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Ricky, the Coach
(Based on a true event)
By Chubby Dave, 2009

Some years ago, I remember it was a hot sunny day.. I worked as a janitor at a high school and I was cleaning out the boys locker room. The boys were out swimming with their coach Ricky. Ricky was a young guy, early 20's, a bodybuilder and athlete as well as a school coach. Me and Ricky did not like each other at all. He was always making jibes at me for being older and fat. I was quite a large guy, all fat, and was starting to go bald. I had a slight accent as I originally lived in Japan before moving to the USA. I was quite the opposite of Ricky.
I heard the boys making their way back to the locker room. In front of me stood Ricky, who was first through the door, wearing only a small blue pair of speedo's. His body was muscle perfection. Perfectly golden brown tanned muscle from head to toe. His chest was wide, with two perfectly rounded pecs leading to a rippling 8 pack and slim waist. As he walked towards me his thigh muscles rippled as well as his golden muscled torso. Ricky had short spiky black hair and a handsome chiselled face. The young muscle man walked towards me and turned around to the boys and said 'Look at what we have here boys!'. The boys, who were all in their swimming gear, laughed at me. 'Get stuffed fat freak' said Ricky. 'No, I can not. I have to finish up here' I replied. 'You answer back, chubby man!' Ricky said in surprise. Ricky walked up to me and stood close to me toe to toe. Ricky was slightly taller than me as he looked into my eyes. I was breathing heavily and my protruding gut was lightly pressing against the bodybuilders rippling 8 pack. I looked down at his chest, and even though his chest was a lot wider than mine his mid-section was tiny compared to mine.. He seemed to have muscle upon muscle and no body fat at all. I put my chubby white hand on his golden brown naked chest and pushed him back a little.. 'Just me and you fat man?' Ricky challenged. 'I do not fight' I replied. 'No fight, but we will wrestle fat man' He responded as he opened the fire exit doors to the grass field outside. 'Come on boys, come and see what happens when muscle and fat meet' Ricky called over to the boys. Ricky walked outside, and the boys pushed me into grass field. Ricky was standing there flexing a double bicep pose. His body was perfect muscle with no body fat at all. Each muscle was clearly defined and rippled and so did his ribs and lats. I was wearing my white shirt, with my large rolls of fat hanging over my belt. I stood face to face with the muscleman.. 'Right fat dude, here are the rules. No face punching, only body blows and holds. Got it?' Ricky said. 'Yes!' I replied which surprised Ricky as he did not think I would fight him.
We circled each other for about 20 seconds as the boys cheered 'Ricky! Ricky!". Ricky was in a boxing stance as he moved around me as his body started to glisten under the sun. I lurched forward to try and grab the muscle man but he moved out of the way and tripped me up. The boys started to laugh. I rolled around on the ground looking up at Ricky's muscled body. 'Get up fat man!!' Ricky shouted. Ricky suddenly grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. As soon as Ricky let go of my arms, I swung both arms back and slammed them into Ricky's sides. Both hands chopped hard against the bodybuilders ribs. Ricky was stunned, so I saw this as an opportunity and bounced my fat gut into Ricky's muscled abs. The muscle man fell to the floor. I walked over to him and sat on him. I manoeuvred my chubby legs underneath his back, and sat on his stomach. 'Fat bastard, you are squashing me!!' Ricky groaned. I could feel his muscles ripple on his stomach as I used my weight to squash him. The boys watching could not believe it as their muscle boy hero was being squashed by the fat school janitor. 'How are your abs muscle boy?' I laughed as I sat on the bodybuilder. I started to squeeze and massage his lats, ribs and chest with my chubby hands. 'Strong muscles at my mercy!' I goaded the ripped muscle man. I tightened my legs around his torso and squeezed hard whilst sitting on his stomach. I could not believe I had him in this hold. His golden brown chest muscles stood out, perfectly round, like shiny berries as he started to sweat heavily. I applied a pec claw on his left chest muscle with one finger pressing against his nipple. Ricky was groaning in pain as I squeezed his muscled berries with my hand. I released my pec claw and unwrapped my legs from under him and sat at his side. I decided it was time for more ab punishment. I applied a claw on his perfectly ripped muscled stomach, whilst pressing my fat thumb into his belly button. I pressed and squeezed very hard. Ricky was in pain, and the boys could not believe it. Each muscle on his 8 pack struggled against my claw hold as I continued to press my fat thumb into the boy's bellybutton. The fat old school janitor was destroying the bodybuilding muscle boy wonder. His body was laid out in front of me dripping with sweat and rippling wonderfully. After a few minutes of the ab claw I let go and got to my feet. It was time for the finishing move. 'Get up muscle boy!' I shouted at Ricky as he rolled around on the ground holding his abs. Slowly, Ricky got to his feet only to be greeted by my chubby arms wrapping around his muscled torso. I got Ricky in a bear hug. I pulled him in tight and pressed all of my weight against his abs and ribs. His body was rock solid as I squeezed the muscle man in my bear hug. I could feel his abs ripple against my fat gut as I smothered his perfect golden muscles. I rested my chubby cheek on Ricky's left pec and nipple. 'You are mine now muscle boy!' I laughed. I noticed Ricky was flexing both biceps in defiance. The boys watching were shocked, as I continued to squeeze the life out of the tanned muscle man. I looked down at the abs I was crushing. The feel of his hot muscled body was amazing to feel against me. 'Fat bastard, you're squeezing my body' Ricky groaned. 'Do you submit?' I asked. 'Never to you fat man' Ricky replied. I continued to squeezed the flexing muscle boy noticing drops of sweat drip from his nipples as I lay my cheek on his chest. 'You are starting to weaken muscle man!' I whispered as Ricky's muscled arms lowered to his sides.. The muscle man was fading in my arms. The bear hug went on for a few minutes. I could feel the life leaving his awesome body. I could not believe I was beating him and neither could he. One last squeeze and the muscle man was out. His ripped body was limp in my arms. His golden muscle ripped body slouched in my clinch. Sweat dripped down his naked torso down his ribs and abs to his blue Speedo's. He was out. One of the boys walked over and collected the limp muscle man from my arms and lay him down on the ground. 'I won! I beat the muscle man!' I cheered. Ricky was completely out cold as his sweaty body lay glistening in the sun. Veins were visible across his torso where I smothered and squeezed him. I could not believe that I had defeated him with my bear hug. I lifted the limp muscle boy and hung him over my shoulder with his arms and legs hanging lifeless. I walked away with the bodybuilder hanging limp. People looked in dismay as I walked past them.
It was an amazing feeling squeezing the life out of the strong muscle man. I realised I did not have to be bullied anymore. It was my first bear hug, and certainly would not be the last.