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Lets talk about pain

by lustgp

Jimmy, Luis and Thomas

The sun war setting. Jimmy was sitting by his computer as always this time of the day. He usually finishing his study work or chating with his friends. But this day was different. He were sitting in his room stearing at the screen with great excitement. His chatting partner was Thomas. Both boys spending hours talking about their favourite game. They were really fond of each other because they hobby wasn't most popular in the world. The part of last chat were like this:

<jimboo> so were U wanna do this?
<_Thomas_> a have a great place that should fit our needs
<jimboo> where it would be ;-] ?
<_Thomas_> it's a surprise……You wont regret that
<jimboo> I believe……
<jimboo> oh……man….i'm so excited XD
<_Thomas_> patient jimmy…this will be the day to remember ;} ………..fists, knees, and everything else to your stomach, hope to get a solid workover from You also ;}
<jimboo>it's a pitty that I wont get my favourite type of beating ;-/
<_Thomas_> You mean 2 on 1
<jimboo> yeahhhhh
<_Thomas_> well…..i can help it ;/ but 1-1 will be fun to…………, don't forget your sexy white cap ;}

The next day was sunny and warm. Everything was going perfect. Its my lucky day- thaught Jimmy. I'm about to have a perfect session tonight. Before going out Jimmy decided to get his abs stronger so that he could take more brutal punishment. The 22-years old boy stomach was really good chiseled. After doing some crunches Jimmy looked on his midsection one more time. Yeah…….i'm ready- said Jimmy. He put his favourite blue shirt and went out for meeting with Thom.

Thom has arrived to the nearest store like they agreed. They knew each other only from chat but Jimmy immediately noticed black sport car with two large letters "GP" which doesn't mean "Grand Prix" at all……… least not this time. Thomas was sitting in his car with cigarette in his mouth. With his sun glasses the 23-years old black-haired boy looked hot and devilish. He slowly took the glasses down and said: Well, well……..looks whose here……..I have waited for this quite long time…..get inside Jimbo. Jimmy closed the door. Where are we going? -asked Jimmy. Surprise it's a surprise so no questions asked until we are in place- said Thomas. Jimmy agreed, his big black eyes was stearing at Thomas. He wore gray trousers and no shirt . He was so excited that he smoothed nervously his black hair from time to time. They didn't talk to much during the ride. Both boys were thinking about punishment they give each other.
Ok. We are in place- said Thomas.
It was a mystic forest outside the city. Nobody could hear or see them in there. Fantastic thaught Jimmy. He always dreaming about place like this.
Ok boy. I'm not going to wait anymore. Show me what You got for real? -ordered Thomas.
Jimmy gently took his shirt off showing his well ripped abs. He wasn't a body builder but his body was well defined and his strong abs were a pearl in the crown.
The session has begun. Thomas released series of punches to Jimmy midsection. Jim took it well with a smile.

Thom punch his stomach couple of times more. They were heavy and reaches Jimboo's navel but he did not show any pain on his face.
Jim decided to strike Thomas abs and face. But abs of his opponent were to strong on this stage of the fight.

Jim bring few more punches, thought he could make his opponent's belly soften, but then Thomas strikes him with hard fists and knees. He attacked his navel and solar plexus making him to release the first UGHHHHH………

Jim bent over and clutched his stomach. Thomas punched him in the face and give him few more hard punches wit his right fist: one, to, three, …………..eleven, twelve……..and more. Jimmy's abs collapsed, he couldn't respond to this attack. Only one thing he could do was moaning:

Thomas fist was demolishing his gut, digging deeper and deeper in his navel and just under the rib line. PAIN- it was only thing in his mind. Punches were penetrating his gut, he was able to feel every knuckle inside of his stomach.

Thomas stopped for a moment. He were watching his victim barely alive, clutching his gut with pain on his face. He was proud of himself.
You have enough pretty boy?
Fuck You- said Jimmy

With my pleasure said Thomas and whistled two times.
Now I'm gonna fuck you up well. You dreamed about 2 on 1 so I'm going to give it to you punk.
A third guy appeared. It was Luis. He wore jeans and white shirt. He was just a bit smaller than Jimmy but he proved his worth and strength. He grab Jimmy's arms behind his back so that Thomas could easily break him.

The old forest did not hear that kind of sounds for a long time. Jimmy moans were everywhere:

Each punch penetrating his midsection deep and easily. Right, left, right, left, navel, solar plexus, navel, ribs…..and again and again.
Jimmy was begging to stop. After few more punches Thomas decided to have a break cause he was tired ass well.
Please don't hit me any more- said Jimmy. Thomas was pleased but he did not mean to end this session.

Ok Luis, its your turn.

No! Jimmy jump on Thomas and started to punch him in his gut and face

but Luis helped him to "calm" the victim.

Thomas put his hands over Jimmy's arms and hold him. Luis use that opportunity to smash him down.

He released heavy punch to Jimmy's gut beating the air out of him. He put right hand on his neck and started to punch him with hard left fist, one by one, deeper and deeper.
Echo of Jimmy's UGGGHHHH…and OOOFFFFF… were flying above the forest. Luis took of his shirt because he were to sweat and started to finishing the boy in white cap. He punch him in the chin and Jimmy fell to the ground.

But Thomas didn't had enough. He grab his punchee and work him over for few minutes concentrating his attack to solar plexus and lower abs.

Jimmy had no strength to even moan and just fell down in front of Thomas. That was the end of the session. Jimmy was barely alive but Thomas knew that he were enjoying it ass much as his torturer. He took his partner to the car and went away.