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Here is what I saw ...

by P238

Jocko ... Jesse ...

As you can see, Jocko is chiseled pretty nicely from years of almost daily workout routines. His pecs and abs, which he's most proud of (besides his inherited girth punctuated here by poser number 23), though massive and bulging on his teen-muscled torso, fit his young bodybuilder physique perfectly. He was working out this day in just his black poser briefs, because a regional bodybuilder competition was just a weekend away, allowing him to watch the effects of his routine on his guns, pecs and quivering abs.
A sudden door slammed behind Jocko, causing him to swing around and look, as he thought he was the only one left in the rag-tag neighborhood gym, working out alone.
A guy I knew by his street-fighter reputation walked in, his name is Jesse. He was Jocko's age with black spiked hair, maybe an inch taller, wearing torn levy's and a brown leather motorcycle jacket, opened to reveal a muscular chest and a very ripped 6-pack. His waist was that about of Jocko's (28 in.), although Jocko might have about 10 lbs edge from muscularity over him.
I heard Jesse tell Jocko that he was there to avenge some friends of his, that had their asses beat a few days earlier, when they tried to over-power Jocko in the locker room shower. He quickly slid off his levy's and jacket, and all he had on then was some white undies so thin, that I wondered if they would last very long.
Jocko must have stared too long at Jesse's handsome package, nicely outlined in his briefs, 'cause Jesse barked "You prick," ... "I'm going to fuck you up. Get in the ring now!" Oh boy, just when everything was going my way ... i really didn't want to witness this but, to those that come a challenge in the very fitting stature of Jesse, comes the Victory! I decided to stay hidden in the shadows.
Both muscle teen boys ducked under the ropes, and moved towards the middle of the ring. Jesse raised his fists, snarled as he slowly began to move towards him. Jocko took on a fighters stance, but before he moved too closely, he did a double-bicep pose while staring at him, then snapped into a most-muscular pose, warning, "are you sure you want to take these on?!!" He just smiled, cautiously saying, "anytime muscle boy."
As they drew closer, Jocko fired a right fist but the distance was too great for a solid impact and it bounced off his tensed abs with a slap. "Is that all you got cunt-face?!" Jesse spat out, drawing back his right fist, but just then Jocko swiveled back on his left leg sending his right foot squarely upwards solidly into Jesse's stomach. He reeled back a step, eyes widened and blinking, then launched forward throwing his weight behind a lightning fast fist, brutally smashing Jocko's abs with a one, two, three devastating punch.
The violence of the blows knocked Jocko backwards off his feet and crashing down to the canvas floor on his back, holding his guts. As Jesse approached, going down on one knee, Jocko must have saw him coming and kicked a round-house foot into the side of his head, knocking him back and onto the mat. Jesse let out a yelp, and cupped the side of his head and nose struggling to breathe thru his clenched teeth.
Jocko got to his feet and moved forward, fists raised, while Jesse clenched his abs and chest muscles, knowing I was about to launch on him. Jocko straddled his nearly naked torso, and fell to his knees. He gripped Jesse's neck with both hands, and Jesse struck out with his muscled arms and tried to raise up to do the same to the guy sitting on his groin. They strained against each other in a mutual painful grip, with sweat dripping down on their heaving chests .. just inches apart.

Both muscle jocks looked awesome, all sweaty and sticky like that.
Suddenly Jesse drew his right hand back, and let go with a solid hit to Jocko's left pec. He momentarily let go of Jesse's neck, and his left hand brutally struck Jocko's chest with such power that Jocko was almost thrown over backwards. Quickly the guy on top regained myself, and landed a powerful left and right into his abs, right in the middle. Jocko looked really pissed off so, he landed another double strike to Jesse's abs again, plus a right elbow to his chest. I thought I might have heard a rib snap. However I was wrong.

Jesse slowly stood upright, while Jocko swiveled into a sitting position facing him. But before Jocko could stand fully, Jesse drew his right foot far back and drop-kicked Jocko deeply and solidly in his abs. "Oooff" escaped from Jocko's mouth, slamming him flat backwards across the canvas mat, sending him sliding five feet backwards towards the edge of the mat, near the ropes, shredding his black posing thong literally from the friction of sliding across the canvas, further exposing his two hardened mounds of ass cheeks and his growing member and gonads.

Jocko drew his knees to his chest and a loud grasp left his lips as he fought for air. Jesse, fists raised, slowly approached his downed foe. Jocko, thru slit eyes, watched as the young bodybuilder approached him. Jesse was intending on giving Jocko a powerful pile-driving heel to the abs, but at the last second, Jocko struck out hitting Jesse's knee with his right foot, causing Jesse to wilt over and fall to the mat on his side, rubbing his knee cap.
Jocko stood up, pulled the remaining parts of his black poser suit from his body in one fluid motion, tossing it away without a second though. Sweet! This fight was about to get juicier I thought to myself!
Jocko stood there, right above Jesse, totally bare-ass naked. He turned and moved towards the ring's turnstile, the two rounded muscles of his exposed ass tightening as the climbed to the top and turned to face Jesse's downed form. Jesse was still favoring his knee and chest, and appeared dazed for the moment.
Jesse looked up just in time to see Jocko launch himself into the air off the top turnstile, a piercing battle scream emitted from his mouth as the naked Jocko landed squarely with his knees, into the barely flexed ab muscles of Jesse.
With Jesse laying on his back, loudly gasping desperately for air, Jocko slowly shifted his knees so that he was straddling Jesse's prone body, sitting on the battered pecs of the teen muscle boy. Jocko slapped with both hands, Jesse's face saying "who's gonna beat who, stud muffin? You sure ain't!" Jesse didn't reply, but to just rolled his head back and forth, with closed pinches eyes.
Jocko slid his body backwards, his muscled ass sliding easily down the young teen bodybuilder's sweat-slickened smooth body. Jocko bare ass cheeks seemed to close around the still barely covered crotch-rocket of Jesse, until Jocko was sitting right above his groin.
Now in position, Jocko drew his right arm back, then smashed is fist deep, deep into Jesse's tight abs, then with his left the same punch to the abs. Then a right into Jesses pecs, followed by a left. Jesse moaned and with eyes closed and head lolling, pushed at Jocko's own rock-hard pecs, but the "top" brushed away his foe's hands and raised his left elbow, smashing it deep into Jesse's stomach once, twice, three times.
Breathing in sharp rasps thru clinched teeth, Jesse tried to make eye contact with Jocko, while Jocko firmly grabbed both of Jesse's swollen nipples and raised himself up to his knees, his exposed member erect before him, pointed at Jesse's face. As Jesse tried to slacken the painful grip on his pecs and nipples, Jocko raised himself up, still clinging to Jesses's nips ... Jesse shrieked in pain, as Jocko gave a sharp tug on the bruised and twisted nipples. Jocko smiled as with two more quick twists, he let Jesse's tanned body crashing limply on to the mat with a whimper.

Jocko knelt down on the mat, just above Jesse's head and roughly grabbed Jesse's shoulders and brought him up and over his left knee, into a back-breaker position, then applied a painful abs claw to Jesse's stomach. Jocko seemed intent on inflicting lasting pain to Jesse's powerful and chiseled abs. Both muscle teens looked so ripe in that position. With Jesse's nearly nude body stretched like that ... my my, if Jocko wasn't so intent on wrecking Jesse's abs, and if I wasn't such a weakling myself, I would have punched Jocko out (and ravaged him later), and taken further liberties with Jesse ... as he had been weakened and I thought had the better body.
This eye-witnessed account never ends, as I saw them battling muscle to muscle about a month later, although this time ... it was Jesse who had Jocko in a shoulder stretch.

Both of them were sweaty and seemed to tolerate the pain to their chest and abs so much, that neither complained.

To be continued.