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Ty and Edward...a month later

by gpl


A month had passed since Ty and Edward began their “gutpunch lessons”, or as they liked to call them: Giels. To say the truth, it was getting boring doing the same every single day. Just punches and the other knew so well each others muscles and their weak parts. It was just getting boring.
Ty, one day, sat on his bed bored, and an idea occurrred to him. He was going to check his “little-kid-photos”. Just with some curiosity. He had changed so much!
He grabbed the photo album and saw each picture. Some were funny. He continued and saw one where he was with all his friends. He had studied on the same school all his life. He remembered the names, some of them were still at school others were out of the country or on other school.
Ty had his arm around the waist of a tall, slender, swarthy (but just a little) kid. The kid was so tall, Ty’s arm couldn’t reach his neck for the picture. This was like five years ago. The slender kid was called Oliver. He continued growing almost reaching 6’7” feet, but always, he was as slender as the kid in the photo. His body was really weird, though. His torso was well defined. His pecs were big (in proportion with his width) and his abs were GUSH! His biceps were well, big. When he flexed, the vein on it seemed to pump out!
When Ty rememebered him, he had an idea. Oliver.

Luckily, that year, Ty had signed up for the wrestling team; the same as Oliver. Oliver was the boy who everybody beat, but he loved wrestling. He always tried to gain muscle, but it was futile. The only part of his body he was cocky were his abs. The only thing Oliver didn’t like of the wrestling team was the “uniform they had”. I mean, for a tall, super skinny boy.
The wrestlings began and by a touch of luck, Ty was going to wrestle Oliver. A big smile formed on Ty’s face. Oliver was looking at Ty and realized he was definitely going to lose. Ty grabbed him by his chest and Oliver fell.
“One! Two! Three!” the referee said and the wrestle was over.
Oliver lost, again. Ty helped him up and slapped his abs. Damn! Hot as hell. Ty wanted to convince himself it could not be like that. For a skinny boy. I mean, he was skinny, and maybe because of that, his abs were damn. But, his biceps were big; and he was one of the best at P.E. class. But at wrestling, he suck.

“Nice wrestle today,” told Oliver to Ty after the wrestling and before taking the shower.
“Ha! Yeah sure,” answered Ty. They both were sweating like animals, and they could see each other abs marked on the upper part of the “uniform.” Ty got excited. He loved abs, but well, what aout Oliver? It was the first time in years he had talked to him.
“Time to take a shower,” said Oliver and he left. Ty was left alone. Thinking of Oliver. Gutpunch him? But how?
It had been a lot easier with Edward, who was a friend of him before. But what about Oliver? The hotie, tall boy?

“Hey! What’s up, Edward!” said Ty when Edward went to his house. With the same undershirt like a month ago. The memories made Ty feel something on his stomach.
“Ready for today?” answered Edward as he took off his shirt. Ty just smiled. He took his shirt off and prepared. With tbe punches, his abs and pecs were getting better. The first punch came to Ty’s hard abs.
“You know,” said Ty while he received the punches.
“Yeah?” asked Edward.
“There’s this guy, ummm, Oliver. Do you remembered him?”
“The stick, you mean?”
“Yeah, him,” the punches came to his pecs and he flexed them. Edward was getting hard. The ounches continued.
“What about him?”
“Well, I wrestled with him today.”
For some reason Edward stopped punching and returned his fists to fingers. He loved the sight of the red dots on Ty’s abs and pecs.
“I think its enough,” said Edward as he passed his hand over Ty’s abs as he always did. Ty loved that. Ty bounced his pecs once, laughed and then continued with his story.
“I wrestled him, an easy one. But I realized something. Man, he has f*cking hard abs.”
“That skinny boy? You kididng?”
“No, I’m not. I swear it. Man, I slapped him and it was like Heaven.”
“I think you’re crazy.”
“Haven’t you seen his biceps, boy? And his pecs? What do you think his abs will be like? You thought I was just the skinny kid with no abs, and here I am,” Edward directed his look to Ty’s abs.
“But, what do you want to do? Ask him to come for giels?”
“Something better: gutbash.”

The next day, he also went to wrestling. And he had a plan with Edward. On the school, every boy could enter those showers. It was not just for certain people. So Edward entered and waited.
Ty could not wrestle Oliver. But he saw he was getting better than yesterday, maybe he practiced, because he beat a boy. A little boy, but he beat him. He flexed his biceps and some of the boys looked at him while others laughed.
The wrestling finished, and they went to the showers. There was a place where for some reason no one bathed. It was always empty. And Ty asked Oliver to come with him. He had to ask him something.
They were there, the lights were normal. And the only ones were Ty and Oliver.
“Yeah! What is it, dude?” asked Oliver with his deep voice. Ty could not take his sight away from the veins all over his arms. Oliver didn’t feel awkward. This happened to him always.
“Just talking about what happened yesterday.”
“Oh man! Don’t worry, I am not feeling bad because ou beat me.”
“No, I’m not talking about that,” that was when Ty’s cheeks blushed. He couldn’t stop that from happening.
“Why are you blushing, dude? What happened? Get to the point.”
Ty was now embarrassed. He looked to other part. “About your abs.” There was a moment of silence.
“Yeah? What’s with that?”
“I mean, you’ve abs! I know I haven’t talked to you in a while, but do you think you can do it with a punch?” Ty’s heart was beating faster each time.
“Yeah, sure.” Oliver flexed and his abs marked on the suit. He gave his punch. Just hard! He looked at him, his pecs, biceps, his marked abs, his groin, everything.
“What is it, man?” asked Oliver.
“Yeah! That was what I was thinking.” And Ty put an arm around Oliver’s waist (he was still taller than him) and slapped his abs, and passed his hand over them to feel the hot muscles. Oliver just laughed. His Adam’s apple moved up and down.
“You liked it?” asked Ty.
“Well, I won’t until I punch you!” Ty accepted and the punch came, the Oliver passed his hand over Ty’s abs. He didn’t know Ty had abs.
They both laughed and on Oliver’s face, there was a blush. They were both excited.
“What would you think?” asked Ty.
“Of what.”
“What would you think of an ambush?” thatw as the signal Edward was waiting for. He appeared out of nowhere. With his knee, he pushed the back of Oliver’s knee and made him lose his balance. Ty realized Edward was shirtless. He could see each muscle in action.
Before Oliver fell. Ty grabbed put his hands under his armpits and grabbed Oliver. Oliveer was in a full nelson. He couldn’t escape. Edward’s height was 6’1”, so it wasn’t difficult to grab Oliver.
“What the heck are you doing?” asked Oliver. His abs were out of protection.
“What a shame it would be to waste this magnific body. A Greek god, I might say,” said Ty as he passed his hadn over Oliver’s abs. He was flexing the hardest he could. “But I can’t watch it,” Ty said and told Edward to grab him by his wrist and put Oliver’s arms by his sides.
Ty passed his hand over Oliver’s arms and grabbed the only thing that made the uniform stay in its place, the piece of fabric on his shoulders. He grabbed it and pulled it down his arms until the only part covered was his groin and parto of his legs.
“Much better,” said Ty not taking his sight away from his abs. Edward grabbed him on a full nelson again. “Do you want me to take this away, too?” Oliver was not going to talk. Ty took it away covering the same parts as Oliver.
“I thought this abs were sh*t, but they’re better than I thought, aren’t they? He slightly punched (if it may be called a punch, he just touched them with his fist) Oliver’s abs and then, on his pecs.The first punch came, but nothing happened to Oliver. He poked his abs as hard as he could, but nothing. He could see the red mark. He punched each second, as fast as he could. His abs were as resistant as before. But Oliver was getting tired. He just rested on Edward’s arms. Ty told Edward to put him on the floor.
Oliver knew that if he moved, Edward would kick him on his face; his foot was near it. Ty was over him. Oliver continued flexing his abs. Ty put one of his bare foot on Oliver’s abs.
“You ready for it?” and he put the other. His feet slided and he could feel the muscles. He jumped and fell on his heels over Oliver. Oliver groaned. This was music to Ty’s ears.
Ty crouched near him and passed his hand over Oliver’s abs. He enjoyed. And Oliver was smiling. “Do you think this abs are as good as mine?” He began to slap Oliver’s abs, soft and then hard. It sounded with that specific sound of a muscular body. Ty was beginning to feel envy of his body. Ty sat on Oliver’s legs. And began to touch Oliver’s abs.
“Do you like it?” Oliver asked him. He was smiling. And bit his lip. Ty left a punch on his abs which Oliver was not waiting, he was flexing but not enough. He groaned. Still sitting on his legs, Ty approached to Oliver’s face, resting his hands on Oliver’s pecs and talked to his ear. “Do you like it?”
He gave a burst of punches to Oliver’s abs. At first, Oliver did nothing. But the pain increased and Oliver began to groan and lifted his head a little to help his abs. He closed his eyes tightly as Ty continued punching. Ty finished with the hardest slap on Oliver’s abs. Oliver was groaning.
“What is it? Aren’t you a man!?” Ty said as he rested his hands on his own legs and stretched his torso for his abs to be seen better. His neck was sweating and his heart was bumping fast. Oliver was breathing hard. “Get up!” Ty ordered and punched him on his abs hard for Oliver to move faster. Ty stood up and so did Oliver. Now, Oliver did not need to be grabbed.
“Edward, come here? Finish him up?” Edward smiled. He walked to where Oliver was and covered Oliver’s mouth and began punching Oliver’s abs. Oliver was groaning, and with that deep voice he had, it was so hot! Oliver was trying to continue flexing. But as Edward continued, his hand reached deeper. Edward lover this. He licked his lips. Still covering his mouth, Oliver heard Edward talking to his ear. Telling him to flex his pecs. Oliver did. His pecs hadn’t received any punishment yet. Edward poked them and slapped them. “You got good ones.” And he punched him hard! Oliver groaned again. He looked to the ceiling, and showed Edward his Adam’s apple. The first day, he rememebered it. When he was punching Ty. That Adam’s apple. He got more excited and continued punching.
Ty was as excited as Edward. Ty got to Oliver and grabbed his nipples, but he did not twist them. He just played with them. Ty was smiling to himself. “Smile,” he told Oliver with a soft voice. Edward couldn’t figure out what was happening. Then, Ty put both of his hands on Oliver’s pecs. They were muscular and hot. “What about this?” said Ty almost in a whistle. They haven’t received enough. And he got to his nipples again. And twisted them. Oliver shrieked with that deep voice he had. Edward quickly covered his mouth. “You are so dumb!” and he punched him on his leg. Oliver fell. His nipples in pain.
“You want more?” said Ty. He put his fist on Oliver’s abs. The hardest punch he gabe to Oliver. Oliver coughed. Ty covered his mouth and touched his cheeks, they were soft with no pimples. Ty smiled. He grabbed Oliver’s nipples again. “I want to hear you scream.” And he twisted them again. Oliver screamed and Edward crouched near him and punched him on his abs. The twisting ended and he could see how Oliver’s chest expanded to breath. He just touched Oliver’s pecs once again.
He sat on his legs again and did the same to approach his ear, just that this time, he didn’t rest on his pecs, he was over Oliver. He whispered on his ear. “If you ever want to take vengeance, remember I’ll always be waiting for it.”
Oliver was there, with no protection, and Ty ha dto do something else. He grabbed Ty’s groin and smiled. He punched him. Oliver groaned as hard as he could and crouched to his side.
Ty got up. He didn’t care if everybody saw him shirtless. Edward didn’t care, either. The school was just of boys. And all the teachers were boys. So seeing a shirtless man was just normal.
On their way out, Edward told him to stop.
“That was nice, man!” he said as he gave him a friendly hug and slapped his back. He put his arm around Edward and touched his abs until he was tired of it. They got out.
They were both shirtless. And they were almost out of the showers when they heard a scream. It was Oliver. And he said.
“Ty and Edward.” Ty and Edward. They knew he was talking to someone. And they began to run, when they felt muscular arms around their pecs and the first punch came.