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by P238

Me and Rex

I had seen him in our high school gym class, on the wrestling team, and also amusing others while posing at the local beach. He was a quiet guy that Rex kid, and thought he had the body ..especially his abs.. that everyone else wanted. But what I had, that he wished he had, was bigger biceps, a better cut body, and guts enough to prove it to him.

What use to bother me was how the guys on the beach use to swoon over his amateur posing routines. Heck, my buddies said I pose better than him any day. We are both the same size waist, 28-inch, as I've checked out his speedos before, while he was showering.
It didn't take long for my chance to beat his ass, once I got to know his workout and school schedule. I had decided to ask Rex if he wanted to outright challenge my abs against his so-called 'killer abs' in a fair fight to the finish. I had nothing to fear, because in the gym and afterwards in my basement gym, I was always working my legs, chest, back, arms and especially my general stomach muscles.

My abs, oblique's and solar plexus have never let me down during other playful bouts I've had with my step-brothers. Jim and Tom both have tried to whip me into shape by different feats of strength and luckily, I've prevailed. Sometime I'll have to tell you what it took to conquer these hot-bodies. They are strong, but … well, back to Rex. We've always been a physical family, and my challenge to Rex was going to test my wrestling and fighting skills to the max … but I was ready. Was Rex? I think not!

One day this summer, while school was closed, in a distant side stairway, I noticed him shirtless showing off to some guys that I could swear were just about to get-off, from all his flexing and who knows what else. They all looked embarrased when I opened the door, and all but him went scampering off downstairs when I entered and walked right up almost in his face. Perfect! My chance to get him in the ring. He took my challenge and laughed when I said he was going to have to, or else.
He was acting kinda cocky so, while talking to him and while his arms were back behind the handrailing, I cocked my right fist and at the speed of light, leaned in and threw a limited punch into his gut right at the belly-button. POW-slap, "OOfff", was all I heard. After he recovered in a second, he smiled and Rex said, "is that all you fuckin' got man, I'll meet you in the gym!!" Later, in the gym, he stripped down to his black posing suit and waited for me to do the same. I happened to wear a red g-string that day. He said he wanted to warm up a bit, and I told him Ok, he had 10 minutes to get ready and soon we were challenging each others strength. I noticed his nips and decided to torment them with twists and turns and maybe some licking and biting them too. They were just too noticeable to pass by.

I had seen him working out in the gym and knew he was no slouch, but knew that once it was flesh to flesh, my fist to his stomach, and his body crashing into the mat … that his sissy body was mine!! Stretched out as Rex was on the incline press, or doin' what I call light-crunches, I must say he was quite a sight. Nice sweet body for the taking, for sure. I gave him all of the 10 minutes to warm up.

Meanwhile, I did some crunches, and other quick stuff to get my muscles up to tone as well. This wasn't going to be a pretty fight, as I wanted to whip Rex's ass, and take that arragant attitude from him.
I knew I was in very good shape, and when pumped up, looked pretty formatible to anyone so, once sissy boy was ready, I was going to whip some butt.
Since we were the last out of the gym that day, the janitor had left it to us to lock up and turn off all the lights. We did just that. Locked the doors, and turned off all but one narrow spot-beam, right overhead of the wrestling mat arena. In fact, if you stood outside of the beam, you couldn't make out any features of the medium size room we were in. It was going to be me against Rex and I think he was starting to get the idea that if he didn't win, he was going to loose to me … big time.
Rex waited for me in the center of the spot light, I'm sure he could hear my breathing, but that was all. As he was turning, following my breathing sound, I struck with a hard blow to the back of his head with my fist, and he stumbled down, quickly jumping up and looking around to see what hit him. My next shots came to his shoulder, followed by a hit to his left kidney area, with another to his head. "Hey man," said Rex, panting and spinning around, "…I though this was just about punching my abs!" The blows were very hard and he certainly felt them. He went through 3 more rounds of the same thing, his head I'm sure starting to hurt after the last blow. I wanted to weaken him quickly. Staggering, Rex was still on his feet. He finally figured out about when I was going to jab him, and he fell to the mat and got in a hard kick to my abs, taking me by surprise. I fell prey to him three more times to that, then however, on the 4th go-around, he felt a hard blow land in the center of his extended thigh, quickly followed by my left foot to the side of his head, again making his rather dizzy. His eyes seemed to go slightly out of focus from the repeated blows to his head, not his pretty face though.
As he slowly stood up holding the back of his head and reaching down to rub the back of his thigh, his wrists were grabbed from behind by my calloused strong hands, quickly jerking his arms hard behind his back, and upwards all while forced backwards into my knee being slammed into his lower back. I leaned forward and just about bit into his lower neck, upper back muscle, but instead whispered to Rex, "…Ok super boy, are we havin' fun yet?!" With more pressure on his arms being forced up and backwards, and another knee into his lower back, I let loose of him. He staggered forward a bit, and fell to one knee rubbing his arms, and grimacing from pain to his back. I moved back outside the spotlight.
Rex was still flexing his back, shoulder and arm muscles and was just getting up, when I landed another hard judo blow to the back of his knees, knocking him back down to the mat. He hit hard and tried to quickly get up, but I stood above him to one side, put my hands together, raised them and suddenly fell to my knees bringing my hands/fist down to strike Rex solidly at his head and back. Rex tried to catch my legs but I jumped sideways. I grabbed Rex's hair standing him up and forcing him to bend backwards. I slammed my massive arm downward to strike Rex's throat area, and brough my other arm around to place him in a choke hold. Rex tried to muscle his way out. When I could sense he was getting weaker, I released my right arm, raised it, and brought it down hard twice right across his pecs and those lucious nips of his, and then I let him fall over backwards onto the mat.
Rex brough both hands up to massage his neck, and in doing so left open his heaving, but sculptured abs. With me being on his left side on my knees, I jabbed him strongly with my right fist raining down blow after blow into his mid-abs. "OOOff, Ooff .. oh … man .. Ooff, Ooff", was all he said, and then fell back down on the mat groaning, and rubbing his stomach. I rolled across Rex's body, and using my left fist, gave him 4-5 more strong fists to his guts and I know he could feel them, as his pretty face was showing more and more signs of bad pain.

At one point, as he lay on the mat, I thought he had passed out … but I think he was just faking it. I grabbed his hair again and he got up quickly. While balanced there, I quickly got a solid punch into one of his pecs, followed by a hard slap to his face. While Rex was staggering from the face blow, I bent low and struck with an upper-cut fist to his upper abs, just below his ribs. I use one of my arms to kinda balance him there, switched sides, and landed two other visicious blows to his solar plexus.
With him kinda leaving over me, drooling out of the corder of his mouth, I leaned him up with both of my arms, then quickly jerked him into a bear hug that slapped our nearly nude bodies together with a loud slap, as we were both dripping from our sweat. I pulled and expanded my strong chest, and pulled him into me some more, and all Rex could say was "AAhhaaa…o..u..c…h…man", and another tight squeeze, "Aahhhaaaaa". Rex's nipples were standing up and out even more now, so now was my time for abusing them a little. I released my hold on Rex and let his slippery body slide lower to the point that I could maintain my strong hold on him, yet lick and bite at his left nipple. Rex didn't react at all to my licking, but would try to force his way out, when I bit and tried to pull the nipple away from his body. I loved it. This torture went on for a couple more minutes then, I hefted him back up so his lower back was in my strongest grip again, then I carried him and lurched with us both flying thru the air, and landing solidly on his upper back, down on the mat. "OOffffttt" was all he could whisper.
I let loose of him, and could see that he had had it for today. But I wasn't done just yet.
I straddled his slippery body, setting myself squarely on his groin. I leaned forward and forced both of his arms above his head. They were lifeless. Then I leaned down, fully on top of his slippery heaving body, and whispered in his ear "… better stiffen them abs up Rex, 'cause here it comes!"
Then I leaned back up, noticing that he did try to stiffen them, between trying to catch his breath.
I leaned up on my knees, and with a series of hard left fists into his abs, then raining my hard right fists into his belly-button, followed by left and right combinations to his pecs, I could feel his hardened abs start to give way. I then stood to one side over his nearly nude body, and dropped suddenly my elbow into his guts, then stood back up, moved over his body, and dropped the other elbow, elbow first into his chest. These moves repeatedly would cause him to nearly snap like a twig. Both his feet and head would come off the mat, and all he'd do is moan … "no more, p l e a s e".
I raised him slowly up by his hair, twisted him around and around and around, to the point he was almost falling over (or getting sick) and then flung him into a full-nelson forcing his neck into his chest. I whipped him back and forth, then threw him to the ground, dropping my elbow into his lower back.
I raised him up again by the hair and slammed him face first into a wall, that had a mat hanging from it, and rabbit-punched his lower back, kidney area. Oh yeah I bet that felt good! Then, while he had his arms behind him rubbing his back area, I grabbed him and threw him back first into a nearby wall, also with mats hanging on it, and plowed my fist into his bellybutton once, twice, three times, then I switched hands, hitting him a little lower each time.
His speedo never came off, but it was hanging only by what filled it. To finish him off, as I was getting tired too, was that I forced his shoulders back up against the matted wall, and landed a hard left and right fist to his jaw!
He slummed to the floor, gasping for breath, with a trickle of blood coming from his nose. Even there on the floor, he looked like quite a catch. I felt fortunate to have beaten him and I knew that he'd want a rematch real soon.
I walked to my locker, took a shower, and in the process hear him (I thought) walk into the locker room himself. I toweled off and when I walked out of the locker room, I could see him unsteady on his feet, with his head down, defeated, walking to pick up his street-cloths. This whole battle had only taken less that 30 minutes but boy did it feel good, and I wonder what's in-store for me if he wants a rematch.