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Belly Down - Series 1

The Complete Series One

1. Sam gets taught a lesson
2. Tom's itching powder torture
3. The Student meets the teacher
4. Football Fight
5. Sam gets too excited
6. Meet Darius
7. The young offenders institute
8. Pauls Gut bash
9. Grovelling

Tom Graves
Sam Denton

Welcome to Belly Down! Belly Down is a set of 9 stories focusing on the lives of two gut fetishists Sam Denton and Tom Graves. Sam is arrogant and cocky, whereas Tom is much more quiet and shy, but the one thing they have in common is that they love to punch other guys in the belly! Stories featuring Tom are written from his perspective, but stories featuring Sam are written in the 3rd person. We hope you enjoy them and if you do there may be more to come ...

Episode One: Sam gets taught a lesson

Sean Mullin

Back when Sam Denton was just 15, a life changing event happened to him - he got gut punched! He had just started year 10 and had been promoted to be the captain of the school football team. Things where going well for him. He was exceptionally fit and a very talented wide midfielder, the only problem was that he knew how good he was and so was cocky with it.

After a PE lesson, Sam was getting changed in the vicinity of the school bully Sean Mullin. Sean Mullin was basically just a big fat lad, but the majority of the school where terrified of him and his group which consisted of Saul Williams and Josh Myers. Sam was on a wave of cocky confidence though and whilst the usual banter was flying around, he openly said to Sean Mullin that the only reason people where scared of him was because they where scared he would eat all of their pact lunch! Sean just smiled...

Sam and his friends where now completely changed and ready for going home, except that Sam couldn't find his watch. He started to search for it in his bag etc whilst his friends said goodbye and headed for home. The only people left in the room now where Sam, Sean, Josh and Saul. Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out the watch, "This what you're after?" "Shit yeah, nice one!" said Sam, not realising that Sean been the one to steal it, just to keep him behind. "Grab him boys!" ordered Sean and the two henchmen took an arm each of Sams. Sam was truly bewildered!

"So - you find my belly amusing do you?" said Sean threateningly. Sam shook his head. "No? Well, we find yours amusing!"

With that, Sean put all his weight into a punch into Sams midriff, knocking all the air out of him. Josh and Saul lifted him back up and Sam got identical treatment. Sam howled in agony - he was slim yes, but he had hardly any muscle to protect his stomach with! Sean dropped in about 6 slow, deep, hard punches into Sams middle before nodding to his cronies to let him drop. They let go of the cocky boys arms and he collapsed to the floor in a heap, clutching his stomach for dear life!
Sean looked down on his victim, admiring what devastation a mere 6 punches had done to one of the cockiest lads in the school. "You fucking do anything else wrong matey, and you'll get a lot worse next time!" Sean then kicked Sam fairly hard in his stomach again, and the three of them departed laughing amongst themselves.

Sam stayed on the floor for a while before staggering home and flopping down on his bed. He took his school shirt off and observed his reddened belly in the mirror. He knew that if he had a six pack then that wouldn't have hurt him at all - he may even have enjoyed it he thought. In fact - he was sure he would have enjoyed it! He would have loved to have Seans blows just bounce off his abs as if they where made of steel!

When Sam went to bed that night, he made a decision that he would join a gym and start seriously working out! He was the captain of the football team after all - it would set a good example if he became ripped! Little did Sam know that this would be the start of an obsession with stomachs!!!

Episode Two: Tom's Itching Powder Torture
Written by Tom Graves...

Tom Graves

Back when I was 14, I didn't have a stomach fetish or anything. I didn't even know that I was gay back then. Me and some friends where out messing around in a farmers field just like we did practically every day of the summer holiday. The summer holidays were great times and these fields that had grass that came up to our waist provided hours and hours of entertainment! You where able to hide dead easily, sneak up on each other, run away from each other ad everything! Times where great!

Then one afternoon there was just me a one other mate and we were just lying down in the grass chilling, talking and having a laugh just like mates do. Little did I know what pain was about to be inflicted upon me!

The two of us were discussing the weekends footy when we where interrupted by a group of guys from the year above us at school. They told us to scram, and my mate Sutchy ran off instantly but I decided that I would stay because I was here before these guys! I don't know where this fighting spirit came from, but it did...

The lads looked at each other smiling, and then one of them rushed me, rugby tackled me and took the pair of us to the ground. He managed to get on top of me, he was sat on my chest, and he had hold of my wrists so I couldn't fight. This is commonly known as the schoolboy pin! I was trying to get out of the hold but I just couldn't - and I started to realise that I was in for it.

"Come on, get it out!" ordered the guy who was pinning me down to his mates. "Get what out?" I asked. "You'll find out soon enough!" he retorted. I kept trying to wriggle out but the bastard had me in a really good hold.

I then felt some movement around my stomach area and I tensed expecting a dig from one of the goons but thankfully they didn't deliver one! I had no idea what was going on but I could now hear them giggling amongst themselves - I was starting to get really worried and being an emotional teenager at the time, I wondered how long it would take till I started crying.
"Please ... begging you stop!" I was petrified now, and my arms where getting sore from being gripped and pulled apart by the guy that was on top of me.

I then felt more movement around my stomach region and then I felt the unmistakable feeling of my top being lifted up, showing my torso to the world. At this time I wasn't anywhere as near as body conscious as I am now - I think this I'm attack is what made me so body conscious just as it gave me my gut fetish!

Their laughter rose and I could feel them touching various parts of my chest and stomach. "Were are we gunna put it?" one of them asked, and another one replied "I his belly button of course!" I then felt their fingers go into my unprotected belly button and I cried "Please don't do anything to my belly button!" "We'll do whatever we fucking want to your belly button!" laughed the guy on top of me.

Then all of a sudden my belly button erupted into horrible, unbearable pain! I thrust my hips up into the air to try and relieve the pain but it went on and on and on. My throat was horse through screaming - I desperately wanted to fold up and clutch my stomach but the guy was still holding my arms. "How do you like our itching powder eh?" Their fingers entered my belly button again and the same searing pain hit me and I trusted again. I could hear them laughing about how 'cool' this was but believe me I was in agony. The combination of the large volume of strong itching powder in my navel, and all the prodding my navel was taking, made me feel like I was having a hole dug out of my stomach!
This stomach torture seemed to go on forever - although looking back I reckon it was merely about 5 or 6 minutes. They did about 10 'sherbet dips' into my belly button before they had gotten bored and believe me it was horrendous. Eventually the guy got off me chest and the gang ran off laughing about the horrific torture sequence they had just done to me.

I rolled onto my side and panickly I scooped the remaining powder out of my belly button. My whole stomach was red and itching due to the powder, but my god my navel felt inflamed! I hurried home and dived into the shower and cleaned myself up as best as I could. It took my skin weeks/months to fully get over the ordeal, and it really knocked my confidence for a good while.

However, a few weeks afterwards I was doing some googling and found a video of something similar happening to a really toned guy. It was then that I realised I was gay .... And that I had developed a stomach fetish!

Episode Three: The Student meets the teacher

Niall Dockerty

Niall Dockerty is hot! He even posed for a shirtless photograph and uploaded it onto facebook. Sam Denton became obsessed with this photograph and fantasised about seeing Niall get beaten up just like he had. Sam was now 16 but Niall was older than Sam, 18, so there was no chance that Sam could beat him up.

By chance, Sam was coming home from town on the bus when Niall was too. Niall lived round the block and so Sam sat next to him and started having a chat with him. Sam openly said he had seen the shirtless picture on facebook and said that Niall had a great torso. Niall laughed and lifted his top up over his navel and tapped his abs. He encouraged Sam to have a feel and Sam got in an instant boner as he ran his fingers over Niall's toned abdomen.

"Have you ever been punched in the stomach?" Sam asked, really starting to get aroused. "Hell yeah - I have them worked over real good every few weeks to toughen them up!" Sams jaw dropped. "If you really want, come over now and I'll let you try your hand!" Sam nearly choked in surprise but quickly agreed! "Great, and here is our stop!" smiled Niall.

Niall took Sam into his bedroom which was up in the attic of his house, before quickly whipping off his top ready for the big event! Nail's torso was exquisite! He looked sexy anyway - but the chain around his neck just completed his bad ass look! "Lay one on me big fella!" said Niall, patting his stomach

Sam was more excited now than he had ever been in his life. He jabbed Nails sturdy abs and almost flinched when he heard the snap of the skin on skin collision. "Fucking hit me!" Sam sent a better one into Nails belly button but Nails flexed abs where more than up to the challenge. Sam started to calm down and realised that he could hit Niall as hard as he wanted and just not hurt him, so Sam really started to go for it! Sams pummelling just had no effect on the athletic Niall who was almost laughing! "Right in the belly button come on!" Sams arms where getting tired faster than Nialls abs and after a few more minutes the work over ended.
"Can I ask you a private question?" Niall asked Sam as he put his top back on, "Do you find it arousing doing gut punching like this?" Sam blushed, and then nodded slowly, unsure if Niall also got off on it too - or if he had noticed his boner! "Me too," smiled Niall, "And do you know what, its even more arousing when you do it to somebody against their wishes!" "I bet it is!" squealed Sam. "I'm gunna teach you some wonderful things Sam - and we're going to have a hell of a time whilst we're at it!" laughed Niall.

Episode Four: Football Fight
Written by Tom Graves...


Three years had gone by since my belly button torture in the farmers field and in that period time I had become a massive stomach obsessionalist and was always turned on by other guys torsos! I was now 16, and just about to leave school. It was one of our last ever PE lessons, and we were all in the changing rooms getting changed when I was witness to what I considered to be an erotic gut punching session!

A guy in our class called Finney was getting changed next to me . He had an awesome abdomen! I just couldn't take my eyes off it whenever I saw it. Whilst I was busy navel gazing, somehow a row broke out between him and two other guys. Everybody in the room stopped getting changed to stare as Finney squared up to two guys at once. His impressive abdominals where still on show so I wondered why everyone was only tuning in now!!

Finney suddenly had his arms grabbed behind his back from a third guy who appeared out of the crowd of boys, all of whom where hungry for a good fight. The two other lads then rushed Finney with some quick paced stomach punches and the whole class egged them on. Finney really impressed me - where I had been screaming when I got stomach tortured, he just took his beating.

I don't know how many times they hit him - but boy was his stomach covered in sweat! His belly button region in particular was taking the brunt of the assault! He grunted when punch number 6 or 7 came in and he nearly doubled over but the tough lad was not to be embarrassed so easily. He had the perfect stage to show everyone how tough he was, being able to go down in a 3v1 some decent respect. He took well over 15 slugs to the gut before his attackers let him drop. He gasped in as much air as he could, and then lay down on the bench next to me on his back, his belly was heaving up and down!

I waited till the rest of the class had left - including his attackers - before I put my hand on his heaving abdomen and asked him if he needed a hand. His reply was "Get your hand off my fucking abs you fucking pervert!" I did as I was told and left. So Finney's assault had been genuine and not done for the pleasure of gut punching, and that made it more erotic than the videos I had seen on the internet, maybe genuine assaults are the way to go...!


Episode Five: Sam gets too excited

Saul Williams

Sam was 17 now and he had been in training with Niall now for 6 months. Niall too had a gut punching fetish, as did the rest of their 'group' which had guys called Liam and Jason in it. They worked out together regularly to keep in good shape, and they where all torture experts and had taught Sam some amazing things. They had taught him how to hold someone in a full nelson, the best parts of the stomach to punch, how to do a stomach claw and how to have someone howl in pain just by fingering their bellybutton. The lads also approved of nipple cripples, pec claws and punches to the bollocks!

One night after a heavy chest and shoulders workout the boys where all hanging around in Jason's gym which was in his basement and they asked Sam how he had gotten into GP. Sam then recounted how Sean Mullin and his gang had beaten him up when he had been just 14. Jason's eyes lit up - "Shall we beat one of them up?"

The 4 guys came up with a plan to beat up Saul Williams (the most attractive of Sams attackers) at his flat. Sam new via facebook that he was now living there with just his girlfriend and so if they waited for a night when they new she was leaving then they could go round and assault him! Sam was stalking facebook for weeks before he read that Saul's girlfriend was going to a party in Wales on Friday night - and so the guys cleared their diaries and got ready for a beating!

They agreed in advance that Sam would be the chief torturer as he had been a victim of Saul's - plus this was Sams first GP session with the gang. They told Sam that they did about 2-3 assaults a year on guys who deserved it - and Saul was such a low life that he really did deserve it!

They headed down to Sauls council flat and Sam knocked on the door. The door swung open and Saul was stood there scowling, and when he saw it was Sam he actually smiled. "Alright Sam, how's it going?" "Good mate good, you ok?" "Yeah I'm fine, what you doing here?" he asked. "I'm here to get some revenge mate," laughed Sam. "What?" said Saul, genuinely confused. "Revenge for you beating me up three years ago!" Saul started laughing, "No seriously what are you doing here?" "I just told you!" "Are you pissed? Come off it Sam we never beat you up we just punched your belly a bit!"
Sam's anger boiled over and dived at Saul and rugby tackled him and the two of them fell back into Sauls apartment. Niall, Liam and Jason heard this, sprung out from round the corner and dashed into the flat and all jumped on top of their victim.

Sam pulled up Sauls white t-shirt and got a first glimpse of Sauls abs. There was little tone, a small bit of puppy fat, and a nice deep navel. There where hotter guys around, but that said, there where much worse guys too. Sam gave Saul a dig in his exposed midriff and the gang got a-hold of Saul and dragged him up to his feet. Liam and Jason had an arm each, preventing him from fighting back. Sam punched him in the stomach again but his shirt had slit back down and was hidden by the t-shirt again. This second dig got a grunt out of him and Sam followed in with another one which got an anguished grunt out of him.

"Lets not hang out in the hall - are you not inviting us in?" said Niall sarcastically. He closed the door of the flat behind them and then kicked open another door which led them into the living room. "Come on Saul, be a good host!"

Sam admired Niall's confidence. He had beat up people before though, but this was Sams first time and didn't feel confident enough to be as sarcastic as his teacher!

Sam, Liam and Jason bundled Saul into the tiny living room and threw him up against a wall. Sam drove his right first deep into Sauls gut again, making him double over and clutch his stomach. Liam and Jason took an arm each again and Sam started peppering Sauls torso with light jabs. Niall was taking a back seat and watching his young apprentice go to work on their victim. "Can we take his top off him?" asked Sam, and Liam and Jason duly obliged and pulled it straight off over his head fully revealing his torso. "Fucking benders!" yelled Saul as Sam struck him right in the belly button with his first. Sam was really starting to enjoy this now. It was even better than he had imagined that it would be. Saul could just do nothing to prevent his torture.

Sam turned his attention to Saul's upper abs. He knew that Sauls upper abs would be better than his lower abs and maybe even his belly button region too, but given that Saul was restrained, then Sam could do just whatever he pleased. Sam was beginning to loose count of how many times he had hit his victim. Saul had taken at least 10 blows now anyway and it was becoming increasingly apparent that he was not a particularly tough customer.
"Now you know how I felt don't you!" laughed Sam as he continued to pummel Sauls upper abs. "Why me? I didn't even hit you....I only held your arms!" argued Saul. "Exactly - your just a coward!" said Sam, and the he put all his weight behind one last drive to the upper abdomen, which hit Saul so hard that it thrust him completely off his feet and out of the grips of his enemies and he collapsed onto his back, and then started clutching his stomach again.

Liam and Jason pulled him up and then spread-eagled him across the back of the couch. Sam then got hold of his nipples and unmercilesley twisted them. The pain that Saul felt from this was the worst he had felt in his entire life! It felt like Sams fingers where the pincers of a scorpion , ripping into the red skin of the nipple to suck at his blood! Saul howled in agony - and to add to the pain his restrainers pulled his arms further and further apart - and Saul screamed more - and they pulled more - and Sam twisted his nipples more - more screams - more twisting - more pulling ... and then...POP!!!

The three of them dropped their victim like a bomb and he crashed to the floor. His left arm was sticking out at a very strange angle. They had dislocated his shoulder! Saul curled up into the foetal position, howling in agony. His stomach, shoulder and nipples where all hurting in equal measure.

Sam then lost control! He kicked Saul in the ribs again and again and again. He was enjoying the pain and suffering that Saul was going through. He was delivering kick after kick after kick to the poor chav. Saul certainly was not a nice person, but he didn't deserve this! Sam was driving his foot into Sauls tanned ribcage as hard as he could - harder than he had ever even kicked a football!!

Eventually Nail pulled Sam off the poor guy, and whispered in his ear that they had to go. The four of them quickly fled from Sauls flat, whilst Saul lay there totally beaten. The whole assault had lasted about 7 minutes, but it had been a very painful 7 minutes for Saul. Saul reached into his jeans pocket for his phone, he needed an ambulance....

...when they got back to Nialls house Niall bollocked Sam rigid. "What! What have I done wrong?" argued Sam. "You went too far man! His shoulder was dislocated, you should have stopped then! You shouldn't have carried on, he's actually going to be hospitalised after that I'm sure!" "But isn't that the idea when you beat someone up?" laughed Sam. "Listen, I love giving out stomach torture sessions - but they never hospitalise people - they fucking hurt them - but they don't leave such lasting injuries. What the fuck where you thinking? The police could fucking well come knocking now!"
Sam started taking in just what he had done. He had crossed a line. The plan had been for them to go in and just work Sauls abs, not to pull his arm out of it socket and hurt him that much.

Saul grassed Sam up to the police - and the police came knocking on Sams door the very next day. Sam was given 2 months in a young offenders institute - but what he was more concerned about was being kicked out of Nialls gut punching group. He had had his appetite wettened by assaulting Saul, and he was going to make it his number one priority to persuade them to have him back once he was free again. But in the short-term he wondered if he would be able to get any action in the young offenders institute!

Sam had refused to give the identity of Niall, Jason and Liam to the police and given that Saul didn't know who they where, the police would have been hard pushed to find them, and so Sam hoped that by protecting them he would be able to become friends with them again....


Episode Six: Meet Darius
Written by Tom Graves...

Darius Task

By the time I was moving into my halls of residence at uni I was now 18 but had still not met any guys that found gut punching to be a turn on. I had found a few internet sites that managed to serve my needs but other than watching Finney get beaten up in our changing rooms I hadn't been partial to any gut action at all. After watching many videos on the internet I had decided that I was defiantly a giver and not a taker. I mean I had already been tortured in the stomach once and I certainly didn't enjoy it. However, if I got the opportunity to put itching powder in another guys belly button then I would leap at the chance!

I made a couple of friends at uni and one of my first friends was a guy on my course called Darius. Me and Darius got along really well and we regularly went back to one of our rooms together to chill after nights out. After a couple of weeks we where chilling on Daz's bed listening to music from Daz's laptop. We started having a debate about how long a certain song had been out for, and so we decided to find out. We both sat up and I watched Daz open a new tab on the internet. The screen then opened and a list of the most visited sites appeared at the bottom of the screen. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw 'Admiral Luke' listed in these sites.

"What's admiral Luke?" I asked Daz. "Oh its a website for finance and stuff," replied Darius instantly. "Oh, I thought it was a gut punching site," I replied as casually as I possibly could. Darius paused and then looked at me. I could see his mind was racing with thoughts and questions. I couldn't believe my luck, I finally had a friend who mutually shared my fetish. Darius then confessed that he was gay and that he liked seeing guys get it in the gut, and so I likewise made the same confession.

We chatted for hours that night. Darius asked me how long had I been into this fetish, and so I recounted my belly button torture story for Darius (which he fucking loved) and then I told him about my eye witness account of Finney's gut bash last year. I then asked Darius what had got him into gut punching and Darius's story was so sexually arousing that I could barely hide my boner whilst he talked me through it....
...Darius was at a friends BBQ last year just before he had come out as gay. Including Daz there was just 6 guys at the BBQ but enough food and beer for a whole army! It was a blazing hot afternoon and so some of Darius's friends had taken their tops off and Darius wasn't complaining about the eye-candy! What could be better? Great food combined with a great view made for a perfect afternoon. The lads helped themselves to a random combination of beer, burgers and bangers as the day progressed and by the time dusk came way too much beer had been consumed. Now intoxicated, Darius suddenly had the confidence to confess that he was gay to his friends...which he did...and didn't get the response that he was hoping for!

Darius knew that most people in the group where homophobic, which was why he had been keeping himself in the closet, but he was so pissed that all sense had left him. "Holy Fuck, we've all had our tops off today, have you been perving on us?!" yelled one of his 'friends'. Darius suddenly started sobering up as he realised the seriousness of the situation. Before he could do anything, it became apparent that he was going to get beaten up.

They pulled Daz off the chair and dropped him on the grass. Kicks fluttered into his guts and he curled up into a ball to try and protect himself. They continued to kick at him and it was his ribs and belly that took the brunt of the assault. Darius was rolled onto his back and the lead beater knelt down on him, putting his knee firmly into his stomach. "We're going to torture you until you beg!" The lead torturer then put his second knee on Daz's abs too and then started punching Daz in the pecs and ribs! Darius had never been beaten up before, making this ordeal even worse. His entire torso was in pain! The knees that where planted in his stomach where making it hard for him to breathe!

Daz heard some laughter from the other guys and then all of a sudden, just after a tough dig to the ribs, a sausage was put in his mouth! A freshly cooked, piping hot banger! "Suck on that you sausage fucker!" Darius wanted to spit it out but he was on his back and it was quite clear that they wanted him to eat it, so he obligingly did. It was hard to do due to the fact that it was an entire sausage and he was also in pain, but he did it!

Once the sausage had gone Daz took a few more punches to his chest which smarted in agony, but then the deal was done. His torturer got off him and the lads packed their stuff up and took the party inside, leaving Darius lying on the lawn by the BBQ, totally humiliated... that was Darius story!

I just wanted to rip his shirt off there and then and get some belly action, but we reached a hitch! We both thought that we would enjoy torturing, but neither of us thought we would enjoy being the victim. What a problem!

We continued chatting and showing each other different pictures that we had found on the internet of gut punching, stomach torture etc. Eventually though, our night had to come to an end, sadly without any 'belly fun'.

I was lying in bed, imagining Darius being pinned down and force-fed sausages, when my phone lit up. It was a text of Daz. It simply said...

Darius Task:
I've got a plan


Episode Seven: The Young Offenders Institute

Sam Denton

Sam Denton had been given a 2 month sentence at a young offenders unit - it was deemed that despite Sam being 18 this would serve him better than a prison as he was still in full time education (sixth form college) and hoping to complete his A levels.

Sam had a cell mate called Ruben who was a tiny bit tubby but not incredibly fat. Sam and Ruben shared the same cell for the whole 2 months that Sam was in the YOI and they got along pretty well. Ruben was also 18 and had a similar back-story to Sam in that he was eligible to go to prison but had been handed the opportunity to complete his study, something that would have been harder to accomplish in prison. Another thing they had in common was their passion for violence. Ruben wasn't a stomach fetishist like Sam, but instead was just a thug who enjoyed beating people up. Naturally though, Sam and Ruben got along very well and even taught each other fighting/torture techniques.

A matter of days before Sam was to be released a third guy was crammed into their 2 man cell as they where short on space. This new guy was called Luke, and likewise he was 18 too. Sam had been on his best behaviour for the last 2 months, but there was something about this new guy called Luke that really made Sam want to beat him up!

It was quite late at night on Sams final night and Luke had been called away for a meeting and so Sam and Ruben started discussing Luke. They both agreed that Luke could do with bringing down a peg or two, and so they made plans to 'teach him a lesson'. They agreed that they didn't want to beat him too bad otherwise they may well find themselves with longer prison sentences, but they would beat him just bad enough to knock his confidence. And Sam was secretly praying that he wouldn't loose it again...

Luke returned from his meeting to find Sam and Ruben chilling on their beds with their tops off. Luke nodded to them and immediately took his shirt off too. Sam studied Luke's abdominals and decided that they were nothing special. Sam noticed though that Luke had a sexy little snail trail running from his bellybutton down into his pubes - and this did get Sam excited!

Sam and Ruben casually got up off their beds and sat down either side of Luke. Ruben then said casually to Luke, "We're going to beat you up now, so if I was you, I'd just lie back and think of England!"
Sam and Ruben immediately set about Luke, and Luke was powerless to defend himself! Sam grabbed Luke, pulled him up off the bed and then held his arms behind his back as Ruben delivered a tough punch right into Luke's navel. Luke let out a deep groan! He had barely no abdominal muscle whatsoever! Ruben sent a harder punch into Luke's belly and Luke howled in agony as a gut-wrenching pain seeped throughout his stomach.

Ruben then violently got hold of Luke's shoulders and yanked him away from Sam and flung his arm around Luke's neck and pulled him down into a headlock. Ruben clamped his right arm as tightly as he could around Luke's head and neck and began squeezing unmercifully. As Luke was now bent double by the headlock, it presented his arse as an easy target for Sam who decided to dive a punch right up Luke's bum! Ruben released the headlock and then sweeped Luke's legs from under him MMA style, sending Luke crashing to the floor, and then Ruben dropped his heavy knees right onto Luke's bollocks.

Ruben now moved into the classic schoolboy pin and Sam held Luke's arms down so that Ruben was free to dish out the torture! Ruben put his hand on Luke's soft tummy and then drilled his fingers into it just like Sam had advised him to do. Luke really didn't like that and his screams reached new hysterical heights as Ruben continued to ruthlessly finger his abs. This homo-erotic torture sequence continued until Ruben was aware that there was something walm in contact with his leg....

"My god - he's pissed himself!" yelled Ruben, leaping up instantly, finally releasing Luke from the painful abdominal hold. It wasn't surprising really, Luke's screams had been indicating that they had taken him past his capacity for stomach pain, and so Sam nodded to Ruben to finish off the job. Ruben stamped down hard on Luke's poor belly, causing him to curl up in agony.

Sam and Ruben then just left Luke where he was and went to bed. When Same woke up the next morning, Luke was still curled up on the floor where he had been tortured the night before. Sam and Ruben left for breakfast, leaving Luke where he was, and Sam never saw Luke again as he was released as scheduled later that day....


Episode Eight: Pauls Gutbash
Written by Tom Graves...

Paul Hutton

Darius Task

As you probably remember from my previous story I'd just made friends with a guy called Darius and after a few drinks we both discovered that the other was into stomach and chest torture etc. The only slight hitch was that we were both givers! For me, all the excitement is working over another guys abs - not my own! I know thats not the case for everyone - but I always imagine it to be too painful!

Daz (Darius) and I had a mutual friend on our course Paul who was a gym-go-er. He didn't look particularly ripped or anything, but I imagined that his abs would be of a decent standard given he went the gym 3 times a week! Anyhow - me and Daz decided that we wanted to find out just how good his stomach muscles where! I was exceptionally excited - I'd never worked over anyone else's abs before!

Our plan was simple - take him back to Daz's room after tea and just have some belly-based fun! It wouldn't matter if we were loud, the party music from the various party's going on around us would be more than enough to drown out any groans, coughs and splutters! I knew that Daz was into chest stuff - and I was eager to do his stomach - so his whole torso was gunna get a battering!
I met Paul in the dining hall and we ate together just the two of us. We made small talk about our assignments and stuff - and then the gym came up. I asked him if he did much stomach work. He said he did some. I asked him to show me his abs and he laughed (thinking I was joking). I let it go and we finished our meal. I was slightly concerned that his fish and chips might lie a bit heavy on his stomach, so maybe a little easy on belly work for the first half hour or so? That seemed reasonable. I then suggested that we had over to Darius' and we did. Darius sent Paul a text asking him to go via the chippy and grab him a sausage and chips....little did Paul know why Darius wanted it! My heart was racing with excitement - Paul had no idea what was coming for him!

We knocked and Daz let us in. We shared some banter in Daz's room for a few minutes, before Daz just randomly asked Paul to take his top off. Paul laughed again and then I asked him too, and then he knew something was going on. We explained to him all about our 'thing'. I told him about my experience of being belly button tortured, and Daz recalled his beating at a friends BBQ. We then asked Paul if he was of the same persuasion as us. He wasn't. Which was a shame.
Paul bolted for the door and I wrestled with him and after much grappling got him in between me and Daz, and Daz applied a full nelson which ultimately sealed Paul's fate. I put a punch into his stomach and his knees bent. I followed it with 2 in his ribs and he gasped and screamed for help. No help was coming! Everyone else on Daz's floor was out at a party - so he could scream as loud as he wanted!

Daz shifted from the full nelson and bear-hugged him around the waist and squeezed Paul tightly. Paul was gasping for air when Daz finally let him go and he flopped down onto the floor - taking deep, shaky breaths. We pulled him up onto Daz's bed and I sat on his legs and Daz sat on his arms. He was perfectly pinned to the bed. It was a beautiful scene. I lifted his shirt up and unbuttoned the top of his jeans to have access to his whole stomach. He wasn't shouting or anything anymore - just preparing to take it.

I looked at his belly button for the first time and I wasn't satisfied. His actual abs where decent. Nice, flat and toned. But his belly button was the strangest belly button I have ever seen in my life! It was an outie for wants of a better description - and I'm not a fan of outies sadly. But hey - it gave me something to do! I pressed my finger onto the top of his navel and pushed it downwards into his stomach. I kept doing this kind of navel play for long in fact that Daz got bored and slapped him in the upper stomach for a laugh.

I took the hint and started pummelling his stomach with hard punches. Each one made him gasp and groan. My pummelling started on his toned upper abs and worked back into the navel area, and then down onto the lower abs. Paul then started to plead with us to stop - but it was too much fun! I gave him some recovery time and just massaged his stomach for a was getting sweaty now and for me thats when its the best!

It was only fair that Daz be allowed to do a session too. We swapped places and I sat on his arms and Daz on his legs. Daz swiftly removed the shirt from Paul's torso over his head and it revealed a pair of ruby red nipples. Daz gripped hold of them and started squeezing! Our victim was being unmercifully tortured and god only knows how he must have felt - but I can assure you it was exciting! "You've been having too many sausages you fat bastard!" Daz shouted for banter purposes as he twisted Paul's pecs into yet more pain!
When Darius let go of his nipples his fingers immediately invaded Pauls armpits which where virtually cleanly shaved - just a small amount of bum fluff, not a lot to speak of! Paul continued to scream as Darius probed his armpits and then he offered to pay us to stop....but this was well too much amount of money would have made us stop this battering!

Me and Daz swapped positions and I started pounding his abs again. They where starting to look tortured now! Paul could barely keep them tense as I punched him in his upper abs region. Everytime I punched him I could feel the vibrations ripple through his body. His stomach muscles where offering him barely no protection, it was a shame really! The sweat flowing off his belly was extreme, and the harder I punched, the more extreme it became!

"Shall we see how well hung Mr Hutton is?" laughed Darius. "Yeah go on then," I grinned. Paul groaned an objection but a dig to the belly soon sorted that out. "Lets make it a bet!" suggested Darius, "I don' think he'll have a big cock, so if its tiny I get to do more stuff to his chest, but if it is big then you get to do more stuff to his stomach!" I accepted this bet, but poor Paul was wailing for us not to expose his cock!

My hands snaked down to his open-buttoned jeans and I unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans down a little further to expose his briefs. I could feel my heart beating double time, I'd never ever done anything like this before! I'd never been so sexually intimate with another guy, and I was nervous so I hesitated, but then Darius glared at me so I did it! I yanked his briefs down and before I could take in what I saw Paul was already screaming from a double nipple claw from Darius! To be fair I didn't think his cock was too shabby, if I'm honest Paul was about as well hung as me, but Darius must be a big boy!

I gave Paul a dig to his cock and then pulled his briefs back up to take his balls away from view. Darius was still busy ripping off Pauls nipples, so I dug my fingers into his belly just to give him something else to think about. My fingers gouged into his soft abs easily and I then started squeezing his stomach muscles in my grip to try and hurt him more than Darius was doing but the nipple cripple was so harsh he probably didn't even notice what I was doing to his stomach!

Paul was panting in pain as Darius released the nipple cripple and I took my fingers out of his stomach. He was as limp as a rag doll now, little more than a play thing for me and Darius to amuse ourselves with.
Darius dismounted the bed and nodded to me which meant he was going to the kitchen to heat up the sausage that Paul had brought for him. This communication wasn't seen by Paul who was still lying on his back, his abs and pecs throbbing in equal measure!

"Why...why me?" he spluttered. "Its nothing personal," I said to him, "Its just your quite athletic so we knew you'd have good abs, and so we thought we'd see how good they really where!" Paul grimaced as I ran my fingers over his bare torso once more, in awe of the beast we had slayed! "Have you guys finished now?" asked Paul after a few long moments of silence. I smiled at him sympathetically, and then knelt over him and whispered in his ear, "I'm afraid the worst is still to come!"

Darius came back in, having now reheated the sausage and chips. He put the box down on the cabinet and looked at me and said "Have you told him what's happening?" I shook my head. "Good," said Darius, "This is the part we need to film!" I took my phone out of my pocket and started recording. Our plan was to film the sausage scene so that we could use it to blackmail Paul if he thought about going to the police.

As quick as a flash Darius took the sausage from the box and shoved it straight into Pauls mouth. Daz got a firm grip on Pauls jaw so that he couldn't spit it out and thus forced Paul to chew it and eat it. This scene took a while, and I didn't particularly enjoy it, but Darius loved it.

Once the offending sausage was in Pauls belly, I clamped on another belly claw and Pauls stomach was unbelievably soft now and he wailed and wailed as I dug my fingers into his abs. "FUCK.....MEEEE" Paul yelled and there was something in his voice that told me I was really hurting him now. I pulled my fingers out of his stomach and his hands clasped over his lower stomach muscles and he rolled onto his side.

Me and Darius looked at each other and nodded - it was over. I buttoned up his jeans and bundled his shirt back on him to give him some of his dignity back. Me and Daz then carried him down the corridor and dumped him back in his room on his bed. I leaned over him and told him if he reported us, then the sausage video would appear on both mine and Darius facebook accounts immediately and he nodded, signaling he wouldn't report us.

Me and Daz then left our victim curled up on his bed, both knowing that he would be very sore in the morning!


Episode Nine: Grovelling

Sam Denton

Sam Denton had been out now for about two weeks, and he was already thirsty for some stomach based violence. He knew that his old mates of Niall, Liam and Jason would have still been working out together and they may even have done a beating in the last couple of months whilst Sam was away. The problem was that Sam had crossed the morale line when they had attacked Saul, and he was worried that they wouldn't have him back.

It was a Friday evening and Sam had a strong suspicion that the boys would be down in Jason's basement gym working out so Sam headed over there to try and grovel his way back in. He knocked on the door and Jason answered, and Sam explained that he wanted to talk. Jason let him in and lead him down into the basement where Sam saw Niall shirtless with his hands tied above his head whilst Liam had his finger engorged in Nialls belly button! Sam hardened up instantly, he had forgotten how erotic their gym work was!

"Alright lads," said Sam nervously. Liam took his finger out of Nialls navel and untied him and then the three of them faced Sam, waiting to hear what he had to say. Sam explained how sorry he was, and how desperate he was to rejoin their gang and put the assault on Saul behind them. "I really wanna believe you mate, cos we all liked you, but you could have sent us all to jail, how can we trust that the next time we do a beating you won't do that again?" asked Niall. Sam defended himself by explaining he hadn't given their names to the police and that the only reason he went OTT was because of his personal feeling about Saul.

"Here's an idea," said Niall. "We'll let you back in tommorow, all things forgotten and a brand new start, on one condition..." "What?" "You let us assault you tonight." The three gut fetishists shared smiles. The group never beat each other up, they only punched and tortured each other under the consent of each other, but this was an opportunity to take sexy 18 year old stud to his limits! Sam just nodded ... He really wanted back in...

This was only the second time in his entire life that he had been beaten up. The first time he had been just 15 and hadn't had any abs to help him - but now his stomach muscles would be able to offer him some sort of protection from the onslaught of torture that was heading his way!
They gave Sam a few minutes to get ready and compose himself and they headed upstairs to Jason's kitchen to get some drinks. Sam took his shirt off (they would do that anyway) and he started massaging his belly. He knew that the next time he would be massaging his belly, it would be exceptionally tender! Part of him thought that he was nuts for doing this - but he knew that after tonight it would be worth it to get back in the saddle!

Sam then shouted that he was ready and his attackers came back into the basement, ready with a complete plan of how to torment their old friend. "Hey, he's a good lad, saving us a job to take his top off!" laughed Niall and patted Sams tummy in a friendly manner. "I'd forgotten how hot you where Denton!" smiled Jason. "Yeah, I think someone's been working out behind bars!" laughed Liam.

These pleasantries relaxed Sam, but then suddenly Liam and Jason grabbed an arm each and Niall suckered him in his lower gut. Sam wasn't tense and so he coughed and spluttered as Niall withdrew his fist from his stomach. Sam tensed his abdomen and Niall began pummelling Sams whole torso with fast and firm punches. Sam was satisfied that some of the punches didn't hurt, but the ones that caught him in the ribs really winded him. Liam and Jason prevented him from doubling over though, keeping his torso upright for Niall to keep on gut punching him.

Sam swayed from side to side as he tried to get comfortable but Liam and Jason where pulling and pushing him off balance too much as they held him for Niall. Sam wished that there was more muscle to protect his ribcage as Niall glanced his knuckles across them. Sam groaned in agony but Niall didn't stand on ceremony and planted his fist deep into Sams midriff .

Sam took a deep gulp of air - his lungs where struggling. He was already winded and every time he tried to take in oxygen, he was given a punch in the stomach! All the blood in Sams body was rushing now to his belly to keep it tensed, but the poor teenager just couldn't breath! Niall plunged his fist into Sams belly once again and the muscular 18 year old perished and his knees buckled and he fell to his knees. Liam and Jason let go of his arms and Niall snap kicked him in the breadbasket and same then flopped belly down onto the cold floor of the basement. His stomach was destroyed. He still couldn't breath and he was wondering if a rib was broken?
"Put him on the operating table," ordered Niall. The operating table was a padded leather massage table that the gang used when practicing things like stomach claws etc. However, as this was a serious beating, they not only lay Sam on the table but they also put straps around his wrists and ankles to restrain him.

Sams belly was rising up and down furiously as he too in as much air as possible while he could. Niall put his hand on Sams stomach and enjoyed the feel of the muscular abdomen rising up and down as Sam enjoyed the brief rest bite.

Sams abs erupted into pain as Niall applied a vicious double handed stomach claw. Sam yelled out in agony and flexed his gut muscles but Nialls fingers where already in dangerous positions and working on his intestine! Sams screams where getting louder and louder as Niall continued to give his lower abdomen a nasty massage. Liam took the initiative to go over to the locker and pull out their new ball gag for its first ever use. Sams mouth was wide open as he continued to scream for mercy as Niall gouged his intestines out so Liam just shoved the ball into Sams mouth, immediately quietening the teenager.

Niall yanked his fingers out of the exceptionally tender stomach muscles of Sam - but then he drove his index finger right into Sams belly button! This was what Liam had been practicing on Niall when Sam had arrived - and it was a painful technique when done properly! The bellybutton torture continued as Niall introduced a second finger to Sams navel...Sam was trying his hardest to scream but the gag was preventing him from releasing his pain that way. Sam considered his bellybutton to be his sexiest feature so he really hoped that this wouldn't disfigure it too much!

Niall released Sams navel from the torture hold, and then Niall slapped Sams bare belly open palmed. This stung quite a lot, and Niall did it again, and again, and again, and again.... How could Sam bare all this pain? His whole stomach was red raw! The stomach claw was slapped on again, but on his upper stomach this time. Sam tried to scream - he was glad they had put the gag in his mouth because if they hadn't he would be begging them to stop, and if they did stop, then they wouldn't let him back into their club! Niall continued to dough up Sams upper stomach, and after a few more seconds, he moved it down to Sams lower stomach! Sams lower abs weren't as tough as his upper abs and so the pain was now electrifying and Sam thrust his hips up to try and escape the claw but it was hopeless! He had no way to prevent his torture!
"I hope you don't have any plans for tommorow Sam, because I doubt that your going to be able to get up out of bed!" laughed Niall as he fingers penetrated Sams 'McBurney Point'. The pain in Sams stomach now was something beyond acceptable. He felt like a piece of meat that was being toyed with before being eaten. "I've finished with you now, but I'm handing you over to Jason and Liam!"

The pain in Sams midsection was relieved somewhat after Nialls fingers left but then Jason strode over to the 'operating table' and immediately applied a double nipple claw. The pain was excruciating - but what really scared Sam was that he knew that there was only a small twist going on, it could get a lot worse! Liam meanwhile started squeezing his fingers into Sams armpits, but compared to what was being done to his nipples the armpit torture was nothing!

Sweat was pouring all over Sams body. It was running all across his chest and stomach , making the situation even more erotic than it already was! If Sam wasn't in so much pain, he would have certainly had an erection, but it was too torturous for him to be horny. The others however all had hard-ons and where really enjoying the 18 year old piece of eye candy that was on tied down on their massage table.

Jason maintained the nipple cripple for an extended period of time with no pause, but Liam got bored of the armpits and walked down the table and then drilled his fingers into Sams inguinal ligament which combined with the nipple cripple, had Sam gagging on his ball gag in agony!

The guys all nodded to each other and agreed Sam had been through enough so they released their current holds and whipped the ball-gag out of his mouth. "You're all done now sexy," laughed Niall, patting Sams belly. "Welcome back to the team!"

Sam and Niall both started laughing simultaneously, and Niall unstrapped him from the table. "How you feeling?" "My stomach fucking kills, your gut claw has improved!" They shared some more polite banter for a few minutes, before the gave Sam his shirt back and told him to go home and rest, and that he was now officially back as one of the torturers...


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