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Dad and Me !

by gpl


I will not lie to you, my dad is f*cking hot. It’s not for being gay, but you’ll have to accept that it would be awesome to touch his biceps.
Since little, my father always encouraged me to learn how to wrestle. I wrestled with him and he always let me win. I was one of those little hottie kids with a well-defined six pack, and it is all because of him. Now that I am 15 and puberty reached me, he is my personal trainer. His biceps are harder than a rock, and let’s not talk about his abs.
“Flex!” he told me once, and I did as he told me. I received the hardest punch in my abs I had ever received before. He is my dad. The hottest man ever.
At house, I always wore tight jeans and no shirt. It was common for us to become excited when we saw the other; let’s not lie, who would not get like that with bodies like ours. We were not embarrassed to show that to each other.
So, this is my family, I have no mother, and I’m the only child. At the basement, we have our mini-gym.
Man, I really can’t stop thinking about my father. I mean, I’m not gay, and I repeat it, but, well… You understand me. Or maybe I am gay… Well, I don’t know, let’s just continue.
He is always flexing and preparing his muscles. Once in a while, he asks me to oil his muscles; I accept obviously. I would be stupid to waste an opportunity like that. I fell every vein running down his body; I feel the mountains of his abs. His biceps. Well, it obviously turns me on.
One day, while I was oiling his f*cking hot body, he made a suggest.
“Wanna be oiled?” he laughed. I just nodded. Butterflies appeared on my stomach when I finished oiling him.
He grabbed the oil, put some on his hand, and told me to flex. I obeyed. First biceps.
MAN! That was hot. My father touching my biceps, me flexing. Damn! Then, when he finished my biceps, my pecs. It was even hotter, he passed his hands under my armpits to touch my pecs. I flexed them, and my father gave a slight punch. My abs. The same story. At the end, he passed his hand over my groin. And what about it? He is my father. I was turned on.
I turned around and saw him. He was in boxers, and definitely, he was the same as I was. He gave me a bear hug.
I could feel his muscles squeeze me as a python. “Dad!” I said between my teeth, trying not to breathe or he’ll squeeze me harder. We were both oiled so we were slippery.
I took my hand out and gave him a punch on his chin. He let me go. I could see the red marks of his python arms on my torso. They hurt.
He looked at me seriously. He cracked his fingers. The veins on his biceps bumped out. His face was red. He walked towards me. My heart bumped faster with excitement. I had fought him before, but this time would be different. Oil, two men, wrestling; it is the best combination ever. He got near me and gave a punch; I protected my face with my arm. The punch on my arm hurt. I just laughed and that made him angrier.
He looked at me from head to toe. He stopped at one definite place. I looked at him perplexed. With his left arm, he tried to punch my chest, which I protected with my arms, but before I could realize his next move, he punched me in the groin.
I let out a sigh as he laughed. I curled into a ball in the floor. He just laughed. I grabbed my balls. They hurt awfully. I groaned, and he continued laughing. He knelt at my side and took my hand away from my groin. He put his hand on it, and I heard him laugh even harder.
“Did it hurt, kid?” he took his hand away. “That’s what happens if you mess with me,” he stood up touching his chin and putting his foot over my chest and flexed.
He touched his bicep with his other hand and kissed it. “This is what happens if you mess with me,” he repeated, and laughed.
He was laughing when I did this: I grabbed his ankle as hard as I could and made him lose his balance. He fell with a thump and a groan. My groin still hurt, but I wanted to beat him. I did what he did to me. I punched him in the groin. He groaned and curled. I took his hand away and touched it. I was excited. There were butterflies again.
“Did it hurt, Dad?” I told him “That’s what happens if you mess with me,” I stood up waiting for him, but he do not stood up and that was when the idea came to me. It would have been a shame to waste his hot body.
I knelt. He was breathing hard. I punched him in the abs. Believe me, even though I know he wasn’t flexing, but still his abs were damn!
“Like it?” I told him, he was still groaning. I touched his pecs and punched them too. With my elbow, I punched him many times on his abs. He still flexed them. Damn! He’s so hot!
But in one elbow punch I was to give, he moved and my elbow hit the floor. It hurt. And I didn’t realize what happened after, but he was taking my arm and stretching it. And then, instead of his hands, he was using his legs. We were both excited. And he did what I wanted him to do: with his hand, he slapped my abs.
“Is that all you have?” I scream. And he punched me as hard as he could. I just laughed as the punch bounced. I was not wrestling. I loved him punching my abs.
But he had other plans. He punched me in the groin again.
“F*ck!!” I screamed, and with my abs soft, he punched them. All the air came out of me.
“You call those abs, kid?” he touched my soft stomach. I wasn’t able to flex. He slapped them. And then, he punched me in the chin.
“What would girls do when they see your ‘handsome’ face like I am going to make it?” he laughed. He punched me again.
“You’re handsome kid, you look like me!” he winked. “But how are you going to end today. Maybe no kids for the rest of your life,” he passed his hand over my groin.
I just let out a groan.
“What did you say, stupid?” he told me and touched my neck, and began to press. “What did you say!?” he pressed his hands and I began to choke. He began to laugh even harder.
“What did this stupid, biceps do for you?” he grabbed my arm and pressed my bicep. I flexed for it to be difficult for him. But he punched my bicep and I stopped flexing. He pressed it harder.
“And this stupid abs? They did not last even a second!” he laughed. And slapped, but now I was able to flex. “Oh, kid! That’s what I taught you!” he punched me and I flexed. My father passed his hand over my abs feeling each oiled muscle. I began to wrestle my way out.
“That won’t be enough,” but in the adrenaline we did not realize I had my other hand free. I punched him on his neck, and he freed my other arm. I felt circulation passing over it again. I kicked his oblique. He groaned.
“This is what you taught me!” I told him and punched him in his rock hard abs which were unaware of my punch. And I punched them by standing up and falling over them with my fist. He groaned, and I punch him again on his chin.
“What would women say with this stupid face of yours?” I punched him in his biceps. “Is this what I admire so much?” I laughed. “And this stupid pecs. You fat!” I was killing him. “This abs? So stupid!” I punch them and I feel my hand getting very deep on his abs. “This f*cking groin is from where I came?” I could see the bulge plainly on the boxers, and I punched his groin once more.
I put my feet on his chest and flexed. He looked at me.
I knelt again and kissed him on the cheek.
“Love you, Dad! You stupid!” I said as I touched his oiled, well-developed pecs, and I left.
I saw him again, looking what I’ve done. How I enjoyed this. My groin hurts, but you know what happened. My dad, my hot as hell dad, was lying on the ground, breathing hard. His body red from the punches; just like mine. His chin red. His legs curled to stop the pain momentarily.
I know some day, when he recovers, he’ll take revenge.

End of the story.