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I knew that my hour had come when they gathered around me. Marek had brought his fine friends, and they formed a circle with the two of us in its centre. Damn! I should have known before what a dangerous site a sports ground can be!
"Now let's come to the point." Marek never waisted time when some fun lay ahead. "I'll cut you down to size, my friend!" I knew his comrades wouldn't help him; they only saw to it that I didn't make away too soon. And, of course, they were to watch my humiliation.
Marek started with the old trick, but again I was taken in by it. He feinted a left blow to my face, and when I instinctively raised my arms to block it he shot a straight right deep into my gut.
"Ooouuh!" I moaned. I should have known better, really, but the sensation of a fist violating your intestines is somewhat suitable to narrow your conscious perception. Of course Marek had expected me to double over and kneed me in the chest then, driving the air off my body. Quick-witted as I sometimes am I tried to flex my abs but I was too slow and too limp, and Marek hit me in the stomach again, folding my body and wrapping it around his fist.
His pecs, his abs and his biceps would have been a pleasure to watch in the setting sun, as Marek loved to brag with his muscles and thus wore no shirt. But, frankly speaking, I was completely occupied with the task to stand on my feet rather than go down and roll over the grass.
In the next moment the impact of his elbow in my back made me cry out loud; my knees fainted, and I would have fallen down if Marek hadn't held his left arm under my belly to keep me up, and to ram his elbow in my kidneys again and again. I had no choice, I had to straighten myself again to protect the organs from severe damage.
Of course this was what Marek was waiting for. This time his left blow was not a feint but hit my cheek; my head flew around, and my upper body followed the movement, exposing my unprotected midsection to my aggressor who immediately punched me in the stomach with all his force.
This time I did fall on my knees, holding my aching belly and finally touching the grass with my forehead. The same position, I figure, from which he had gotten a hit in the nuts last time ...
I had no chance to even think of this revenge at this moment. Marek gave me a hard kick in my right side, making me fall to the other side and roll over. He punched me in the stomach again when I was laying on my back, but then he grabbed me by the arms and raised me with one brutal jerk. Before I even knew I was standing upright again I felt his stainless steel fist penetrating my guts, compressing my stomach to the size of a golf ball and nailing it against my spine.
Marek hit me in the chest with the palm of his hand, but I must admit that I hardly realized what was going on. The spit dropped from my mouth, and that I hadn't vomitted yet was just due to the fact that I had had a very tiny breakfast this morning which had probably been completely pulverized by now.
Marek lifted his right foot from the ground, and with a rather strange noise the knee hit me square in the belly, lifting me off the grass for a moment and driving my stomach against my diaphragm this time. Something bitter crept up my gullet, but my sight grew dim and I was about to pass out - or to pass away, for that matter.
But Marek hadn't forgotten how I had won our last fight. He grabbed me by the chest, right under my armpits, which certainly looked quite strange and as if he was going to embrace me, but he could hold me like that long enough to ram his knee in my crotch really hard. Next thing I remember is just me laying in the grass all alone ...



I really don't know what it was that I was punished for with the presence of this particular guy; but whatever it might be it was serious enough to make fate send me this slaughterer called Marek over and over again.
I entered the house free and easy. You could always have a lot of fun at the local youth club, and I expected some of my friends there and a good time with pool and a beer. All I found was Marek ...
Marek knew how to look sexy. He really did. Today his clothes were kinda second skin to him; a really hot blue jeans showed what he had to offer and a tight-fitting dark blue T-shirt gave you an impression of what would happen to you if you tried to grab the offer. Even the white of his socks, no more than a gap between the blue jeans and the black Nikes, formed an interesting contrast. And, besides, the boy was handsome, too. You could lose your heart when you saw him ...
... but probably you'd rather lose the content of your stomach.
And I decided that this wouldn't happen to me this time.
I tried to ignore Marek but could tell that he'd come over to me, and of course this is exactly what he did. "What's up, Oleg, huh?" he teased, standing there right in front of me with his hands on his hips. I swear I don't know what came over me in that second -
- but I punched him in the stomach as hard as I could!
"Ooww!" he cried and even doubled over for a moment. He had a hard belly, no question, but his abs obviously weren't really flexed, and he had got it. What a feeling!
Of course my lucky time didn't last too long. I gave my best, as far as my abs were concerned, but when Marek's fist hit my navel the air flushed off my mouth. His left followed immediately to the same spot, than his right fist came slightly higher, above the navel.
I moaned and pretended that I had taken the blows; but the truth was that, although they had hurt, I had managed to block a great deal of the force. Marek hesitated a moment too long and -
I straightened and gave him an uppercut right under his chin without warning. That one took him by surprise!
His friends were around, too, as usual, but they only stood and watched. You may call Marek whatever you like, but he wasn't unfair. Indeed I came to know later that he had told his comrades not to take action even if he was about to lose in a fight. I can't but respect him for that.
For a moment Marek didn't know what happened to him, and of course I seized the opportunity and punched him in the stomach again.
It was just enough to hinder him from reacting, but that was all I needed. I focussed both of my fists on his midsection: left - right - left - right ...
I gave him seven or eight punches, but the only effect was that I kept him from attacking me again. And then chance was on my side. Marek gasped for air, and I guessed he had relaxed his abs. With all my force I drove my fist forth -
"Uoooowh!" Marek doubled over. I had gotten him, and straight in the stomach!
I hit him in the kidneys, as he had done with me, and then punched him hard in the gut again. Gee, this boy could take it in the belly! He doubled over but still stood on his feet!
I struck him in the face to bring him up again, only to ram my fist deep into his guts again. Then I kneed him in the chest, stepped back and kicked him in the stomach as hard as I could. It felt as if his belly swallowed my foot as a whole; the energy that I had put into the kick lifted him off the ground and finally threw him down to his knees and - I couldn't believe it - made him vomit.
I stood there with this muscle man laying at my feet, coughing and spitting. What a feeling that was!
Then I remembered what I had to do. I went round the guy, aimed at his ample crotch and kicked him really hard in the balls from behind. With a cry of pain and surprise he fell on his belly and cupped his nuts with both hands.
For a moment I considered giving him two or three kicks wherever I'd get him, but at this moment his friends went to him to help him up. One of them came over to me and said in a serious but somehow gloating voice:
"You'd better not cross his way anymore, you know!"
Yes, I did know. But I wouldn't manage!



You thought swimming is not only fun, but a good way to keep you healthy, too? Well. I had some thoughts of this kind when I visited the public baths in our little town. And, yes, swimming was fun alright. Just when I came back to the lockers to change and leave I was surprised by the unexpected again.
Someone cleared his throat behind me in a meaningful manner. I turned round and perceived exactly what I had wished not to see again so soon!
Marek lost no time and gave me a left blow on the cheek. I flew around again and smashed into the metal lockers, producing a sound so loud they must even have heard it out in the street.
Next thing I realized were Marek's fists. They hit me, each twice, in the kidneys, nailing me against the locker and making manycoloured forms explode before my eyes. He immediately grabbed my shoulder, turned me round to face him and drove his right fist so deep into my guts that I was sure it would just penetrate them. I fell down on my knees and started dying; my stomach cramped more and more, it was pure chance that I had eaten so little before swimming, otherwise I would have thrown up here and now. But it was breathing that had priority.
After a couple of moments the asshole grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up again; he hit me in the nuts, not too hard but well enough to make me cup them with my hands. Then he pressed his forearm against my chest and nailed my back against the cold steel locker door. It was clear what was to come next.
My stomach took six of his crushing punches, then my knees fainted. Marek gave me some time again, but I didn't manage to recover my wits completely. He helped me up finally, and while my head still swung to and fro I got a glimpse at his ample crotch. Boy! His speedos did a real hard work holding "it" all!
He shoved me against the lockers again, but I was to weak to keep standing. He tried to hold me by my arms, finally he just came so near that he kept me up with his own body. I could feel his chest and realised that he didn't breathe heavily at all. I could feel his belly on mine, and I could feel his - well, you know what I mean.
"I don't wanna see your ugly face here again, sucker", he hissed. "Get that in your head?"
I could smell his after shave, I could feel the warmth of his smooth skin, I could even feel his heart beat. And I couldn't help getting a hard-on. Of course Marek realized that. A mean grin appeared on his handsome face.
"You little fag!" he murmured and grabbed my hair. I was absolutely positive that he was gonna smash my had against the locker or on the bench, but he didn't. Indeed he kissed me, though not at all in a tender way; but after the kiss he let me loose and rammed his knee up square in my balls, lifting me off the ground and making me go down and vomit.
I think that's just Mareks strange definition of love.


I didn't notice anything when I was changing in the locker room. Okay, the sports lesson had been exhausting; I was about to take a shower but then decided that it had gotten too late. I just wanted to dress in my steet clothes and get home. Where the hell had my T-shirt gone? The first thing I did notice was a shadowlike motion behind me; and when I flew around there came this kick. The foot smashed in my soft gut, driving the air out of my body and making me double over in the twinkling of an eye. Though that kick was hard to take, I still had the wits to wonder who my attacker was, but while I was still studying the patterns of the linoleum his fists hit me simultaneously in the kidneys, producing a cry of pain and the sensation of two nuclear explosions in my back. I fell on my knees, and instead of forcing me up again my attacker squatted down, grabbed me by the hair and slammed his right fist with all his force right in my stomach. There I hung on my knees, my forehead touching the dirty floor, the spit dropping from my mouth. Black clowds crossed my mind, hindering a mean voice from penetrating to my consciousness. After an inestimable period someone tugged me up violently and threw me against the wall. The room was spinning a bit, but I recognised the unpleasant voice now. Marek! How could I have been in doubt about who was attacking me? Of course it was the same guy who was making this kind of fun of me since two or three years - since he had first offended me, leading to a fight that I had unfortunately won. An affront which he certainly couldn't pocket. "Hey, Oleg", he teased. "Going in for sports?! That's good for your health, ain't it?" I knew what was to come next. This wasn't the first time Marek beat me up. But I couldn't help it. I tried to flex my abs, but my belly hurt like hell, and when he hit me in the stomach again it was as if I hadn't any abs at all. If there's one thing in the world that Marek's damn good in it's punching you in the stomach. He'd always punch with deadly force, and he'd never miss the target! I doubled over again, but he wouldn't let me catch my breath. With his right palm he hit me in the chest, pulling me up and driving the air out of my lungs again. I feared I was going to faint. He drove his fist deep into my violated gut like a ram-block. I couldn't stand anymore, went down on my knees again, doubled over and threw up. Some moments later I recovered my wits. Marek was still in front of me; I could see his damn stinking feet stand directly in front of my head. This meant that his crotch was in reach of my hands ... I knew his big, firm balls. I had held them in my hand not long ago; that was at a party, and Marek was all adrunk, probably not realising what happened to him. I then seized the opportunity to explore this region which I wouldn't come to know otherwise. And gee, his crotch's equipment was of the kind which lends a lot of fun at night! Frankly speaking I could even do more for him that night than only holding something in my hand ... Marek hesitated too long. My belly hurt, my lungs burned, and besides my kidneys still felt like crumbled. But finally I raised my head and threw my fist up. Boy! I could feel I hit both of his nuts with all the force I was capable of! Gotta hear him howl in pain! Boy, it felt so good to see him curl up on the floor, cupping his balls with both hands; coughing and gulping he obviously was near to vomitting, too. But soon I saw to it that I was getting far, far away ... well knowing that evil surprises would be waiting for me in the near future!