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Too much !

by Thomas V.





John was not a bodybuilder. He was just a young, tough and well defined wrestler at his college, who didn´t know his limits - or want to accept them. He was a chick magnet and loved to provoke the other, older wrestlers all the time, just to show off. John knew no one would dare to attack him, ´cause his father was the director of the college.
So John lived at the campus and like to run home in his wrestling clothes - just to show off to some of the girls. His wrestler colleagues knew his habits and so one day two of them, Chen and Chris arranged for a little ambush at Johns flat. They knew how to find the keys, so they could prepare a little surprise for John.
When John arrived in his flat that evening the only thing he saw was Chens fist when it punched directly into his head. He stumbled back, where Chris already waited for him and grabbed his arms. "So little boy, Your father now won´t help You, You now are completely ours - and we´ll use our advantage as long as we wanna do. And we won´t stop till You officially give up and admit our supremacy", said Chen.
John was surprised - but he wasn´t really shocked. He secretly loved his beautiful body to be punched and loved the pain. But as a chick magnet he couldn´t show it. And he hoped the two boys wouldn´t recognize it. So he said: "You can punch me, You can dominate me - but I´ll never give up!" He was astonished how loud he shouted it out, but it made him decrease his starting fear.
Ufffff. The gutpunch John received surprised him totally. Chen didn´t waste a second: "You won´t give up? We´ll see. You only have to cry 'STOP' and we´ll stop beating You." Thud, Thud, Thud. The punches now hit John´s flexed abs. "Is that all You are able to do?", John shouted cocky. Instead of an answer Chris took his arm around his throat and started choking him. And while John gasped desperately for air, Chen start increasing the frequency of his punches. John could hardly concentrate and his abs softened, the punches started hurting. "Give up, or You will regret it when You are awake again. Cause I won´t stop choking and Chen won´t stop beating till you say You give up You little bastard", now shouted Chris. "I´ll never give up", John silently said, ´cause he nearly could breath now.
"Your choice", said Chen, nodded and started punching again. John now feeled he couldn´t get any air any longer. He tried to break free, but the more he concentrated on breaking free the harder he felt Chris´ arm squeezing his throat and the deeper he felt Chen´s fist penetrating his weakling wall of abs. He slowly started fading away. The last thing he felt was his growing boner…