms were held by my left arm and that left his torso stretched out and all vulnerable for a nice punch, I stared at that site and lifted his t-shirt a bit more to see better, so right in front of me I see his nice stomach, belly button and white underwear, I lifted my right arm and lay down a nice punch right under his rib cage, he fell off my knee and went into a fetal position, holding his stomach with both arms, gasping for air.

He whisper to me "that was an illegal move and you know that", so I got close to him and told him that it just happened and I could not stop, it was very tempting to not do it, so as he is getting up, he punched my nuts and immediately I went down, almost lost consciousness and could not breathe, he moved me down and placed my back on the floor and counted "one, two, three, you are done". I tried to whisper to him that he won by cheating but then again, I knew I cheated too.

Yes, I lost the match, but in a way I did want to loose so I could perform something I had dream for months, he massaged my balls, stretched my abs ad gave me water, so I regain my self to almost normal, I sat down for a bit and then he asked if I was ready to deliver the prize.

We went to his room in the second floor, is very nice with a quinn size bed, wooden walls and the floor is rugged, he went to the bathroom to release those beers we had, I opened his undie drawer and saw his collection including two speedos, one light blue and the other a red one, he came out and I asked that I never seen him with the light blue speedos, so he told me next time we go to the pool he'll wear'em.

I told him that for my surprise to him I needed rope and baby oil, so he looked at me and said nothing, but his eyes were very curious as to know what I was about to perform on him, he brought me every thing I asked and I told him we needed to exchange undies, he started to undress and so did I, when I saw him in just undies gave me a bit of a hard-on, but he did get a semi stiffy too, I had not worn Old Navy briefs before and they look awesome, he liked my Calvins too, he said they fitted like a speedo with a front fly, LOL, any ways, I got a hand towel and made it into a blindfold on him, I then asked him to lay down on the bed belly up, I shut the light off so only the moonlight would light up, he looked amazing, the white contrast of the underwear against his olive skin made me hard immediately. I grabbed the rope and cut 4 separate pieces about 4 feet long each, I tied the two hands to the back of the bed and then his two feet to the front of the bed, I could see the flat area of his underwear at the crutch, followed by the bulge produced by his nuts and shaft, at this point I could not hold my self but to go and put my tongue in his crutch, lifted his butt with my hands, touching all that cotton and sniffing his beautiful ass, I had specified to be quiet until the whole procedure would be done, so I took my time sniffing and grabbing his ass.

I then proceded to rub oil all over his torso, rubbed his nipples, went down to his belly trail and back into his belly button, I would push my finger hard into that belly button, it was delicious, I then see that his shaft is popping out of my Calvins so I caressed the head a bit, then pulled the undie enough to grab his shaft, since he is blind folded, he could only feel what I'm doing, I had my left arm in his shaft and then with my right, I close a fist and punch him in the stomach hard, he started to gasp for air and tried to curl up, but he's tied down so he's just jerking around, I then look at his dick and he is letting out pre-cum, so I punch again, not as hard and more-pre cum came out, I then started to grab his shaft again and moving my hand up and down slowly, he was regaining air, and I started to move my left hand faster, I also began to feel some pulsation in my hand so I stopped masturbating him and began to rub more oil on his torso, that belly, chest and abs made me precum on his Old-Navies too, it was too much to handle, I finally grabbed his shaft with my right arm, and squished up and down firmly, he started pulsating again, so with my left hand I delivered another hard punch, this time almost on the belly button, he moaned hard and a bunch of sperm came out that shaft, it flew so hard it slammed right on his chin and eyebrow, I then gave him another punch right on the belly button, the remainder sperm came out right onto his belly, I took off all that sperm and smeared all over his belly, gave him a massage and punch him one last time in the solar plexus, he could not breath any more, but the last of the sperm came out, it was an amazing moment to be in.

I took off the blind fold and untie him, he only curled up in the bed and grabbed his stomach with his arms, I rubbed his back with baby oil and grabbed his ass by the undies, it was irresistible not to do that, finally he regain consciousness and sat down, I gave him water and he felt better. He told me that he had never had such an orgasm as the two he had just gotten, he never thought that you could be punched in the stomach while ejaculating, he said that even though he was gasping for air, he wanted more and more punches to his stomach, this is the best sex he has ever had in his entire life.

A few minutes after, he went to his drawer and pulled out those light blue speedos, he put them on! , they were almost transparent since I could see every bit of his shaft and balls in it, that's why he never wore those at the beach, he asked me if I had ever had any one do to me what I had just done to him and I told him straight out no. He then asked that he wanted to do the same to me so I could experience the same, off course I agreed to do it, I was so horny I knew I would explode at the first touch. He did not put the blindfold on me until he was finished tieying me down, He did that so I could see his speedos while tieying me down, I could see his nice ass dimples, his balls and shaft changing positions as he ties me down, I wanted to have it in my mouth so bad, then, the last tie he did was my right arm, he got on top of my chest and his crutch was right in my nose, I stuck my tongue out to lick the soft material, it was so stretchy that it clinged on perfect, balls shaft and ass never looked so hot and the aroma I was getting out made me supper hard.

He finally blind folded my eyes and immediately delivered a punch right under my rib cage, I now felt the wanting of curling up and not been able to do so and was uncomfortable, but at the same time I felt my shaft get even harder, he started to rub oil in my underwear, grabbing my balls and giving me soft squishes, he then got more oil, and began to rub my stomach and chest, he told me he loved my chest and he always wanted to put oil on me, but never got the chance to do so, he den put his tongue in my belly button and started to play around, pushing in and sucking out, and before I know any thing, he delivered another hard punch in my belly button, I felt I was about to cumand then he started to lick all the precum from my dick, his tongue around it made me harder and harder, he delivered a third punch, right bellow the belly button, not so hard but enough to get more precum off me, he grabbed my dick and poured more baby oil, started rubbing up and down nicely and I was about to cum when a full blown punch was received by my navel, my body shivered and the best sensation through out my body was felt, I was in extassy, and I knew that blast made me cum all over my face and chin, I could not breathe, but the sensation was orgasmic, another punch in the same spot came in, and another load came out of my shaft, he kept grabbing my dick hard and rubbing it while punching me some more, he said he would stop punching my stomach once no more ooze came out, it took three to four more punches for that to occur and finally he stopped, I was out of breath and extremely tired, he took off the blind fold from my face, and there he was in front of me, and still hard, I see the shaft coming out off the speedo, he took them speedos out and placed them on my nose, I was finally regaining air and the aroma was exquisite, he put on some shorts, untied me and gave me water.

Once I regain to normal, we sat down on his bed describing the whole shit, it was unbelievable, can't wait for the next one.