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Gutpunching Slave

by Bill




It was a hot summer day when Ivan decided to do what most of the folks in his gated community would do; go to the pool. The pool was where everyone hung out and, at any given moment, Ivan could spot a neighbor laying out in the sun, or a child splashing in the water. The pool was like the watering hole in the jungle. Whether everyone came to cool off or just came to tan, everyone was always there. Ivan was no different.
Going away to college left him at a new place in life. All his high school friends had moved on and all his college friends lived in different parts of the country. It was the first summer he truly felt alone. That’s why he spent a lot of time at the gym. With nothing to do all day besides watch summer soaps or spend all night devoted to Netflix, Ivan decided to make good use of his time. The results were just what he had hoped for, if not more.
Ivan’s body was chiseled to perfection. His biceps were just the right size, totally proportionate to his torso. The best part about his arms was that one vein that spiraled around each hunk of muscle. His chest was mouth wateringly beefy and his abs were cut beyond belief. He was a regular heartthrob bombshell and was not at all embarrassed to take off his shirt in public. That was another reason why the community pool sounded so pleasing to him. Any chance he had to display his masterpiece of a body, he took.
Chad was the lifeguard on duty that afternoon when Ivan walked in. Like Ivan, he too was home from college, only he was staying with his cousins who happened to live in the gated community. Being CPR certified and captain of his university’s swimming and diving team, he got the job without hesitation. Chad too, had a gorgeous body, as most swimmers often do. Without a single ounce of fat on him, he was cut like a diamond, even more so than Ivan. The gym was a regular routine for Chad, not just some summer distraction. But even though he was better looking than Ivan, Chad knew how to appreciate someone who took care of themselves they way Ivan had done.
Ivan picked a lounge chair close to Chad’s lookout bench before laying his towel down and taking off his shirt. The summer sun seemed to bounce off his abs, as his sweat glistened in the heat. Chad perked up on his bench after noticing Ivan’s physique and, just for one moment, stopped watching the people in the pool, and focused slowly on the man candy that had plopped down next to him. He knew better than to be distracted, however, and after the moment was up, he returned his gaze to the pool. No one was drowning on his watch.
The hours had passed and soon the sun was setting. Ivan had tanned as much as he possibly could and decided it was time to take a quick dip before heading home. Just as he was about to jump into the water, Chad blew the whistle and announced the pool was closing and that everyone needed to exit the water. Ivan was devastated and began to pack up his things as Chad hopped off his post. As mothers and fathers gathered their children, and teenagers packed up their things, Chad walked over to Ivan.
“Hang tight and I’ll let you get that dip in, if you want?” he said to Ivan, gesturing to the pool.
“Really? That’d be great! It’s been so hot and I need to take a quick dip before I hit the showers!” Ivan said. “I’d appreciate that very much.”
“Sure thing.”
The pool cleared out pretty quickly and Chad nodded his head toward Ivan, signaling it was ok for him to take that dive. As Ivan leapt, it was like every muscle in his body tensed up and flexed while he was in the air. He crashed into the cold, crisp water and swam around for a bit, before pulling himself back to the cement which surrounded the pool. The water fell from his body and highlighted every bit of his physique, making Chad’s mouth water quite a bit.
“Thanks,” Ivan said as he grabbed his towel and bag. “Better hit the showers.”
“You’re welcome,” said Chad as Ivan headed toward the locker room.
The shower was just what Ivan needed as he washed away the sunblock, heat, and chlorine. Keeping his trunks on, Ivan cleaned everywhere else. While he was under the steady stream of water, Ivan didn’t notice Chad sneak in. It was just the two of them left in the pool locker room, everyone else had gone home and Chad had locked the gates. They were alone, and no one would bother them.
Chad slowly walked toward Ivan, who had his eyes closed and face in the water spilling from the shower head. Chad’s focus went directly to Ivan’s abs. It was one of the most perfect looking stomachs Chad had seen in a while and he knew what he had to do. He needed to test them. Grind them. Pound them until Ivan broke, until he begged him to stop. Then, Chad knew he had to beat them some more. It was sadistic in a way, but there was something so sexy about a man in pain from the abuse inflicted to his perfectly cut stomach. It was a fetish Chad had since he was a teen. Since it had happened to him many years ago. Ivan opened his eyes right as Chad walked up to him, but before he could let out another ‘thank you,’ all the air had been taken from him as Chad’s fist buried itself deep into his solar plexus.
Ivan fell to his knees, but before he could cup his stomach with his arm, Chad lifted him up and slammed him against the wall. The water from the shower was spilling on them both. Soaking wet, Chad went to town on Ivan’s abs, delivering blow after blow to his midsection. His powerful fists boomed against the muscular wall of Ivan’s abs and it was getting to the point where Ivan could barely stand. His knees were trembling and his lips were turning blue. With one final uppercut to his plexus, Chad took a step back and Ivan crashed to the floor gasping for air.
“Sorry I had to do that to you,” sad Chad as he twisted the knob to the shower, shutting the water off. His voice echoed throughout the locker room as it bounced off the tiled walls. “It’s just that… I have this thing for abs.” Chad dropped a knee into Ivan’s gut.
“UGHMPH!” Ivan’s eyes bulged from their sockets and his arms flopped to his sides. Drool poured from the sides of his open mouth.
“I need to break them.” Chad dropped a knee again.
“Beat them.” Another knee.
“Destroy them.” Another knee.
“Until the person gives me ownership of their stomach.” Another knee.
“So do you give me ownership of this beautiful stomach of yours?” Chad bent his knees and sat on Ivan’s legs, looking down at Ivan’s amazing body. He placed his hands on Ivan’s manly chest and slowly puled them down to his waist. His fingers bounced over every single ab muscle in Ivan’s stomach before they reached his groin.
“I-I-I” Ivan tried to speak, but couldn’t get a full word out.
“I’m sorry, man, but I cannot stop this torture until you give me ownership. Alas, we must continue.” Chad balled his fists above his head and slammed them down into Ivan’s lower abs. He could feel Ivan’s guts squish under the powerful blow and the noise that bellowed from Ivan’s mouth proved to him that he really hit hard.
“PLEASE!” begged Ivan. “Please…stop!”
“Ah! He speaks,” said Chad as he balled his fists again and slammed them deep into the middle of Ivan’s stomach this time.
And again.
And again.
“Do I have ownership now?
“P-P-Please stop…. I’m begging you.”
“I’ll stop when your abs are mine.” Chad lifted Ivan up and held onto his shoulders. In one foul swoop, Chad slammed his knee into Ivan’s stomach.
Without hesitation, Chad did this again and again, and again, until a full minute passed. Finally, Ivan fell to his knees and then crashed to the ground. He had no energy left and his abs were just as purple as his lips.
“I give you ownership,” Ivan said through hesitated breaths.
“Good. I’ll be in touch.”
And with that, Chad left the locker room, leaving Ivan gasping for breath and moaning in pain. It took Ivan 45 minutes before he could sit up straight and another 15 minutes before he could stand to his feet. He stumbled home and fell to his bed, his stomach still soft from the beating he had just received. There was a knock on his door and his brother entered with a letter in his hand.
“This came for you while you were out!” His brother said as he handed it to Ivan and then closed the door behind him. Ivan ripped it open and it was from Chad. It read,

Dear Ivan,
I would first like to start off by saying how much I enjoyed pounding into your stomach today. You have one of the best set of abs I have ever seen in my life and I just knew I couldn’t let you leave without owning them for myself. I bet you are wondering what that means. Well, I will tell you. Basically, I get your abs whenever I want. You are my punching bag, my slave, my plaything, my slave. Rest up, because we are both in for a long, hot summer. Take care of those abs for me…
Signed, Master.

Ivan’s mouth dropped to the floor, He had no idea that’s what Chad had meant by giving him ownership of his stomach. There was one thing he did know, however, and that was that the only thing that could be worse than letting Chad beat on his stomach was to refuse.