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Young wrestler VS Young bodybuilder by P238 (

Me and Jeff

This was going to be between just me and him.
My name is Eric, I'm 18, 5-11 in height, 28 in. waist and I'm a very competitive wrestler and street-fighter. His name is Jeff, also 17 or 18, about my same height and weight, waist size as mine, but with a golden tan body most women, and some men, would die to touch or fondle. He lifts weights and sometimes too, competes in bodybuilding. In this contest however, I'm going to muscle him and fight him to submission. My plan is to make his body one sore mass, after pounding him to putty.

We often work out at the same gym in a neighboring town. We never talk, although I do sneak a glance at him and his 'equipment' from time to time, and he's often what gets me off at the end of the day. I have watched him in the locker room, let admirers touch his pecs and abs muscles. I'm going to get close and personal with those and other parts of his toned, muscular body too, all in good time.

And he had such arrogance about him, that I was going to break him down, into my intimate wrestling slave.
My scheme comes together one day, when only he and I are left in the gym working out at closing time. We both happen to be wearing micro-thin/small posing bikinis. He was doing some bodybuilder style poses in front of a giant mirror, so concentrated on his straining of his "most muscular" pose, that he didn't see me walk up and start to rub his shoulder muscles with both of my hands. He had worked up a thin layer of glistening sweat showing on his chest. Very nice and sexy. I could hardly wait to rub off the sweat on his chest, with mine. I had to first 'soften' him up, and lure him into my plans, before I pummel him like I had wanted to for some time.
We both apparently knew the gym manager, and he yelled at us to close up shop once we were done, and started to turn off the exterior lights. I heard the door slam so I knew we were then alone. My plans had finally started to come together.
I used every kind word that I could muster to soften his tone and relax his solid muscles. To my touch, Jeff said "hey Dude, what are you doing?" 'No worries' I replied, just admiring your work. 'Have you ever wrestled before Jeff', I asked with a smile, and he replied "no, 'cause I'm not sure of my capabilities, but I'd like to try it sometime," "I've seen you work out before dude, you've got an awesome body yourself, ever thought of getting into posing and bodybuilding?" Oh man, I felt a twitch in my loins. You mean he's actually looked at my body and noticed me?! I couldn't help but check out his crotch too. I said, 'no, not really … I prefer the closer body contact of wrestling and trying to dominate my opponent." "neat, I could get off on that effect too .. wanna teach me some moves?", Jeff asks. "Ok dude" I say, "lets go over into the ring and do some stretching exercises, to limber up', and Jeff said "cool man, this ought to be stimulating, and you know I'm new at this." … if he only knew.
After stretching for a while, we both agreed on some rules … that there weren't any! Yummie! He had such confidence in his strength, that he'd be able to ward off my stronger, skillful moves … which was only part of my plan to take him down. My plan for him was total, painful submission and humiliation of his awesome, strong, tanned body from my own. I could hardly wait.
I had brought with me a special workout cocktail, just brewed for him, and he took my offer probably thinking it was some sort of athletic drink to build stamina. And it was, but for him it contained a very potent stimulus (Cialis) of my own choosing, and a "dating drug" just to put him at ease. The stage was set, and now to begin his training.

We started with testing our strength against one another and soon I was dominating him as I had planned. I had him on his tip-toes grimacing in pain, applying strength to his wrist and fingers, while admiring his physique. Jeff's nice pumped up chest, arms, and legs were something to admire, and soon enough it was going to be my hands feeling their sexuality and power, to ravage him at my pleasure. But first, comes my punishment.
In control, I pull him easily towards me. Our nipples almost touching, and I release my hold quickly, and spin him around into one of my favorite holds, the full-nelson.

As I work him, tossing him back and forth, pinning his chin to his chest, I could feel my loins having two effects. One, I was getting turned on (which I knew was going to happen from this hold), and two, it was working his posing suit down over his tight ass. Jeff had to have felt something riding in, and around his butt cheeks. Every once in a while, I'd force his hands together, and punch him with my closed fist in the side of his chest and stomach. "Ouch, ouch, OUCH man, what are you doin' to me", I thought this was just wrestling, not fighting" Jeff would say, while breathing heavily. I said, 'Jeff, soon enough you'll be use to my love jabs as I turn you into my wrestling love-slave.' "Oh no you won't!" he struggled, and I added 'soon enough you'll start to feel the effects of the drink I offered you earlier. And I see it's starting to have the desired effect on your body.'

At the right moment, I skillfully flipped us both over backwards and twisted such that I had him then pinned in a neck hold. I wondered for a second if Jeff could see my hardness, as I begin to notice a hardening in his loins too. 'Jeff,' I said, 'dude, your body smells good enough to eat'. He said, "Let me go man, and let's just be friends." Although as a fighter and wrestler, I didn't need the cocktail I gave him to dominate him physically, I wanted him 'turned on' as much as I was for what he was yet to experience by way of pain, exhaustion and submission. It didn't matter, I had to make him further suffer and break down his strength. Oh for sure, he fought against my moves, but what he had missed was my skill at wrestling plus the muscle tone I had put on over the past year or so. It was time for some more pounding. With my nose on his pecs, I was able to lick his nipples to which he groaned and further tried to break free.

But before doing so, and while having him in this submissive position, I had to explore for myself, how excited he was so far, and I had only just started. After a quick, good feel, I was

even that much more motivated to continue with my brutal physical domination of Jeff's body. I got up off him, and let him start to get up.

He was rearrainging his posing trunks and looking down at himself, when I shoved him hard into the corner of the ring, and followed with a series of brutal gut busting punches. A left combination, with an upper cut to his jaw, then a right combination, with another hard hit to the jaw, and he slumped down to the mat …

… I grabbed his hair and brought him to center ring, where I fell with a knee drop on his abs, then slid so I was straddling him and started in on his upper and lower abs, with hard jabs to his pecs, his jaw (busting his lip), and more strikes to his abs. I couldn't believe he wasn't fighting me back. What a pussy-boy he was. The cocktail mixture must be dulling his senses, which played right into my hands perfectly.
I said 'come on pussy boy, we're going to stand you up and work you some more.' I grabbed his hair and up he forced himself, and when nearly standing vertical, I doubled my fist and struck a hard blow to Jeff's solar plexus. It knocked the wind out of him, but I said to him while bend in hear his ear, 'you better tighten your abs Jeff, cause I'm gonna unload on them'. Jeff did as suggested and tightened his abs. Man, they were awesome looking and sexy as hell. I began throwing jabs, lefts, rights, and a few uppercuts into Jeff's midsection, that started to glow red. I said to him, panting myself, 'dude, your abs are everything I was hoping for'. I bent Jeff forward slightly, and delivered a hard, gut wrenching knee lift that lifted the boy right off the floor. I turned him around, and did the same thing with my other knee, again lifting his bodybuilder, tight-sexy body off the floor.
He leaned up slightly, and I drew closer for another blow, but surprisingly, he doubled his fist and caught me under my chin. It sent me back a step or two, just enough time for Jeff to make hay, by another hook to my jaw that sent me over backward on to the floor, on my back.

It wasn't hard for Jeff to take advantage of two exposed areas of my body. My dick was straining against my posing trucks, about to be rubbed off my body, and chest and abs were clearly exposed. He tried applying a strong neck hold on me between his thighs, but being the wrestler and fighter than I am, it wasn't long before I turned around facing his delicious crotch, with his Cialis-induced organ nice and rock-hard. I stuck out my tounge and licked his ball sack thru his sweaty poser, while on my way standing up, with Jeff on his back, working my way out of the hold completely, not before planing another knee into Jeff's abs and a "wolf" coming from his mouth, as he tried to regain his breath.

I positioned myself so that I could squeeze him hard, long and painful with my legs, around his mid-section to further destroy his lucious abs and chest. Turn about was fair play, but I planned to not play so fair, and would lean up and deliver a series of lefts, and rights, and punches pecs and abs. Oh, he was so sexy in this position. I could feel his hard-on straining his posers with my legs and of course, I'd try rubbing them over his dick every chance I got … but didn't want to hurt it. That device-of-pleasure was yet to get fully used.

But slowly, the constant striking of blows to his bodybuilder, musclar body was taking it toll. I felt too, that his posing trucks were being slowly rubbed off his body, and when I let go of him this time, I noticed that be was almost bare-assed. Oh yeah, the fun was yet to begin! I rolled him over on his back, sat on his chest and pulled his legs up around my waist, and positioned his head in my crotch, directly under my balls, to let him get a whafer of the sweat off by dick and balls. I tried to waist his stomach some more using my clinched fist into his midsection.

I muscled him painfully with my tight thighs, hurt him by cutting off his breath in a reverse neck hold after pulling him up by the hair and flinging him into position, grabbing his posing trunks for good measure, during the time I struck his back repeatedly until he went to his knees. I got down behind Jeff on the mat and put a wrist hold on him while I tortured his pecs and nipples. The induced "pause" was taking full effect of Jeff. His 8" dick was ram-rod steel hard, and he had lost all control of wanting to fight further.
I lifted Jeff's bodybuilder body over my head in a fireman's carry, spinning him around, and lunging to the mat with my weight coming down on top of him, knowing the breath out of him and nearly sending him unconscious.

After repeated elbow-drops into Jeff's abs and chest, using my whole weight behind them, it was time to apply my favorite finishing "spider hold". I viscously clamped my thighs around his midsection in a reverse mode, placing my ankles under his muscled back, and grinding my hard dick against his hard dick ultimately rubbing both our posers to shreds. I rolled over on my left side and ripped his posing trunks off, what was left of them, and ripped mine off too, then reapplied the "spider hold" now, gyrating, squirming, and sensually moving my dick directly along side of his, all the while squeezing his mid-section with my legs, trying to get him to further weaken himself, from a sexual release that I knew was only moments away. Then, after one more hard punch to his solar plexus, it sent him over the edge, and I could feel his muscle pulse about 15 times, squirting sticky hot juice all over his an my abs, and my dick head too. We paused for a few minutes, and I resumed by domination over Jeff.

Even after that, Jeff still had some fight in him, drenched in sweat as he was. I smiled to myself, seeing finally the nude masterpiece I had been given. I alternated punches to Jeff's body from his 8-pac abs, to his massive pecs and solar plexus, enjoying seeing Jeff coward in pain. "Agh, agh, agh", "Ugh, ugh, ugh", "Uff, uff, uff" was all he could mutter.
I was planned to finish Jeff with a classic camel clutch, were I would sit on his bubble but, grab below his chin, and bend him over backwards, before taking my prize deep and hard. But rather, I wondered if Jeff was as new, or virgin, to this fight-bodybuilder game as I thought he was, and wanted to see the expression on his handsome, pretty face.
I just knew Jeff knew what was coming (!) as he had lost the wrestling match to a stronger mate, and was ready to feel defeat, all 9" of it!
Jeff told me later, that he wanted to team up with me and teach his friends Larry and Mike a lesson too. After seeing them both in the gym the next week … the plan was born. TO BE CONTINUED ;-)

Larry and Mike