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by Malcolm



"Yeah Holden, just look down, yeah just like that, Perfect." Flash. Holden blinked his eyes, temporarily blinded by the bright flash, as he followed the directions of the photographer.

He had been modeling since he was 17 or 18, but ever since his appearance in the "Call Me Maybe" video, the music video for the hit song that was the top of the charts for weeks, his career had just hit off. The stud had taken all of world by storm, infatuating not only women but men as well. A comment had been posted to the video by a viewer, "I'm a straight guy and I've liked women my entire life…but even I got to admit I find this guy hot as hell."

The guy was being called the most gorgeous man on the planet and honestly, who would disagree? Possessing a tight lean body, chiseled pecs, and solid six-pack; The best word to describe him would simple be Adonis.
"Ok, we're done for the day." The photographer said after the shoot. "Be here bright and early in the morning. Want to take some of you outside and we have to take them when the sun is in a perfect position in the sky."
"Yeah, okay. I'll be here." Holden replied, not really listening to what the photographer was saying. He'd been here since 6pm and after getting his hair and clothes perfect, which had taken hours and then actually taking the photos, it was now 10pm and all he wanted to do was to get home and go to sleep. Believe it or not, modeling took quite a bit out of you. The photographer's assistant ran up and gave him his car keys which had needed to be out of the photos, not in his pocket or anywhere on his person. "My shirt?" He asked the assistant.
"Oh! It's still in the dressing room, I'll go get it right away."
"Nah, its fine. I'll get it tomorrow." A shirtless walk to the car and ride home wasn't going to kill him. He was just going to go home, strip to his boxers, and fall fast asleep anyway. He walked out of the building. He'd never been to this part of town so late at night before and was surprised how empty it was. The streetlight lit roads empty aside from the occasional car that drove past. On the opposite side of town, where he lived, at this time of night, there would be a lot of people out clubbing and partying and whatnot. There had been a lot of traffic earlier in the day so he had to have parked 3 blocks down from the photography building. Appreciating how he cool night air felt refreshing onto his exposed upper body, he didn't notice the two young men that followed closely behind him. He was pulling out his keys, about to unlock his car when the two males made their move. The blonde came and slid his arms under Holden's armpits, effectively putting him in a full nelson.

"The Hell?!" Holden shouted as he struggled in the blonde's hold. The other guy came and threw hard uppercut to Holden's solar plexus. He wasn't prepared for the hit, and he let out a loud "Uuughhh!" as the surprise punch forced the air out of his body. With the air knocked out of him, his struggling was weaker which allowed to the blonde to pull the coughing model away from the street and into an alley.
"What do you want from me?" He asked shakily, still catching his breath, and still in the blonde's grip.
"Well you see, pretty-boy, we want to beat those abs of yours to a pulp. It's called gutpunching and you're the perfect target!" The latino male emphasized his last word with a hard slug to Holden's navel. He was ready for this one though and flexed his abs hard and there was a loud thud as the fist met the hard abdominal flesh. "Ah fuck!" The latino exclaimed, shaking his hand, looking at the spot that he had hit. "Its like hitting a damn brick wall."
"If you can't take him, let me do it." The blonde said, eager to see what the model's abs felt like against his fist.
"Nah, I want to go at him first, you can have him after. Just make sure you hold him tight, I'ma enjoy this!" The latino began driving both fist into Holden's stomach, hitting him in the navel and lower gut. The model wore his pants low so there was plenty of exposed flesh to beat on. The punches started slow, but steadily increased in speed and power, the thuds of the punches echoing against the alley walls. Holden had his abs flexed hard, protecting himself against the brutal onslaught. He didn't know why these punks were doing this, but if this were all they could dish out, this was going to be an all-night event, his flexed abs weren't going to be broken that easily. The latino seemed to come to this conclusion as well and drove his knee into Holden's crotch, crushing the family jewels.
"Fuck! My balls!" Holden yelped from the brutal blow to his lower regions. He was in pain and felt like he was going puke and couldn't even slouch or fold over as the blonde kept him firmly upright. The latino took advantage of the moment and drove two uppercuts into the solar and quickly followed by 10 minutes of straight punches to Holden's stomach. Each punch forcing a grunt out of the model turned punch-bag. Instead of the brick wall he had felt like he had been punching before, he was pleased to feel Holden's abs beginning to yield to his fists.
"Hey, give me a chance. You're not going to get to have all the fun." The blonde said. The latino switched positions with him, now holding Holden in a full nelson while the blonde would do the punching. The knee to the balls and punches that had followed right after had left Holden without the strength to even try and fight back as the two guys switched positions. "If you thought that was bad, this is going to be hell." The blonde threw multiple uppercuts into Holden's solar plexus, realizing that taking punches there caused the model the most pain. He followed it up with a devastating one-two combo to the same area, a quick right punch followed up with a left-right punch that he repeated until drool was running down Holden's chin, the model unable to stop it as each punch seemed to force more and more saliva out of the corner of his mouth. The latino released the hold, letting Holden fall to the ground, clutching his tenderized stomach. The blonde was right, to Holden this was hell. The model was in a lot of pain and the two guys weren't even done with him yet.
"Stand the hell up!" The latino ordered. Noticing the model's pitiful attempt to do so, he repeated himself, this time grabbing Holden by his hair and pulling him up. The latino propped him against the wall. Each one had a hand on one of Holden's shoulders, the latino on the left and the blonde on the right. Using their free hand, they proceeded to throw punches into the center of Holden's gut. In the models weakened state, each punch sunk in deep. There was never a fist not in Holden's stomach. As soon as the Latino's fist left, the blonde's fist soon replaced it and so on so forth. Holden's head hung down, a constant low groan coming from his mouth. The two males stopped their punching for a second admiring their handiwork; the once Adonis like model's gut had been beaten to a pulp, and they had been the ones to do it!
"Let's finish this up shall we?" The blonde asked. The latino smiled and nodded his assent as they both pulled back their fist. Holden held up his head, shaking it and begging the two models not to do what he thought they were about to do. They both simply smiled at him and drove their hardest punches of the night into his stomach at the same time. Both fists sank deeply into the beaten abdominal wall of the model and the two held their fists there for a moment enjoying the look on the Holden's face. The punch had completely knocked the wind out of him and the two fists deep in his stomach was making it hard to breath. The two pulled their fists out of his stomach letting him get a gulp of air. The two males pulled back their fists once more.
"No, please, not another." Holden begged them. Like before, the two continued anyway, driving their fists into the model's stomach with power that not even they knew that they could muster. There was a loud "Ooofff!" from Holden as the fists plowed into his stomach before his eyes rolled back in his head and he slid to the ground fully unconscious. The two males gave one last look at the beaten model and destroyed abs before slipping into the darkness of the night.
Holden woke up the next morning and to say he felt like shit was an understatement. He looked down at his sore and highly bruised stomach as the events of the nights prior came rushing back to him. Letting out a groan just from remember what he had been through the night before, he got up, though with some difficulty, and limped his way to his car. He wasn't going to be doing any shirtless shoots anytime soon…that's for sure.