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I'm a police officer. Been doing it for 10 years and generally patrol alone. I am 6 ft. tall, light brown hair, big guns, slim waist, and sturdy thigh muscles. I always wear posing suits under my uniform and sometimes go "cameo" even on-duty. I also keep myself shaved all over. In high school and college I was a varsity wrestler and because of the way I was raised (never knowing who my dad was, and foster homes) I was called a "street fighter". In college I toned and worked specific muscle groups and was a competing bodybuilder, having just won a regional title.
I live alone near one of our major highways, in a rural area with no neighbors. My house has a convenient 'drive-thru' garage, with access from the garage into my spacious in-home workout room.
One day, during the summer, I saw a "young white male" Adonis wearing tight and torn denim shorts, no shirt, hitchhiking along a major divided highway. Wow, what a body! Firm muscular arms, abs that i could count from across the divided highway, short blond hair, tight waist and about the same height as me. I knew he was going to be my next challenge, whether he liked it or not. I did a double-take, drove my cruiser thru the median, and pulled alongside my victim. I could hardly wait to ravage his masculinity, weaken his resolve, and defeat his muscles to the core ... all of them, even the one he would protect the most.
His ID said his name was BRENT, 19 yrs old, couple inches shorter than me, about the same waist size, but everything else about him was "textbook" bodybuilder. I found some dope in his front pocket, and I knew he was mine now for certain. I pushed him roughly up against my car, face first, and spread his legs the way cops are taught. He didn't resist at all, as I could tell he was scared. I handcuffed him behind his back, after patting down his beefy body.
All for the sake of a "thorough secondary search", I roughly slid my right hand down the front of his tight levy's giving him a good firm squeeze (Wow, nice full equipment!). With my left hand, I kept him up tight to my cruiser. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid my warm seeking hand down inside the front of his pants. What a Shock! He wasn't wearing any jockeys either! I gripped firmly his shaft, and lowered my arm to feel his gonads too ... my my, what a prize! His size was decent, considering he was scared.
He didn't see me lick my lips, nor sense my increase in my own equipment size. After a good feel, I slid my hands to the back of his pants, wedging it down his ass crack. He groaned and lowered his head to his heaving chest, as I ran the side of my hand up and down past his back entrance. Oh man, is this guy ever hot! I removed my hand (secretly smelled it) and turned him around, marching him over to my front passenger seat, and uncuffed him.
Back in the car, I was decent to him, all the while staring at his meaty pecs, soft nipples, nice powerful biceps, and Oh, his lick-able 6-pack. I felt a pulse in my growing member and shifted back to his shaky, nervous voice, to further explain his dilemma. He pleaded with me not to arrest him or take him to jail, saying "I would do anything not to be arrested". Well, I've heard that all before but maybe, just maybe this time he'd get a break, and I'd get my pleasure out of abusing his body to the extreme!
I told him, while on the way to "jail" that I had to stop for some water at my house, a short distance away. He was agreeable, but what choice did he have, he was my stud-muffin, to be used as I wished - he just didn't know it yet. He told me he was a college student and also a competitive bodybuilder and was geared for a match next week. I opened the outside door to my garage, and drove my car in then closed the overhead door. We were in my garage, and the Games were about to begin.
I directed him to wait for me in my gym. I told him to make himself comfortable, and I'd be right back. I got us two bottled-waters, but concocted a double-Viagra, with ecstacy cocktail just for him. I could easily muscle him to my pleasures, but I wanted him passive yet able to put up a fight, that I was about to start.

To my surprise, when I opened the door to my gym, there he sat in a chair wearing some tight briefs I had left on a stack of clean laundry. His chest, shoulders, abs, groin, and legs were like a Greek statue of awesome proportions. He must have been thirsty, because just about in one gulp, he drank his whole drink right down.
Brent said, "I hope you don't mind, but I was hoping that before jail, you would show me some wrestling moves .. i'm afraid i'll be misused in jail." I said, 'sure kid, i'll put you thru some paces.'
In front of him, I pulled open my uniform shirt, and decided that I had about a half-hour before everything would take effect, so I did a quasi-strip for him, and it was having the desired effects. His eyes never left my chest, abs and crotch area as I slowly teased him. I noticed he licked his lips, smiled slightly, and adjusted his equipment as he seemed to be getting turned -on. Once my pants were down, he again shifted his balls and dick, shifting in his chair. I was excited too, as I was about to show him what muscle "misuse" was all about.
I said 'Brent, let's begin with us testing each other's muscle strength', and he said "Yeah, Ok .. sure". He carefully got up, adjusted his briefs again, and met me in the middle of the mat. Brent said, "now you won't hurt me will ya, you are pretty powerful looking" with kinda of a nervous smile on his face. To answer him, I slapped his face hard with my right hand. He stepped back, and I advanced and his time .. smiling .. I slapped his face again, but with my left hand.

I told him 'Brent, to get out of this drug arrest and this garage, you're going to have to beat me to a pulp, 'cause kid, that's what I'm going to do to you.' I said, 'no rules, any holds go, and the last man standing wins, you understand?', as I lean in towards him again, and slap his pretty face.
Bret doesn't say anything, but had a pissed look on his face. He was visibly aroused from the bodybuilder sight confronting him and slightly unbalanced, and knew that to reign in this man's world, he had to beat this muscle bodybuilder cop badly. We approached each other, raised our hands, intertwined fingers and the games begin. Both chests expand, pecs and shoulder muscles bunch, and their nipples nearly touch, as Bret tries to force me down to my knees.
I glance down and see his member twitch and expand more in his tight briefs, and admire his tiny waist. I suddenly reverse our grip from above to below at waist height, and force him up on his tip-toes. But he is strong, breaks the hold, and starts to walk away. I rush him and throw our bodies to the mat, with his head in a headlock.

I grind my bicep into his throat and land a hard punch to his face, with my right fist. Brent coughs and says, "hey man, I thought this was just a quick wrestling match ... i'm not a fighter, I'm a lover..." I reply, "this is both a fight and a match of bodily strength you're going to love to loose, once I'm done with you." With that, I grind more into his neck, lifting him up and down, smashing him again and again into the mat, 'til he almost blacks out. I release the hold, while he grabs for his neck and for good measure, I lay some weight behind a good solid punch to his exposed abs right at the bellybutton. "Ooff" "OOFF" is all he can reply.

I straddle him, pinning his sizeable arms with my legs, and start layin' some heavy punches on his pecs, one then the other, until again he was sobbing and saying "wait, wait....Ooff, please", tossing his pretty head back and forth. I stopped my punches, and sat back squarely on his crotch. We were sweating pretty good now, and I could feel his strong hardness between my ass cheeks. The Viagra was working, and so was the other drug 'cause for sure, this beautiful young, vulnerable muscle-boy could easily have held his own, any other time.
I squirmed my hips to and fro, which had the effect on him of rubbing his dick between my ass-cheeks, and for me, his member bounced my gonads until I was rock hard.
While still squirming, I'd raise up and plan a fist in his belly, then sit back down hard on his cock. I'd raise up, strike a deep blow to his solar plexus then sit back down hard, to "Ooff, Ooff", I'd raise up and strike a one-two punch to his 6-pack that I know he was trying to flex.

Brent's abs were to die for, but I had other parts I wanted to brutalize. I got off him, then did an elbow drop to his belly which caused his head and feet to both bounce up momentarily off the floor.

Brent slowly, painfully got to his feet and was flexing his back & abs, trying to put his muscles all back in their place.

I slowly came up behind him, and admired this boy body-builder for a second, than struck with a hard, quick fist to his lower spine, just above his jockeys. "Ahhh" was all he said. When he reared back in pain, I muscled him into a stretching, painful full-nelson. Oh baby, did it feel good to rub his skin and feel up close to this pretty muscle boy. I selfishly wondered what it would take to keep him as my own. Our bodies fit perfect together. I'd be his dominate, and he'd be my bottom. I jerked him back and forth, pressing his chin into his chest, lifting him off the floor.

It was his turn to feel my hard-on rubbing up and down his crack. It didn't bother me that the rubbing almost caused my brief to be forced below my balls. He smelled so good. I held Brent tightly pressed to my chest with his arms flapping in the air. Keeping my legs on the outside of Bret's, and my full basket tightly in the crack of Bret's speedos.
I turned Bret to a wall and slammed him against it, giving me more leverage to manipulate my opponent. I used my strong teen body to force Bret tightly against the wall, and crouched down just a tiny bit but enough to align my rock-hard shaft just beneath Bret's butt cheeks. Then, with hard, repeated up-thrusts with my hips, I brutally forced the outline of my twitching dick into his tight cheeks, to further humiliate him.
With our tight nylon briefs being so thin, I'm sure he got my message, as to him it had to feel as though my dick was actually inside his butt crack, resting and eagerly waiting for that final thrust. My slow grinding of his butt crack, brought Brent back to reality quickly.
Bret let out a low nearly silent moan. For some reason to Bret, the feel of my pecs and 6-pack snuggled up tight to his back, and by solid member riding up and down his crack, all felt weird and wrong, but .. also nice. Bret was really confused but, was starting to like the close contact. "Why was his muscles, and the terrible strain and pain to his shoulders and torso, making him feel so sensual and alive?", Bret thought.
"Sir, what the FUCK you doing? Stop it! Get the fuck off me dude!" I stopped my moves, as I knew the pain was yet to come.
To this point, muscle-boy Bret had yet to land a blow to my body, nor capture me in a painful wrestling hold. My total domination of this fellow teen was under way.

Then, after forcing him to the center of the ring, I released his neck and quickly swiveled around, putting him into a flying camel hold, across my wide shoulders and back, muscling his back to bend backwards. Then I would kinda jump up and down, pulling down to further stretch and muscle him to near submission. He didn't say a word, but I could hear him breathing in short spurts. I knew this position had to hurt.

When I didn't hear any moaning, I heaved him into the ropes, and he came back and collapsed on his back. I grabbed his arms, and drug him out to the center of the ring. I sat on his crotch and waited for the muscle boy to regain some composure, while leaning over .. my 6-pack to his, pecs to pecs, with my nose and lips nearly touching his ... ohhh, how sweet the victory!
I could tell he was coming around, as his crotch involuntarily would lift up to flip me off, but the only effect it was having on either of us, was to rub his engorged cock into mine. After doing this 5-6 times, I noticed a slight grin on his face and thought to myself, it was time to resume our match. I told Brent, "buddy, you'd better flex them babies, cause I'm gonna rain down some hurt". I leaned up and planted my right, then left fist into his guts. He grimaced in pain, but kept his abs flexed. I changed tactics, by landing a solid right across his chin which, distracted him enough that I struck again his center abs with my power flexed fist, and this time sunk down in this stomach, to near his spine. His arms tried to hold my arms back, but a left swing to his jaw line again, caused him to drop his arms back to the mat. Although his crotch into mine felt great, it was time for more punishment.

I rolled off him, rolled him over to his left side while his hands were holding his stomach area, and landed a full nelson again on him, with me on the bottom and him laying across my chest. I slowly forced his head down to his chest and with all the neck and shoulder muscles he had, and was flexing .. although now drug induced, wasn't enough for me to again nearly get him into a submission hold. I put my legs outside of his and captured his ankles, to further stretch and make painful this hold.

Then, just before deciding to let him roll over and get up, I brought my legs around and gave him a double-whammy .. a full-nelson and a body press where my legs worked his solar plexus painfully. This time, Brent said "Ok, ok I give." But that wasn't part of my plans, just yet. I brought my left hand down and jabbed away at this exposed, stretched guts, then recapturing my hold, I'd do the same with my right fist. Oh the sweet sound of fist to flesh, was a solid turn-on for me ... and I think for Bret too, as he hadn't lost his sizeable hard-on either.
Using his hair, I ripped him up and to his feet and backed him into the ropes. While he was teetering for balance, I let loose with a hard 1-2-3 gut punch with my right fist, while using my left arm to prop him up. Then I'd shift slightly, and unload on his pecs and abs with my left thrusting fist. "Ooff", "OOOfff" was all he could say, as he went down to the floor again, when I landed an upper cut to his jaw.

I worked him over painfully good. Bret's grunts and pleas for me to stop, yet half-heartedly, didn't stop me from punishing his abs, pecs and solar plexus with devastating fist blows. I attacked the lower row of his cut 6-pac with repeated jabs from my right elbow, while stretched out and pinned over my left knee.
His pecs and abs had turned red with abuse, his muscle tone to his legs were painfully sore, and Bret's body was twitching on the verge of passing out for being overwhelmed by my wrestling and fighting skills.
I landed one more powerhouse elbow directly to his bellybutton so hard and deep, that I thought I could almost feel it on my knee. I rolled him off me, and admired his tight but red splotched and bruised body.

Using Bret's hair in my left hand to force him to his feet, I fisted a strong right hand solid into his midsection, then before he fell to his knees, I flung him into my body at the perfect low height for a powerful bear hold. Oh man did this feel good. His arms just flapped at his side while I put my knuckles into his spine and pulled them inward .. working my wrists up and down to grind into his spine .. forcing his abs into my flexed to the max into my chest. His solid dick was driven into my washboard abs and because we were both sweaty, I could slightly lift and drop him, all the while rubbing his member to a possible final climax.
I forced his body left and right viciously, and finally dropped him hard to his back, with my flexed weight coming down hard on his body-builder teen body. "OOfff", was all the noise he made again, and slowly rolled back and forth from his stomach to back. I let him lay there catching his breath, while I too took a few seconds to ponder my next move.

He looked so delicious laying there on his back with his arms out-spread, flexing his abs to see if there was anything left. He would roll over, but I would use my leg to force him back on his back. I wanted to check his nipples and abs out, because winning over this teen muscle boy was my goal and I had deliciously won. The blood that had come from his nose was dried and only made his conquest that much pleasurable to see.
I reached down and tore off what was left of his jockeys, and lowered mine as well. We hadn't fought naked yet, and I wanted a few more shots of his abs, chest and arms .. all the while squirming on top of him.
I stood over Bret's muscular teen body, and fell to my knees on either side of his chest. I lowered and aligned my ass cheeks to his pent up, rock hard, throbbing and drooling dick. He opened his eyes and said, "sir, can't we just figure a way out of this .. no more pain, please!?" I didn't know how he was going to act to my next move, but I crawled up over his chest and did it anyway, surprising him before he could react.

He choked a couple times, groaned and struggled to force me off him, but to no avail. I moved backward, and leaned up and flipped his hairless body over.

I tied Bret's hands together and stretched his legs out wide from his body, and commenced to perform my last physical act of power and domination over him. His tight, fresh bubble ass flexed to my touch, as did his powerhouse .. but beaten .. biceps. I could tell he liked the defeat, as I forcefully worked my final victory strokes. I hope I can convince the boy to live with me, maybe join the police force, and we could patrol together for another hitchhiker or two.

These pics are from our album of conquests within the next few months ... wanna hear what we did with them?

End ..