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Belly Down - Series Two
Welcome to the second series of Belly Down! I think it goes without saying that the first series was a huge success, and believe me as I writer the creative juices really were flowing by the time the first series ended, meaning that it would just be rude to not write a second set of stories!
In the coming series you will meet some new characters – most notably Callum Lennard who becomes a regular cast member – but don’t panic, the old favourites such as Tom, Sam and Darius are still at the forefront of the gut beatings too! Sit back, and enjoy...
The Complete Series Two
1. Boyfriend
2. I hate snooker
3. Ultimatum
4. Sausage for Tom?
5. I met him on the internet...
6. Callum gets a gut bashing

Episode One – Boyfriend
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves

Tom Graves & Callum Lennard

We would all be going back to university for our second year in a couple of weeks, so me and my friends from home decided to go away to Crete for a week before we all split up again. I was really looking forward to the holiday as I fancied quite a few of my mates – just a shame none of them are gay! Anyway, they didn’t know that I was gay either and so they would probably be taking their tops off in a very care-free manner around me which I was really looking forward to!
There were a total of 8 of us that went away on the holiday, and we had 4 rooms between the 8 of us meaning that we each had a roommate. My roommate was a lad called Callum who I had known for years ... And I had admired him for years too! He had a slight natural tan anyway, but over the course of the week he developed a really nice brown glow over his whole body. There was no doubting that he was hot! He had a pair of sizeable nipples and big massive belly button that I would gladly pay to be able to finger!
Callum was incredibly self confident and spent pretty much the whole week without his shirt on. I on the other hand was much more cautious about bearing my abdomen to the world. My t-shirt stayed firmly on for the whole week, no matter how sweaty I got. Ever since the itching powder torture back when I was 14 and my stomach had been displayed, I have been very reluctant to let others see my pale body. I know it’s kind of ironic that a guy with a gut fetish is embarrassed by his own abs, but it’s a deep rooted psychological problem for me!
On the second to last night of our holiday, we had hit the clubs and staggered back at about 3-4 in the morning, and Callum literally flopped down onto his bed, belly down and shirtless. I was quite intoxicated myself, but decided to roll him onto his back and admire him as he slept. His stomach was quite bloated due to all the alcohol he had consumed , but I couldn’t talk mine probably was too! I dared to put my hand on his inflated belly and there was an explosion in my boxers! His belly was so soft to the touch it was unbelievable. I put my other hand on his big fat tummy and started to massage him. How I would love to land a punch in his vulnerable midsection...but if I did this he would wake up and wonder what was going I just continued to massage his slightly sweaty stomach.
My finger snuck into his navel which was very deep due to his bloating and so I started giving him a gentle fingering. Oh how I would love to apply a stomach claw on him. He was so hot that he needed to be tortured ... It should be the law that if you where this good looking that you had to be tortured as a right of passage!
After five minutes of navel fingering I moved up his torso to his beefy chest. It was powerful and strong and I began massaging this too. Every inch of Callum was sexually arousing! My fingers explored his pecs and then under his arms and ribs....I really was getting adventurous now!
Callum then groaned! Shit! He was coming around from his drunken stupor and my hands felt like they where glued to his body! He opened his eyes and saw me and then gave me a
smile that I’d never seen on him before; “Finally, I thought I was gunna have to drag you out of that closet kicking and screaming!” I didn’t know what to say to that. What could I say to that? I was literally caught red handed! I chose just to reply with, “Yeah well, I just wish you where gay too. You have a great body!” Callum smiled at me and laughed and said “I am gay you pillac. Why do you think I’ve been letting you perve on me so much this last week? I just wanted to be sure you where gay before I made a move – none of the lads know I’m gay!”
I could not believe it! I could not believe it! Callum Lennard, one of my oldest and hottest friends was secretly gay and neither of us knew that the other was gay! My hands snuck onto Callum’s stomach whilst we continued our chat. It turns out that Callum had been suspicious that I was gay for about a year, but had never said anything. We were both delighted that our feelings where mutual and we were excited about where this could lead too!
“Anyway I’m here in just my boxers, come on take that top off Tom lets have a look at your body!” said Callum forwardly. He was a very upfront kind of guy, and he could read that I didn’t like taking my top off. “Why do you never take your top off Tom? You’re a fit lad!” I sighed, and tried to explain my self-confidence issues about being topless. I told him about the attack when I was 14 (although I didn’t want to reveal myself as a gut fetishist yet, I didn’t want to scare Callum off. ) Callum told me not to be daft and yanked my top up over my belly button to get a good look at me. “You’re hot Tom. A bit like an uncooked sausage. You know the meats good, it just needs a bit of a tan!” Being told your stomach represents an uncooked sausage is not a great compliment, but I don’t think Callum really knew what he was saying he was so drunk. We ‘fooled around’ in bed for a few hours that night, pretty much slept through the final day of our holiday and before we knew it we where on the plane homeward bound for Manchester.
Callum and I had decided that we should keep our relationship a secret for the time being. Nobody needed to know so why tell anyone? One thing was for sure, I’d met the boy of my dreams years ago, but just hadn’t realised it, so now that we where together, I knew that I was about to have the time of my life!

Episode Two – I hate snooker!
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves

Mine and Callum's whirlwind romance was only about ten days old, but university had to separate us for a little while as Callum went to Liverpool whilst I went to Hull. We were in contact most days though, and we had made a deal to meet up as often as possible. We where both loving each other’s company and I hated being away from him like this. Anyway it was the first Friday evening of the new semester and Darius, the guy who had helped me torture Paul last semester, came over to my room and asked me if I fancied going down to play some snooker. I agreed as I hadn’t got anything better to do without Callum. The snooker room is at the end of my building, and it was quite out of the way of everything else. You needed a key to get in and so we had to bypass our halls manager to get the key. Anyway once we had it the two of us headed down into the basement of the building and unlocked the snooker room. It’s an unusual room, there are no lights in the room, except for the light over the table itself so there is always an eerie feeling in the room anyway. As we where chalking up the cues, I noticed that Daz was acting a bit fidgety. He seemed very on edge, but I ignored it and started setting up the balls on the table. Just as I had finished, the door of the room suddenly opened with a violent bang and my heart sank! In walked Paul, the dude who got tortured, flanked by three fairly hefty looking guys.
I was then exceptionally surprised to watch Darius quickly walk behind them, slam shut the door and then lock it with the key and slip the key into his pocket. “Darius what the fuck?” I asked in surprise as two of the beefy guys took my arms and spread-eagled me. “Darius has sold you up the creek without a paddle here Tom!” laughed Paul. Darius was looking uneasy and then came out with a story that these guys had forced their way into his room and threatened to beat him up if he didn’t lure me into this trap that they had prepared!

Tom Graves & Darius Task
“Paul please don’t beat me up!” I begged, but I knew how stupid this begging was. I knew in the pit of my stomach that I even deserved to be twated by Paul. Paul had done nothing to me, and without reason (other than sexual fantasy) I had repeatedly punched him in the stomach, force-fed him sausages and had a good inspection of his cock! “Ha-ha, get fucked Tom!” laughed Paul, and he handed Darius a digital camera and he instructed him to take as many photos as possible. Again I guess I deserved this as we had taken photos of him, but the thing that I was angry about was that Darius, who had caused just as much pain to Paul, was getting off scot free!
“Open him up boys!” ordered Paul and I was spread-eagled to the point where I thought my shoulders where going to dislocate. The third beefy guy came up behind me and lifted my shirt up over my belly button. Paul indicated that this wasn’t sufficient and the guy then lifted up higher, around my nipples to be exact, and then used it to gag me. Paul walked right up close to me and ran his fingers all over my torso. I was quite embarrassed by this as
I hate having my top off in public, but Paul actually commented on how tough my stomach felt (but I was tensing as I was awaiting a dig any second!)
I was starting to sweat a lot now. The tension was really getting to me. I’d only ever been beaten up once before in my whole life and that was back when I was 14, I’ve probably told you the story before. Anyway, I knew that this was going to be a completely different experience! Paul wanted to hurt me, and he wanted to hurt me a lot. I glanced down at my body and I saw that my stomach was glistening with sweat in the dim light of the snooker room. If I wasn’t expecting to be put into torturous pain at any moment, I would probably have been quite turned on by it.
Paul then walked away and picked up one of the snooker cues and started to chalk it up. I could then see what my fate was, and I tried to scream but the gag they had fashioned with the bottom of my shirt stifled it! With a fully chalked up snooker cue Paul walked back towards me and stopped about 4/5 feet away from me. A massive grin was on his face. “Now you know how I felt, you fucker!” he laughed at me. And then the beating began...
He thrust the sharp end of the cue straight into my navel and pain erupted in the centre of my stomach. It was that ferocious that the two meat-heads holding me had to readjust to support me. My gag slipped out too and my scream was uncontrolled. The next strike came into my upper stomach, possibly the chest, I’m not sure where the boundary line is tbh! Either way, that part of the body isn’t as squishy as my belly and so the pain was more of a blunt impact kind of one. I was kicking and fighting and trying to break free but the guys holding me where doing a good job! Two more shots came in quick succession, both about 2cm either side of my belly button. It was like being stabbed with a knife. It was a horrific sensation. I was tensing my abs but the resistance they put up was futile against the sharp end of a snooker cue. It was pain like I had never experienced before. There is no way that this could be compared to gut punching, as no punch would ever hurt as much as this!
He then went for my ribcage – but this hurt less but was still fucking torture. After 3 in the ribs I could tell he wasn’t satisfied and so another one went directly into the navel. I was being skewered like a kebab!
The next shot was a killer. He aimed the cue at an upward angle and made his impact just below my breastbone. It took all of my breath away as I felt the cue driving my chest upwards. I thought I was going to suffocate. It was unbearable. After what seemed like an age, he pulled the cue out and I breathed again!
Paul had mercy and gave me a break. I needed one. My chest was heaving up and down as I gasped in the air that he had just taken out of me. Darius came over to me and took some inappropriate close up photos of me in writhing agony! He said he was sorry, and that if he hadn’t lured me here they would have tortured him too. I just called him a twat, but I must admit if I had been in his position, I would probably have done the same!

“Okay, lets start again!” said Paul enthusiastically as if we were about to kick off for the second half of a football match! So far I had taken 8 jabs from the snooker cue and I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore. I looked down at my body and there was blue markings from the chalk on the cue which denoted where each strike had hit me. He started chalking up the cue again, and as if he could read my mind, he confirmed that the chalk was so that he could count how many times he had stabbed me with it!
The first one of this sequence hit me just above the belly button and made me wail like a stuck pig! All five of them (including Darius!) laughed at my howl from that strike. “Lift his top up higher Josh!” ordered Paul. My top had slid back down so it was covering my nipples, which Paul wasn’t satisfied with. Now that my red nips where visible again, they each took a jab with the snooker cue. This caused a reflex motion of my knees sagging and my back arching. “Oh good he’s sticking his tummy out for me!” Paul drilled it in harder than ever somewhere around my midriff. I’m not exactly sure since my whole abdomen was raw with pain and it was all starting to mush together.
He hadn’t touched my lower abs so far, but that was about to change. His goons straightened me up, and then the cue hit me about an inch below the navel. That was the first one that had gone below the navel, and it seemed to hurt even more than the others. My lower stomach isn’t as strong as my upper stomach, meaning that the cue just simply pushed through my thin abdominal wall and helped to re-arrange my intestines. I was in that much pain that I can’t remember how the next few shots came in, I just remember that they all hit me in and around the belly button. By now I had taken 16 digs in the stomach with the cue, and Paul was looking very pleased with his handy work.
He put the cue down and came up to me and started feeling up my stomach again. “Well that was fun wasn't it!” laughed Paul, “But lets not forget, you didn’t just torture my chest and stomach did you?”
Shit! I knew what was coming!
Paul nodded to his henchmen, and the guy who had lifted my top up now moved round to my front and undid my belt buckle, undid my fly, and then pulled my jeans down to my knees. My boxers where white, Calvin Klein, but I’ll be honest, they where damp with sweat...I think I can be forgiven though, getting tortured with a snooker cue does make you sweat a bit more than normal!
Paul got his snooker cue again and chalked up for the final time. I was begging. He was listening. He was enjoying! It seemed to take him an hour to chalk up that cue! He then stood in front of me and told me that I was lucky that my sweaty boxers where staying on. I couldn’t really have complained if they hadn’t, me&Darius had forcefully displayed his crown jewels!
I watched him draw the cue back and I screwed my eyes shut. About a nano-second later pain erupted down below! The cue struck me right in the centre of my penis, but carried on travelling to a region of my testicles that I didn’t even know existed! The beefy-body guards dropped me simultaneously and I crashed onto the floor holding my testicles. My mouth was wide open as I was trying to scream but I was in too much pain to make a sound. That hurt fucking more than anything I’d done to either him or anyone else ever!
Paul ordered Darius to move closer to me and take some snaps of me defeated on the floor. One of the dudes who had been holding me rolled me onto my back so that my belly was up and visible for the photos. Darius knelt over me whilst he did his job, and I spotted that he had a huge donga of an erection through his jeans. “I thought it was only nipple work that did it for you, you sick cunt!” I asked him. Darius laughed and continued photographing me and said “Yeah, it usually is, but that was something fucking special that was Tom! Seven minutes of the hottest porn I have ever seen!”
Paul then said something unusual, “Guys, clear the floor and put him on the table!” Why did Paul want to clear the floor? All four of them took one of my limbs and dumped me like a sack of spuds on the table. It was quite hot under the light and Darius was still taking pictures of me! My eyes then seemed to deceive me, Paul, who had been treating Darius as an ally, then grasped him round the waste and squeezed, making him drop the camera onto the table.
“What the fuck?” panicked Darius. “Its bad enough betraying a friend once like Tom did with me, but you’ve betrayed two of your friends you little fucker!” snarled Paul.
I sat up on the table to watch this. Sure my abs were sore, but watching this would make the pain feel less sharp! Darius begged them as they got into the same positions that they had all been in for me. Darius’ shirt was lifted up high and used as a gag and I got an instant erection – I’d never actually seen Daz topless. I had always thought that he was exceptionally slim, but as it turns out he has a sexy amount of puppy fat on that belly of his! It was a little hairy too – well more than mine! He only had a very small amount of hair on his chest, virtually none, but his stomach had a decent amount on it growing around his very deep belly button, which continued into a sexy snail trail to his pubic hair!
Paul struck Daz right in the belly button and my boner started to develop. I couldn't help it – it was a bit embarrassing too given that I was only in my boxers but everyone was too occupied with Darius. The strikes where coming in quickly and viciously! He was concentrating on Daz’s navel area though – and soon there was 10 chalk wounds on his midriff alone! Paul moved forward and put the cue down. He then got hold of Darius by the nipples and squeezed as hard as he could. I don’t know how it was for Darius, but looking at it from where I was, I thought that Paul was just going to rip his nipples clean off. This nipple cripple lasted a ridiculous length of time and when Paul let it go Daz’s entire chest was red raw! Paul snaked his hand down to Daz’s belly and gave him a dig in the navel. He then pulled a torture instrument out of his pocket! It was a razor used for trimming hair off bunny rabbits. He switched it on and ran it across Daz’s stomach and Darius started to thrust uncontrollably – I couldn’t decide if this was due to sexual pleasure or the nerve-tingling pain. Either way I was really enjoying it!
Paul shaved Daz’s entire body – his stomach, chest and armpits! It was a hot thing to witness! Paul then took down Darius’ trousers to reveal Daz’s tight karate-kid boxers. His erection had gone. Daz was actually crying. I can’t say I blame him – this was awful! Paul slapped Darius in his boxer shorts region, making him flinch. Paul then asked Daz why he had force-fed him sausages, to which Darius couldn’t answer him. He kept on asking him and every time Daz didn’t answer him he got another slap in the bollocks. This went on for some time and Daz was pleading with them to stop but everyone else in the room was enjoying it far too much.
Paul nodded to one of the hefty guys and he let go of Daz and came over to me and practically hurled me off the snooker table. I hit the floor at a weird angle and hurt my shoulder, but I think that was probably the idea. They then lifted Darius up and lay him down on the snooker table...which was temporarily going to be become a torture table. Paul got up onto the table and sat on top of Daz in a school-boy-pin type position and then the punches started to come in thick and fast – predominantly into Daz’s lower stomach where he hadn’t hit him with the snooker cue. His skin was red-raw all over his body. This was a gruelling stomach workout, especially given that to my knowledge Paul wasn’t into gut punching and this was purely an act of revenge!
Paul then leaned over Darius and picked up the chalk for the cue, and he started to graffiti all over Daz’s torso. Daz was yelling like mad and trying to get up but the torturers were holding down his limbs so he was powerless to resist the humiliation of being graphitised on. Paul had scrawled his chest “Fudge-packer”, “Shirt lifter” and “Bent Bastard”, whilst on his stomach was “Fat Fucker” and “Sausage-jockey” , and Paul also coloured in Daz’s belly button for good fun!
Paul told Daz that his torment was over, except for one final thing! He took hold of Darius boxers and pulled them off showing Darius manhood to the world. The torturers howled in laughter, just to intimidate Daz more than anything, and then came the final blow to his beating! Whilst Daz was still being pinned by the 3 henchmen, Paul dismounted Daz, completely stripped him, made sure his legs were spread, jumped off the table and picked up the snooker cue. He also retrieved the white ball from one of the pockets, placed it down at the opposite end of the table to Darius, aimed, and well I am sure you can work the rest out...and lets just say it fucking hurt him because Paul’s got one fucking hard shot on him!
They all had enjoyed the twating they had given Daz and me, and just to really rub it in, they took our clothes with them when they left the snooker hall, leaving Daz naked and me in just my boxers! I made my way over to Daz who was just lying, tortured, on the table. He
was in such a bad way that he didn’t even try to hide his testicles. I couldn’t resist giving his stomach a quick feel up whilst I asked him how he was, and he knew exactly what I was doing but never said anything!
We staggered out of the room and thankfully didn’t see anyone on the way back to our rooms – and since then I’ve basically lay in bed in agony for 3 days with stomach cramps! I haven’t gone into uni since and so I haven’t seen Paul, Daz or the henchmen since. I can’t wait till I do though!
NEXT: Ultimatum

Episode Three – Ultimatum
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves

It was now Tuesday – 4 days had passed since I’d been lured to the snooker room and tortured by Paul and my abs where showing little sign of recovery! I stood in front of the mirror in my room with my top off and counted the cue wounds on my torso. Sixteen painful circular bruises where spread across my pale torso, most of them in and around my belly button. I decided that I’d been feeling sorry for myself for too long and decided to arrange to meet Callum that evening. Callum always had Wednesdays off and so I invited him down to my halls with the intention of him sleeping the night.

Tom Graves & Callum Lennard
That evening me and Callum just went to the local student pub to hang out and talk. Whilst we were in there I recognised one of Pauls henchmen, and he smiled at me and nodded. I didn’t acknowledge him. If I’d had any sense I would have called the police after what they did to me!
After me and Callum had had quite a few drinks, we headed back to the halls and we decided to put a movie on. Whilst the film was playing on my laptop, Callum and I were lying on my bed, and Callum put his arm around my waist. I flinched and he asked me what was wrong, so I truthfully told him that I had some bruises on my body. Callum asked to see them and my immediate reaction was to say no. Apart from the drunken night when we got together, Callum hadn’t seen my naked torso and I was happy to keep it that way.
“Oh come on Tom, you’ve got to get over this body issue thing!” encouraged Callum, pulling his own top off to display his fantastic torso. “Easy to say that when you have a body like yours!” I replied. “What is it with you and your belly Tom? You’re not fat!” I decided that I should tell him about my whole stomach fetish and see how he felt about it, so I did. I recalled the navel torture incident when I was younger, and then I told him how that had got me fixated with torture & stomachs. I was trying to read his reactions but it was hard, he seemed to be thinking about it quite a lot, trying to work out the whole thing. I then continued to tell him how I was into gut punching, and then I recalled the belly beating I had given Paul (but I made out that Paul was consenting too it) and then I told him that I had let Paul work my body over at the weekend for payback.
I’d done all the talking now for about ten minutes, and then Callum asked me again to show him the bruises. I agreed and pulled my top up to reveal my tortured torso. I have to be honest – Callum's reaction was not what I wanted! He was horrified. “Fuck me Tom, this turns you on? Getting the shit kicked out of you! That’s weird mate!” I had desperately wanted Callum to be into GP, so I just had to ask him, “So there’s no chance of us doing anything like that together?” Callum snorted, “Absolutely no way....never...ever!”
I suddenly became very nervous. “You’re not gunna break up with me are you?” I asked him. “Don’t be daft of course not, what we’ve got is really special Tom, its just I’m not exactly comfortable with doing something like that. I’m sorry.” I rolled on top of Callum and hugged him. I was pleased he wasn’t going to be too dismayed about it. For a brief moment I had feared he would just get up and walk out on me, but I guess it went as well as I could have hoped for, I mean, gut punching is a rare fetish, not every gay guy is into it!
Callum and I then got down to some more conventional ‘business’ but once again I kept my shirt on for it. I think Callum would find the bruises a turn off and I can’t blame him! Once we had done, we just lay on my bed and relaxed – and Callum is a really hunky beast to lie next to! I put my hand on his tummy and gave it a rub. That’s when Callum said something that I didn’t want to hear...
“I don’t want to sound too possessive or jealous Tom, but because this stomach thing gets you hard, I’d rather you didn’t do it with any other guys. I mean, it’s only one step down from sleeping with someone else really,” said Callum, quite calmly and well thought out. I didn’t know what to say, and then Callum said, “I hope you understand. I wouldn’t want us to have to break up over it.” “Of course not!” I said, “It’s just a fetish thats all. It’s a phase. I’ll be over it soon anyway; I won’t be seeing anything of Darius or Paul anymore if it makes
you feel uncomfortable.” “Cheers Tom,” said Callum, and he snuggled up to me and started to drift off to sleep.
Shit! How could I give up gut punching? It was even better than sex! But how could I go against the wishes of my boyfriend. Guys like Callum don’t come around that often! Incredibly good looking and a really nice person...what should I do!!??!?
NEXT: A sausage for Tom?

Episode Four – Sausage for Tom?
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves

I was in a bit of a predicament. I was a raging gut fetishist, but my boyfriend won’t allow me to engage in any gut bashing of any kind! What was I to do? I needed some advice, so I went to see Darius for a chat.
It had been 4 weeks since Darius and I had been snooker cued in the belly, and despite the fact that Darius had set me up for that assault, we were still friends. If I’m honest, I would have probably done the same if Paul had come to me instead of Darius first. Most of the impact marks had faded now, but I suspected that one of the ones below my navel was going to scar as it had punctured the skin .
I knocked on Darius’ door and he answered it in his boxers. “Hey come in Tom,” said Darius and I came in and realised that he must have been in the middle of a workout as his free weights where lying casually on the bed. “Fancy slugging me in the gut Tom? I’m trying to get tougher so that I can be prepared for if we ever get ambushed like that again.” “Sure,” I agreed, thinking how ironic it was that I was to work Darius’ abs when I had only come round to tell him about my blanket ban on gut punching. “So what brings you round mate?” asked Daz. “Oh I need some advice, but we can get this out of the way first,” I replied, straddling his pelvis. “Cool, I wouldn’t mind a bite to eat if you fancy getting some food or something in a bit,” said Darius. I agreed, and got underway with Darius’ abs.
I started pounding his stomach and I got hard instantly. This was why Callum was right – I could only do sexual gut punching. Darius groaned and my erection enlarged. I looked at Darius boxers and he clearly didn’t have an erection because like me he was a giver and not a taker and he was genuinely asking me to do this to improve his abs and not for pleasure.
I probably put about 20 strikes into Darius tummy before he’d had enough, and then he got dressed and we took a stroll down to the student chippy. I told Darius I didn’t want anything, but he insisted on buying me sausage and chips like him. “We need to find somebody else to force-feed sausages,” said Darius as I chomped into the 6-inch banger. I briefly imagined what it would be like to be held down and have it shoved into your mouth, and the idea made me feel sick to my stomach. It was horrific that it had happened to Darius when he got beat up, and it had clearly left a mark on him for life!
Once our food had gone I told Darius about my predicament with Callum. At first he didn’t take me seriously and laughed a lot, but he soon realised how much Callum meant to me and that I really didn’t want to loose him. We discussed a variety of things, maybe I could turn Callum into a belly fetishist, maybe he would come round to the idea, maybe I could try and give it up or at least just restrict myself to watching YouTube videos and going onto fight sites like Admiral Luke, but I wasn’t sure that any of them where plausible.
“Maybe you could just do it and not tell him,” said Darius, seriously, “I mean, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him can it?”
I must admit, that was the only thing that I could see happening. I would just have to do it in secret, and pray to god I didn’t get any hard to explain bruises as a result of it. Darius gave me a cheeky jab in the arm to cheer me up, and we spent the evening playing FIFA in typical student style....

Episode Five – I met him on the internet...
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves

A fair amount of time has now passed since the last episode, and me and Callum have been dating now for 7 months. Over the course of this 7 months I had been feeding my gut fetish by watching YouTube videos on the internet, reading blogs and chatting to other guys on gut punching sites. There was this one guy who I had talked to pretty much every week for about 2 months called Sam Denton. This guy had done it all, he’d been beaten up, he’d beat other guys up and he was a part of a gang of gut punchers. He’d told me about all of his experiences and so naturally I told him about what I had done to Paul, and then what Paul had done to me etc. We chatted about things other than GP too, we got along really well. We’d both uploaded a fair few pictures to the site, and Sam had a lovely toned body, just like Callum's! I even uploaded some pictures of Callum just so that Sam could see how hot my bf was!
Sam was really keen to meet me in person so that we could do some stomach stuff together, and he had offered to introduce me to his GP gang but I had to explain to him how Callum felt about it and that he wouldn’t be happy if I went behind his back. Anyway after a while, term was nearing its end and I was finding that I had a lot more free time and I started considering seeing Sam. He was only in Liverpool so it was just a mere 25 minute train journey. Callum was still away at his uni, so he didn’t know that I was a lot more available than normal, so I would easily be able to go and meet Sam without him being suspicious at all.
I discussed it with Sam and we made arrangements for me to go and meet him at Liverpool Lime street next Thursday evening. I couldn’t wait! I spoke to Sam over the internet everyday in the build up to the meet, and he accepted that I was slightly nervous as I had never met anyone off the internet before. He said he would take me for a bite to eat first, and then we would meet his gang for training. He told me that they would just be training as normal and that I was free to join in as little or as much as I wanted too whilst there. I must admit the scenario was amazing. Me in a room was 4 other hot lads who would be taking their tops off and punching each other in the stomach! I really was excited!
I got on the train at half five that evening and the journey was quite quick. The train terminated at Limestreet and as soon as I walked into the waiting room I instantly saw Sam sat on a bench listening to his IPod. He w as incredibly hot – easily on a par with Callum. I’d seen on pictures that Sams stomach didn’t have the thin layer of fat that Callum had which was disappointing. I like guys with ‘abs’ – but I like guys with ‘stomachs’ too!
“Hiya Tom, how you doing mate?” asked Sam as he stood up and shook my hand. “Good mate, you ok?” I replied. I’ll be honest I had butterflies in my belly at this stage. “Yeah I’m good,” said Sam, “Listen you don’t have to look so nervous, you’re going to have a ball this evening trust me! Have you eaten yet?” I told him I hadn’t and so we grabbed some food in the form of a 6-inch subway sandwich and then we jumped on the bus and headed for Sams house.
Sam told me that we would go to his house first to kill time as ‘the gang’ didn’t start training till at least 9:00. Sam casually took his top off when we got to his house, and I wondered if he was expecting me to do the same. “Do you want me to take mine off too?” I asked. Sam laughed, “No you don’t have to, I just thought I’d give you a bit of eye candy before the beating begins! Come and have a feel!” Sam openly invited me to touch his amazing body, so I gently ran my fingers over his upper abs. “Have I told you how hot I think your boyfriend is?” asked Sam. “He’s certainly hotter than me!” I said. “Well you never know, he may want to come here himself next time, if you tell him how fucking hot we all are!” Sam said. Sam banged on about Callum for ages, he clearly thought that Callum was sexy (which he is) and he made it clear to me that Callum was one-in-a-million. Sam decided to give me graphic details about just what he would like to do to Callum, and I must admit I’d like to do just what Sam was saying! But whilst Sam was going on about how attractive Callum was, it did start to make me think that maybe I didn’t need gut punching after all. I found Callum hot enough to be attracted to him without the possibility of punching him in the stomach...I’d be a fool to risk our relationship for some stupid gut punching session. The problem was, I was already hear now so I couldn’t really say that, so I made a deal to myself that this would be the last time I would do any stomach torture to anyone, it just wasn’t worth lying to Callum over!
“Well shall we go on over to Jason's basement then?” said Sam after an hour or so of sexually tense conversation. “Yeah, I can’t wait!” I said. I really was excited about what I may see these guys do. Sam had given me a detailed description of all of them. There was a guy called Niall who was, as Sam described, the ‘main’ torturer. Jason was the guy who’s basement they did all the training in. Finally there was a Liam who Sam said was an expert at Stomach claws!

Tom Graves, Sam Denton & Niall Dockerty
We where shown into the house by Jason who was really friendly with me. He put me at ease straight away, shook my hand and made a few lame jokes about Sam having a soft belly. He showed us down into his basement where Niall and Liam where doing some light stretches ahead of the training session. Niall was leading the way, and so me and Sam followed Niall as we did some bizarre stomach stretching to walm up.
“Right, shall we get underway then lads?” said Niall enthusiastically and whipped his top off in a very confident manner. I’ll be honest I boned up when I saw Niall topless. He was tremendously fit! The other guys took their shirts off too but none of them where as hot as Niall – he was immense! I was about to take my top off too when Niall said to Sam, “Does he know?” and he pointed at me. “No – he thinks we’re just here to train!” It was at this point that I became suspicious of what was going on, and the four of them sniggered.
“What’s going on?” I asked, and I was then rushed by all 4 of them at once. Liam and Jason took an arm each and Niall and Sam put some rapid weakening punches into my stomach. The sudden attack had taken me completely by surprise! All of the air in my lungs was knocked out of me, and I started to gasp for breath after just a flurry of 6 jabs. At least when Paul had attacked me I had had time to prepare mentally!
“Guys what the fuck?” I managed to exhale before Niall gave me an uppercut right into the pit of my stomach so hard that it lifted me up off my feet and the only thing stopping me collapsing on the ground in a heap was my restrainers. I saw that Sam was lining up a similar
effort and I did my very best to tense my stomach muscles but they where spasaming in surprise. Sam’s gut punch wasn’t as bad as Nialls, but I was hurt!
“Lets get this top off!” said Niall. I felt a draft around my abs as my shirt was lifted up from the bottom by Niall. The basement was freezing and I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be getting my shirt back anytime soon. Niall wrestled with my t-shirt and got it stuck around my shoulders and head, leaving my torso on display for Sam to pass comment on. “My god, how on earth you’ve got such a good looking boyfriend with abs like that is beyond me!” Anxiety was raging inside me now. I was just as body conscious as ever, and I was surrounded by 4 toned and muscular lads that weren’t making me feel any better about it!
My shirt was removed and tossed to the side. I looked down at my belly and fear started building up inside me. These guys where professional torturers, and I was in for one bad belly session!
Niall subjected me to a flurry of jabs to my bare white belly – every connection was paired with a sharp snapping sound caused my the knuckle-flesh collision! I was desperately trying to keep my stomach muscles tense but I wasn’t in particularly good shape around my middle so I just couldn’t do it! I know how ironic it sounds – a guy with a fetish for stomachs doesn’t do enough sit-ups – but it was too late now!
Sam took over from Niall but instead of giving my light jabs he gave me rhythmic gut slugs, leaving his fist buried in my stomach after each one. My breathing had become very deep and the sadistic bastard kept waiting for me to breath in before each punch. I could tell this wasn’t the first time they had done this! They where really organised and seemed to have pre-planned every last detail so far! I got another gut punch from Sam and I knew that I simply had to start begging...
“Please Sam! I never agreed to this! Uggghhh!” I was punched hard in the gut. I tried to regain my composure and said, “Sam I’m begging you, I can’t take anymore!”
Sam squared up to me and laughed in my face. “Tom, do you want to know what's really going on here?” I nodded my head, and Sam continued, “Me & the boys beat someone up about every 6 weeks, but the thing is we only beat people up who deserve it! Now, you told me about how you lured that friend of yours to a room just so that you and your other friend could beat him up. Now, that is wrong on so many levels. He isn’t gay. He didn’t have a gut fetish. He didn’t agree to it. So all we’re doing here is making you realise how he felt during the beating you gave him!”
“But he already had his revenge !” I wailed as Sam fisted me in the belly. “He beat me up – he snooker cued me!”
Sam sunk another deadly fist into my now defenceless abs and he hit me so hard that I actually choked on air as I tried to breath. “Doesn’t matter lad. We just needed a victim and you more than fitted the bill. Not too tough. Not too fat. Not too innocent. You literally are an ideal punching bag for us!”
With that I saw Sam readying his fist so I did my best to squeeze my stomach muscles together but his punch blasted their resistance into oblivion and I knew that I would have to resign myself to the beating!

Tom’s Defenceless Abdomen
With my arms held behind my back I just couldn’t do anything to protect myself! Sam punched me right in the belly button and I howled in pain. I decided that if I screamed more, it may make them think that they where hurting me more than they actually where doing and so they might finish off the beating quicker than they otherwise would do.
I was totally out of control of my stomach muscles now and they would just not tense and my attackers could see this and so took advantage of my soft belly and the torture really did begin! Two punches in quick succession where delivered to my upper abs and so again I howled out in pain, exaggerating slightly but not too much as they did really fucking hurt! They then started to deliver a series of hard, methodical punches to my belly button that I just could not take! I had been pushed beyond my limits now and they could see that I was damaged. After six more deep, wounding punches I looked down and saw that my abs where red raw!
“I’ll do anything, just please stop punching me in the stomach!” I yelled. Sam paused as he had been about to hit me again, and then a look came over his face and he said, “Anything?” I was just thankful to give me abs a rest and get some air inside them. “Yeah – anything – just please – no more!” “Okay, I’ll propose a little deal with you,” said Sam, but before saying what the deal was he drilled his fist into my flabby belly and I actually farted as a result! “How about, we let you go now, end the belly beating here and now, if you go back home, and bring your hot boyfriend here to take the rest of your punishment...and a bit more besides!” said Sam. The offer was genuine. Sam really wanted to beat Callum up, but I knew Callum wouldn’t come, “He won’t come here, he isn’t into gut punching at all!” “Well
don’t tell him what's going to happen to him, just get him down here, or to another suitable place where we can jump him and beat him up without being disturbed!”
I didn’t say anything. What should I do? Should I take the cowards way out and let them torture Callum – the boy of my dreams – or do I let them install more agony on my body?
“Stick him on the torture table while he thinks about it!” ordered Sam. The operating table – also known as the torture table - was a padded leather massage table that the gang used when practicing things like stomach claws etc. However, as this was a serious beating, they not only lay me on the table but they also put straps around his wrists and ankles to restrain me.
“Maybe this will help you make your decision!” laughed Niall, and he drilled his fingers into my lower abs. Discomfort wasn’t even close! His five fingers felt like nails being pushed into my stomach! I’d seen people do a stomach claw like this on YouTube, and I’d given one to Paul when me & Darius tortured him but this was the first time I’d ever experienced one being done and me ... And it was fucking awful!
Nialls fingers where churning up my belly fat but my mind was taken off this by Sam who got hold of my nipples and started squeezing! I had quite small nipples thank goodness- much smaller than Sams or Callum's – and I always imagine that nipple cripples always hurt people with bigger nipples more than guys with small nipples – but Sam was doing his best to dispel that myth!
The third guy (Jason) joined Niall in the claw so I had 20 fingers impaling my abs, and not wanting to be left out the last guy (Liam) started fingering my belly button! So I was now being tortured by 4 guys all at once and I was screaming for them to stop! The two-person stomach claw in particular was unbearable! All 20 fingers where stuck firm in my underbelly and I was totally unable to tense my stomach enough to repel their invasion!
I don’t know how long this 4 person attack lasted, it could have been anything from 60 seconds to ten minutes...I just had no conception of time anymore! They really enjoyed it – and I’d done that much screaming that my voice was hurting just as much as my torso! “Finger his navel harder!” Sam ordered Liam – and I can see why I wasn’t too arsed about the belly button torture compared to the other three!
“Alright hold it there lads,” said Niall, and I was released from all four of their holds. “That belly button torture of yours Liam needs work, I wanna show you how its done properly!” Niall started to lecture Liam about how to get optimum pain out of the navel, but I was too focused on breathing and trying to get relaxed ahead of the next session!
I then screamed as Niall engorged his finger into my navel, and I suddenly had a genuine flashback to my navel torture in the farmers field. I was imagining that I was being held down again by the same 14 year old teens who had tortured me then, and they where torturing me again. I’m not a physiologist, but maybe this was a coping mechanism? Either way, for about 30 second or so it really did feel like I was 14 again!
Liam had a go fingering my navel too but his was more like sexual foreplay than a torture but I screamed anyway just to make them thing he was hurting me so that Niall wouldn’t redemonstrate!
“Alright, he’s done half an hour, thats enough,” said Niall, and he nodded to Liam to stop. Half an hour was a long time to get tortured I can tell you! I’d done about 10 minutes gut punching and 20 minutes on the torture table, which Niall said was enough for now. “We’re happy to leave it there if you agree to help us beat Callum up!”
“What if I say no?” I asked, surely they would have to take pity on me soon, I really didn’t want to let Callum down. “Well we’ll pull your jeans down and have some fun with your testicles and penis!” Niall then grabbed me by the balls and squeezed!! “Okay, okay I’ll help you get Callum I promise!” I yelled and Niall released his grip. Niall smiled and said, “Good decision!”
They untied me, and then gave me my shirt back which I quickly put on to hide my body. I was sat on the torture table, and the four of them where all stood facing me. “If you go back on your word, we’ll come after you again. We know where you live, and we know where you uni halls are. It wouldn’t be difficult for us to do this to you again! And if we did do it again, we’d work your cock as well!” said Niall threateningly.
“Fine,” I said looking at the ground. I couldn’t look them in the face. They had just tortured the shit out of me, and were now making me do something I didn’t want too! “One condition though...” I said. “Go on,” said Niall. “You can’t touch Callum’s cock. Just his stomach. Not his cock!” “Sounds fair to me,” said Niall, “But we get his chest and ribs too. A whole torso battering!”
I nodded my head in agreement. We had a deal. Before I left, they told me that I would have to lure Callum to a location that they would text me in a few days. And then they would agree a date and time and come and beat him up. They agreed it would have to happen near where I live and not in Liverpool, so it would be easier for me to get Callum there. They promised me that they wouldn’t tell him it was me that had set him up either. Oh god...what was I doing...?
Next: The series finale – with the hottest beating we’ve ever done!

Episode Six – Callum gets a gut bashing!

Callum Lennard
Callum was really excited! The university term was over, the weather was gorgeous and he had a fantastic boyfriend to spend the summer with! What could be better? He and Tom had been dating for 10 months now, and as far as Callum was concerned, they were in love. They cared for each other, they looked after each other, and they had fantastic sex with each other! Callum was a really sexy guy, a lovely toned torso with a humongous belly button planted firmly in the middle of his stomach! Callum knew just how sexy he was – and that he could get pretty much any gay guy to sleep with him if he wanted them too (and probably a few pissed straight guys too!) – but he loved Tom and was certain he would never have his head turned. He didn’t think that Tom was the sexiest guy on the planet – because he wasn’t – but what he lacked in raw sexual attraction he more than made up for with his compassion. That was why Callum had no idea what was in store for him...
In secret his boyfriend was arranging to have him beaten up by a gang of gut fetishists. Tom really didn’t want to have Callum beaten up, but if he didn’t let them beat Callum up, they would beat him up again! Therefore Tom made all the necessary arrangements but said he didn’t want to be there when they carried out the beating so that hopefully Callum wouldn’t know that he had any involvement in it! One of the beaters suggested that Tom should walk in on the beating and receive light beating himself so that Callum wouldn’t feel like he had been set up. Tom wasn’t keen on it but he had little choice!
One of the places that Callum and Tom liked to go was a small park near where Callum lived. It had a few picnic tables, a slide, a roundabout, swings and a children's climbing frame. It was quite a secluded place as it was surrounded by trees and woods so unless there were any kids on the play area it was a very private place for them to spend time together.
It was about 7:00 in the evening and Callum arrived and sat down at the picnic bench. The sun was still up as it was the depth of summer so Callum was wearing just a t-shirt and cut-off pants. A text came through from Tom saying he would be late, but Callum wasn’t bothered as he just lay down on the picnic table with his Ipod in his ears and soaked up the final bit of sunshine.
Callum didn't really know what happened next. He might have actually dropped off into sleep as the next thing he knew was that he was being attacked and his attackers were pulling him off the picnic table and onto the grass!
Callum found himself on his hands and knees and kicked out at one of his attackers, giving him a few moments to take in the situation. He saw that there was four of them, so he had absolutely no chance of fighting them, and so he set off like a sprinter from the blocks and made a run for it.
Adrenaline was pumping through Callum's body as he ran as fast as he could through the park. He ran past the slide and the swings but found the roundabout was right in the middle of his path, so he decided to run over it. He leaped onto it but lost his balance and fell off it onto the tarmac below. His arm was bleeding now, but things quickly got a lot worse as before he could get to his feet a kick nestled into his ribcage.
“UMPGH!” The blow winded Callum and he couldn’t do anything as he was then rolled onto his back and slugged in the stomach. Callum tensed and took the blow well, before punching the attacker that was on top of him right in the face, getting him off him and giving him chance to get up and run again.
Callum couldn’t run as fast now as his ribs were sore and the other three attackers got hold of him before he could reach the perimeter fence of the park. One of them held his arms behind his back and another one punched him in the stomach! He tensed but it still hurt. He was then punched in the stomach again...and again.
Callum didn’t believe that his fate was fully determined yet. The guy that was holding his arms behind his back (Liam) was finding it hard to keep hold of him, and he knew it, so Callum started fighting like mad. He tried pushing back against his attacker, making him loose his balance, but whilst doing this he left his stomach unprepared for the next blow which knocked the wind ...and all the remaining fight ...out of him.
“Fuck!” exhaled Callum and another fist – this time an uppercut – was pushed into his stomach and successfully breached his stomachs defences! “What's this all about? My wallet and my phones in my pocket – just take them for fucks sake!”
“We’re not mugging you! We’re beating you up!” laughed Sam and he suckered Callum in the lower abs. “I hope you like hospital food – because that’s all you’re going to be eating for a while!” Sam then delivered a short but harsh strike to Callum’s ribs – the same side that was kicked minutes before – causing Callum to groan in agony. “I’m hoping to break at least 5 of those ribs!”
“Stop fucking gabbing Sam, lets tie him up and get on with it!” said Niall. It was the gang’s intention to have some real good fun with Callum, but prior to that, they had to tie him up, so that Tom could turn up and pretend to try and save Callum and get beat up himself. It was an elaborate plan – but they knew Tom would stick to it for fear that they would work his testicles over at a later date.
They bundled Callum over to the climbing frame, and using a length of rope they tied Callum's arms up above his head so that he was unable to defend himself at all. This new position raised Callum's shirt up above his navel – giving his bellybutton its first exposure of the evening. Callum had a nice, big, deep umbilicus that most straight guys would even admit was sexy! Now that his stomach was on display, it caught the attention of his attackers who watched it momentarily heave in and out as Callum sucked air into his deflated lungs.
Written in the 1st person from the view of Tom Graves:
I had climbed up a tree after showing Sam and the others the location and I had painfully watched Callum get his belly worked over. When he had made a run for it I had really hoped that he would get away – I didn’t want Callum to get tortured by them, but if I hadn’t agreed to supply them with the sexy hunk then they would have beaten me up again!
Now that Callum was tied up, it was my cue to try and ‘rescue’ him. The whole thing was staged. I was to run up, try and fight them and then get gut punched myself a few times. They had assured me that they wouldn’t hurt me. They would just give me a minor work over. Then they would tie me up too and let me watch as they tortured by beautiful boyfriend.
I jumped down from the tree and then started to sprint towards them. I needed to make it as realistic as possible. I knew I wasn’t a great actor, but I needed to show Callum my shock, surprise and panic as I tried to rescue him. “What the fuck is going on? Get the fuck off him now you scumbags!” I shouted as I got about 10 meters away from the climbing frame where Callum was tied up. “What the fuck do you think your doing to him!?”
“Run Tom! Run and call the police...UMPGH!” Callum tried shouting me to turn and run and get help but that just earned him a gut punch! As I got close to him I saw how worried he seemed already, and I decided that it would be a more realistic reaction from me to try and untie him than fight his attackers.
I immediately tried to tug at his binding ropes but Liam put his arms around my waist and pulled me away from the climbing frame in a tight bear hug that made me cough and splutter. His arms then made their way up my torso until he applied a full nelson, at which point I just thought to myself, ‘hear we go again...’
“Leave him alone you wankers!” yelled Callum but they didn’t pay him any attention. Sam Denton gave me a dig to the abs. This immediately reminded of the suffering and pain I had endured last month. I really hoped they wouldn’t make me go through something that bad again! Because I had been forewarned about the beating, I had been doing sit-ups everyday but there was no evidence of that around my middle!
A flurry of punches now came into my torso. Most of them made impact with my upper abs and weren’t particularly hard either. Sam was keeping to his end of the deal about not hurting me too much and just doing the beating for show. I played the part of the innocent victim and over-groaned with each punch so that Callum didn’t know they were going easy on me.
Sams hand snuck up my t-shirt and I shuddered as he started to feel my stomach. He rubbed my belly for a bit and then said to me – loudly enough for Callum to hear – “You and your boyfriend aren’t getting out of here alive! We’re gunna beat you both to death. But since you arrived last, we’re saving you till last!” That was the signal to me that my beating was
over. Sam had said that by threatening to kill them would make it seem less like a GP session for Callum and more like a real twating.
Sam took his hand off my belly and he then unbuckled my belt and took it off – thankfully my jeans stayed up! I was then positioned next to Callum on the climbing frame and they tied me too it using my belt. I was in a perfect viewing position for Callum's beating!
I looked at Callum next to me, and he already looked destroyed! His stomach was swollen and concave. Because his arms where above his head his top was pulled up over his navel displaying his bruised and battered torso. I’ll be honest – it was giving me a fucking hard on!
“Don’t kill us please!” wailed Callum, as Sam punched him hard in his unflexed gut. “You’ll beg for fucking death when I’m finished with you. We’re going to torture your five N’s until you pass out, and then, well you don’t wanna know trust me!”
I thought that I should have input into this – if I stayed silent Callum may realise I was just a silent observer. “What’s the five N’s?” I asked.”Oh how stupid of me, allow me to explain,” said Sam, and then as quick as a flash he jabbed Callum straight in the face. “Thats the nose!”He then kicked Callum in the bend of his knee, “there’s the knee.” Callum winced and Sam lifted his shirt up and pinched Callum's nipples before fingering his navel....and then kneeing him in the knob!
“So you think your sexy do you?” Niall said to Callum, taking over briefly from Sam. “Lets undress him and find out!” Callum was untied and had his shirt removed to display his already battered body. The four of them then carried Callum about ten yards to the roundabout and they lay him down on it. Niall sat on his legs and Sam held his arms down. With his torso completely unprotected, I could only watch as Niall drilled his fingers into Callum's lower abdomen causing him to violently scream out in pain! I knew just how painful stomach claws could be – they had subjected me to a couple last month!
“Get off my stomach please!” yelled Callum – the pain in his midsection was intolerable! “Scream gay boy scream!” taunted Niall as he continued to ply Callum's lower abdominals. Callum tried bloating his belly out as much as possible to try and resist the claw but it was no use his abs were just not tough enough to fight off Nialls fingers! Niall squeezed his fingers together, a tight grip on Callums lowest abdominal muscles, and this was really hurting the gay boy.
Callum let out a sigh of relief as Niall finally withdrew his fingers. Callum felt his hand run over the contours of his navel, before a sharp pain erupted his belly button as Niall’s index finger engorged itself in the tummy hole. Niall gave Callums navel a really good fingering – he loved Callums navel – it was big and flexible – it was ideal for finger torture!
I’ll be honest – I was getting hard watching the belly fingering session. Don’t get me wrong, Callum had let me finger his belly button occasionally when we had been in bed together etc, but that was just a little tickling compared to what he was receiving from Niall. I just wished it was me that was doing the fingering job!
Niall stopped on the belly button for a few minutes and his hands slid up Callums gorgeous body to his nipples, and then he clamped on a double nipple cripple. Speaking from personal experience, these guys dish out horrific nipple cripples, and I no matter how much I love Callum, I wouldn’t swap places with him for anything! I didn’t time it, but the nipple cripple remained on for but it was a very long time. Probably about 90 seconds – which when your having your nipples pulled off – is a very long time!
The beating then turned ugly – as they had warned me it would do. They had said that they were going to give Callum a real hiding – worse than you’re average gut punching session – and so i had to close my eyes as they started pummelling his body again. He quite clearly couldn’t take anymore, but they weren’t bothered about that. Sam was still holding his arms down and Niall was still sat on his legs, but the other two were standing either side of him and proceeded to alternate kicking him in the ribs. Callum howled in agony with each kick he received – they were doing him serious damage! I tried tugging at my restraints because they really were going too far with this now, it had stopped being about gut punching pleasure and was becoming a real twating!
They unmercifully kicked his ribs about 15 times and believe me I actually was worried that they were going to kill him! All of a sudden then stopped, and just gut up off him and they all walked over to me. Sam gave me a light punch in the stomach just to stimulate my stomach muscles, and then they started to untie me.
“I actually thought you were going to kill him!” I said to Sam as they were untying me. He just laughed and said, “Oh we’d have carried on but he’s passed out. When he wakes up you’ll probably want to get him to hospital, I think we may have broken a rib or two...” “I noticed!” I snapped, “Our agreement was that you weren’t going to beat him that badly!” “Yeah well agreements change don’t they!” laughed Sam. “Just be thankful it wasn’t you that was on the receiving end ,” said Niall. “Anyway thanks for setting us up, if you break up and ever want him beating up again just let us know, he’s the fittest guy we’ve beaten in a long time –no offence to you of course!” smirked Jason.
And with that the beating of a lifetime for Callum was over. They packed up and walked off in the opposite direction, leaving him shirtless and unconscious on the roundabout....