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by jackxjk

(Starting from the top from left to right) Ken, Stan, Chris, Ryou

It was a day like any other when Ken decided to experience his first day in the Gut Beaters Club. He remembered the beating he received from Stan, one of the club's members. He was hoping that today he would get another pounding to his gut. He was so excited to once again feel fists sink into his unprotected stomach. Once he got to the club, he was amazed at how large it was. The building itself was about the size of a small warehouse. The walls of the club were nicely painted white and the greenery around it looked fresh and delightful. He took out is Gut Beaters ID card, checked to see if he was at the right place one more time, and slid his ID into a slot by the door. Ken heard a click as the door unlocked and opened it. The inside of the club looked like a gym, but specialized for gut punching. There were bats, poles, hand cuffs, weights, and stuff he didn't even know what was! He was hoping today he would find out. Out of nowhere, Stan came out to greet him. "Hey, Ken! Glad you could make it." "Hey Stan, nice to see ya again." Stan was shirtless, covered in sweat and panting. His sweat made his magnificent body glow. "How come you look so beat up?" asked Ken. "Oh, just warming up for today." Stan replied. "Come here for sec Ken," as Stan led the way into another room. Stan and Ken were soon gawking at to ripped, shirtless teens. They were both lifting weights, and looking hot doing it.
"Chris, Ryou, meet our newest member, Ken!" Stan called out. After placing down their weights, they both walked up to Ken and Stan. "So, you're the newbie," one of the teens said. His body was large and well built. "Rule number one, no shirts allowed," the same teen exclaimed. Ken had no idea. The same teen tore Ken's shirt of like a piece of tissue paper as a loud RIIIIIP sound echoed through the room. Ken's hot, constructed abs were now exposed for all to see. "Whoa, whoa, Chris. It's his first day. Cut him some slack." Chris backed away a little due to Stan's orders and Ken's body. "Hi, I'm Ryou! Nice to meet you." the other teen said. Ryou's body was almost greater then Ken's. He was astonished by what he was looking at. "Thanks, nice to meet you too." Ken replied as the two shook hands. "At least YOUR nice." Ken thought to himself. "So, Ken. You're our fourth and newest member of the Gut Beaters Club. Right now, you're part of the club, but now you have to do some things to seal your deal. Your initiation beating is a check. Then you have to go through a couple of various tests." "Tests?" Ken asked. "All in good time my friend. "Sounds like a plan!" Ken replied with an excited smile on his face.
"So Ken, before we begin, let me get you situated into this new club of yours and ours," Stan. "You've just met Ryou and Chris. Chris may not seem like a good guy, but one you get to know him and he gets to know you, you'll like him in no time." Chris just stood there, accepting his comments being given by Stan to Ken. "As for Ryou, he's exactly how he acted a couple of minutes ago: Polite, happy, and positive. As for both Chris and Ryou's strength and bodies, they're both super strong. Now that you've met the members of the club, it's time for the intro to the club itself." Ken, Ryou, Chris, and Stan all walked through the club while Stan talked about all the various rooms the club had. There was the workout room that they had been in earlier, the showers, and even a dining room! What really interested Ken was the beating room and the testing room. The beating room was full of bats, handcuffs and an assortment of other things. At the end of Ken's tour, they we're all in the testing room. It was a large room with a couple of bats in one corner and a simple window that brought light into the room. "So Ken," Stan announced. "It's time for test one of the Gut Beaters Club."

Test 1
"I'll be giving this test Ken," Stan said with a smile on his face. There was a number pad on the wall right by the door. Stan walked up to it and pressed a couple of buttons and from the center of the ceiling came a metal bed with cuffs on the bottom suspended by two, thick, metal poles attached to it. From the center of the floor came another large metal pole with the top of it being very blunt. Everyone had smiles on their faces, except for Ken. He had no idea what was going on. Ryou and Chris took up a couple seats in the corner on a bench while Stan walked back to Ken to try and explain things. "Ken this is test number one. I'm going strap you down to this metal bed upside down. Then, you're going to get lifted into the air with your exposed abs facing down. This pole jutting from the ground will then rocket itself into your stomach. Don't worry though, those poles that are suspending you in mid-air won't break, so you won't fall down. You up for the task?" Ken went through the entire test again in his head. "Just one thing," Ken asked. "Anything," Stan replied. "How long will I be up there?" "As long as Ryou, Chris, and I think. And don't think any of your tests are going to be unfair. All of us had to go through them" Ken hesitated for a second, and then finally agreed to take on the test. Stan then called for Chris and Ryou to suspend Ken's arms and feet near the metal bed as Stan latched on the latches to them. Like Ryou said, Ken was now facing down in the air, abs completely exposed. "You ready Ken?" Stan asked. "Yah," Ken replied nervously.
Stan pressed a couple of buttons on the number pad and Ken was immediately raised up about seven feet off the ground. The pole below him was aimed straight at the pit of his stomach. The pole slowly moved down a couple feet, and just stood there. Ken was getting impatient for the pole to just hit him already. He looked over at the other guys to see if everything was all right. Their faces full of delight. With no warning at all, the pole, probably going 35 miles per hour, launched straight into the middle of his stomach. "OOOOMPH!" Ken cried has the the enormous pole rocketed into his gut. Once the pool made contact, it started to push deeper and deeper into Ken's gut as all his air was shoved out of his body. "Ugggggggghhhhhhhh." Finally the pole game out of his stomach. Ken was already in immense pain. All of a sudden, the pole smashed into Ken's gut as quickly as it game out. "OOOOOOO" Then like before, the pole pushed deeper and deeper into Ken's stomach. As the pole pushed deeper, the more drool was coming out of Ken's mouth. The pole came out of Ken's gut again. Ken was now moaning in agony. This time, the pole went all the way back into the ground, and with all its force, rocketed from the ground and into Ken's stomach. "OOOOMPH!" Ken screamed out again. Drool was already connected his chin and the ground. The pole crashed into Ken about twenty more times. "OOOOMPH, UGGGGH, OOOOO, UUHHHHH,!" Finally, Ken was taken off the metal bed and onto the floor. "So, you okay Ken?" Stan asked. Ken responded by throwing up right by his feet. "Good, 'cause you still have MY test to endure." Chris stated has he landed in elbow into Ken's already destroyed gut. "OOO…" then Ken threw up onto the floor beside him again and went unconscious.
Test 2
Ken woke up from his slumber to find out he was still in the testing room. The pole and metal bed seemed to be back in the ceiling and floor, out of sight. His throw up had been cleaned of the floor. He started to get up. He grunted from the ache and pain in his gut, but he sucked it up and stood up limply. Stan and Ryou were on their chairs again and Chris was standing in the middle of the room. "You finally awake?" asked Chris. "Yah, I guess," Ken said painfully. "Good, because it's time for your test two." Ken had totally forgotten he was still in the middle of taking his Gut Beater's Tests. The first one was excruciatingly painful. He still had to do two more?!
"This test will focus on your ability to hold your abs together. To keep them tensed even after a horrible beating. Here are the rules. You must keep your abs tensed for as long as I'm punching you deep in the stomach. Every time you unflex your abs, that means I have to punish you: 10 knees in the solar plexus. We're gonna do this for 40 minutes, got that?" Ken went through all the directions again in his head until he finally let out a, "Okay, let's go." Ken walked up to the wall beside Chris and then got on it with his hands behind his back. Chris got in front of him, smacked his fist to his palm and said, "Okay, 40 minutes starting NOW!" He threw a fist to the center of Ken's navel. Though his abs were already flexed, his stomach had already been through a beating. "Ough…" Ken let out. Chris then threw in a low uppercut right into Ken's lower stomach, right between his penis and his last row of abs. His fist sunk in deep that time to Ken's surprise. "OOOMPH!" Ken lost his concentration, therefore losing his tensed abs. Chris saw the moment and plunged his fist into Ken's solar plexus. "OOOOOUUGH!" Ken screamed. "10 knees," Chris said. He blasted the first knee straight into the middle of Ken's stomach. His knee was stronger than his fist and covered a wider area. "UGHH!" Ken said as drool started to leak out of his mouth again. He really needed to learn how to control that, but not then. He didn't care. Chris shot another knee straight into the place where he had before. "OOOMPH!" Ken's eye's began to slowly close from the agony. 7 more to go. Thud! "UGH!" Smack! "OOOMPH!" Smack! "OUGH!" Thud! "OOOO!" Thud! "UGH!" Smack! "BLEGUH!"
For the last knee Chris projected into Ken's stomach, he stood right next to him. He then lifted up his knee and swung it into Ken's defenseless gut from the side. "OOOUgh…" Ken fell to his knees and doubled over clutching his stomach. Chris launched his foot into Ken's gut, full force. "OUGH!" Ken rolled over on his back. "You better stay tensed kid, 'cause I'm still gonna pummel you." Chris jumped up and landed both of his feet into Ken's stomach, squishing it all at once. "OOOOO!" Ken had managed to tense his abs that time, but he wanted to curl up so badly. Chris's feet and weight pushing into his stomach was preventing him. From where Chris was standing, he simply hopped up again and plopped onto Ken's solar plexus. "OOOOUGH!" Ken hadn't flexed for that one, for his eyes were closed from immense pain. All of his air whoosed out of him. "10 knees," Chris said with a wide grin on his face. He looked at Ken before he began his assault. His face was a window to all the pain he was experiencing in his beaten up gut. He stomach was beginning to bruise up and blacken. He wanted to make it worse. Chris jumped in the air and landed in a cannonball like of form straight into Ken's stomach. "OUGH!" Drool was really starting to pour out of his mouth now. Chris did the exact same thing again. Smack! "OOOO…OUGh…Bleghhhh…" Right there and then, Ken used all his might to push Chris off him, kneeled, and threw up gallons of vomit and saliva all over the floor. Ken then moved away from his bodily fluids and clutched his stomach. "Uggghhh…no…more…..please…" Ken was somehow able to manage to throw up even more all over the floor. "I think that's forty minutes," Chris said with a smile on his face, staring at his handiwork. "HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A TIMER?! He was just guestimating the time!?" Ken thought. Ryou walked over to Ken and started to pat his bare back. "You okay?" Ryou said gently. He was obviously the nicest of the bunch. Ken simply grunted for the fact that his stomach had been beaten so badly. "Don't worry. The next test is gonna be given to you by me."
Test 3
After Ryou cleaned up Ken's vomit and saliva off the floor (for like the billionth time that day), Ryou helped Ken on his feet. "'Kay Ken, like I said, I'm responsible for this test. It's almost over. This is your last one." For Ken, those words were music to his ears. He had never had his stomach this beaten, and the pain was almost over. Ryou walked up to the number pad on the wall that had earlier brought up some torture device. I was prepared for the worse, but he didn't need to be. Out of the back wall came out a pair of handcuffs. Ken just walked over to it and almost put his wrists in them, expecting another beating. "No, no, not this time Ken," Ryou informed. RYOU instead asked Ken to put the handcuffs on him! Ken was so confused, but he was pretty sure he would find out in time. Ken did as Ryou asked and put him in the handcuffs. Apparently, the handcuffs knew when someone was attached to them, so they slowly slid up the wall just a bit, just so Ryou's feet we're off the ground. Ryou was now spread eagle.
"'Kay Ken, here's what you're gonna do. You're going to punch me in the stomach as hard you can. Use all the energy you have left to bury into my stomach as deep as you can with your fist. You have to do this until you make me throw up. The whole point of this is for me to gauge you're ability to gut punch someone. Making me throw up is a sure sign that you can do that excellently, but you have to try your hardest. Making me vomit through beating my stomach is a hard task. If you're not even close to making me barf and I start to see you're breaking down drastically, you fail the test and you have take all of them all over again if you want to be in the Gut Beaters Club. Okay?" Ken couldn't believe what he had just heard. HE had to stomach punch someone else this time!? Usually he's the one getting beaten. He was excited, but disappointed at the same time. He would've wanted to gut punch Stan as revenge, or Chris to teach him to use his manners once in a while, but Ryou hadn't done anything to him at all. He was the nicest. But he did want to punch him anyway, with his rock hard, Asian abs and his mildly long, black hair.
"Okay Ken, you ready?" Ryou asked. "Yah, and please don't take anything I'm gonna do personally. You ARE making me do this." Ken replied. "Ha ha, no problem," Ryou said with a smile. Ken was still in a little bit of pain, but he sucked it up. He threw a fast uppercut into Ryou's solar plexus. THUD! It was like hitting a slab of condensed meat! All Ryou did was slowly let out a part of his breath, but he wasn't winded. "Use your body for power Ken," Ryou advised. He was actually giving Ken advice to beat his stomach to a pulp! Oh well. He did what he was told. Ken arched his arm back with the rest of his body and plunged his fist into Ryou's navel. This time Ryou winced. "There we go," Ryou grunted out. Ken knew he was starting to make progress. Ken blasted to fists into Ryou's last row of abs. They sunk in deep, for the fact that those abs were the smallest out of them all. Ryou let out a small "ooo". Though the sound of pain was small, it was a sweet sound to Ken's ears. It was time to bring down the rain on Ryou's stomach. Ken grabbed Ryou's shoulders and rocketed a knee into the middle of his stomach. "Ough…" Ken was now really in the mood to make Ryou vomit. Ken grabbed Ryou's shoulders again and smashed another knee deep into Ryou's lower stomach. "Ooooo…" Ryou's moans and groans were becoming longer. Ken then went back to using his fists. He fired a jab straight into Ryou's solar plexus. SMACK! "OUGH!" Ryou's head drooped down from the pain he had just been given. Ken didn't even know his own strength! He did the exact thing as before: a quick punch to Ryou's solar plexus. THUD! "OOOOO!" Ken continued his beating by jumping into a boxer's stance. He threw a powerful punch straight into Ryou's navel. "UGGHH!" That time, Ken's fist went in super deep. Ryou's body engulfed Ken's entire fist. Was Ryou even trying to flex his stomach? If he wasn't, Ken appreciated, but he was still gonna beat the crap out of him. Ken took a couple steps back and slammed his foot square in the middle of Ryou's gut. "OOOO!" Ryou was starting to drool. "I guess I'm not alone with that," Ken thought. Ken took a couple of steps back, sprinted forward, and launched his knee straight up into Ryou's solar plexus. "OUGH!" Ryou gasped for air. Now was Ken's chance. He quickly got right beside Ryou, brought up his arm, and slammed his elbow right into the middle of Ryou's stomach. "OU-" Ryou was cut off from his moan of pain when he began to make the sound of someone about to barf. But, all that came out after Ryou tilted his head was a long line of saliva. Ken's elbow can sure pack some power. Ken could see Ryou was in a state of agony. He took this chance to run all the way to the opposite side of the room (about 15 yards), sprinted as fast as he could towards Ryou, and rammed his fist into right into his navel. "OOOOOMPH!" He didn't stop there. With his fist still halfway through Ryou's gut, he began to push as hard as he could deeper into his stomach. Ryou grunted and let out a loud "OOOOOOO!" As Ken's arm and fist was still in Ryou's stomach, still pushing deeper in, Ryou's string of saliva was starting to coat Ken's arm. That was disgusting, but the warmth of his Asian spit gave Ken a hard one.
Ken started to think he was in the final stages of making Ryou vomit, so he had to make sure his abs weren't flexed when he punched him. He thought for a moment…then came up with a plan. He brought up his fist and slammed into right into Ryou's cheek. "UGH!" All the drool in Ryou's mouth was projected outward as his head shot to his right. While Ryou was thinking why Ken would punch him in the face, Ken slammed his knee into Ryou's tenders. He let out a small scream. He was now suffering from the pain in his face and his groin. Ken took his chance to slam another knee into Ryou's defenseless stomach. "OOOOOOOOMPH!" His stomach was completely unflexed. Ken's knee pounded through Ryou's stomach, literally shoving all of his air out of his body. Drool was now pooling up on his knee. He shoved three more knees into Ryou's gut. "OOOOMPH!" "OOOOOOOO" "OOOOUGH!" Every time Ken shoved his into Ryou's beaten stomach, there was an extra downpour of his drool down onto the the floor and his knee. Now Ken knew how Stan had felt when he had been initiated with Ryou's drool all over him. Ryou let out a pointless, loud grunt. Ken took a couple of moments to notice Ryou was trying to tell him something. He looked at Ryou jerk his head in the direction of a corner of the room. Ken looked in that direction and saw a couple of bats. NOW he knew what he was telling him. Ryou obviously really wanted Ken to pass this test. Ken picked up a bat and walked back over to Ryou.
He wanted to enjoy this. He took the blunt end of the bat and slowly pressed it into Ryou's lower stomach. Ken kept on pushing until he couldn't go any deeper. The entire time, Ryou letting out an "OOOOOOO," and placing his saliva all over the bat. Once Ken thought he had enough, he quickly pulled the bat out, got into a batter's stance, and swung the bat right into Ryou's navel. "OOOOOMPH!" Ryou's saliva exploded out in front of him in various directions. That moment reminded Ken of the exact same thing that happened to him. He brought back the bat into its original position and then rocketed the bat right into Ryou's solar plexus. "OOOOUGH!" Ryou's eyes we're dead shut now. This was it. This was gonna make Ryou barf. Ken brought the bat back up, twisted his body back preparing momentum for the bat, and launched it straight into the middle of Ryou's destroyed stomach. "OOOUGH…OOO…OOO-" Right there and then, Ryou's moaning was interrupted by a long river of white vomit pouring out of his mouth. Ken thought he was never gonna stop, but eventually it did. Ken was happy about what he had done, but then he got a closer look at Ryou. His mouth was still gaping open, and the barf had stopped coming out, but there was an extremely long stream of saliva rolling off the end of his tongue. A VERY large stream, about a centimeter wide and long enough to create a large pool on the floor. It didn't stop coming. "Hey, hey…hey Ryou. You okay?" Ken asked fearfully. He didn't answer. Saliva was just constantly coming out of his body. Stan and Chris were now out of their seats and on both sides of Ken. "You okay Ryou?" Stan asked. Then, all of a sudden, Ryou popped out a small ball of blood out of his mouth, not to large, about the size of a golf ball. It was quick. It was a quick "pop" of blood out of his mouth. After that, the saliva stopped coming, Ryou closed his mouth, and became unconscious. "I think he needs medical attention," Chris stated.