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Pound for Pound © January 2010

all rights reserved by The Hitman

Part 2

A few days had passed since my run in with Robby and my gut was finally starting to feel normal, the pain at even breathing once again manageable. It continued to confound me, the changes in him, the way he had man-handled me that night, the pain and suffering he had reaped on me. As I walked along the board walk, I felt a hard on starting just thinking about it.

The day was gorgeous, the sun out full, only a slight breeze that dried the sweat away cooling the body. I walked in a pair of square cuts only, the rest of my musculature absorbing vitamin D and already turning a solid bronze though it wasn't even the start of summer yet. This was my kind of day, that's for sure.

As I hadn't seen Robby since that night, it had been a little hard to reap vengeance on him as I had sworn I would do … however, my wrestling team mates hadn't been so lucky. I had invited two of them to the beach and worked them over good, starting with Bruce, who wrestled in the 160 weight class, then worked my way up to Ralph who wrestled at 189.

Bruce and Ralph

Each had felt my wrath in a total submission and body punching match. Had coach been involved, of course, he would have halted my shenanigans, but since I had invited each boy alone to a beach match, no one would be the wiser until I had gone through at least half the team. None would be prepared for the wrath I planned to unleash, making each pay in some way for the way Robby had treated me. It wouldn't surprise me if now each of them was swearing vengeance on me in return. So be it was my current attitude.

"Tad! Tad! Over here." I heard it, my name being called, but I chose to ignore it. Suddenly, someone grabbed me from behind, catching me in a head lock, and down I went into the sand, my face driven straight down into it, grit filling my mouth, nose, and even some in my eyes.

"What the fuck," I yelled, spitting sand out at the same time. I tried to escape but the arms around me tightened, holding me in place.

"Hold on there, tiger, it's only me." The hold on me loosened some and I was finally able to twist my head far enough to see Robby, his arm looped around my neck.

"Let me up," I sputtered. His arm fell away from around my neck and we both stood up. My hands were clenching into fists, then unclenching. I wanted nothing more in the world at that moment but to bash Robby in the face as hard as I could. What made it worse was he acted like nothing in the world had happened.

"Come on, Tad. Some of the guys and I are horsing around over there." I followed the direction his arm pointed but I didn't really see what he was pointing at as my eyes lingered on his bicep that softly flexed at the apex of his shoulder. He started running off the direction he had pointed, leaving me standing alone to brush the sand off. He stopped several yards away and I could see the guys he was with. I didn't recognize any of them but one thing for sure, they were all as muscled and well-built as Robbie. I felt that stirring once again in my groin. This might be the opportunity for me to pay him back for the other night and have it witnessed. Perfect, I thought, as I headed toward the group.

Robby's buddys


As I got closer to the group, Robby at the center, I almost feared my tongue might be hanging out of my gaping mouth. Each of them was as much an Adonis as Robby himself. Like me, each was dressed only in shorts, ranging from skimpy bikini types to board shorts, but all of them were muscled beyond belief. I wasn't any less built; they just seemed to have a lot more of it.

"Guy's, this is an old friend of mine, Tad." Suddenly all eyes were on me and I felt like melting back out of view but it was too late. Hands were extended, names shouted, and suddenly I felt like I was one of them. Before I had gotten all the way around the circle, a couple of them started grappling. I truly felt right at home as the two went down, muscles straining, each trying to get control. The others kind of circled, shouting encouragement or instructions, myself included. One after another, teams of fighters, me included, went at it until all were literally exhausted, their sweat collecting sand until we looked like aborigines from down under.

Before I knew it, the sky was beginning to dim into evening and a fire had been started in the fire pit. A small hibachi appeared as well and several types of protein were thrown on once the coals heated. A stocked cooler stood nearby, filled with energy drinks, protein shakes, and a lot of water. I watched as Robby opened it, pulled out a couple of waters, throwing me one. He came over and stood next to me. I could feel the heat from his body, cooked all day in the heat of the sun.

"So, you and I never got to take each other on today. Wanna go it now?" I looked at him there in all his glory. I hadn't taken him on, but had watched all the others try and he had bested each and every one of them. "I'll take it easy on you."

"Oh fuck you," I said. Somehow he knew just what to say to get me going. The sun was now completely gone, only the light of the moon and our fire lighting the area. "Let's do this." As we moved into position, the others gathered around us, but they were much more silent than they'd been with each other. I should have paid attention to my sixth sense but Robby's statement about taking it easy on me had me all worked up. Pay back time had arrived.

I went for his legs, but he sprawled, moving his legs away. I went for him again with the same result. I glanced around at the group, their eyes all glowing in the light of the fire, a hunger showing on their faces … I just couldn't figure out a hunger for what. I charged in at Robby, trying to lock up arms. Suddenly he had my wrist and with a flick over his hip, I was suddenly on my back on the ground, my arm caught in his grip. He dropped back to his butt, his legs came up and I was caught in a solid arm bar with no possible way of escape. I tapped against his solid thigh, not wanting to chance injury. The pressure on the arm relaxed, but as his legs came up, Robby brought the one near my chest down into my gut, catching me hard with his heel.

"Oomph," I grunted, totally unprepared. The laughter around me was the worst part. I hoped they couldn't see my embarrassment with only the fire light. Robby got up, getting high fives from his group of guys as I pulled myself up to my feet. So, that's how he wanted to play, huh? Without hesitation, I charged him from behind.

"Watch out," a voice said in the dark. As our two bodies hit, Robby reached over and behind, grabbing my neck, flipping me completely over his shoulder. I landed hard, Robby now behind me. He kneeled in, a knee catching me sharp in one kidney. An arm snaked around my throat and before I could react, the other came over and he had me locked in a rear naked choke. I tapped but the hold didn't decrease.

"Night, night, Tad," I heard whispered in my ear just before the lack of blood took full effect and I passed out in his grip.


I came to with a start, a smattering of laughter filling the air around me. The cool ocean breeze seemed to clear my head. I realized I was standing but when I tried to move, I couldn't. I looked both ways to find my wrists held on each side by one of the guys I had just awhile earlier been wrestling around with.

"What's going on, guys? Why don't you let me go, I'm ok now." All of them laughed now. Robby stepped in from the darkness beyond the fire. I didn't like the look on his face.

"I was telling the guys about our little adventure the other night, Tad." He paused. I gulped because I felt like I knew what was coming. "They all want in on some of the action. You ok with that?"

"Well, actually, I'd rather …. " Robby slammed his fist into my gut right down between my belly button and my groin with such power that it lifted me right off the ground. I collapsed to my knees, coughing and gasping for air. I moved my mouth, trying to finish my sentence but nothing came out. I heard Robby growl, "Get him back up."

The two muscle men, one on each side, hauled me back up like I weighed nothing. My knees had no strength but it didn't matter, they supported me now with a hand under each armpit as well. Robby hit me with a left/right combination that seemed to dig in deep enough that he could have grabbed my spine if he'd had the inclination. I wanted to sink down again, but was held up by my captures. Robby's punches came in a flurry, hitting me time and again until my head simply lolled on my chest, all my strength beaten out of me. Finally he grabbed me by the hair, jerking my head up. He must have been satisfied by the results for as he let my head drop back down, I heard him say, "Who's up next?"


My senses were so boggled by the beating from Robby. I had trouble recalling the names of any of his buddy's. But that didn't stop any of them from stepping up and going to town on my midsection. I knew I was totally soft gutted so I could do nothing to brace my abs against their punches. The fellows took turns holding me up, making me the perfect target. It made no matter if I slumped for they were all able to hold me up in place easily. All the while they worked me over, Robby sat close by on the cooler observing, sometimes giving instructions on how or where to punch me. Frankly, I didn't really appreciate his interference, but I could barely breathe, let alone start an argument with him.

Three guys had worked me over really well when the fourth stepped up. He had legs that were the size of oak tree stumps, quads that shook of muscle as he walked. As he approached, suddenly he jumped in the air and plowed into me with a flying knee, my arms nearly torn out of the grasp of the two holding me up. I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a moment at the force of the blow. Someone threw water in my face as fingers locked in my hair, pulling my head back. "He's good," a voice yelled.

"No, he's not," a voice said out of the darkness causing everyone to jerk to a halt starring in the direction the voice had come from. Even the two guys who'd been holding me let go and I collapsed into the sand. There was nothing I could do except lie there moaning. Then the body belonging to the voice stepped out of the darkness. It was one of the lifeguards, dressed only in his red/orange square cuts and sandals, a floating device hooked on his shoulder. He was the epitome of what many referred to as the "sand gods", bronzed coloring, streaked blond hair, broad shoulders, solid chest tapering to a narrow muscled waist, long legs built for hours of swimming. "Just what is going on here," he asked?


I glanced over toward the cooler, expecting Robby to speak up, only he was no longer there. He walked toward me, his body exuding confidence and control, the crowd moving back some as he passed. He knelt beside me, reaching down and pulling my head up out of the sand.

"You ok, son?" I saw the movement, nothing more than a flicker of shadow but he must have seen the look of warning in my eyes, but it was too late. Even as he started to turn, a massive fist caught him square on the jaw and the life guard went down, crumpled in the sand beside me. Robby stood over him, rubbing his hand.

"Pick them both up," he commanded, the guys moving as if they were his men in the battle field, moving instantly, without question.


Still unconscious, the life guard offered no resistance as two of the muscled men pulled him up, dragging him to a place near the fire, his now bare feet leaving small train track like indentations in the sand. Beaten to what I felt like was an inch of my life, I offered no resistance either. We were placed several feet apart so we faced each other. Someone through water in the life guards face and he sputtered as he came around. As suspected, he tried to pull himself free but his captors held him as strong as they had me. Robby stepped up in front of the life guard. I couldn't see his face but I suspected he was smiling. Without a word, he slammed a fist into the man's gut. Though he was built solid, the man winced as air was forced out of his lungs. His eyes caught mine, telling me to stand strong. He didn't know it yet, but I did. He was in for a world of hurt.

Robby went to work on him, working him like his own personal heavy bag. Despite his well developed musculature, and blowing out his breath just before each blow Robby delivered, he only lasted about ten minutes before he too started flagging.

I stood there in the sand watching this muscled life guard get beaten like I had been and suddenly realized I had developed a full hard on. I was standing there fully exposed, my meat at full attention, unable to hide it in any way. As the life guards head sank to his chest, Robby whirled on me so fast, I nearly fell over. If not held by my captors, I probably would have. His eyes drank me in until they reached my lower regions.

"What's this, Tad?" Robby stepped closer and grabbed my swollen piece in his hand, giving it a hard squeeze. I winced at the pressure. "Bring that dude over here."

I knew I didn't like the sound of this. The life guard was just starting to come too as the three approached, him being dragged along for the ride. He tried to fight but two more muscle men joined in, now 4 in total, one on each appendage. He didn't have a chance in hell. Robby pulled down my swim suit, fully exposing my hardness. The four men brought the life guard close. He tried to turn his head away but Robby grabbed him by the hair and the chin, locking it firm. As one, they brought him forward, shoving his mouth over my prick. I could hear him choking they shoved it in so far. Then like rowing a boat, they pulled and pushed him until I came, spurting my man juice down his throat. The life guard sputtered and choked, no doubt grossed out at what he was being forced to do. Robby grabbed his nose and held his mouth closed until he was forced to swallow. As for me, I was now completely spent, nothing left at all.

Once they were done playing, the life guard was dropped in the sand like discarded wood. He started to get up. Robby whirled and with a round house kick to the face, sent him flying backwards. He was unconscious before he landed in the sand, lying there like debri.

I looked at Robby, hoping my look was condemning enough to shame him. He signaled someone. I didn't have time to react before a flying knee caught me again and I gagged, choking the gorge back down in reflex. I totally lost count how many times the knees struck me, but the next time my eyes opened, I was lying prone on the sand, the sky filled with light. I was totally alone, battered, bruised, close to being broken, but at least still alive.

Tad on beach