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Ab-punching in classroom

jonah and micah

It was Thursday. That was the day when I had my PE class. My teacher was a man in its twenties. He had a muscular body. That day he told us we were going to do some abdominal work. We began doing some sit ups and lifting our feet a little from the floor.
While we were excercising our abs, the teacher walked toward each of us and punched our abs. It was to see how strong our abs were. The boy at my left was Jonah. The teacher punched his abs and said "You have pretty good abs, Jonah" and he punched them again. He went on punching everybody's abs.
After that, he joined us with a classmate (I have to clarify that my school was only of boys). My classmate was Jonah. He was skinny but had strong abs. He had not a six pack but his abs were firm, as the teacher said.
The teacher said that one of us had to be lying in the floor (I decided it would be Jonah); while the other would sit by his side. I saw the other groups. Everybody had a pair except Micah who was the strongest of all. He had a very well developed abs and pecs. Then I saw who his pair would be: it would be the teacher.
Then, the teacher explained us what we were supposed to do. We had to punch our partners abs until he told us to stop. I saw a smile in Jonah's face. The teacher told us we had to begin. I punched Jonah's abs. They were firm and hard as a rock. Apparently, Jonah felt nothing with my punches.
"Do it harder," he told me. I did it but he felt nothing. His abs were really hard. I saw Micah and the teacher. The receiver was the teacher. He looked the same as Jonah. He felt nothing apparently. The teacher told us to stop.
"Change positions," said the teacher. I had strong abs but they were not as hard as Jonah's or Micah's.
The teacher gave the signal. Jonah began punching my abs. At first I felt nothing, but then my abs began to hurt. I moaned. A little after that the teacher told us to stop. Jonah was smiling at me disappointingly or something like "my abs are harder than yours".
The teacher just laughed when he saw some of the boys out of their breath. Then he saw Jonah. Jonah lifted his shirt showing the redness of his abs. You could barely see his abs. The only thing you could see perfectly in his abs was the line that runs in the middle of the abs. The teacher smiled and went to where he was.
"Put 'em hard!" he told to him. Jonah obeyed. The teacher punched his abs. He had no sign of pain and his abs were so strong that they did not tremble when the teacher punched them. It was really hot.
Then, he called Micah. "Look at his abs." He told to Micah. "It is really weird because he has very strong abs but he hasn't a six pack."

The next day, I saw Jonah walking through the hall. We were walking in different directions. When he passed by my side, I punched him softly in his abs. I remembered how hard they were when I punched them the day before.
"Hey!" he told me. I thought he was going to say something about "don't touch my abs" or something like that but he answered: "how are you, dude!?" We were not really good friends but we talked a little. Somehow we began talking of what happened the day before. He told me he felt nothing when they punched him. He lifted his shirt and showed me his stomach. He had his shirt lifted for a long while. I did not understand he wanted me to punch his abs.
"Go on," he said "Punch 'em."
"We'd better do it in another place; everybody's watching us here," I told it as if it was something wrong to punch his abs. But maybe I was right because some people think that if any man is punching other man's abs he is gay or something like that but it isn't.
He agreed and we went to the sewing classroom that was disoccupied. He took his shirt off. He was skinny but I couldn't see any of his bones highlighted exaggeratedly in his skin. His pecs were more or less developed.
"Go on," he said. Then I punched his abs. They were rock hard. He laughed "Is this all you can do?"
I punched him harder. I felt I was getting excited and decided to stop. Maybe he knew why I stopped because he said nothing. He put his shirt back on and sat down. We began talking again.
We got to the topic of Micah. None of us denied how well developed his body was, but there was something none of us liked. He was too cocky.
We made the perfect plan to teach him a lesson.

The bell rang. Everybody went out of the classrooms to their homes. Jonah, Micah, and me got out of the school the last. It was because Jonah hid his keys and we offered to help him. When everybody, even the teacher was out of the classroom, Jonah went to the door and closed it quietly. Micah was so busy he did not notice that.
Jonah took his shirt off silently. Again I saw his hot body. Then he walked quietly to where Micah was and grabbed his arms behind his back. Micah was confused. Then, I punched him in his abs. They were even harder that Jonah's. I punched him again and again in his abs until he moaned. Then the work became easier. His abdominal wall became each time softer and softer until I punched him and he coughed.
"Stop it for a while," Jonah told me. Then I got excited and took my shirt off. I was skinny, but not too much. My stomach was flat, but I had no six pack nor anything like that. Then, I punched him in the face. I punched him in his pecs and his abs. It was very fun.
Jonah told me he wanted to punch him too. I grabbed his arms and Jonah stood in front of him. He just laughed and then punched him in his gut. I saw something I liked very much. When Jonah punched him, I saw his abs appeared. I liked the veins in his arms also. When Jonah punched Micah, his biceps flexed and they were big! He punched him as hard as he could and I could see he was excited and I was excited also.
Jonah told me to leave him in the floor. Then we put our shirts back on and went out of the room. Jonah grabbed the keys from his pocket and threw them to Micah.
We walked out of the room. With my hand extended, I hit Jonah's abs. He just smiled and did the same. I think it seemed odd, but all the way from the hall to the exit I was punching Jonah's abs.