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Getting Jimmy Part 1 by Billy The Kid

The five kids waited in the woods for Jimmy to show up. They had watched him for a long time and knew that this was the way he walked home. It was a shortcut that was rarely used and they knew once they had him they would be safe from people hearing him scream. They had waited for this moment for almost a year. Jimmy had made the 15 year olds life hell, he was only 14 but was one of those smart kids that started school early and was always one of the teachers pet. Through their freshman year Jimmy had sniched, not let them cheat off his papers, got Tim thrown off the football team etc. Actually Jimmy did none of this on purpose it was just bad luck for him. The fact that they sat here waiting for him was because they could never get him alone and they made them even madder. They tried to kick his ass on several occasions, but twice they were stopped by teachers (and had detention for a week) and once were stopped by his older brother, a Junior and varsity quarter back. The longer they had to wait the angrier they got, they would sit in John's basement and talk about
how bad they wanted to kick his ass, it almost became an obsession until they could think of nothing else and plotted over the coarse of the last few months on what they were going to do to him when they caught him finally alone.

The boys were Johnny 1, and Johnny 2, Steve, Tim, and bill. They were all young white spoiled kids, perfect in everyway. They were athletes because they were expected to be, they got in a lot of trouble and had formed a bond with each other at an early age. They had everything they ever wanted except Jimmy. They wanted him bad.

Unlike his older brother who is about 5 10" a solid 170 blond hair blue eyes, Jimmy stood only about 5 8" and couldn't have been more than 145. He had dark hair and was small and scrawny, he was the smart kid not the jock. He was a nerd but not ugly, quite but not shy, and everyone loved him. That made the boys even madder. They were rich, he was poor, they had everything, he had nothing… they
didn't even know why they wanted to hurt him so bad, but they did and today would be there chance. Almost showtime

"Did you bring the stuff?" asked Johnny 1
"Yup all here… this is going to be great!" said Tim

Tim was so excited that he actually had an erection, actually they all did. As the months went on they moved on from thoughts of just kicking his ass to more perverse things. They were 15 year old boys just reaching puberty and they were so close with one another that as they started to get hair in unknown places they would share it with each other. This turned to them showing each other and that progressed to talks of masterbation, which then progressed to jacking
off with each other. As there sexual desires grew they started talking about Jimmy and what they wanted to do to him. Wondered how a blow job felt and such… this is why they were excited, they were going to kick his ass and humiliate him, but they were also going to get a chance to explore there hormones a bit. They all separately had thoughts that made them wonder if they were gay, but each alone came to the conclusion that if it was being done to someone else that it was okay. The truth was they were all gay, and each of them knew it, but at 15 you tell yourself what you have to, to get by.

They heard footsteps a little way down the path and got ready. Then they stopped as they heard voices.

"Shit! He's with his brother!" whispered Steve
"Fuck! What do we do now?" asked Tim
"Fuck it, I have an idea… you guys get Jimmy" Johnny 1 told Steve and Tim "we'll take Shane"

Johnny 1 and 2 were bigger than Tim and Steve, and Bill was the biggest. They knew they could take Shane down… but they would have to be quick.

As the voices grew louder they readied themselves. This was it. They saw Jimmy first, he didn't even know what hit him Tim and Steve and him tackled and on the ground so fast that he didn't even think to scream, and when he did a quick Jab in his gut by Steve knocked the wind out of him. They held him down and watched as the two Johnny's and Bill went after Shane.

Shane was quicker and stronger than Jimmy and was able to get a few good punches in, he got Johnny 1 in the face and Johnny 2 in the chest, he was reaching back to hit Bill when a well placed uppercut from behind landed quarely in his balls. He collapsed on the ground and they were on him in a second. Fists and kicks flew, Jimmy watched as his brother was pummled. When the dust settled Shane lay in fetal position on the ground moaning. He had been kicked and puched in the balls, hit several times in the face, and punched repeatedly in the stomach and ribs.

"Quick, get the rope" Yelled Johnny 1

Bill went over to the bag and got the rope that was intended for Jimmy and quickly bound Shane's wrists together. Shane was then dragged into the clearing they had set up and the rope was thrown over a tree branch as the two Johnny's hoisted him up. They pulled the rope until Shane was on his feet with his hands raised above his head, and then secured the rope to the base of the tree. Before even a beat passed Steve pulled out the roll of duct tape also intended for Jimmy and placed it over Shane's mouth wrapping it several times around his head effectively gagging him… Then they dragged Jimmy over.


He was crying and trying to ask them what they were doing to his brother.

"Actually this was all intended for you, your brother was just a bonus" said Tim as he punched Jimmy in the stomach.

Jimmy collapsed to the ground in a heap. They kicked him twice to make sure he stayed there as they approached Shane.

"Okay, here's the deal." Johnny 1 said to the bound boy "we have a bone to pick with your brother, but we will probably have some fun with you to" they all laughed.

Shane just stared back at the boys and saw his brother on the ground. He was wearing baggy jeans and a tee shirt that was a little to small. Because his hands were stretched above his head the shirt rode up to above his belly button. His jeans rode a little lower than normal because of the struggle and a good two inches of his boxerbriefs were peaking out above his jeans.

"Oh look guys, his jeans are falling down" Steve said with a smeark "we should help him with that"

With that, Bill walked over to Shane and barely tugged on the bound jocks jeans and they fell to his ankles. Shane turned red. Because of his tee shirt being pulled so high, his new FTL purple boxerbriefs were in full view, and they were tight. This was the first time he had worn them so they were even tighter than normal. They all pointed and laughed at his purple undies and all noticed to bulge. It wasn't really big, but not small either, but because the new underwear was so tight, it was very prominent. Shane was mortified.

"Nice underwear, did Mommy buy you those?" Tim said as they all laughed
"We'll get back to you in a minute… don't go anywhere" they all laughed again as they turned their attention to the reason they were all here… Jimmy.

Jimmy was still on the ground panting and trying to catch his breath. He had watched as they pulled his brother's pants down and was very afraid. He didn't know what they were going to do, but he knew they hated him and wanted to do something like this for a long time. He was scarred, he tried to get to his feet to run away, but as he was trying they surrounded him.

He felt lots of hands on him as he was dragged to his feet. The Johnny's each had an arm and were holding him tight. Before he could say a word Steve's fist landed in his gut, followed by Tim's, then Bill's, then Tim's again. He couldn't breath and was let go, but before he could drop he was pushed to another who held him. He couldn't even tell who was hitting him at this point. The boys had
circled him and were pushing him back and forth between them and trading punches. He was hit in the eye, then pushed to another and was kneed in the groin, then to another and another.

Shane was tugging furiously at the ropes as he watched them beat the hell out of his brother. He couldn't scream because of the gag, and couldn't even kick out because his leans were securing his ankles… all he could do was watch.

Finally Jimmy was aloud to fall to the ground. He was out of breath and everything hurt. He could taste blood in his mouth and hated to think what his face looked like. He was rolled onto his back and felt his legs lifting in the air, he was dazed but knew they were taking off his shoes… he didn't know why. Then he felt one of his socks being taken off, then the other. Before he could figure out why they were doing this he felt a tug at his tee shirt, he looked down just in time to see ten sets of hands all take a piece of his shirt and pull.

His shirt was off him and in pieces as he finally realized what they were doing… they were stripping him!

He tried to sit up but was pushed back down, he tried to roll over but was kicked back onto his back, he looked up and saw a tear rolling down his brothers face as he felt a hand at the button of his jeans… he had never been undressed in front of anyone… ever. This was his worst fear, he reached down to try to stop them but his hands were grabbed and held firmly in place above his head, exposing his hairless armpits… he was a late bloomer and had yet to even start
puberty, that is why he was so scarred. His dick hadn't even started to grow, let alone any hair… he was embarrassed and scarred as he felt the button on his jeans pop and the zipper being slowly lowered

End Part One (If you want me to continue, e-mail your comments to