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Beating my friend's abs

by gpl


The hottest day of summer. My new friend, Bryan, invited me to his house to help him with some work we had at school. It was incredibly hot. W were sweating like animals!
“Let’s take a break!” he told me. The heat and thinking too much caused us both a headache. We did as he said and sat on the sofa. There was an uncomfortable silence.
I always use a sleeveless white shirt under my normal shirt and remembered that. I stood up and took my shirt off my torso just covered by that sleeveless shirt. Bryan looked at me as if thinking that I was going to get shirtless.
“Oh yes, yes,” said Bryan with a sarcastic tone “you just want to show me your biceps,” he laughed. He had to accept it; I have big arms. Joking, I flexed them in front of his face. He just laughed and, also joking, touched them slightly and laughed again.
“Let’s see yours,” I told him. I had seen before that his arms were veined and that meant that he had big guns. He stood up and lifted his sleeves showing a well-developed arm with a big vein running through his bicep. He flexed it and it was as big as mines. We laughed and the uncomfortable silence continued.
“Wow! It’s really hot in here!” but obviously, it was cooler inside the house than outside. He lifted the tip of his shirt and cleaned his forehead with it allowing me to see his abs. Hot as hell!
Then, he stood up and took his shirt off. “I had to do that,” he told me. I smiled still looking at those abs. I had heard many girls and boys talking about his abs, but I didn’t see them before until today. The six muscles formed a perfect wall. I got excited.
He realized I was looking him and told me: “Take a free one!” he was referring to a punch. I smiled and prepared my fist. My heart began to pund faster.
I punched him as hard as I could. His abs were as hard as solid brick. He laughed.
“Wow,” I told him “Awesome abs.” He passed his hands over his abs, passing over each one of those hot squares.
“I know,” he told me “What about yours?”
I lifted my white shirt and showed my belly. Of course my abs weren’t as solid as his, but my six pack could be seen pretty far.
“Are you tightening them?” he asked. I nodded in an answer. He punched my abs really hard. It didn’t hurt that much. Then, he put his fists as if he was going to begin to fight. I realized that and took my shirt off.
But before the fight began, with one finger he poked my abs. They were hard. Then I did the same to him. OH WOW! I thought. I could not even feel something soft in that belly. The he smiled and looked at his abs as if being proud of them.
The fight began and we both grabbed hands like in a lock. I pushed him and he fell to the ground. When I was getting near, he stood up without using his hands, like Spiderman or something like that.
Before, I could think oh his next movement, he punched me very hard in my abs. I wasn’t to ready! And I coughed.
“Oh, come on!” he told me “Those are not abs at all! Just fat!”
I saw him and told him. “Come on!” and made him a signal to punch my abs. He punched them like seven times very hard.
“Now’s my turn!” I told him. I punched him and enjoyed every hit. When I hit him seven times and saw he felt almost nothing, I gave him a hard one on his left cheek. That made him to fell down.
He fell down almost knocked and left his abs unprotected. This was my opportunity. I let my weight go down and fell with my knee on his abs. I locked his hands with my left arm and punched him at the chest. Then again on his abs that were still as hard as brick. One cheek, then another. He weakened.
“Tighten your abs!” I told him. Punched one, two, three… I lost my count at number ten. His abs became from hard brick to something soft with each punch. I could hear his moans. I got excited and maybe he felt it becaused he tried to escape. Oh come on. I thought.
Poked his abs as if to tell him to tighten them. He could tighten them a little, but just a little. I knew exactly what to do to break him.
I stood up (still excited) and jumped over his unprotected stomach. The six muscular squares now were nothing. I looked at him laughing.
“Enjoyed the pain?” I told him and punched him once more in his stomach.
I grabbed my shirt and put it on my shoulder. I walked to my way home shirtless still thinking of how I had beaten the unbeatable abs of my new friend.