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Marky and The Two Boys (part 2) by Kevin
Mark was a well-known and successful actor now. Previously (almost as if in another lifetime), he had been Marky Mark, a successful rap artist. Part of his trademark gig had been his muscular body, which he showed off during every concert and any other opportunity he could find.
Wahlberg still maintained his excellent physical development. If anything, he was more proud of his physique than ever and liked to show how buff and tough he was. At a visit a few weeks ago to his girlfriend Beth, he had met her young nephews. After they had admired his muscular body (which he had not failed to show off), they had asked him if they could punch his abs.

He had let them punch his abs repeatedly. It had been a real turn-on for him and he hadn't shown a single sign of pain. When Beth arrived, they had immediately stopped. He remembered how proud he had been and had decided to try this again, but give them more time to punch him.

Now he was driving up the driveway again to met Pete and Rob, the 14 year old twins. No one else would be expected at the house, so they'd have the whole afternoon. Mark's goal was to let the twins punch him as long as they wanted. He thought he was tough enough to take all their punches until they were too exhausted to continue.

"The rules are: no low blows and no head shots. No time limit. You guys can beat on me however long you want until either you want to stop or I give up," stated Mark. "Alright," shouted the twins in unison. Mark thought they seemed a bit too enthusiastic, but he didn't let it deter him.

He warmed up some on Beth's equipment in her aerobics and exercise room. She had plenty of machines and some light free weights for him to warm up his muscles. The twins were also warming up, but going about it haphazardly and mainly hitting their arms. The aerobics area with its exercise pads would serve as the "match" area.

Fifteen minutes later, Mark was ready and the twins also stopped warming up. Everyone was only wearing their shorts and shoes.

The twins lead Mark to the aerobics area and backed him up to the wall.


Mark flexed his abs and just nodded.

Pete and Rob moved to either side of Mark and punched him in the side of his midsection. "Ouch, that hurts," thought Mark. He had expected punches into the front of his midsection.

Pete and Rob punched again and saw Mark flinch. Each now picked up one of Mark's arms to further expose his side and continued landing punches into Mark's side. They were hitting the obliques and also aiming for the softer area just between the abs and obliques.

The twins were methodical with their punching. Each punch landed hard. It was clear that Mark was already hurting. A groan of pain escaped from Mark's lips with every punch.

Pete stepped back and watched Rob beat on Mark. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Mark absorbed each punch with a groan and a grimace. Already the skin on his sides was turning red from the pounding. Mark had spread his feet apart and he was leaning against the wall to maintain his balance. Rob continued the painful punches to Mark's exposed sides. Every punch penetrated into the soft muscles. Still Mark continued to stand and take the punches without complaint.

When Mark had finally doubled over from the pain, Rob also stepped back with a huge grin on his face. The two twins high-fived each other and then watched Mark as he tried to overcome the pain. While Mark was in agony, he knew he could take a lot more punches. His body was well trained and his mind was disciplined.

Pete gave Mark a couple of minutes rest before resuming. He stepped up to Mark and landed a fist into the navel area. Mark acted as if hadn't even noticed. His waist was very tender from the repeated blows, but the new punch landed in the front and he wanted to show how tough he was. Pete leaned into Mark and landed more fists into the midsection. Mark toughed out each punch, only occassionally gasping on a particularly hard hit! After about 20 punches, Pete was tired so he stepped back. Mark was glad for the short rest.

Rob signaled that it was his turn next. Mark watched him approach with resignation. This was turning out to be more painful than he had thought. Instead of punching, Rob grabbed Mark by his hair and pulled him away from the wall and walked him to the center of the room. Mark had no choice but to follow along. Next, Rob pulled Mark by the hair down to the floor, rolled him over on his back, and sat on his chest in a school boy pin! Mark was now in the embarrassing position of having his hands and arms pressed down on the mats. Pete suddenly stepped on Mark's abs, but they were solidly flexed.

In irritation at the lack of Mark's reaction, Pete dropped a knee into the abs, forcing a loud gasp from Mark.

Rob took Mark's hands and pulled them up above the head. He sat above Mark and placed his feet on Mark's shoulders and pulled on the hands, stretching out Mark's upper body. It was the chance that Pete had been waiting for.

Pete knelt down and started punching Mark's midsection. It was stretched and exposed, but still solid. Pete put his weight behind each hard punch. "One - two - three - four - five," Pete counted out. He could hear the hissing of Mark's breath and knew Mark was in pain. Pete slammed five more hard fists into the exposed abs. "Six - seven - eight - nine - ten." Mark's legs were now flailing around uselessly from the pain as he tried to break the hold on his arms.

Pete sat down on Mark's chest and taunted him, "Hey big boy, ready to give up? You're gonna have to beg soon."

Pete slithered off Mark and took aim at the abs again. He landed a hard blow below the belly button. He pushed down Mark's shorts to expose more of the lower abs. He punched Mark low and hard again and Mark winced audibly. Pete gave an evil grin and again punched low and hard! A loud groan escaped from between Mark's teeth. Pete watched the large clock on the wall and punched again fifteen seconds later. He proceeded to ram a hard punch into Mark's lower abs every 15 seconds ... Mark groaned with every punch, but still maintained a hard flex to his abs.

After five minutes of the terrible abuse, Mark's body was shivering from the pain. He had been moaning repeatedly, but never begging for mercy!

The two twins were very excited with their handiwork. They were actually happy that Mark was so tough and resilient. They wanted more, more, more!

Both twins released Mark and he slowly curled up to hug his battered midsection. They watched the muscle man as he tried to recover from the beating they had dished out. Mark got a well-deserved 5 minute rest, during which time he was able to regain his breath.

"Let's just use him as a punching bag!" exclaimed Rob. He went over to Mark and pulled him up roughtly by the hair. Rob boldly stood in front of Mark and punched the tips of his knuckles into Mark's chest muscles. He made sure to hit the nipples every time for maximum effect. At first Mark virtually ignored the soft little punches. But after a while, his pecs became tender from the repeated jabs and he started stepping back. Then Rob crudely grabbed Mark's left nipple with his right hand to keep Mark from backing away and he continued the little jabs with his left hand. Mark was breathing hard now in response to the pain.

Pete stepped behind Mark. Initially he admired Mark's broad and thick back. The muscles flexed and unflexed in reaction to the barrage of punches Mark was taking in the front. Pete grabbed Mark's neck muscles on either side and squeezed. The trapezius muscles were well developed and felt thick in Pete's small hands. Still, he managed to press his fingers under the muscles. When he heard a loud "Ahhh" from Mark, he knew he had hit the nerves. Pete pressed hard to squeeze Mark's traps. Mark was trying to bunch up his shoulders to protect his sensitive nerves, but he was constantly distracted by Rob pulling on his left nipple and by the pain from the punches to his chest.

Pete eventually released the nerve hold and he had to shake his hands to loosen the cramped fingers. Meanwhile, Rob continued to abuse Mark's chest. He had stopped pulling on the left nipple and was now alternating punches to each pectoral muscle. Left, right, left, right. The punches fell on Mark's thick chest. Rob was not very strong, so the punches did not penetrate deeply, but he made up for it in quantity. When this was over, Mark would know he had been beaten on.

Suddenly, Pete punched Mark in the side of the waist from behind. Mark's face showed even more of a grimace than it had. Pete punched the other side. Rob yelled, "Keep punching, Pete! He's in real pain now!" Pete didn't have to be told twice. He started a steady rhythm of punches into Mark's sides. As he went on, he moved the punches up to pound the broad lats.

Each punch landed with a loud WHACK as Mark's body aborbed the punishment. He was truely turning into a punching bag now. Mark started to slump forward and Rob caught him in a bearhug to keep him upright. As Mark leaned on Rob in agony, Pete continued to punch blows into his back.

Rob whispered in Mark's ear, "Ready to give up, Uncle Mark? Ready to give?" Mark just shook his head.

The two twins continued to abuse Mark, who had no choice but to stand there and absorb it. "How are you feeling?" asked Rob. Mark answered weakly, "I can take it."

Rob released Mark, who immediately sank to the ground. Both twins stepped back, their arms tired from the punching.

Mark, in obvious agony, slowly rolled over onto his back. His left hand was behind his back, holding it due to the pain. With his eyes closed, his upper body was open for more blows.

Rob slowly stepped onto Mark's abs. He sank deep into the unflexed midsection. Rob shifted his shoes all over the midsection, kneading the thick muscles. All the while, groans came from Mark! Rob stood on his tip toes, to increase the pressure into the muscles. Then he twisted his shoes on the pliant surface. Mark's groans became loader!

Rob asked him, "Do you want to give up?"

"Ahhhh, no, no," gasped Mark, "That hurts!"

Rob stepped off the abs to give him a break. Mark drew in several deep breaths and then sat up. Pete pulled him back down by the hair. Again, Rob stepped on Mark's abdominals. However, this time, Mark had flexed them hard and Rob did not sink into them.

"Damn, he's flexed his abs again. I bet he's ready for more!" yelled Rob.

Out of frustration, Rob repeatedly rammed his heel into the muscles below his feet. With every hit, Mark moaned in pain and his legs spasmed with the effort of keeping his abs flexed. POW, GROAN, POW, GROAN, ... Rob continued to kick into the abs of Mark, whose face was now a mask of pain and determination. Yet still, Mark would not give up. Would he ever?

Pete, who had been watching in fascination, knelt down between Mark's legs. Rob had stopped kicking, so Pete landed a soft punch next to his shoes into the lower abs. The muscles were hard and flat. Pete pulled down the shorts to expose the lower abs. They were red from the punches, as was Mark's entire midsection. Pete now started driving hard fists down into Mark's lower abs. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Every punch produced a loud groan from Mark, who was now suffering greatly but willingly. Even though Pete did not weigh much, the force of the punches were radiating pain deep into Mark's sensitive groin area.

While Pete was driving hard downward punches, Rob started lightly bouncing on the flexed abs and said, "Come on, Uncle Mark, give up, give up! We won't stop until you give up." WHAM, WHAM, WHAM!

Mark was groaning loudly from the brutal pain being inflicted on him. Suddenly, the strength went out of his abs and Rob sank into the midsection. Pete now stuck his thumb into Mark's soft belly button. He twisted and pushed into it with all his might.

The sudden invasion of the thumb into his internals pushed Mark over the edge. He barely managed to yell, "I give up, I give up. Stop!"

Rob immediately stepped off the abs. Both twins admired their handiwork, the destruction of Mark's abs. The entire 8-pack was red from the punishment Mark had absorbed and he slowly sat up, protecting his midsection. He hung his head between his knees and took many deep breaths. Then he slowly lifted his head and already a small smile played around the edges of his mouth as he looked up at the triumphant twins.