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Are my abs hard ?

by gpl

Luca, Logan, Zack.
All the fantasy began when Logan saw Zack shirtless on the park skating. Zack was sweating, his body seemed oiled. Logan saw that sculpted teenage body. He was slim, but athletic. The girls loved him.
Logan was athletic, too, but his body was nothing as compared with Zack. He imagined himself oiling him and then giving him punches feeling the muscles contract as the punch came. Logan was turned on.
Logan had one friend, whose name was Luca. He was his confident; Luca already knew Logan liked gutpunching. What Luca liked was wrestling and grabbing.
“I saw Jack, you know,” Logan began “A Greek god. I would want to punch him,” to this, Luca didn’t answer but he had a plan.
The next day, Logan walked to Zack who was with his bag on one shoulder.
“Zack!” Logan screamed. “I have to talk with you.”
“What for, dude?”
“I was told that you gave good advices,” and it was true “and I wanted some help with a thing.”
“Sure. Let’s go to the park!” It was Zack’s favorite place; there, all his ideas appeared and it was where he relaxed.
“What do you need help for?” Zack asked and lifting his shirt, he cleaned the sweat from his forehead. It was a sunny day. That turned Logan on. Would the plan work?
“What was it?”
“Well, something happened to me. You know, I saw your body the last time,” with this statement, Zack became very uneasy.
“No! It’s nothing bad! I promise,” but he was lying. “I admire you!” thought Logan “I would like to punch you,” he wished “I need you to help me wrestling,” he said. Zack just frowned.
“There’s a boy who’s always making me angry, and I’d like to shut off his mouth. Would you help me?” Logan asked. He knew on the inside that he was lying, but he felt no guilt. He was excited, but he could hide it on his shorts.
“Ok, then.”
“Are you going to help me?”
“Well, I don’t think you’ll need some help. I mean, you’re big enough,” Zack said and looked him from head to toe. Zack was so excited! Zack directed him to a place where there was no one. They were all alone and were surrounded by trees. A building was far, but no one lived there.
“Now what?” asked Logan.
“Take your shirt off, and let the party begin!” Zack said cracking his fingers. Zack took his shirt off, and while Zack wasn’t looking, Logan admired his whole body. Logan took off his shirt showing a little six-pack.
“That’s all you have?” asked Zack and laughed as he flexed his pecs and abs. Logan was melting.
“Get ready!” Zack said. Zack lifted his arms showing off the hot vein on his bicep. Logan did the same as him. They surrounded each other, but Logan was lost on Zack and he felt the first punch to his chin.

Zack couldn’t hide he was turned on anymore. Zack laughed. He had the best smile! Logan laughed with him and saw the veins on Zack’s arms as a spider’s web.
Logan was laughing out of control. The game began nice, and before anything else happened, Zack let out a punch with his left arm on Logan’s not-enough-flexed-gut that took a little of air away from him.

Logan tilted a little as he felt the fist on his not too hard stomach. That was it! Zack was into it! Logan carefully looked at Zack’s muscular legs. He stood up and smiled. “Hard abs?” Logan said smiling. Zack just smiled making fun of his abs. While Zack was laughing, Logna let out a punch to his chin.

And then, quickly let out a punch to Zack’s abs, exactly what he had done to him.

But there was something different, Zack’s abs were firm and hard. Logan knew Zack felt nothing. He could see Zack was turned on as him. Before Zack could get up, Logan let out another punch to his chin and this time admired his Adam’s apple and felt the urge to touch it.

The punch was followed by another gutpunch. This time, Zack also flexed his biceps when he received the punch. Logan was turned on. His dream was becoming true.

“You think that’s a punch?” he asked Logan. His flexed his belly and showed his perfectly developed abs. Zack felt the urge to pass his hand over that, but it wouldn’t seem nice. Zack put his head in the space between Logan’s shoulder and head and let out a punch to Logan’s abs. Logan groaned a little, the punch was followed by another with his other hand. Then another and another. Zack was doing all he could to continued flexing.

Logan grabbed Zack by his muscular shoulders and punched his gut against his knee, and then he hurt Zack’s back with his elbow. Zack was hot.

But Logan made a mistake, he left his groin unprotected. Zack made his left hand a fist and punched Logan’s groin. Logan could see all of Zack’s back muscles flex with his tricep and his deltoid. The pain spread all over his stomach and he let out a groin. He touched his groin and knelt to the ground. “That’s it, I think!” Zack said. His body sweating, but that wasn’t it. It was just part of the plan. From behind, Luca arrived and grabbed him in a full Nelson. Luca felt all the strength of Zack’s biceps. Luca was turned on and Zack could feel it, but he said nothing.

Zack was unprotected. Logan stood up and passed his hand over the hot boy’s abs and made a small claw to his abs, but Zack just smiled. Logan was ready to punch him. He slapped his face softly twice, feeling his growing beard. Then, Logan let out a punch to Zack’s chin.

Zack couldn’t hide anymore that he was excited. Logan looked at him and grabbed his groin for a moment. Zack groaned and moved his legs. Logan let his hand off. Luca from behind told Logan to test how strong his abs may be. Zack flexed his abs and gave Logan a beautiful sight.

The punch did almost nothing, and Zack found out that resting on Luca was comfortable. So he rested on him while he received the punch. Logan smiled and passed his hand over Zack’s abs, feeling each muscle bump out and filled with sweat which was better than oil to him. Another punch came and Logan flexed. Claws came, but Zack was too strong.

Zack smiled with his handsome face and took away his secret move. With his free leg, he punched Logan’s dick again. Logan crouched and he freed himself from the full Nelson.
“What do you prefer?” he asked Luca. “Groin shot or help me?” Luca accepted and Zack slapped his abs and felt the small squares on Luca’s body. He laughed and touched all of Luca’s torso.
Luca grabbed Logan on a quick move in the same full Nelson he had grabbed Zack before. Zack first punched Logan’s pecs as if to warn him the punched were on.

Then, came the ab punches. Logan’s groin hurt, but he had to flex. He flexed as the first punch came.

“You call those abs, son of the bitch?” he said as he passed his hand over Logan’s abs. They weren’t as his. He punched his own abs. “This are abs, fuckin’ abs!” He flexed in front of Logan and kissed his biceps. “Wanna feel them?” he said and gave another punch.

The last punch came directly to Logan’s abs that were no more as strong as they were when the punches began. It made him cough and Zack laughed. His veins, the spider webs, seemed hot on his arm. He smiled, flexed again. And told Luca to let him off. Luca obeyed and dropped Logan to the ground.
“Come here, dude,” Zack said to Luca, and when he was near he told to him. “This is for letting him punch me,” and with one fist, he punched Luca’s groin even harder he had done it with Logan. Luca groaned and the vein on his neck was clearly seen. Zack laughed and when he did, he flexed his abs. He passed his hand over it. Zack touched his groin and tried to hide his excitement. The handsome boy, the hot boy, and the one who beat two duded. He thought like that of himself. He went on shirtless, ready for another punch on his abs. He smiled to himself as he saw the two dudes lying on the ground touching their groins. Zack touched his and smiled again. He was ready for another fight, this time, with a boy with real abs. Abs like his.