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ROB AND CJ: The Gutpunch Gift

We were considered “the guys”. Rob and I had been friends since we were 12. We grew up walking distance from the beach in a small resort town in Michigan. We spent a lot of time wrestling around and eventually we realized that we wanted more than that and became each other’s “first”. We were both into gutpunching and enjoyed working each other over until we couldn’t take anymore. I told Rob how I fantasized about being jumped by three guys and getting my belly pounded until I passed out. He’d always say, “CJ, if and when that happens make sure I’m there so I can join in”.
We were on the beach one hot August day just soaking up the sun and hanging out. There was a spot we always went to because it was hidden and out of the way. You had to climb down some pretty tricky rocks to get to it and just us and a few guys we knew went there. We ran into a couple guys who liked to use the cove for fighting. Brent and Peter were always getting into fights up and down the beach but they were hot and funny and I was glad to see them there. We talked for a while and Rob came up behind me and put his arms around me like he usually does. I didn’t think anything of it until I realized he had slid his hands down and was holding my arms back so I couldn ’t move them. I said, “what are you doing?” and tried to get loose but I couldn’t. He leaned his head in and whispered in my ear, “happy eighteenth birthday dude, here’s that gutpunching you’ve always fantasized about”.
Brent and Peter had stepped in and were setting their bare feet in the sand like batters stepping up to the plate. Then Peter said, “this is going to be great”, and let a barrage of punches hammer me dead center in the belly button. I wasn’t expecting the blows and it kind of knocked the wind out of me. Rob pulled me back and said, “c’mon dude, take it like a man”. For the next fifteen minutes the three of them switched places and took turns working my gut from the rib line down to low below my belly button. I could hear the dull thumps echoing off the rock walls and me moaning and grunting and cursing and Rob saying, “yeah, right in the gut, pound that belly, take it in the stomach, yeah right in the stomach.” Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wasn’t a muscle god but I thought I would be able to keep my abs tight through pretty much anything anyone could throw. No way! I softened up after about three minutes and watched as their tanned fists sunk deep into my defenseless stomach over and over and over. The pain was incredible, way beyond anything Rob and I had put each other through in the past. Rob ‘s blows in particular seemed the most brutal as he concentrated on my upper stomach. He picked the spot centered just under my rib cage and drilled punch after punch into my throbbing stomach. By now they had backed me up against the rocks and while two of them pinned my arms out to my side the third pounded away at my guts just working their fists deeper and deeper into the belly. I was trying to beg them to stop but I couldn’t even gasp out one “no more”, before another fist invaded my insides.
I could tell that Rob was hard. He would lean into the punches and rub himself against me. At one point they thought they heard someone coming so Rob stopped pummeling me and they all watched the cliffs above. As I tried to catch my breath Rob was rubbing his cock against mine. Once they realized that there was no one there, they decided to give me a break. I had been taking it in the gut for fifteen minutes straight and slid down the rock into the warm sand, doubled over holding my belly and moaning. They gave me a few minutes but they weren’t finished yet.
I felt them rolling me over on my back. Brent pinned my wrists to the sand over my head and Peter sat between my feet and pinned them down spread wide apart. Rob sat across my hips and said, “whoa, what’s this” as he rubbed his tight little ass back and forth across my hard dick. Then he started firing rapid-fire punches deep and fast into my belly button. I don’ t know how long this went on but the only reason he stopped was because his arms were cramping up. He stopped and looked down at me gasping and moaning. He said, “ I think he’s had enough”. Brent continued to hold my wrists but Peter came around and slid his hand around my battered gut. “Look at how red it is”. He slid his finger into my belly button and moved it around inside. He and Brent got up and left after thanking Rob for the great “belly party”. I was motionless except for my stomach heaving in and out. Rob was still sitting across my hips. Once the guys had scaled the rocks and were gone he rolled me over on my stomach and pulled down my swimsuit. I just laid there as he had me. He rolled me on my back again and massaged my throbbing stomach muscles. “Are you ok? Are you pissed?” I honestly didn’t know how to answer. I just knew that I’d get my chance to do him the same way somewhere down the road. I’ll let you know when it happens so you can watch.