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Billy Goldcrest versus the Green Panther

by Nick C.

Part 1: The Challenge

I don’t mind admitting, I hate the guts of Billy Goldcrest.  He’s one of those ‘good guy’ wrestlers who make out they always fight fair, and pretend they only want to outwrestle us bad guys in order to cure us of our antisocial habits.  Billy, alias Goldenboy, is always smiling, he never snarls or curses. Yeah, he’s such a goody-goody, he makes me want to throw up!   At the same time, I gotta admit, Billy’s strong.  I been up against him.  I’ve been lifted and thrown by him.  I’ve felt his powerful thighs around me like a vice.  And once he choked me out cold – squeezing my neck in some clever scientific way – while I could only looking up at him helplessly, my vision all blurred, past his smooth hairless chest, into that grinning handsome face of his, with that crest of golden hair… Yes, the condescending bastard was was grinning as if he was doing me a favor, letting me see how totally he could outwrestle me!
Then Green Panther came on the scene – the new bad guy on the block. The Panther, alias Pantherclaw, is mean.  He is as mean as they get. Now, Billy is strong, like I said.  But Green Panther is fast and lean and iron-hard. So I began to daydream … Well-muscled Pantherclaw in his tight green speedo takes on Goldenboy in his blue-and-yellow shorts, and he doesn’t just beat him, he humiliates him.  He makes handsome Billy with his golden crest regret the day he was born ...

Then it began …
After a workout and a shower at the gym, the Panther was lounging on a beanbag in the locker room. I was the only other person there. Billy walked in and hung a towel on a peg.  He had his back to the Panther when the Panther said, cold and clear: ‘Hey, pretty boy, what’s it like not being number one any more?’
Billy looked over his shoulder towards Green Panther and eyed him for a second.  ‘Don’t know what you mean, fella.  I’m not number anything.  There aren’t any numbers here.’  And he proceeded coolly to lie down on a bench and clasp his hands behind his head, preparing to do sit-ups.
Green Panther stood up and swaggered over towards Billy.  ‘Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean!’ he snarled.  ‘I’m challenging you to wrestle!  ’Cause you’ve pretended to rule the roost round here for long enough!’
Again, Billy Goldcrest eyed Pantherclaw coolly.  He half-turned to face him and said in a quiet but cold voice: ‘Like I said, I don’t rule any roost. But I know a bully when I see one. And I’m sure as hell gonna stop you in your tracks before you throw your weight around any more. So … noon tomorrow, in the ring, huh?’
‘Sure thing, Goldilocks!’  The curl of the Panther’s lips made my stomach give a strange excited lurch.   ‘Three-minute rounds with one-minute breaks, until one of us taps out – or is knocked out!  And Nicky here can be the time-keeper.’  Billy nodded curtly: ‘OK – but, when you lose, remember YOU asked for it!’  And he went on with his sit-ups.
Me the timekeeper!  I gazed incredulously at Green Panther.  And in reply he gave me a knowing private look – it was like he knew exactly what I wanted: for the Goldenboy to be defeated, by fair means or foul …


Part 2: Surprise Attack

With me as timekeeper, they fought one three-minute round … and, at the end, it was clear that each of these two guys was a formidable wrestler.  Sweat streamed off the lean mean challenger as he glared at Goldenboy.    Billy Goldcrest was relaxing by leaning back against the ropes.  But, as he returned the Panther’s stare, his smooth pale chest was heaving, and he wasn’t wearing his normal relaxed smile.  He hadn’t had the fight all his own way.  In fact, Billy was up against a stronger opponent than he had ever faced – and he knew it.
The Panther sensed Billy’s new uncertainty.  He clasped his hands behind his head and flexed. ‘Yeah, that’s right, Goldilocks,’ he sneered, ‘get a good look at these muscles of mine!  They fascinate ya, don’t they?  You can’t take your eyes of them!  You’re like a rabbit in the road, caught in the car headlights!  You’re staring at my pecs and biceps because you know that very soon you’re gonna feel my arms tighten round you, and you won’t …’
‘Cut it out, scumbag!  I’m not listening to any more from you!’  Billy Goldcrest burst out in fury.  ‘I’ll fight you, any way you like – MMA, no holds barred – but I don’t wanna have anything more to do with a lowlife like you …’  And he turned his back on the Panther and me, glaring at the wall.
I consulted my watch.  The rest break was nearly over.  Green Panther looked at me, questioningly.  Billy still had his back turned.  Facing toward the Panther, I mouthed silently the words ‘Five … four … three …’  The Panther got ready, drawing back his left fist  …   Then, loud and clear, I announced: ‘Fight!’
Billy is still preoccupied with his anger.  He is taken by surprise. He begins to turn round, but he is too slow.  The Panther swings his whole body rightward, putting the full weight of it behind his right fist, while his massive arm muscles add further power. The Pantherfist lands – a sickening crunch – on the back of Billy’s neck! 
‘UUNNNHHHH!’ For the first time, I see that handsome face screwed up in pain!  Billy staggers forward, loses his balance, topples towards the mat.  He is on all fours, his mouth wide open, a dribble of saliva coming from it.
I expect Green Panther to follow up quickly, exploiting his advantage. But no: he stands calmly, hands on hips, the sweat glistening on his shoulderblades as he looks down at his struggling enemy. Then it dawns on me: Green Panther is in no hurry! He is going to take his time, enjoying every minute …
I’m amazed that Billy isn’t out cold already. But he’s strong. He’s got stamina. Slowly, he gets to his feet, straightens up, turns toward the Panther. His face displays pride – but at the same time it’s a kind of blank look, and his arms dangle loosely, as if he doesn’t know what to do with them.
Those fine abs of Billy Goldcrest are the envy of all the wrestlers in the gym. But now they’re a wide open target, as he stands there in a daze, trying to focus his eyes on the Green Panther. The stony-faced Panther bides his time, preparing his next attack. But then, something incredible happens. Billy shakes his head rapidly, as if to clear the fogginess away, and begins to smile! He may be still groggy, he may have been hurt, but he’s still in the fight – and he’s enjoying it! That sneaky attack by the Green Panther – it’s as if he’s been energized by it!
‘Hey, whaddya doing, Pantherman?’ I think to myself.  ‘Don’t be too cocky, the Goldenboy is dangerous!
Anxiously, I look across at the Green Panther.  He is brandishing his fist – his left fist this time.   Smiling Billy, now recovered, launches himself into gleeful attack.  His aim is to grab the Panther round the waist and throw him.  But the Panther goes into action too.  Those broad shoulders of twist leftwards – that left arm of his straightens, releasing all the pent-up power of that bunched bicep – and, right into the centre of Billy’s stomach, the Pantherfist slams mercilessly! 
Oh yesss!  The Panther has lured Billy into a trap!  Billy’s own forward impetus has made the blow from the Pantherfist all the more devastating.  The Goldenboy’s wall of abdominal muscle is formidable.  But it’s not so formidable that it could withstand that awesome concentration of Pantherman energy. 
‘OOOOFFFF …’  That golden crest of hair flops forward as Billy’s body sags.  He almost collapses.  But not quite!  I’ve got to hand it to him, Billy’s stamina is amazing.

What now?  The Panther uses that crest of hair to grab hold of Billy.   It’s like Pantherman is holding Billy steady with his left hand while with his right – what?  In that magnificent Panther torso, as he holds Billy by the hair, something awesome is being prepared!  Oh, I’m so glad I’m not in Billy’s shoes right now!


Part 3:  Forced to kneel

As the Panther holds Billy Goldcrest by the hair, he raises his right fist … He’s ready to bring it down on Billy’s neck!    Yes!!  The Panther turns to glance at me as he prepares for action – and my eyes feast on his muscular physique!  Meanwhile Billy is in a daze, his head is drooping lower, he’s got no chance of escape ;

WHAM!  That fist lands right in the middle, on Billy’s neck vertebrae!  Billy can no longer stifle his reaction.  He lets out an agonized wail: ‘AAAHH!’…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Pantherman, you hurt him, you really hurt him!!  That wail of pain – it’s music to my ears!  Now hurt him some more – and let us see the look on Goldenboy’s handsome face while you really make him suffer!

Yes!  That blow to his neck has sent Billy Goldcrest into near-collapse.  Oh man!  Seeing the lean Green fighting machine standing tall, with Billy the boy scout so ruined – it sends a thrill right through me.  Part of me wants to freeze the moment – yet part of me longs to see what happens next to Billy ; 

Billy’s hands almost touch the floor – but only almost!  And I gotta hand it to him, his legs haven’t buckled yet.  Against such an onslaught, anyone but blond Billy would be flat on the mat by now … anyone but that boy in blue … He may be pretty but he’s strong as well.  C’mon, hit him again, Panther, before he grabs your legs and brings you down!! 

I shouldn’t be worried.  Once again, Panther gets a handful of Billy’s crest of hair and pulls him up ready for a second attack .  Another mighty blow is coming, and the Goldenboy can do nothing whatever to defend himself!  The Panther’s fist lands … and the adminstration of pain is taken over by the impersonal laws of physics.  The massive impetus of the blow courses through Billy&s body like a lightning bolt.  Billys stamina crumbles as his knees give way. 

Oh yes!  To see the tough Boy Scout wrestler, the scourge of the bad guys, brought low like this ; kneeling in submission before the Green Panther ; it feels so good!  But it’s not over yet.  The Pantherman glances towards me again, a smile on his lips this time. 
The lean mean Greenman bestrides Billy , and prepares his next move.  But not too fast, please!  I want to admire the ripple of your sinews as you flex in preparation

to be continued