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Happy Birthday Gutpunching !

by somegpguy

This is a description of one of my favorite gp meetups, it was also one of my most brutal.

While I'm usually no into anything erotic, he said one of his fantasy's was a no holds bar beat down on a person so he could feel "powerful" for a day. Being a weakfish skinny guy myself, I could understand the feeling, and the amazing ego boost it would give. Once he assured me he wouldn't try anything once he was done, and that I would be alive the next day, I thought "sure why not". It's a relative cheep birthday present and I get one hell of a resistance work out from it.
If I didn't have any idea of how bad it was going to be before, I quickly learned when I got there. Opening the front door (being friends and a relative nice neighborhood, he left it open for me) I literally had the air knocked out of me. He was waiting for me to open the door, waiting for me to enter so he could get one good shot on my unflexed stomach. I remember looking up at him and seeing this huge snear on his face, he was going to have as much fun with this as he could. Not wanting to be seem weak (even if that really hurt) I laughed back at him sayings "is that all you got girl?" He might have been skinny like I am, but I wasn't (nor am I), any abs god myself. But hey, it was his birthday so had to play the part right?
He laughed at me, and told me this was just the beginning of the worst night of my life. Picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder (it took him a few tries, but I didn't fight it) he carried me into a back room that he used to work out. It was a basic room with a home gym and a punching bag hanging from the wall. He dropped me on the floor where I let out a loud oooph, he wasn't very delicate with it and I was probably getting heavy for him. He told me to get up, and I just laid there with a smirk on my face. "Make me bitch" I said. He answered with a kneed to the center of my stomach, lifting me up slightly. He then grabbed me by the hair and threw me against the punching bag with a mean uppercut to the gut that he kept there after connecting. He kept pushing and pushing until my back hit the bag. Here, he duck taped my hands behind the bag so I would be unable to move. As I hung there he took his time putting on a heavy pair of boxing gloves, they where red like my stomach would be. He launched a few playful slaps to my gut as he took one look at me with some mean looking eyes and said "Best… birthday… every" and went to work.

He started with your standard straight punches that made a loud "thud" every time he connected. Then he began to move is body around, stick and move, stick and move like he was a real boxer. He was really getting into this! With growing fierceness he worked my upper, middle, and lower gut with straight punches, left and right hooks and even uppercuts to keep me guessing what was coming next. I can't tell you how much time passed, I was to busy having my insides pounded to hell to keep track. When my stomach resembled several shades of red he took a moment to catch his breath. Again neither one of us are or where muscle gods, so we needed or breaks. I could tell my voice was broken as hell, and sounded pathetic, but I had to keep my buddy fired up. It was his birthday after all. I told him "Is that it, my mother could hit for more". He laughed at me, and told me I was a little bitch and couldn't do any better. We both laughed and agreed. After he grabbed himself some water (he was sweating like crazy) he switched up his attack again. He stuck to straight punches for the stomach, but this time used side kicks (not every well considering we are both untrained fighters) to work my sides.
He was having a blast, and I was in hell of a lot of pain. But at least he was having fun right? After he was done kicking my sides, he moved on to quick fire punches. There where hooks, straight punches and I think upper cuts, they came so fast and to everywhere I couldn't keep track. He worked my stomach, my sides, and even my chest too, all keeping me putting up any kind of defense. Now that my body was broken, and bruised as I would later learn, he removed the duck tape and let me have a breather. I have no shame in saying my punk ass hit the ground. Damn I was hurting bad, but god damn was this an intense work out. One I would never forget too. After a min or so of letting me pretend I was recovering, he took off the boxing gloves picked me back up. "Yea bet you fell like a big man now don't you?" He said to me, trash talking apparently made the whole experience better for him. Knowing I couldn't offer up any resistance, he threw me around the room trash talking some more. I hit the wall a few times, and I remember him flipping me over and driving me down, but as for exact details, I really can't remember. Finally he picked me back up again and threw me back into the punching bag. He rapidly threw (or at least as fast as he could) punching right into my midsection while switching up with knees and uppercuts to keep me standing up. At one point he was holding me up while throwing upper cuts to the middle of my stomach to lifting me off the floor.
They hurt like hell too btw.

At this point, I was too weak to even let out grunts of pain, I just took it in silence. After that, I really have no idea how long that was; he let me fall to the floor again heaving. In the hour or two I was there (I later found out the whole thing took two and a half hours) I received the most vicious beating in my life. Again he let me have a few moments to breath, but he didn't wait long, he wanted to finish me off and stand victorious. I remember seeing it in his eyes, he felt like a strong man that day, so I guess mission accomplished!
"Ant so tuff now are you little boy", he said to me as I just lied there breathing heavily. He was having a ball with this, he felt powerful like never before. He asked me if I wanted to stop, to which being a cocky bastard told him if he even started the beat down yet. Yea that was a dumb thing to say. He responded by slamming a knee down right to my relaxed and very beaten stomach. He laughed and said something I couldn't even try to make out. I was seeing stars at this point. He continued doing this a few more time before he sat down on stop of me. He gently rubbed my stomach and chest, trying to soften the beaten that he inflected on me.
Yea right…
As he saw me relax a bit, I thought he was done for the day, so he launched a new assault right to my solar pelxus and upper abs. There had to be a steady 10 mins of nothing but "ooph" "ughhh" "ahhhh" from me. Each punch sunk in, and made my body shake from the impact! He knew I was done, or at least very close to it. More like done…. Standing me back up (i was wobbly at best) he pulled back his arm and launched a mean right cross right to my gut and forced it in as hard as he could. My arms wrapped around my gut as I feel to my knees. The only reason I was still upright was because his fist was still firmly implanted in my stomach. With a mean laugh, he threw away my arms and landed one last upper cut to my stomach before I hit the ground.
I was done, and I couldn't even tap out.
He laughed and said I was "the most awesomeest person ever" and massaged my stomach and chest until I could at least sit up on my own. Now that I think about this again, I think it was a good half an hour before I could even move my arms. I wound up spending the night at his place and he took me home the next day.
Thankfully nothing required me taking off my shirt for the next couple of days…