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by Malcom

"Hey dude, do you want to spend the night?" Jake asked his best friend at McKinley High, Ryder, as he walked into the locker room.
"Umm, I'm not sure I can…" Ryder trailed off. Jake frowned, he didn't know what was up with the brunet but he'd noticed his friend's strange behavior; Ryder had been avoiding him and seemed extremely nervous when they talked.
"Why not? My mom is visiting her sister which means we'll have the place to ourselves all weekend."
"I really can't. I got…homework and chores to do." Ryder lied as he stripped off his gym clothes and changed into normal ones, Jake following suit.

Jake scoffed. "Seriously dude? Homework and chores? If you're going to lie to me, at least come up with a believable one. Did I do something to piss you off or something?" Ryder cringed at the emotion in Jake's voice; he sounded hurt. "Whatever dude. See you later." Jake brushed past Ryder has he made his way out of the locker room.
"Wait Jake!" Ryder called out to Jake, stopping the black haired male in his tracks.
"What?" Jake asked, turning around to face Ryder.
"I'm sorry that I've been avoiding you for the past week. There is just a lot going on with me at the moment. I'd love to come to come over to your house this weekend." Ryder answered, to which Jake responded with a huge grin.
"Great! It's going to be a blast!" Jake exclaimed before continuing out of the locker room, all traces of negative emotion gone. As soon as he was out of sight, Ryder plopped down onto one of the benches and sighed. What was going on with him is that he kissed Jake's girlfriend last week. Jake hadn't found out yet, but it was only a matter of time and Ryder knew that he was in trouble when Jake did.
"Hey Ryder." Jake welcomed the boy when he arrived that Friday evening.
"Hey dude." Ryder responded, fist-bumping the other male as he entered the house. It had been almost two weeks since the kiss and Jake had yet to hear anything, which Ryder had taken to believing that Jake might never actually find out and the brunet's nerves had calmed considerably.
The two spent the night mainly playing Call of Duty, ordering pizza for dinner. It wasn't until a little after 1 AM when they finally went to sleep.
The next morning, Jake was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing.
"Hello." He answered groggily, scratching his bare chest; he had slept shirtless as usual, with long pajama pants.
"Hey babe, it's me."
"G'morning lovely. What's up?" Jake asked, noticing that his girlfriend didn't sound as happy and peppy as usual.
"There's something I have to tell you…" His girlfriend, Marley, told him the entire story about her, Ryder, and the kiss. Afterwards, Jake hung up his phone, pissed. He couldn't believe that his best friend would do something like that. He took a deep breath, calming down enough so that he wouldn't murder Ryder on the spot, before leaving his room and heading downstairs in search of the brown haired male.
Jake found Ryder sitting downstairs at the kitchen table eating leftover pizza from the night before and drinking orange juice. Like Jake, the brunet was also still in his sleepwear, which was nothing more than a pair of dark-blue plaid boxers, showing off the body that Ryder would always say was better than his and would generally lead to "flex-off" competitions in the locker rooms.

"Morning dude. There's still some more pizza if you want it." Ryder greeted Jake, oblivious to the fact that Jake now knew everything. "Are you okay Jake? You look pretty mad." Ryder asked, getting up from the table and backing away from him, putting some distance in between them. Jake's answer to Ryder's question was a fist driven deep into brunet's solar plexus.
"OOOMPH!" Ryder let out as he felt Jake's fist plow deep into his unprepared stomach and knock the wind out of him. His body still recovering, he couldn't even tense his stomach to protect from Jake's next blow, another devastating punch to the solars. A third punch to the solar plexus and out came the orange juice and pizza he had eaten a few minutes prior. Jake stopped for a moment and Ryder fell to his hands and knees, gasping as he tried to regain his breath.
"Am I okay?" Jake repeated Ryder's question as he took a few steps to position himself to the left of Ryder's body. "Do I look like I'm freaking okay?!" Jake yelled, punctuating each syllable with a solid punt kicks to Ryder's stomach, and although Ryder tensed his stomach in preparation, they still hurt and the force of each one knocked his body upward into the air a few inches. After the last one, Ryder rolled onto his back to avoid any more, but Jake simply hopped onto his stomach and crouched down, looking at the beads of sweat forming on Ryder's brow as he focused on keeping his stomach tensed to prevent Jake from sinking in. "It's not like I just found out my best friend locked lips with my girlfriend or anything." Jake said sarcastically. Ryder groaned, partially from Jake's weight on his stomach and partially from the wave of dread and guilt that washed over him from Jake's disclosure. Following Ryder's groan, Jake got off of the brown haired male, willing to hear what he had to say.
"Dude, I'm so sorry, sorrier than I've been about anything else in my life. I shouldn't have kissed another guy's girl - period, but the fact that she was yours makes it even worse. I screwed up…big time, but I don't want our friendship to fall apart because of that. Jake, you're like a brother to me, please forgive me." Ryder begged for his friend's forgiveness while slowly rising to his feet. Jake sighed.
"Dude, you know you're my bro and that I will forgive you, but there has to be some form of retribution. I need to get this out of my system." Jake stated, his clenched fists showing that he was still mad, but not to the same extent as when he delivered the punches and barrage of kicks to Ryder's stomach. "You understand, right?" Ryder nodded. He'd made a mistake and now he was going to have to pay for it.
Jake began with a series of solid punches to various areas of Ryder's abdomen, testing for Ryder's weak spots. Having received fair warning, Ryder was prepared for these punches and tensed his abdominals. Jake was pleasantly surprised at how solid his friend's stomach was; while the brown haired male lacked the abdominal definition that Jake possessed, there was no doubting the fact that his core was rock-hard. From the test punches, Jake decided that the solar plexus was Ryder's weakest point (no surprise there) and that he could take punches the best to the lower gut, underneath the navel, and the navel and the surrounding area was somewhere between the two in terms of how well Ryder could take a punch to the area. With this knowledge in mind, Jake started going at Ryder's gut seriously.
"Mmph!" Ryder's teeth were clenched but that didn't stop noises from escaping him. He couldn't help himself; Jake was going to town on his midsection, delivering 20 rapid fire blows to his lower stomach, 10 to his navel, 5 to his upper stomach, and then repeating the entire process. He had lost count of how many sets of punches had been thrown into his rapidly reddening stomach and he was started to get worried; sweat had begun trickling down his body and with each punch he could feel his abdominal muscles weakening. It wouldn't be long before Jake broke him and he knew that he would be in some deep shit at that point.
"What's wrong Ryder? Your stomach doesn't feel as hard as before." Jake taunted as he pummeled his best friend's midsection. Without warning, Jake pulled Ryder's shoulders down while at the same time driving a knee upward. The sum of the forces resulted in a devastating blow to Ryder's gut that forced all of the air out of him. He tried to drop to his knees, but Jake wasn't about to allow that.
"OOF! Uhh! OOMPH!" Ryder grunted continuously as Jake repeatedly kneed him, having come to the realization that this hurt Ryder more and broke Ryder's taut stomach faster than punches did. About 15 minutes of this and Ryder's abs, the only thing protecting his vulnerable insides, was broken. "UUGHH!" Ryder let out as Jake's knee blasted past his now useless abdominal muscles and plow into his insides. Jake let Ryder fall to the ground; the brunet's arms wrapped around his stomach in an attempt to shield it from anymore abuse. Jake was impressed. This was the first time Ryder had moved his arms into a protective position. He hadn't been restrained, yet he had kept his hands behind his head the entire time, even though Jake could tell there were moments when he really wanted to bring his hands down to protect his stomach.
"J-Jake…I can't…my stomach can't take anymore…pl-please." Ryder pleaded. His stomach was hurting a lot.
"Nah man, of course you can. That's not even 10% of the pain you're going to be in when I'm done with you. You're going to wish your stomach was only hurting as badly as it is now. Now stand up!"
Ryder shook his head and Jake sighed in response.
"Have it your way then." Jake simply said before delivering a series of vicious kicks to Ryder's midsection. Each kick sank deep into Ryder's gut, pinning his body to the wall behind. "You going to stand now or are you enjoying feeling my foot hit your spine?" Jake said, pulling his foot back in preparation for another kick.
Ryder didn't say anything, but shakily rose to his feet. Jake could tell by the way the Ryder was swaying on his feet that he was pretty spent, a punch would probably drop him and Jake wasn't finished with him yet. Without any warning at all, Jake delivered a hard shot to Ryder's lower gut and as expected, Ryder tried to fall to his knees, folding over forward, but Jake stepped forward, letting Ryder's chin rest on his shoulder. Chest to chest, Jake's body was the only thing keeping Ryder from toppling forward. With a small grunt, Jake heaved Ryder's body over his shoulders and carried him down to the basement.
When they get into the basement, Jake slid Ryder off of his shoulders and set the brunet on his feet. Jake took some rope and tied Ryder wrist together above his head to a wooden beam so the he would have to remain upright whether he wanted to or not. Jake lightly slapped the brunet's stomach with the back of his hand, teasing him, before delivering a series of light jabs to Ryder's midsection.
"Y'know dude, this is a lot more fun than punching a punching bag. We should do this more often." Jake said as he tenderized Ryder's stomach even more than it already was. A constant low moan poured from Ryder's mouth, the brunet not even having the energy to grunt. Jake switched from jabs to powerful punches, each one plowing into Ryder's already tormented insides.
In time, Jake stopped punching, his body covered in sweat from releasing all of his anger and rage onto Ryder's stomach. Ryder was past spent, his head hung down limply, his breathing uneven, and his stomach beet red. He looked like he was barely hanging on to consciousness and even Jake had to admit that maybe he had overdid it. Jake untied the brunet, letting Ryder fall into his arms, now fully unconscious, and he carried his friend upstairs and laid him gently in the guest bed. Did Jake forgive him? Yeah. After taking such punishment to the gut, they were even as far as Jake was concerned. Gently messaging Ryder's stomach, which was no doubt going to bruise, Jake couldn't escape the thought that he really wanted to do this again.