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High School Stomach Torture

by Ramon






It was during a hot summer in high school during PhisEd class, we were all changing into our PE clothes which consisted of shorts and a Tshirt with the school colors, there was a kid that he would wear cartoon themed underwear all the time, we nicknamed him "Underoos", he was about 5'10" thin and muscular, he was totally hairless with a tanned bronze skin, I guess his weight is around 145 lbs, underoos was allways with his friend Craig who was slightly bigger and stronger, 5' 11" and about 160 lbs, underoos was allways pulling pranks, one of those pranks was that he would rubb of the front of his underwears on every boy's underwear while we were changing, The only boy he had not been able to do that was me, I don't have a sixpack yet but my stomach is flat, I have big chest and narrow hips, with muscular legs since my mother could not afford me a car, I had to ride my bike every day, so my legs are strong and I have a bubble butt ass with dimples on each side, i weight 150 lbs, 5'10" and while most boys wear boxers, I wear low rise briefs or bikinis, this day I was changing into PE uniform when I felt some one grab my hips, immediatelly I turned around and delivered a hard punch into his stomach, I see him bend over clutching his stomach with his hands and fell down, when I see he's wearing cartoon undies, I knew had to be Underoos, I felt bad but I disliked any touching from any of the boys, I went down and I told him I was sorry and I tried to comfort him, but as soon as he regain airflow in his lungs, he got up on his knees with one hand stil on his stomach and replied to me "you should'nt have done that, I will get you back soon", I replied with a "sorry dude" and continued to change, Craig looked at me with a serius face, but I did not pay attention. The next day I had told coach I had a stiff neck and did not know if I could do the rope climbing he had planned for the day, so he told me to take a hot shower and to grab onto the pull up bar just to stretch my back and neck, Craig was listening close by but pretended not to have heard a thing, then I saw Craig wisper something to Underoos ear, then I saw coach tith the rest of the boys going outside, it will be at least an hour before they would come back, so I proceeded to take that hot shower, rubbed my neck with soap and began to feel a little better.

I got off the shower, dried up and started to get into my low rise bikiny, it was Jockey brand in white with red horizontal lines, and fitted perfect, and since I wore speedos to tan, you could'nt see any white on my legs. Suddenly Craig came in and started asking me what was I doing in there instead of rope climbing, so I answered with the same question and before I could finish, I felt getting into a headlock, so I turned my face and see on the side those smooth tanned legs with a cartoon underwear, and yes, it was Underoos that put me into a headlock and said "party time". I was bending forward so he could not rubb off his underwear against mine, but that left my abdomen totally exposed, when I turned back I see Craig delivering a punch to my navel, so I flexed my muscles and Craig's hand bounced back, he then kick my balls and that caused me to loose strength, he then punch me again above my belly button and I felt his wrist all the way in, making me gasp for air and also making me bend over, causing my ass getting in touch with the front of Underoos underwear, I could feel he had a semi hardon and was sideways, Craig continues to punch me in the stomach and I feel Underoos thrusting on my ass, I had a hard time breathing with every punch and I heard underoos tell Craig how good my ass felt, he told him that it was so firm and round he was liking it a lot, he told Craig to punch me more so he could continue to thrust forward, I felt him supper hard now, his shaft was sideways almost popping out of the side, but the last punch I received from Craig, went right in my solar plexus all the way into my spine, I almost vomit, my legs gave up and I beg him to stop the torture, I was standing only because Underoos was holding me by my shoulders on a headlock.

Underoos told Craig to stop for a moment and to please go to his locker room and get him his baby oil, Underoos laid me down on the floor with my back against the floor, I had no strength, he pinned me down with his legs on top of each of my stretched out arms, and he's facing my stomach, all I could see was Underoos butt in his underwear, he was wearing a Spiderman theme on white cotton with red waistband and red piping, I could see his crack since the material had thin down from washing and I could also smell some musk out of it, I could not move, then I felt his shaft on my chest, he was still hard.

Craig came back with the baby oil and gave ot to Underoos, he squized some of it in his hands and started rubbing my stomach, he spread the oil from my chest, all the way down to my belly trail and then gave the bottle to Craig who squized some on my underwear, Craig started telling Underoos to look at my underwear, he said "dude, look at his dick, he's cut and has nice balls" , he put his hands on my balls and I kicked my legs forward, Underros told Craig to sit on my legs and grab them, I kicked Craig in his stomach while this is happening and he fell down, in a fetal position, so Underoos decided to start punching my stomach, the first blow went on my belly button, it did not take air out of me but did hurt, so I got my stomach flexed while Underoos fist is pounding my stomach, blow after blow and I began to feel weaker, Craig got up and decided to kick me right in the navel, he stumped me hard with his heel and right there I lost my air again, I looked to my left and all I saw was Underoos white dirty sucks, they smell like feet, so as I'm trying to regain air, either I smell musk, or feet, after 2 minutes of torture Underoos got up and pulled me up by my shoulders, he called Craig and told him to get me on a headlock so he can punch me more, Craig grabbed me rapidly, he's stronger than Underoos and me, so I was in a headlock immediatelly, I was pushing forward so Craig would not touch my ass with his underwear, and was flexing so Underoos could not penetrate the punches, Craig told Underoos that if he tickles my stomach I would unflex my muscles, so Underoos began carssing and tickling my oily torso and sure enough, Underoos delivered a punch in my navel, as I was bending over, i could feel Craig's shaft hard and upward, rubbing my ass through my Jockeys, Craig told Underoos that my ass not only was the nicest he'd seen, but also the firmest, Craig asked me how did I get the dimples and firmness, but I could not reply, I was out of air with every punch that Underoos would deliver, Underoos would rubb my belly, stick his middle finger in my belly button and then throw two or three punches, I was getting very weak, my legs gave up and Craig began to feel tired of carrying all my weight so he told Underoos to stop, Underoos said he would stop but he wanted to do the grand finally with one last punch, He told Craig to hold me for one more minute so I could regain air, he wanted to hear one more grunt comming out of my mouth.

After a minute, Underoos began caressing my belly and started tickling as-well and shortly after my muscles relaxed, he delivered the worst punch I have felt in my life, I saw Underoos fist hard and comming toward my torso, he delivered a punch right under my rib cage, I went "oooouuuughgghghghgh" and collapsed, Craig laid me down and as Im curling up from the pain, he kicked me on the side of my stomach, I lost consciusnes and they left.