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Glenn beaten on the way home, fast and easy ....

It was on a summer night, Glenn was on the way home from a beach party, he have play there strip poker and have lose near all his clothes, and as he would not strip full naked, the others say that he have must go, if he not would strip and so he leave the party only with a speedo on, because they have tell im when he go, that he would get his clothes next day back not at this night, and he have to trust to get his, beachshorts, socks and T-Shirt and shues back next day, but he still promise them.

He still enjoy the warm wind that run over his muscular body, and at the party he have often flex for the girls and they have feel his muscles and say that they are so hard, this was get some guys on the nerves and they wrestle him down in front of the girls put him into a schoolboy pin and sit and jump on his chest till he say that he give. Than Glenn was able to wrestle one of them on the beach down but they are 4 guys that coming over him and so he have no chance and he have to take some punches into his abs, but nothing they did could hurt him and the girls have like the fight, and when the girl are not looking close at it, Glenn could feel a hand on his balls and manhood that was quick close and hurt him so much so that he lose at the end, but he say nothing that this have hurt him and he do not know who have do this to him.

An now after thinking back, he walk still further, till he was on the streat. From far he could see a car was coming and drive in front of him and away. He could see that 4 black young guys sit in there, and they are looking drunk. Suddenly the car stop, and 4 muscular black guys only with their underwear leave the car, and they make some poses to Glenn and he know they have stop to fight him.
Glenn know that he will have no chance against this 4 black guys and he try to escape an run away, but he was barefoot and could not run fast and so they 4 guys get him and smash him on the street, so that Glenn was a bit dazed. The guys use the situation and two of them grab Glenn on his muscular arms and so also two strong black hands are warp around Glenns two unflex biceps, and than a other take him into a full nelson.

And than it goes very fast, first a guy ram his knee into Gleens balls and bruise them real hard, and Glenn moan very loud, than the guy punch hard into Glenns groin whum whum whum and again and again and again with much power, and Glenn twitch with every punch and after 20 !!! punches in there, Glenn was unable to flex his stomach as the next guy punch him in the center of solar plexus; all the punches are sink in deep, whomp whomp whom, and thud thud whom, the punching was so hard that Glenn get tears in his eyes, he could not take any more as the third guy put grip on his manhood and close his fist and squeeze him there for 10 seconds, and than to ram his knee into that beaten abs again and again …. Glenn was finish and he feel that he was near to going to be ko.
Than two guys holding him and the guy from behind let him out of the full nelson, stand in front of Glenn and take his arm back and land a powerfull brutal hard punch into Glenn soft abs and bruise the muscles,and Glenn double over the black guys arm and fall on the floor and hold his abs and balls.
The guys till makes jokes about glenn and he have fear that they would not stop or kick him into his abs, but they do not and drive away.The have need only 8 minutes to beat him and after 35 min Glenn was stand up and walking home in pain and beaten, he know that his training and his experience with gut punching have save him tonight to get not more pain and more and he know it was time to meet some guys to make his abs harder and tougher than before, but he still know what ever he do, this black guys would beat him brutal and hard, but next time he would be better and try to beat them.