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Sucker Punches. We've all delivered or received them at one point in our lives. To be on the delivering end and feeling your fist sink into the other guy's midsection, seeing their eyes widen and mouth open in surprise, the "Ooomphh!" or "Uunngh!" they can't help. To be on the receiving end and feel the other guy's fist enter your midsection, seeing the smug, pleased look on the puncher's face at what they've done, a throbbing pain erupting from the area that was punched. These are some short scenes that I've seen, delivered, or experienced that all started with that one single sucker punch. Enjoy.

Boys Will Be Boys 1

by Malcom

It was a summer morning in California, around 10am, the sun had long since risen into the sky, but two males were still snoozing away. These two males were Trey, an 18 year old, and his 16 year old cousin, Blake. It wasn't until almost 11am when one of the boys awoke, the younger of the two, Blake.

Groaning as the sun shined in from his window onto him, he rolled out of bed. Clad in only what he slept in, black boxers, he made his way to the kitchen, curious as to why the house was so quiet. On the fridge there was a note from his aunt explaining that she had some work business to attend to and that he and his older cousin would be home alone for most of the day. Sprawling himself out on the couch, Blake turned on the TV, flipping through the channels and seeing what was on. He was out there for like 10 minutes Trey came into the room. Like Blake, he had come right from his bed and was still wearing what he had slept in, blue plaid boxers.

"Hey Punk." Trey greeted Blake. The two had a love-hate relationship, the type you usually see between brothers or close cousins, so name calling, arguing, and some light rough-housing wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Blake ignored Trey, and not one to be ignored, Trey instead grabbed the remote out of his younger cousin's hand, eliciting the response he had wanted.
"Hey!" Blake exclaimed, glaring at Trey who was smugly smiling at him, before lunging at the older male. The two barely clothed boys playfully wrestled on the ground, Trey eventually getting on top, straddling the younger male below him. Seeing an opportunity, he dropped a punch down onto Blake's upper stomach, right in the breadbasket. Blake hadn't been expecting the punch and let out an "Oommphh!" as the air was literally pushed out of his body as the punch sank into him. Trey was pleasantly surprised to feel his fist sink deep into the younger teen's stomach, practically all the way to the floor below; instead of the solid abs he usually felt when he punched Blake in the stomach. Not giving him any time to recover from the first punch, Trey dropped his fists down again and again into Blake's vulnerable stomach that was now at his mercy, mainly focusing his punches on and around the bellybutton. With each punch, Blake would grunt and try to fold up and protect his stomach, but Trey wouldn't let him, keeping him pinned down to the floor while his fists rained down upon his younger cousin's midsection.
"Sto-uhh!...St-Unghh!... Sto-uhh!...St-Unghh!" Blake tried to ask his older cousin to stop, but Trey would just cut him off with a hard punch. Blake was glad he hadn't eaten breakfast yet, he was sure it would've already been punched out of him. Trey kept it up for a few minutes before deciding Blake had enough; the younger male's stomach was already deep red. Blake's guts were aching.
"Haha, Sorry, got a bit carried away." Trey told Blake, extending his hand to help pull Blake to his feet.
"Well you know what they say, payback is a bitch." Blake responded when he was finally back on his feet. Trey smiled deviously at the younger male's cheeky response and threw one more punch into his unsuspecting stomach, right at his navel. Blake folded over the fist with an audible gasp, eyes widening, before dropping to his knees, clutching his stomach.
"I look forward to it, little cuz." Trey replied before going to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Leaving the thoroughly gutpunched Blake to deal with his aching stomach.

Boy Will Be Boys Pt.2

It has been two weeks since the surprise gutpunch beating that Blake had received from his older cousin, Trey. It had taken him like half an hour to get off the floor that day and days for his stomach to recover. He and Trey were still on good terms, the event had caused no bad blood between the two, but Blake was still intent on dishing out some payback. The day had provided the perfect opportunity and Blake was going to capitalize on it.
They had been left home alone for the day again and they were both in the basement using the gym equipment they had. Due to the fact that it was their own equipment, they didn't have to conform to the dress code policy set in place at most gyms and could work out in what felt comfortable. To them that consisted of nothing more than some gym shorts. The two males had been working out for about an hour when Trey said he was done for the day and was going to go up and shower.
"Hey man, come see this before you go up." Blake waved him over.
"See what?" Trey asked as he walked over, a puzzled look on his face. He was about to say more but let out a yelp as all the air rushed out of his body. Blake's fist was buried deep in his solar plexus. Blake repeated this four more times, each punch driving in deep because of Trey being caught off guard for the first one. On the fifth one, Trey crumpled to the floor unconscious.
When Trey regained consciousness, he noticed he'd been propped up against a wooden support beam, his hands bound behind him, still bare-chested.
"Finally dude. Took you long enough to wake up." Blake called from the corner of the basement where he had been waiting for Trey to come to.
"What the hell, Blake?!"
"I told you I was going to pay you back for what you did a few weeks ago. Not going to lie dude, you really fucked up my abs. My stomach was hurting for days after that and now you're going to get to know how it felt." Blake explained. Trey didn't like the look in Blake's eyes at all. He knew he was in for some trouble, but he wasn't going to look like a wussy in front of his little cousin.
"Do your worse." He replied cockily. Blake had every intention to and replied to the comment by throwing a solid right punch at Trey's stomach. Trey was prepared for this one however and tightened his abs. A solid six-pack formed and Blake's punch had no effect in harming the older male.
"I'd expected that." Blake said, shaking his hand, his knuckles already turning red from that punch. Breaking down his older cousin's abs by pure punching would take forever so he had other methods in mind. Going over to the corner of the basement where he'd been waiting, he picked up a baseball bat that he'd brought down just for this reason. Smirking slightly as he noticed his Trey's eyes widen a bit in alarm, he brought the bat into a swinging position. "Batter up!" Blake exclaimed before swinging the bat into his cousin's midsection. There was a loud smack from wood meeting flesh, an "Ooommph!" from Trey as his body reacted to the blow, and then a low groan from the stinging pain it left in his abs. Blake repeated this and after each swing he would push the fat end of the bat into Trey's stomach, seeing if his abs were broken enough to be worked over by his fists.
SMACK! "Ooommph!"…."Unnnghh."
SMACK! "Ooommph!"…."Unnnghh."
SMACK! "Ooommph!"…."Unnnghh."
Those were the sounds that filled for basement for the next 15minutes. On the last bat prodding, Blake was pleased to feel much less resistance from Trey's now brightly red stomach. Tossing the bat aside, he could now get to work on Trey's stomach with his fists. Blake started throwing one-two combinations into Trey's stomach. Trey wanted to fold up so badly but his bound position prevented it so he could do nothing but stand there and take it.
"Don't pass out on me dude." Blake said after about 10 minutes of the combination punches, noticing that Trey had begun slowly sliding down the pole, his head hung down, his chin almost touching his chest. Pulling him upwards, Blake clamped a hand down on each of his shoulders and started to drive knees upward into his stomach. Trey's body convulsed each time he felt his younger cousin's knee plow into his stomach, the repeated knees causing a trickle of saliva to exit from the corner of his mouth. After a few knees, Blake went behind him and unbound his arms, letting him collapse onto the floor.
Blake sat down on Trey's legs, straddling him the same way the same way Trey had done to him weeks prior. "Just a few more punches and then I'll consider us even." Blake told Trey and punched his older cousin's thoroughly beaten midsection until he felt as though they were even and got off of him, fairly pleased at seeing that he had jacked up his older, more muscled cousin stomach so badly. Walking up the stairs out of the basement to leave the basement, Blake knew that this wasn't the end of this. His cousin was going to get him back and he was only going to do the same back to him. There were going to be a lot of gutpunch beatings in the house for the next few years!