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Vengeance is Sweet
by megabear


Matt was a well known bully in his high-school, he picked on lots of people, but two boys named Sam and Mark in particular.
Matt was very strong, so no one would dare stand up to him. He had quite a few friends as well.

On one day however, Sam and Mark decided enough was enough and decided to get revenge on Matt. Later in the day Sam went up to Matt personally and challenged him to a fight, Matt and his friends started laughing hysterically.
Matt thought he would make mince-meat out of him and said "Bring it on pipsqueak." , they would meet at the beach.

It was time, Sam and Mark had both arrived, after a short exchange of words , Matt let out punches, when Sam tried to retaliate he would get punched or kicked in the face.

But in the nick of time, Mark showed up, and Sam started dishing out punches and kicks to Matt's gut while Mark held him.

Matt knew he had the disadvantage, but he broke free of Mark's hold and tried to run and alert his friends, Mark ran and caught him with a tackle and picked him up and held Matt's arms behind his back. Sam was enjoying this because he was getting revenge for all those times Matt beat him up, Sam started punching his gut.

Mark looked at Sam and Mark let go of Matt, Matt thought he could make a run for it but Sam grabbed him and locked him up in a double chickenwing, now Mark was gut-punching Matt , Mark was surprised that it was easy to punch him despite the fact Matt had abs .
After Mark let out several punches Sam switched to a choke-hold, to make Matt's experience more painful and Mark went for a kick in the groin.

"You guys are going to regret this" Matt said
The two boys took no notice.

Despite Matt's abs, the punches and kicks still hurt quite a bit, and soon Sam was the only thing holding Matt up. Mark's punches rammed into his gut, and Matt started to lose consciousness.

Sam then let him go so they could both start punching Matt, this made Matt even more woozy and Matt didn't seem like he was going to hold on much longer.
After this Mark put Matt back into a double-chicken wing and Sam resumed gut-punching and kicking

Night was coming so Mark and Sam decided to finish soon and they thought they had taught him a lesson.
So Sam done a few final punches then Mark let him go onto the sandy ground, Matt was unconscious.

"Matt wasn't as strong as I thought he would be, although we did catch him off guard" Mark said
" But all thanks to you. Good Job!" Sam replied

"Do you think we've taught him a lesson?" Sam asked

"Maybe, if not then we will teach it to him again" Mark replied