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Jamal Williams - episode 1

by J.T.


Jamal Williams had worked as a personal trainer at Woodland Athletic Club for three years. He was knowledgeable about a multitude of training techniques, he loved to workout, and he spent five days a week in a gym. It was the perfect job. He had been a fairly good high school wrestler at 152 pounds, and now at age 25 he was 5'10" and 160 pounds of solid muscle.
The athletic club provided Jamal with the opportunity to work with both males and females of a wide span of ages: young teens to retirees. He taught cycling classes, circuit and interval training, Parisi speed classes and many others. However, his favorite session was the Men's Advanced Core Fitness. The advanced class boasted the most athletic, fit young men in the entire club.
That's how Jamal met Ryan Lee.
Ryan Lee was 145-pound athlete with an eight-pack. Jamal loved having Ryan in his classes because he always gave 100%. He was a physical fitness maniac who could do ab crunches all night. In addition to the core class, Jamal occasionally worked with Ryan as his personal trainer. Over the past three months, the two had become gut punch buddies, pushing each other to be in fantastic condition.
Their first gut punch session happened after a particularly light workout at the club.
"Hey, I have some new ideas and equipment at home," said Jamal. "What do you think about continuing this at my house?"
"Sounds great," replied Ryan always ready to try new training.
Jamal only lived two miles from the athletic club, so the two were soon in his basement workout room, which included a bench, free weights, chin-up bar, and an assortment of conditioning equipment. The floor was covered with a thick mat.
"Nice facilities," said Ryan.
"Well, I've accumulated a lot of equipment over the years," said Jamal, "and sometimes I prefer to workout at home."
"So, what did you have in mind?" asked Ryan as he removed his jacket. He was wearing a gray tanktop and his arms were still pumped from the previous workout.
"Well, you have been working on your core really hard. I think it's time to see how solid you are. I thought I would throw some punches into that gut."
Ryan said nothing. The room was silent as Ryan apparently thought about the situation. He looked right into Jamal's eyes for a few seconds. "Okay, I'm game, but you're one strong stud. Let's take it easy until we see how this goes."
"We'll start slow," agreed Jamal.
Both young men removed their shirts. Ryan's compact build reflected the hours he spent in the gym: firm square shoulders, solid arms, and flat, muscled abs. Jamal's body showed not only hours in the gym but ten years of consistent conditioning. Although he was not exceptionally tall, his midsection was long and accentuated by lean ripped abs that made him appear taller. His shoulders were wide; his arms bulged.
Ryan stood about two feet from the wall and placed his hands behind his back. Jamal lined up in front of him and lifted his hands into a boxing stance.
Right. Left. Right. Three light taps bounced off of Ryan's eight-pack. They made a crisp smacking sound. Smack. Smack. Smack. Three more.
"You okay?" asked Jamal.
"No problem," smiled Ryan as he slightly adjusted his hips to the right and then back to the left. "Turn it up."
Smack! Jamal struck to the left of the belly button with a solid right hand followed by two more punches to the other side of the stomach. Ryan let out a slight "whoof" and moved back a half step. He smiled again. "I'm feeling good. Let's go."
"We're going to concentrate on the lower abs," Jamal informed him, and with no hesitation he placed two much harder punches, one on both side of Ryan's stomach. Ryan stood his ground. Then it happened. Jamal brought forth a controlled barrage of rights and lefts, which thudded onto Ryan's tight stomach. Ryan retreated until his backside made contact with the wall. Jamal switched to just his right hand. Ten solid upper cuts landed directly into Ryan's belly. During the first punches, Jamal felt his hand strike the strong muscle protecting Ryan's stomach, but on the final three, the muscles loosened and Jamal heard air rush out of Ryan's lips. Jamal stepped back. Ryan's arms were no longer behind his back; they had fallen to his side. Jamal stepped into one last powerful strike which had his weight and momentum behind it. The fist hit Ryan on the navel, it drove him tight against the wall, and his breath left his body with a louder whoof. He hung for a moment against the wall and then started to fall forward. Jamal caught him in his arms and held him close to his body.
"Whoa buddy. I think we found your limit." Jamal helped him over to the weight bench where he sat down. Ryan's stomach heaved in and out heavily. He sat for a minute without looking up or saying a word.
"I'm okay," Ryan said while sucking in a breath. "I'm okay. I'll do better."
"Hell yes you will. We're going to work those abs till they're punch proof."
Ryan smiled weakly. "Yeah, but not tonight. They've had it for tonight."
It was fifteen minutes before Ryan felt strong enough to leave.
Jamal knew that this was just the beginning. He was going do some concentrated gut conditioning with athletes from the club.