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by Kingabs



One day, a friend of mine, Luke, came to my place. I was really jelous as he had really well built body, especially his 8 pack which was hard as brick. We always used to just share a few punches, but since no one was home I wanted more: to pay him back for being so full of himself. As he walked in I told him to come in my room where we were due to watch a football game. The tv couldn't switch on, as I had messed up with some wires. I held the tv while he stretched up to try fix the wires. My plan was underway: I had his whole tummy infront of my own mercy, fully-stretched out infront of me. I lowered the tv down, and punched his muscle-free tummy. He was caught by surprise and bended over, coughing. I made him stand on his feet, and gave him another blow to his tummy. He didn't have the energy to breathe as I gave him another 2 punches to his sides. With those, he bent down, gasping for air and holding his tummy. I followed this with another 6 punches dead centre in his tummy, making him fall on my bed. Once that happened, I pulled up his t-shirt. His abs still showed, though it wasn't the 8 pack that he used to brag about; instead a red tummy with my fist marks, his abs barely showing. I gave him another 3 shots, one landing right in his belly button. His belly button was an outy, and I noticed he hurt a bit more as my knuckles landed right into it. "Weak spot?", I asked him, as I dug my finger deep into his belly button. After this, Luke didn't brag about his 8 pack again!



Matteo was a younger boy then I was, though he always used to show off and act cool, and lie a lot. That really bugged not just me, but a lot of ppl. It wasn't until long until we decided to give him a good lesson. Matteo was a skinny boy, and I could just imagine how much a punch would hurt him.

We decided to meet him outside his house, which was practically in the middle of nowhere. We planned to go out together, but instead we wanted to give him a few punches. Since it was a nice sunny day at the beginning of summer, we all wore tops and shorts. When he came out of his house we walked for a few mins until we were far away enough from his house. With this, 2 of my other friends, Malcolm and Miguel, punched him in the face a few times to knock him out a bit, and they held him tightly.

"You're always showing off and lying, well, we decided that this lesson will teach you not to." I punched him in the face, and told the guys to stretch him up straightward. When they did this, his top rose and revealed his inny belly button. "Let's see what you're made of..." With this I poked my finger hard in his belly button, with Matteo tensing out his 6 pack. "Hmmm, got a 6 pack ayy, we'll see how strong it is".

I immediately landed a fist into his tummy. He moved backwards and told the guys to hold him stronger. I enjoyed feeling my fists weakening his 6 pack with every blow I gave him. Each hit penetrated the brick wall. After about 20 punches, he fell down, gasping for air and holding his beaten tummy.

The guys lifted him up once again, in a stretched out position, giving me all the space I wanted to hit him on. I gave his tummy a few taps; mind you, he wasn't going down too easily as he still tensed his abdominals, asking for more. Well, he got what he asked for.

I gave him another 10 punches aimed in the same area of his tummy, right above his navel. He once again fell to his knees, and this time the guys had to pull him up from his top, removing it in the process. I looked at his red stomach. "I'm still not giving up you bastard", he said. With this I aimed a right handed punch right in the centre of his gut, making it hard for him to breathe. With that, my other hand landed in his lower belly. I then stomped my foot into his tummy, and kneed him straight after.

I looked at him, tired, well-beaten, and landed my last fist right into his inny belly button, with my fist beating off any of the 6 pack resistance he had left. "UFFFFFF"

I poked my finger on his chest, "Over yet?" He didn't reply, so I continued my finger down until it met his inny belly button. "Are you sure you're not over?" He once again didn't reply, so I poked my finger deep and hard into his inny belly button, this time no 6 pack protecting him. "UFFFFFFFFFF" he moaned. "Where's the 6 pack now?" I smiled, and left him on the floor, beaten, having learnt a lesson!