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Hey !

by gpl


“Hey! What up man?” asked Ty when he saw his friend Edward down the street. Edward was wearing a white sleeveless shirt that was stuck to his body. It was a hot day on the beach.
“What up dude?” Edward answered to Ty who was wearing a loose blue shirt. They handshook and gave a friendly hug. Ty was gay in secret and had to do this: when they stopped hugging, Ty slapped Edward’s abs twice. Edward’s abs were s defined that with the punch, Ty felt each of the squares and let a little sigh.
Edward gave Ty a quizzical look. Ty hid his pleasure by pretending he was joking with that sigh.
“Hahaha, it’s okay man. Would you like to go to my house? For some drink or something.”
“Yeah, I’d like to.” They went to Edward’s home. He lived alone, his parents, if he could call them parents, bought him that house.
“Sit on the couch. You can do whatever you want!”
I have to slap his abs again… that was hot. Thought Ty to himself, and a brilliant idea appeared on his mind. He also had a undershirt like the one Edward had. He took his shirt off. He was skinny, with some muscles, but still he was skinny.
“Ho ho ho, man!” said Edward when he saw Ty with his undershirt.
“Ha! What is it?”
“Look at you, man!” Edward directed his sight to Ty’s biceps. They looked big just because of the vein running down his arm, but the truth was that he had not enough muscles.
“Lift your shirt!” Edward said this because he saw the silhouettes of the squares on Ty’s undershirt. Ty did it and showed him his belly. His abs were defined (but not that much)… defined enough to say he had a six pack. But as I said before, he was skinny, but this was the only part of his body he could say he worked out: his abs.
Edward slapped them twice. He was turning on. The exciting moment ended. They drank some juice.
“I want to go to the beach, you know…” they stood up and walked out of the house. Ty had his arm around Edward’s neck (a friendly form). He had to do this. He slapped Edward’s abs and felt when he tightened it.
“Hey! You didn’t show me your abs!” Edward smiled, a hussy smile and took his shirt off. He flexed exaggeratedly by flexing his biceps and his abs like the Balotelli Style. Ty punched his abs and felt its hardness. Ty admired every part of that body from biceps, to pecs, to abs.
“Ha! Put your shirt again man!” they walked to the beach with the ame arm over Edward and all the way to the beach he slapped Edward’s abs with the excuse he was making rythms, but let’s not lie, Edward was enjoying it and wanted to get it to the other step. They bathed on the beach shirtless and both enjoyed the other’s body.
“Hey! I’ve an idea!” said Edward when they returned home shirtless “Would you like to test each other’s abs? I mean, with punches.”
Ty was the first, he leaned against the wall and put his hands behind his back waiting for the punches. Edward prepared and showed off his biceps to Ty who did the same to Edward. Ty’s biceps were smaller.
Ty put his hands back again and when the first ounch came he felt nothing. The sight was extremely hot. When the punches came, Ty flexed so hard, his abs saw even more defined as when Edward saw them before. And each time he flexed, he also flexed his pecs, which kind of split in halves. Ty laughed, his Adam’s apple moved. His long hair moved and his blue eyes fixed on Edward. Ty was turned on but he didn’t care.
“Want more?” asked Edward when he saw a red spot on Ty’s abs. Ty laughed and said he did. The punches continued, both of them turned on. Minutes later, Ty fixed his sight on the ceiling showind Edward his Adam’s apple. He breathed hard.
“Ho man! Looks like it’s enough,” Edward slapped Ty’s abs who flexed for the last time. Then he laughed… “Your turn, man!”
“Let’s see if those abs are worth of their fame,” (everybody on school talked of them). Edward laughed. Ty poked Edward’s abs while he was laughing. Ty felt them strong as rock. Then, he poked his own abs to see if they were as strong as Edward’s… They weren’t.
Punch after punch and Ty made no damage.
“I can’t beat them, man!” he said after some minutes when he ounched as hard as he could.
“I know,” Edward laughed. He passed his hands over his body “Feel it!” it was the word Ty had been waiting for years. He didn’t hesitate and passed his hand over Edward’s abs, feeling each little mountain while Edward laughed and his abs bumped out. Ty fixed his look and minutes passed and Edward told him to stop and continue with the punches. Ty continued and made some gut claws which Edward “flexed out.” His abs were so hard, that when Ty made the claw, Edward flexed so hard Ty had no space for the claw to continue.
“Man! It’s getting late… I should go home.” Edward didn’t want Ty to leave, but he had. He handshook with Ty and hugged him… It was not more a friendly hug… It was getting somewhere else.
“Thank you, for punching me, I mean,” Edward laughes his abs red as a tomato. He poked Ty’s abs and Ty looked at his abs and flexed “Remember to work out.” He poked Ty’s abs again.
“You too,” Ty laughed his cheeks blushed and he poked Edward’s abs and Edward flexed hard. “Well, now I’m going.” Ty hugged Edward again and passed his hand over Edward’s perfect body again. Both of them blushed. Ty put his loose shirt again.
“I’ll gift you my undershirt as a memory of this day.”
Edward took it and extended it and punched the place where abs should be. Ty smiled, his cheeks blushed. Ty knew something… He enjoyed that day and knew that the next day he was going to return to enjoy Edward’s bod again.