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Derek Gets Destroyed
by RH (

It had been two days since Derek beat me up. I was still trying to make sense of it in my head. He had never been that way before. He had definitely changed since he went away to college and I knew steroids were to blame. We had fought before but never had he been so dominant. He had an unfair advantage. Plus he had his roommate with him. So I was totally screwed. There was no way I could have beaten him a couple of days ago. So there I was, sitting in my room basically avoiding Derek and Mikey. For two days I've had to listen to Derek taunting me..... "Hey Jeremy, you coming out of your room today, you pussy ". For two days I've been thinking about it. For two days I've been trying to figure out how I was going to get even. I actually wanted to do more than get even. I wanted to teach him a lesson that even if he muscles up, he still shouldn't mess with me because I will find a way to destroy him. But the question was, how Derek is so much bigger and stronger now. I can't match up against him like I used to. I needed to get an advantage. I needed a way to make the fight unfair again, but this time in my favor. For two days I've been trying to figure this out. For two days I've been suffering the embarrassment of losing. For two days I've felt the soreness in my muscles from the pounding Derek gave me. For two days the rage and desire of revenge has been building up inside me. I needed to find a solution. But as it turned out, the solution found me.

It was after dinner when Derek decided he wanted to get a couple of beers. He had a fake I.D. so he went down to the store. This was the first time that Derek and Mikey had been apart since they got here. When Derek left, much to my surprise, Mikey came down to my room.

"You're brother's been a dick to you, huh ", he said.

"Yeah", I replied. "He never used to be like this"

"Do you want to get back at him ", Mikey asked. "Because for all the crap he pulled while we were at school, I'd sure like to get back at him".

My eyes popped open wide. Mikey wanted to help me We could team up on Derek I loved that idea but I never thought it would be possible. I thought Derek and Mikey were inseparable. This changed everything. Having Mikey on my side would give me the advantage I craved. There was no doubt in my mind that once I got the advantage on Derek, I would give him a beating twice as bad as he gave me...... probably more!

"We need a plan", I said.

"Got that covered", Mikey replied. "We're going back down to the beach tomorrow afternoon. Follow us there, but stay out of sight. I'll get him ready for a fight. You be ready. I'll give you a signal when the time is right".

With that statement, Mikey left my room. I laid there on my bed the rest of the night thinking about all the things I wanted to do to Derek. His body was so much meatier and muscular now. I wanted to get my hands on him so bad. I wanted to make those big muscles hurt like mine have been hurting for the past couple of days. No, I wanted him to hurt worse than that. I wanted his hot, strong body to ache all over. I wanted his body to be colored with marks and bruises. I wanted to make it so he'd be embarrassed to take his shirt off. I wanted to own his body. But most of all, I wanted it to be tomorrow afternoon so I could get my hands all over Derek.

Time passed slowly. I never thought the time would come. But finally, it was the afternoon and I heard Derek and Mikey leave for the beach. I have to admit, I was excited. The thought of getting my hands on Derek was very exciting to me. I gave them a couple of minutes head start before I followed them down to the beach. I stayed out of sight, but was able to keep an eye on what they were up to. It wasn't long until Mikey realized I was there and started playing around with Derek. Mikey was obviously trying to get Derek riled up by teasing him that we wasn't as tough as he thought. Of course, Derek was getting pretty cocky and bragging how there was no one around that could even challenge him. Derek bragged that he was way stronger and tougher than Mikey....and that was exactly what Mikey wanted to hear.

"Oh, so you're that much tougher than me ", Mikey asked. "Then maybe we should have a little contest."

Derek laughed a little and responded that it wouldn't be much of a contest since he was so solid and Mikey's body was soft.

"Then maybe I should get a little advantage " Mikey said. "Why don't you let me have a couple of free shots before you can hit back.....unless of course you're afraid."

There was no way Derek was going to let Mikey get away with thinking he was afraid. Derek quickly agreed to the challenge.

Mikey smiled. This was exactly what he was hoping for. Mikey made his first move. Putting both hands around Derek's throat, he pushed him back against the building.

Keeping his left hand on Derek's neck, Mikey fired off the first free shot into Derek's rock hard stomach.
The force of the blow was magnified because of the solid wall that Derek was leaning up against. But even with all that force behind it, the punch had little if any effect on Derek's hard body. That was OK, Mikey thought to himself. He knew that Derek was strong. He knew one punch wasn't going to win the fight. He knew that it would take a lot of punches. And even if Derek didn't immediately show the effects of the punch, the punches would slowly wear him down. Mikey knew it takes a lot of energy to keep tensing and tightening those abs. Even though it may not hurt him right now, it was still softening Derek up and bruising those amazing abs for later.

Mikey wound up and smacked another good right hand into Derek's gut.

Again, Derek didn't show that it effected him at all. As a matter of fact, Derek was starting to get really cocky again. Almost laughing at what he considered a weak attempt to hurt him. From where I was watching, I could see Mikey was sticking to his plan. He wasn't getting frustrated that his punches weren't hurting Derek. Mikey continued with another solid blow to Derek's abs.

Even from where I was watching, I could hear that one smack against Derek's gut. But Derek stayed strong. Not showing he was being hurt at all. Mikey was smiling. He knew he could still get one or two more free shots in on Derek. Plus he knew I was lurking around, ready to jump in at a moments notice.

Mikey fired off his next shot. This time a right uppercut that landed against Derek's jaw.
Wow. That was a good one.

Mikey followed it up without hesitation with a hook to Derek's gut.

It was after that punch that Derek finally reacted to the "free" shots. He pushed Mikey away. He told Mikey that was all of the advantage he was getting. Now it would be a fair fight. Both guys would give and take. Mikey again was smiling. Getting that reaction out of Derek meant that Derek was starting to feel the effects of the punches he had given him. Mikey knew his plan was going perfectly.

Mikey started the give and take session with a right to Derek's gut.

Derek countered quickly with a left of his own.

I was getting worried. I knew Mikey couldn't stand there and trade punches with Derek. I was getting eager to jump in and help Mikey. But I remembered what he said to me. Wait for his signal. So I stayed out of sight and waited.

The next round of punches started with Mikey throwing a roundhouse right hand to Derek's face. WHAM.

Wow. He connected hard. But Derek hardly flinched. Even though he had to be hurting, he was standing there taking those punches like they were nothing. Now it was Derek's turn. He didn't disappoint. He let loose with a right fist to Mikey's cheek that rocked the big guy.

Shit. Mikey looked a little hurt. It would suck if Derek started taking over this battle. I was freaking out a bit because I wanted to jump in and destroy my brother. But I had to wait. It was Mikey's turn. I was hoping he could land a wicked punch. But he didn't. That's because instead of a punch, he stepped into Derek and drove a knee right into his balls!

Holy shit! Derek dropped down instantly. That hurt him a lot! It was then that Mikey called out for me.

That was the signal. I came running. I knew this was the moment we were waiting for. I quickly came up behind Derek and grabbed his arms. I pulled them behind him, giving Mikey a wide open shot at Derek's hot muscled body.

Mikey did not disappoint. He knew Derek was weak for the shot to the balls so he fired off a wicked right hand into the center of Derek's solar plexus.

It connected solidly. I was getting more excited. The anticipation of this moment had become overwhelming for me. I couldn't hide my excitement. I was feeling a stirring in my shorts. It was then that Mikey connected with another right. This time across Derek's face.

Man, that had to hurt. My excitement kept growing. There was no doubt that Derek must have felt my excitement growing as I kept holding him tightly and pressing my groin against his ass. Mikey wasn't done. He was planning on unleashing more devastation against Derek. He slammed a left into Derek's softening gut.

Oh yeah. I was really feeling it now. My cock was getting pretty hard and I was pressing it into Derek's bubble butt. This was a great feeling. We were kicking Derek's ass bad. This was sweet. But Derek......was not going to stand for it. No matter how bad we were starting to get to him, he wasn't going to quit. Maybe it was because he felt my manhood from behind, but he had a burst of energy. I could feel him breaking my grip. There was no way Mikey and I could let that happen.

"Mikey", I yelled. "I need help holding him".

Mikey quickly grabbed on to Derek's right arm while I continued to hold his left. With us both holding an arm, we were able to control him. Mikey wasted no time firing a knee directly into Derek's gut.

Yeah! That was sweet. I had to try it too.

SLAM. I drove my knee as hard as I could to the exact same spot that Mikey did.

That was slowing Derek down. We were slowing weakening the stud and the best part was that Derek must have known it too.

Mikey and I then took turns driving fist after fist into Derek's reddening stomach. Oh man, this was fun. Every time Mikey slammed a fist into Derek's gut, I would follow with a solid punch of my own.

First Mikey, then me. Back and forth we went. Each punch slapping against Derek's ab wall. Each punch making his gut a little more sore and a little more red.

Finally, Mikey said, "It's your turn to get your revenge on him. Do it Jeremy. Pound the fuck out of your brothers body". As he uttered those words, Mikey grabbed Derek's arms, putting him in a full-nelson. I was giddy with excitement. This was what I'd been waiting for. My chance to destroy my brothers awesome body. I had such a rush of energy.
I started flailing punch after punch into the center of Derek's abdominals. Lefts,

followed by rights.

And all connecting solidly against the wall of muscle that was Derek's body. I could tell Derek was still trying to keep his abs tight. But I knew if I kept up the hard fists I could eventually beak him. I continued my assault. Each punch cracking against those perfect abs. Each punch bringing me one step closer to my goal of busting through the wall. But each punch also meant that I was getting a little more tired. That rush of energy quickly fading away as I pounded my brother's navel. I could feel him softening up too. I knew I could break him.

I summoned up all my strength, reared back and slammed a double fisted blow to the middle of his red abs.

As I did, you could hear the air get forced out of his body. The double fister had been like a sledgehammer against the concrete blocks of Derek's stomach. The punch sunk in. As it did, Mikey let go and we watched Derek sink to the ground.

Mikey stood over Derek, laughing at his college buddy that had just taken a beating from his little brother. Yeah, Mikey was really enjoying watching me give it to Derek. So much so that he didn't want it to end. Mikey reached down and pulled Derek up by the hair. Once he was back on his feet, Mikey reapplied the full-nelson, displaying Derek's gorgeous body in front of me. As I gazed upon Derek's body, I couldn't help but wonder what his body felt like. So I reached out and put my hands on Derek's chest. Feeling those big, strong and beefy pecs. His manly chest was so much bigger then it had ever been growing up. Yeah, steroids may be dangerous. But they had transformed Derek's body into the body of a God.. I rubbed my hands all over his pecs, making sure I felt every beautiful inch. I even pulled and tweaked his nipples a bit. Then I started to let my roaming hands drift down his body. I wanted to feel those abs. I wanted to feel every rippling mound and each deep valley of his ab wall. His skin was so warm from the pounding I had given him. I felt each block of his 6-pack. Feeling the firmness, the size and shape of his entire ab wall. It made me dream of having a body like that. My desire was building. I started letting my hands drift even lower. I was right at the top of his shorts. I was thinking about reaching down further and really checking him out. I wondered what he was thinking. I looked up at his face. I could tell he was enjoying having me worship his body. His eyes were closed, he was licking his lips slightly. His body was totally relaxed. As much as I wanted to feel further down, I realized that this was the perfect moment to seriously inflict some pain and damage to Derek's body.

Without hesitation, I dug a left hand deep into his gut.

It caught Derek completely off guard. His abs were un-flexed and totally unprotected. That one got through. Derek started coughing and hacking trying desperately to catch his breath. But I wasn't going to give him the chance. I kept firing off lefts into his soft belly. One after the other. Two, three, four, five punches.

I kept throwing the left handed fist until my arm felt like rubber. Hut I had the satisfaction of knowing that each one hurt more than the one before.

Time to switch to the right hand. Oh yeah, I still had some power in the right. As long as Mikey could keep holding Derek up, I was going to keep up the beating.


I was turning Derek's belly into jelly with my rock hard right fist.

It was an amazing feeling knowing I had busted through his body armor and was destroying the muscles that he thought were unbeatable. That look of pleasure he had on his face just a few moments ago had been replaced with a look of pure agony, anguish and pain.


I continued the assault into Derek's helpless body. Derek was slumping down. Mikey was having trouble holding him up.

Mikey finally said, "Jeremy, I think he's had enough".

I stepped back for a second.

"Ok", I said. "But let me finish him off good".

I knew I only had one good blow to deliver with each arm and my strength and power would be gone anyway. So I went for the knockout blows. Swinging as hard as I could, I landed a left to his jaw

and then a wicked right across his cheek.

Mikey let go of the battered stud then. Derek went down to the ground like a bag of wet cement. He was out cold. Laying flat on his back spread-eagled in the sand. I had the biggest smile on my face that I had ever had in my entire life. Mikey and I high-fived. It was a job well done.