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"The Six pack"
Season One:

Episode One: car Trouble

by Bill . . . . . Dedicated to my favorite shark in the whole sea. -AMB

"What I don't get, are all these missing persons cases popping up everywhere!" announced a radio host as his all day talk show titled, "Talk To Me" transmitted through the radio waves and out the speakers of a jet black, 2005 Scion xb. The car was small, box-like in shape, and ran smoothly across the open road. The highway was deserted and, on his way to Nashville Tennessee, Zack tuned into the talk show, while sipping through a green Starbucks straw, swallowing down a gulp of ice cold coffee. The DJ was right, there had been five missing persons reports in as little as three months.
"It started in LA," continued the DJ. He was clearly talking to someone important, someone who could give him the answers he needed. "Then, another report sprang up in DC, Chicago, New Orleans, and now, the most recent Miami. Not to mention all the previous missing persons reports filed the past year! In totally, there have been 25 reports of missing men, with ages ranging from 19-32 years old! What is going on, and why isn't our law enforcement doing anything about it?" a crowd in the background could be heard cheering and applauding to the questioning of a police official. Obviously, it was a live studio audience recording.
"I understand the frustration with the American people, I understand how badly you all want these missing persons reports solved! I want them solved too! I have a 21-year-old nephew who could undoubtedly be next! I guarantee you that we are working long and hard at trying to crack this case," explained the police officer. His voice was deep, but young. The DJ's voice was even younger; he had to be fresh out of school, a newbie.
"Are they related?"
"We are starting to believe that the abductions are no longer random. Yes, I would say they are elated."
"All 25?"
"All 25, correct."
"Any leads?"
"No, but we are starting to look into suspicious abduction sites."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, whomever is conducting the kidnappings has a preference. The men they are taking are extremely well fit, and take great care of themselves. We are heightening security in places near beaches, around gyms, bars, colleges, all where we think these handsome men would typically be."
"Has it ever crossed your mind that the kidnapper could be a gang, or a group of fugitives?"
"That has crossed our minds, especially because the abductions have taken place in random cities across the U.S. we are starting to doubt the suspect is one person specifically."
Zack felt a tenseness lock up inside of him. He could be next. He certainly fit the profile! He was a 23 year old, extremely handsome guy. He had light brown hair and a super tight physique, one he proud himself on every day. He had a strict diet and a hard-core workout routine that he stuck to. His stomach was so tight his abs were always visible, whether relaxed or not, and most of the time, you could see the outlined definition through his tightly worn shirts. If you got it, flaunt it, he always thought. Maybe it was time to change that mindset. Just as he sucked his last gulp of bold, iced coffee, Zach heard a grinding noise explode from under the hood of his car. Smoke began to rise out, and slowly but surely, the scion putted to a stop. Stuck in the heat of southern Tennessee, Zack was stranded at the side of the road with a creepy feeling in his gut.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Zack groaned under his breath as he shut his car off, cutting the talk show DJ off in mid sentence. Zack opened the car door and slid out, onto the graveled shoulder of the rode. The smoke rising from his hood was thick and grey and as he lifted the heated metal up, a big puff of blackness slapped him in the face, darkening his cheeks and chin, giving him that dirty mechanic look. Not knowing a damn thing about cars, Zack pulled the calling card for Triple A out from his wallet. Best monthly payment he ever made! He began to dial the 24-hour service number to call his situation in.

Brad was speeding down the highway, he to, on his way to Nashville. The sun was setting behind him and the wind whipped his short, but messy black hair around his forehead. His sunglasses stopped the glare from entering his retinas, and his tight baseball t shirt, white in color, but red in the sleeves, showed off his muscular physique. His corvette convertible flew past Zack and his beat down scion, and after a double take, Brad slammed his foot on the brake. Clouds of dirt engulfed the rode and as they settled, Brad began to slowly back up in reverse. The poor guy was all alone, left to die in the southern heat, the least he could do was help him out. As brad pulled up to Zach and his car, he pulled the sunglasses off his face and smiled that wonderful brad Pitt smile of his.

"Car trouble?" he asked as he opened his door and slid out of his car, to help Zack. "Today's your lucky day, kid!" Brad was about 27 years old and could tell Zack was younger than him. Calling younger folk "kid" was kind of his thing. His friends always though it was annoying, especially the younger ones. Zack was shirtless at this point, his skin a little redder than before, due to the sun, but boy was his body SMOKIN!
"Yea, man. I called Triple A, but that was about two hours ago," Zack complained as he jumped off the hood of his car and extended his hand toward Brad. Brad was the first driver to pass since his car broke down; he had to thank him for stopping. "I'm Zack," he announced as they clasped hands and shook.
"Brad," Brad replied. "You look a little burnt!"
"Yea, the sun kinda got the best of me!"
"Well, why not just sit in your car, away from the sun?"
"Too htt."
"I see…" Brad eyed Zack up and down, quickly but thorough. Zack didn't even notice. "Let's see what's going on here." Brad lifted Zack's hood. By now the engine had stopped smoking, but Brad could tell at once what the problem was.
"Is it bad?" Zack asked as he ran his fingers through his hair.
"Nothing I can't fix!" brad smiled. "Why don't you go in my trunk and hand me my kit!" Brad clicked his automatic lock button and the trunk to his corvette popped open.
"Thanks man, you're saving my life!" Zach ran over to his newfound friend's car and lifted the trunk up higher. He looked through the contents of the trunk, but could not find a kit of any sort. There were boxing gloves, dirty magazines, a case of water bottles, and a crumpled pack of Marlboro Reds, but no repair kit.
"Hey man," began Zack as he started to turn around. "I don't see no-" but before he could finish, Zack was cut off. Between the time it took to lift the trunk up and look for the kit, brad had made his way to him, and stood behind him, waiting for him to turn around so he could slam an uppercut into his unsuspecting stomach. Zack doubled over, but Brad quickly grabbed hold of his hair, pulled him back up to a stance, and slammed another powerful uppercut into the same spot. This time, brad let go, and Zack fell to his knees.
Brad raised his fist, level to his chin, his bicep bulging, and fired a powerful right hook to Zack's jawbone, forcing him onto his back. Brad then rose his foot, covered in a very stylish flip-flop, and sunk it deep into Zack's gut. Zack let out a howl of pain as Brad's foot did indeed sink, all the way to the gravel below. Zack's stomach was INSANELY ripped, but an unexpected uppercut is still very damageable, and hard to recover from, especially when the onslaught continues. Brad lifted Zack up by the shoulders, and slammed his back against his bright red corvette. The hot metal burned his back, but that was the least of Zack's worries. Brad began his rein of torture.
Over and over, brad pounded fist after fist into Zach's stomach. Zack wanted to bend over and hold his gut SO BAD, but the force of Brad's blows kept slamming him against the car. He had no idea why Brad was doing this to him. What had he done? Zack's stomach began to glow a brighter red than the sunburn he had acquired waiting for help to arrive. Now he had wished he stayed in the car, with the doors locked. Brad, getting bored of the quick one-two's he was throwing into Zack's stomach, grabbed hold of Zack's shoulders and forced his body down, while forcing his own knee up. Like a match made in heaven, the two surfaces collided, that being the softness of Zach's beaten belly, with the muscular hardness of Brad's knee. Sparks flew as Zack gapped for air. He fell to his chest and whirled around grasping at whatever oxygen he could get, but it was not enough. Zack leapt into the air and landed, knee deep in Zack's gut, forcing his tongue to flop out and his eyes to roll into the Zack of his head. Knowing that Zack couldn't take much more, brad picked him up and laid him on the ground, next to the hood of his car.
Brad rummaged through his car until he located jumper cables. Hooking them up to his battery, he turned the car on. He could hear the energy flow through cables, just waiting to release into something. Brad walked around his car to the trunk and pulled out an unopened water bottle. Twisting the cap off, he downed a gulp, and then poured the rest onto Zack's stomach.
"Wh-what are you doing to m-me?" Zack managed to utter out, under his breath, in an almost nonexistent whisper.
"I'm taking you," Brad announced as he grabbed hold of the jumper cables, ready to attach them to Zack at any moment.
"T-taking me where?" asked Brad, who by now had figured out he would be the next missing persons report. The police could add Nashville to the list of cities.
"Now that's a secret!" Brad smiled, his lips stretching from air to ear. Zack could tell how cute he was, even though he was fully clothed. Still struggling with his own sexuality he began to wonder whether or not Zack was gay or straight. Hell, he didn't even know what he was. But his thoughts were interrupted as Brad placed the ends of the jumper cables directly onto his stomach. Volts of electricity shocked through his gut, sending immense pain to him internally. Zack screamed so loud, birds that were perched near by flew from their electric cable and away from the abduction site/torture area. When Brad released the cables from his gut, Zack began to cry. The pain was too much, unlike anything he had ever experienced. He didn't care if he was being kidnapped; he just wanted the pain to stop. Unfortunately for him, it continued. Zack placed the jumper cables onto his stomach over and over until the hot, bisexual 23-year-old stud passed out.
"God damn, boy!" said Brad as he unhooked the jumper cables and admired his work. "You're going to be the best addition yet!" he licked his lips and lifted Zack into his arms. Sliding him into the corvette, Brad shut the door and ripped the license plates off of Zack's care. He took pulled the keys out of the ignition and tucked them in his pocket. Brad opened the door to his back seat and pulled out a canteen filled with gasoline. He twisted off the top and tossed it under Zack's car. He pulled a cigarette out from his other pocket, along with a match, After taking a quick drag from the lit stick of heaven, Zack let all the nicotine out in one exhale of triumph. He flicked the cigarette under the Scion, slid back into his corvette, popped in an ACDC cd, and sped off into the distance as Zack's car exploded in the background to the lyrics of "Highway to hell" blasting through the speakers.


"The Six Pack"
Season One:

Episode Two: Pit Stop


Flashing red and blue lights illuminated the night sky as multiple squad cars pulled over to the side of the highway. A flipped over scion was engulfed in flame, and the heat rose into the crisp, clear night sky. The highway entering Nashville, TN had experienced something horrific today, and it was the police's job to find out what. Detective Jack Lipetus stepped out of his car. His tight police uniform hugged his conditioned torso and bulletproof vest Velcroed across his chest. Detective Jack walked up to the burning vehicle as the fire department sprayed the car with a fat hose.
"What the fuck happened here?" Jack asked as he pulled the aviators from his face and clenched them in his hand. After a five second pause, he tucked the shades neatly in his chest pocket and waited for his question to be answered. He stood tall and broad and his dirty blond hair remained styled, despite the southern heat that glared down upon it.
"We're not too sure," answered a rookie cop. "We do, however, know it was arson."
"How so?"
"We found that the point of explosion, where the fire originated, to be directly under the vehicle." The rookie cop walked Jack over to the site after the fire was put out. The squatted down and witnessed the blackness of the gravel. "And, we found this." He snapped his fingers and an investigator handed him a plastic baggie with a metal cap inside. The cap, from the looks of it, belonged to something that was obliterated in the explosion. "We believe whatever this cap closed, held the gasoline used in the arson."
"What's the cap go to?"
"We don't know yet, we're waiting on an analysis."
"Get it to me right away!" Jack stood up, his knees popping in the process, sending a chill down his spine. He pulled out his aviators and flicked them back onto the bridge of his nose, the wired ends filing softly atop his ears.
"Sure thing sir." The rookie cop stood up as well and walked towards his car, but turned around before entering. "Sir!"
"You think this is another kidnapping?"
"Let's hope not…" Jack slid into his squad car and drove off, hoping the media wouldn't find out about this new crime scene too early.


The world began to blur into view for Zack. At first, his eyes saw nothing but shadows and dim lights, but as the objects in front of him stopped moving in circles around his head, his vision cleared. He could see a rundown gas station out the window of Dan's passenger seat. Dan, himself, was pumping gas on the left side of the car, away from Zack. Zack motioned to sit up, seeing as how his seat was reclined all the way down and he was laying, but as he flexed his core, his stomach released pain into his whole body. He moaned and fell to his back, turning his head to the side. Hearing this, Dan clicked off the gas, plugged it back into the pump, capped his gas tank, and slid back into the car.
"Sleep well?" asked Dan, as he slammed his fist, deep into Zack's gut. Zack moaned even louder than before, spit flying from his open mouth. How had he gotten himself into this? What had he done? "I'm sorry. When I see a set of hot abs, I just can't help myself!" Dan balled his fists over his head, reaching his hands high up, over the windshield, and slammed them down, again, into Zack's gut as more spit shot out from his mouth. Zack turned his head to the other cheek moaning even louder than before. Zack placed his palm on Dan's stomach. He could feel its definition. The ridges, the valleys, the muscles, the "V", it was all there.
"Dan…" coughed Zack as he opened his eyes wide enough to look into the face of his kidnapper. "What's going to happen to me?"
"Trust me kid," Zack began as headlights shined in his face. A car pulled up next to them. "I'm going to make something out of you."
"Your life will go from zero to sixty in a short 24 hours, promise!" The car next to them shut off, the engine humming to silence. Out from within, stepped a man. He was tall, wearing stylishly torn blue jeans, and a sleeveless red shirt. His biceps were huge and his pecs decorated the inside of his shirt perfectly. You could see them bulge from within. He nodded at Dan, who nodded back.

"This the one?" The man asked as he leaned over the door to Dan's topless corvette, peering inside and down at Zack.
"Oh yea!"
"You think he's ready?"
"I don't know, why don't you test him out?" Dan smiled at his friend, who smiled back. The man opened the car door and pulled Zack out. Zack was so powerless and so destroyed from the jump cables that he couldn't even defend himself. His bare back slammed against the cement of the gas station as the man allowed Zack to plummet from the car. Zack could feel the gravel scrape his skin and he clenched his eyes closed as the rocks ripped away his flesh. Dan leapt out of the car, ran to the other side, and lifted Zack up. He pulled Zack's arms behind his back and held him in a tight grip, Zack's back against his chest. Zack knew his stomach was in for another beating, but couldn't even flex if he wanted to.
"He's all yours, Anthony," announced Dan with a smile as Anthony pulled his powerful bicep back and lunged a fist deep into Zack's stomach.
"OMPH!" let out Zack as he doubled over. Dan pulled him right back up as Anthony slammed another fist into Zack's gut.
And another.
And another.
And another.
"OMPH!" Anthony continued his onslaught. Fist after fist pounded away at Zack's insides. His biceps were strong and his knuckles were hard. Anthony's fists definitely sank in deeper than Dan's did and they were stronger too. After about fifteen minutes of nonstop punches, Zack couldn't even stand anymore. His head hang low, his hair falling into his face. His knees were buckled, and the only thing stopping him from crashing to the ground was Dan's intense hold. Zack couldn't even make a grunt anymore; he just took all of Anthony's punches and the pain that came with them. Finally, Anthony stopped.
"Let him go," Anthony replied through quick breaths. Sweat covered his body, sticking his shirt to his back. He had generated quite the workout, working over Zack's abs. Zack fell to the ground and hunched over, clenching his stomach with his hands. Dan kicked his face as blood sprayed everywhere. Zack landed on his back, his arms crashing down to his sides. He was staring up at the stars, hoping he could make a wish to be safe at home. Wishes were for suckers.
"Shall we?" offered Dan as he raised his foot and pointed at Zack's abs.
"We shall," answered Anthony as he raised his foot as well and slammed it down into Zack's stomach. As he lifted his foot up, Dan slammed his foot down, giving Zack no time to react or breath. They continued this motion. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up Down. There was never a foot off of Zack's stomach. Zack's eyes were wide opened, as was his mouth, as drool poured out and connected his face to the ground below. He continued to spin in and out of consciousness. Zack would pass out due to lack of air, but then wake up due to pain, only to repeat the whole process all over again. They beat him for a half an hour, Dan and Anthony, and then lowered their feet to the ground. They both stood there, examining their work. Zack's abs were so bruised they were purple, his lip was still bleeding from Dan's kick, and burn marks from the jumper cables spread across his stomach. Zack was seriously in for some kind of trouble and there was no way he could get himself out of it.
"He'll do," said Anthony as he turned for his car. He stopped and looked back at Dan. "You better make the connection, or you know I won't be able to stop." He reminded Dan of the stakes at hand, the stakes that could cause serious injury to Dan if Zack didn't pass the test he was about to put through.
"I will," replied Dan as Anthony nodded once more before entering his car and driving off into the night. He would meet up with Dan later, but for now, he was done with him and Zack, his approval granted. Dan lifted Zack back into the car and seat belted him in. He could see Zack falling out of consciousness and wanted to stop it.
"No, no!" he said as he gently slapped Zack on the cheek. "I need you awake for this." Dan smiled as he slowly took off his baseball T. His body glistened in sweat. He had been wearing the long sleeve, half white, half red shirt all day and had sweat a lot underneath it. Zack didn't mind, however, because the sweat illuminated all of Dan's muscles, and there were lots. His stomach was ripped, his chest was huge, his biceps were built, he was a masterpiece. Dan dabbed Zack's forehead with his crumpled up shirt, wiping the sweat away from his eyes. He climbed into the car, sitting on Zack's lap. He pulled the lever at the side of the seat, reclining the chair all the way down so Zack was laying there, looking up at him.
"I chose you for this," he said to Zack. "Don't ever forget that." He placed Zack's hands against his own, bare abs as he flexed for him. Zack quivered and pulled his palm away, but Dan's grip was too tight. Zack could feel the hard muscle underneath his hand. Despite all the pain he was feeling, Zack didn't want to be anywhere else, but where he was, in Dan's car, feeling his abs. Everything was calm for a moment a breeze blew by. Dan then buckled Zack in, rolled over to the driver side, turned the keys in the ignition, and pulled out of the gas station. Zack could only imagine what was in store for him next, but, to be honest, he didn't really care. He was starting to enjoy his abs being slugged on, starting to enjoy the muscular view he was given, and starting to relax in the hands of his captive. Maybe becoming the next missing person wouldn't be that bad.


"The Six Pack"
Season One:

Episode Three: STOP!

Peter Zack

Anthony Dan


The night air was calm as Dan's corvette sped down the road. After what seemed like a half hour's worth of driving, Dan began to slow down, the car almost coming to a halt. Next to them was a forest preserve, just outside of Nashville, and Dan cut the wheel, turning the car into the woods. The chirping of the crickets and snapping of the twigs echoed throughout the forest and finally, after five minutes, Dan stopped the car.
"Where are we?" asked Zack, who was still in too much pain to even sit up. He lay there, in the passenger seat, staring at the stars overhead.
"It's amazing I found someone as hot as you so close to our base, here in Tennessee!" Dan replied with that same smile that Zack fell in love with at first sight.
"Your base, what do you mean?" Zack asked. With a moments pause, the silence was broken by the rumbling of the ground below them. The entire corvette began to shake and vibrate, the dice hanging from the rearview mirror jiggled in their place. Then, the car began to descend into the ground. Dan had parked atop an elevator shaft and someone from his underground base had lowered them into the hideout. Within the matter of seconds, the car had sunk into the dirt of the woods and out of sight, a trap door closing above them. The perfect hideout.
Bright lights blinded Zack, who had just gotten used to the dim moonlight in the woods. Dan nodded at the buff, shirtless man who lowered them into the base, and hopped out of the car. Just as before, Dan walked around the corvette, opened Zack's door, and hoisted him into his arms, carrying him like a prince carries a princess. Zack's arms flopped to his sides as Dan walked down the long hallway before him. Something was different with Dan, however. His breathing began to shorten and his heart was beating a little bit faster than before. Why was he so nervous? Shouldn't Zack have been the only nervous one? Dan kicked a door open in front of him and the chatter amongst the men that were inside hushed as the two of them entered. Dan placed Zack on top of a long, rectangular dining table and took a step back. He bowed to the men sitting around it.
Behind the table, sitting in chairs, were all sorts of men. There were tall men, short men, insanely buff men, and slim men. There were men with tons of hair, men completely shaven. But one thing was for sure, all the men had abs, and all the men were shirtless.
"This is who you have chosen?" asked the man at the head of the table. His voice was very strong and very demanding. Zack knew immediately that he was the man in charge of all the rest. How he had received so much authority, he didn't know, but Zack knew that he had to impress this man…he had a feeling his life depended on it.
"Yes, Peter, this is my pack's final decision," Dan answered, his head still bowed in the presence of Peter, the man in charge. Peter was insanely intimidating. His face was stern, but chiseled, as was his body. The man had some of the biggest guns Zack had ever seen! His pecs bulged from under his skin and his abs jumped out at you, so close that you could grip onto each and every slab! Peter was a very, very strong and powerful man and Zack, in no way, ever wanted to piss him off!
"Very well," Peter said as smiles stretched across the faces of all the other, less important men at the table. "Let us see if you have made the right choice!" The other man began to laugh a taunting laugh. Something horrific was about to go down and Zack braced himself for the worse. Zack, however, needed no bracing at all; it was Dan who was in trouble. Anthony stood up from the crowd, his red, sleeveless shirt off his body and tucked into his hand. His pecs were just as defined as Dan's and his abs were beautiful. All eight of his ripped abs trembled for a moment as he flexed them. Zack was mesmerized, as well as honored, that something so beautiful slugged the shit out of him.
Anthony looked serious as he walked up to Dan. No words were exchanged as the two men stared into each other's eyes, both chests out like two apes ready to protect their egos. Without flexing his abs at all, Dan fell to his knees as Anthony slammed an uppercut right into his solar plexus.
"OMPH!' Dan let out as the men at the table went wild! Some of the men started grabbing themselves, and some of them just sat in their seats and watched. Whatever each man did, a show was definitely about to start.
Anthony pulled Dan up and slammed another powerful uppercut into Dan's stomach, forcing him back down to his knees. The blows were so hard, and so strong. Anthony was very talented, and gut punching was his art of passion. Anthony lifted Dan up to his feet and slammed his back against the wall. Without warning, Anthony started slamming fist after fist into Dan's abs. Dan screamed and hollered in pain, but Anthony didn't stop. His biceps bulged and his knuckles hardened as they tore through Dan's stomach. His brick wall was nothing. Why didn't he prepare himself? Why wouldn't he have flexed? Zack was confused and worried. He did not want Dan to get hurt, he wanted Dan to hurt him!
Dan fell into Anthony, his chin crashing into Anthony's shoulder. Anthony took no time to waste! He forced another punch up into Dan's gut. Dan let out a loud moan as he swung his arms around Anthony's shoulders, holding him up. Drool dripped down Anthony's back as it poured from Dan's lips. Slug after slug, punch after punch, fist after fist, Anthony pounded into Dan's abs. Anthony then grabbed hold of Dan's shoulders, forced him down, and forced his knees up, slamming knee after knee into dan's stomach.
"P-P-Please, no more!" muttered Zack as he began to crawl off the table. Peter exchanged glances with some other men as they watched both the mutilation of Dan and the movement of Zack really carefully.
Dan was in so much pain! His face was turning purple due to the lack of air, and his abs were bright red, bruised even, in some places. He couldn't take much more of an onslaught. Anthony decided, it was time. Out from his pocket, Anthony pulled a knife. Anthony slammed Dan's back against the wall and, as Dan began sliding down to his knees, Anthony held onto the butt end of the knife with both hands, pulled it back, and forced it through Dan's stomach.
"AAAARGH!" shouted Dan as the force pf the knife doubled him over and into Anthony's arms, blood pouring everywhere.
"NO!' shouted Zack, so startled at what had just taken place he fell off the table and onto the floor.
Anthony tossed the knife to the floor as it skidded away from them, leaving a trail of blood in its path. He began to continue to pound Dan's abs. With each fist, blood spilled out of Dan's open wound. Tears were in Dan's eyes now as his sobs echoed through the room. A complete hush settled over the table of men as they watched with every ounce of attention they had. Dan's eyes began to roll into the back of his head. The pain was just too much; he wasn't going to make it. Anthony ran for the knife again, picking it up and holding it in his hands. He stared at Peter, who shook his head, acknowledging him to stab Dan for the final time.
"You were wrong," Anthony announced to Dan as he pulled the knife back for the final piercing to take place.
"STOP!!!!!!" shouted Zack as, with all his might, he leapt in front of Dan, trembling to a stand, but placing his gut in front of Dan's own, to protect it from the knife. Anthony had to twist his entire body so as to not to pierce Zack. Anthony crashed to the floor, the knife sliding out of his head and skidding to a stop. The whole room watched as Zack turned to Dan. Dan closed his eyes and smiled as he fell into Zack's arms. Blood covered both of them as Zack fell to the floor, Dan on top of him. He still didn't have enough strength to stand, his adrenaline only gave him just enough to protect his captor, and then gave out.
"You saved me, kid," Dan whispered as two men from the table rushed over to him and lifted him up, dragging him out of the room. Anthony stood up as well, nodding to Peter. Whatever Zack had done, was what he was supposed to do all along…save Dan.
"Take him away!" shouted Peter as two, strong men walked up to Zack, slammed both of their fists into his stomach, and dragged him out of the room as well. They through him into a different room, the door locking behind them. Zack was all alone. There was no Dan to beat him, no table full of hot, shirtless men, and no one to protect him. He laid there, in the middle of the room and waited, until he heard a buzzer ring and the door opened in front of him.